Silver News Articles

Golden Dragon Prospect Roars to Life in British Columbia

The company released off-the-charts assay results from rock samples. - 10/16/2018

Golden Triangle a Bright Spot in Gold Exploration

With gold prices moving sideways, the Golden Triangle of British Columbia—and several companies exploring there—continue to provide a bright spot for gold exploration. - 10/09/2018

Initial Drilling Finds Continuity of Gold Mineralization at Mexico Project

The first drilling that an exploration company has conducted on a project located in a historical mining district has demonstrated gold continuity. - 08/01/2018

Historic Utah Mining Property Garners Positive PEA

The preliminary economic assessment for this company's flagship project indicates "highly attractive economics." - 07/11/2018

Two Companies Whose High-Grade Deposits Straddle the US-Mexican Border

Geology does not care about international borders, and one porphyry belt that crosses the U.S.–Mexico border is getting a lot of attention: a large miner has signed an option to pay $100 million to acquire a 70% stake of an explorer with a $39 million market cap. - 06/12/2018

Mining JV Advances the Highest-Grade Undeveloped Silver Asset (of Size) in the World

A Canadian silver mining company releases its 2017 financials and news on what is the highest-grade undeveloped asset in the world. - 04/26/2018

Six Explorers to Watch as Mining Sector 'Primed for a Re-Awakening'

PI Financial recently highlighted junior explorers to watch for "potentially game-changing 1H18 news flow." - 03/15/2018

Silver Explorer Commences Trading on OTCQX

A silver explorer with property in Bolivia began trading on the OTCQX Best Market today. - 03/12/2018

Bolivian Property Offers 'Potential to Be a District Scale Silver Project'

Important development pieces have come together at the Silver Sand project in Bolivia. - 03/11/2018

Cervantes Drilling Demonstrates There Is Nothing Quixotic About Gold Project

The initial drill results of a new exploration company show porphyry gold potential in an area where two large mines are operating. - 02/01/2018

'Grossly Undervalued' Miner Enters 2018 with Abundant News about Its Argentinian Projects

A small-cap miner moving forward on its prospects in Argentina has caught the attention of several industry watchers. - 01/16/2018

Pan American Silver Buys 16% of Silver Explorer

A potentially large silver project in Bolivia has caught the attention of Pan American Silver. - 11/27/2017

The Holiday Season Comes Early After an Updated PEA Brings In a Bundle Full of Buy Ratings for Precious Metals Explorer

Five analysts explain why "several significant improvements" led to their Buy recommendations and highlight what investors need to know. - 11/14/2017

Q3/17 Mexican Silver Production Report Shines

A producer/explorer active in Mexico and Peru released third quarter production results that were in line with one analyst's expectations. - 10/24/2017

'Good Things Come in Threes': Three Buy Ratings on Three Mining Companies

Gold may not be on the lips of most investors, but these three mining companies have analysts talking. - 09/14/2017

Multiple Analysts Recommending This Silver-Focused Explorer

A large silver company and its JV partner have plans in place to increase production at their large project in Mexico. - 09/05/2017

Legendary Geologist and Gold Finder Dave Mathewson's Latest Venture May Offer District-Scale Potential

Geologist Dave Mathewson has 35 years of exploration experience in Nevada. In his latest venture, he leads the district-scale exploration that represents his best guess as to where the next major Nevada gold deposit could be found. - 08/07/2017

Northern Territories Assays Show New Mineralized Structures

Surface sampling at a Northwest Territories gold and silver property, located in the shadow of several large past-producing mines, has revealed some high-grade results. - 08/01/2017

A Zinc Discovery Plus Two Buy Recommendations Equal a Solid Week for One Miner

With multiple mines at different stages, and results exceeding expectations, this miner is in the sights of analysts. - 07/27/2017

Steady Progress Pushes Canadian Explorer to Dig Deeper and Expand in Mexico

An updated resource estimate and PEA in Q3/17 by a large exploration company will include plans for expansion after steady progress and a recent high-grade discovery at its Mexico project. - 07/13/2017

Canadian Company Regains 100% Ownership of Portugal Project

A junior explorer has taken back the reins of a project in Portugal that is showing results. - 06/27/2017

Two Companies Close a Deal that Opens Windows of Opportunity

Two well-known mining companies are combining efforts to bring a mine into production in Argentina, currently a mining hot spot. - 06/13/2017

Going 'All-In': Silver and Gold Project Expanding in Nevada

Shaking off delays in April, this mining and development company has money to expand, and analysts are talking about the Nevada project's May production results. - 06/08/2017

Commissioning Complete at Mexican Mine

With the commissioning phase of the processing plant complete, full production at this Mexican mine has resumed. - 06/06/2017

Large Precious Metals Player Entering 'Catalyst-Rich Period' in Mexico

BMO Analyst Andrew Kaip highlights what to expect from this developer in the near and more-distant future with a rating upgrade. - 06/01/2017

AbraPlata: New Argentinian Player Advancing Substantial Resource with Exploration Upside

AbraPlata has completed a reverse takeover and closed an oversubscribed private placement, and is now moving quickly to explore its properties in Argentina. - 05/30/2017

Pan American Silver Tops CIBC's Silver Producer List

Pan American Silver released Q1 earnings of $20 million, and CIBC reaffirmed the company's position as its top silver producer pick. - 05/12/2017

Analysts View Franco-Nevada's Q1 Earnings as Strong Start to 2017

Franco-Nevada's Q1/17 earnings beat expectations and analysts say the company is off to a good start in 2017. - 05/11/2017

Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold Update: USD and the Precious Metals Market

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the precious metals market, including how changes in the USD could affect gold prices. - 04/29/2017

Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update: Trends Are Up

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts upward trends in the precious metals markets. - 04/22/2017

Golden Arrow and Silver Standard Join Forces in Argentina

Stars aligned for Golden Arrow when Chinchillas was ready to move to production and the company only had to look 18 miles down the road to Silver Standard's Pirquitas mine and its established production facility. - 04/13/2017

Silver Wheaton's Profile Boosted by Progress at Antamina Mine

Silver Wheaton and Franco-Nevada hosted a mine tour of the Antamina Mine in Peru on March 2, and the promise of substantial additions to the streaming company's assets prompted positive comments from two industry analysts. - 03/16/2017

Investors Are Becoming Bullish on Commodities

Investors are increasingly turning to commodities as prices rally. - 03/07/2017

Jack Chan: This Past Week in Gold

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets. - 02/04/2017

Joint Venture Decision on Golden Arrow's Chinchillas Project Nears

Development progresses at Golden Arrow's Chinchillas project as investors await Silver Standard Resources' business combination decision, which is due by March. - 01/17/2017

Copper Discovery Improves Economics of High-Grade Canyon Uranium Mine

Uranium companies are struggling with the weakness in the uranium market; priced below $20/lb, U3O8 is at levels not seen in well over a decade. But Energy Fuels recently announced two diversification plays that could help insulate it from low uranium prices, and analysts are applauding the news. - 11/10/2016

Jack Chan: This Past Week in Gold

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the last week's movements in the gold and silver markets. - 10/29/2016

Production at Guanajuato and a Strong Balance Sheet Bolster Great Panther's Q3 Numbers

Production numbers were lower than expected for Q3/16, but analysts following Great Panther Silver remain buoyed both by the company's financial strength and silver output from its Guanajuato Mine Complex. - 10/18/2016

New CUSIPS Remove Barriers for Traders in Physical Precious Metals

By assigning CUSIP numbers to physical precious metal assets, including gold and silver bar bullion, Delaware Depository and CUSIP Global Services have made it easier for investors to trade and track the commodities on traditional platforms. - 10/06/2016

Deutsche Bank Initiates Coverage of Silver Wheaton with a Buy Recommendation

Citing a strong balance sheet and a large portfolio of diverse gold and silver streaming assets worldwide, Deutsche Bank has initiated coverage of Silver Wheaton with a Buy rating. - 09/15/2016

Azure Minerals Strikes Silver and Gold in Mexico

Azure Minerals Ltd. (AZS:ASX), an Australian company developing two precious metal projects in Mexico, has caught the attention of a pair of analysts and the Mining Journal. - 08/25/2016

Investing in the New Resource Bull Market

After four grinding years of falling metal prices and vanishing market capitalizations, we have seen a stunning shift in market sentiment since mid-January, says Matt Geiger of MJG Capital. Multiple physical commodities are now in technical bull markets, and resource equities in particular have enjoyed a spectacular 2016 thus far. Geiger highlights several companies poised to take advantage of the boom. - 08/22/2016

Tahoe Resources' Record-Setting Quarter Earns Analysts' Praise

The Q2 numbers are in, and Tahoe Resources exceeded both production and cash flow expectations in the first half of 2016, according to analysts following the company. Based on those numbers—and with management changes also in place—the experts believe the company will continue to outperform. - 08/18/2016

What Experts Predict for the New Silver Bull Market

By the reckoning of market watchers, the silver bull has arrived. The Gold Report takes a look at what some of the experts predict for the silver price going forward and for companies poised to benefit from the upswing. - 07/27/2016

Gold Heading Toward $1,400 As Bull Run Commences

Gold's post-Brexit vote surge continues unabated, with Bloomberg reporting today that the price of the safe haven commodity has risen for six consecutive days. - 07/06/2016


How Investors at the California Capital Conference Picked the Next Top Small-Cap Companies

If only someone could bottle the experience of finding an overlooked company, investing for pennies a share and cashing in for 10, 20 or 30 times what you paid. Priceless, right? But how to find those companies? Small caps aren't covered by the mainstream press and analysts the way blue chips are, and determining value of an early-stage company before profit and loss statements take on real meaning and big questions about science and markets are answered can be difficult. That is why veteran investors like Tom Swaney, president of California-based Harwood Capital Inc., like to meet management in person at events like the California Capital Conference. - 12/07/2015

Gold COTs at Their Most Positive in 14 Years

There is no need to mince words or beat around the bush with this update. The latest COTs for gold released yesterday showed another marked improvement so that they are now strongly and unequivocally bullish—in fact they are at their most positive since late 2001. - 12/01/2015


Juniors Do It Better than Seniors

"Research suggests juniors hold their own in discovery." - 03/04/2015


A Fickle Exploration Ranking

"If we're getting a perspective on exploration potential in a more perfect world without major obstacles to prospecting (like war and drug runners), it's one polluted by erratic confidences." - 03/02/2015

PDAC Kicks off with Bold Predictions

The annual conference of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is under way in Toronto and the mood on the floor and in the Investors Exchange is, as one might expect, cautiously hopeful, even if about a dozen booth spaces are unoccupied. - 03/02/2015


What's in a Global Mining ETF?

"The group's fortunes are tightly tied to the balance between metal supply and demand." - 02/26/2015

Canadian Venture Market

The Look and Feel of Canadian Venture Market Bottoms

"While it is difficult to discern if today’s market is truly the absolute bottom, the similarities in media headlines, the tone of discussion, and overall sentiment are reminiscent of bear markets past." - 01/08/2015

Gold and silver

Gold Great Value Protector in 2014, Silver Not

"If one looks at the strength of the US dollar (or perhaps this should be the weakness of other currencies vs the dollar) with the dollar index rising 12.4% over the year, an investment in gold in any other currency will have seen a decent increase over the year." - 01/05/2015


Poised to Bounce Back? Gold and Silver Prices in 2015

Will 2014 eventually prove to define the bottom in gold? The odds of that are improving. - 12/29/2014


The Many Phases of Silver

Since the early days of civilization, the ancients connected the brilliance of silver to the moon. Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon, wore silver sandals and shot from a silver bow and arrow. This lunar comparison might be fitting because like the moon, silver also has many phases. The properties of silver make it the most dynamic of precious metals. - 12/19/2014

Gold and silver

Have Gold and Silver Really Bottomed?

"The fundamentals seem to suggest that gold will move significantly upward rather than downward in the short to medium term." - 12/17/2014

Dump truck

7 Companies 'Best Positioned to Deliver in 2015'

"Despite the volatile market, there's definitely still some silver lining out there." - 12/10/2014


Solar Shines on Silver Demand

"Since 1999, photography has increasingly gone digital, and as a result, silver demand in the film industry has contracted about 70 percent. But there to pick up the slack in volume is a technology that also requires silver: photovoltaic (PV) installation, otherwise known as solar energy." - 11/24/2014


Precious Metals: Timing and Flexibility Is Key to a Successful Trade

"Those who purchased gold, silver and the producers in the early years of this bull market will be sitting on handsome profits, assuming they had a buy-and-hold strategy." - 11/18/2014


U.S. Miners May Profit from GOP Election Blow-Out

"A Senate switch to the GOP may not switch the balance of power that much, but it will give politicians who oppose environmental laws and question the reality of climate change more power to delay and amend Climate Change-oriented laws, such the new federal rule cutting carbon emissions from power plants." - 11/05/2014

History of Metals

The History of Metals

"The development of civilization has relied heavily on the discovery of metals." - 10/08/2014

Silver coins

Four Ways to Make a Fortune with One Precious Metal

The "metal of the moon," as ancient Egyptians called it, has had a tough two years. Another way to look at it, though, is that there's strong evidence we're in the midst of a phenomenal buying opportunity. - 10/02/2014


Silver's Bears Are Prepping for a Squeeze

"Despite a devastating September, the factors in place suggest these prices are deceptively low and ready for a reversal." - 10/01/2014


Rick Rule: Seeing a Bullish Transition in Junior Gold Miners

"The market itself is very healthy. You are seeing a transition. . .a transition that doesn't suggest, but rather screams that [junior resource issues are] under accumulation—which is a very, very bullish sign." - 09/26/2014


Today's U.S. 'Baby' Will Consume 3 Mlbs Metals and Minerals In Lifetime

"The projected lifetime consumption of metals and minerals by today's U.S. baby extrapolated across the world presents an enormous challenge for the global resource sector." - 09/01/2014


Silver Is Everywhere—And Poised for Big Gains

"Silver is so vital in consumer electronics, solar power and even healthcare now that it has become one of those 'Miracle Materials' that are literally changing our lives. " - 08/22/2014


CEOs in Mining

The CEOs of the top 25 gold, silver, copper, coal and base metals mining companies in the world are profiled in this infographic. - 08/20/2014

Why Silver Prices Are Rising Today

"Precious metals tend to get a boost in times of fear, as it is sought out as a safe-haven investment vehicle. Silver tends to also get a boost as it receives residual precious metal investor interest." - 08/06/2014


Silver Price Forecast: Metal to Gain Ground in August on These Factors

"One reason for a rosy silver price forecast for August is that the white metal has finished up every year in this month for the last five years, averaging a return of 10.4%." - 08/04/2014


Silver Prices Stay Strong, Set Pace for Gold

"This month silver has performed well, bringing in 12.3% returns since it bottomed out at the end of May." - 06/27/2014


Will Import Taxes on Solar Panels Hamper Silver's Ability to Rally?

"We are aware that this downtrend has existed for almost four years and has tested the patience of the most ardent bulls, however, that's not a reason to hit the acquisition trail with gusto." - 06/11/2014

jmine tunnel

Rules of Thumb for Junior Mining Speculators: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

"Fundamental trends have been set in motion over the past few years that follow upon the previous decade-long bull market and that point to an improving investment climate for the junior miners." - 01/13/2014


Bullish or Bearish: Mining Sector Prospects for 2014

"The mining sector is not dead. . .not by a long shot. Sure, many metals are relying on an inflationary rally, which may or may not happen in 2014, but others are simply poised to move higher in value based on a supply crunch that has been building for several years. You can't ignore fundamentals." - 01/05/2014

silver squeeze

Silver Poised for Massive Recovery in 2014

"Silver is poised for a massive recovery upleg in 2014, a mean reversion from last year’s dismal action. The main driver of silver’s initial strength will be American futures speculators covering shorts." - 01/03/2014


Strong Fundamentals Portend a Rebound for Silver

"When gold comes back, so will silver. And silver's gains ought to dramatically outpace gold's, like they usually do." - 12/27/2013

Gold and currency

The Dollar, the Euro and their Influence on Gold Prices

"We may well see both gold and dollar rise in tandem in the future, but for now they are tending to move in opposite directions." - 11/06/2013

Mining Equipment

Junior Survival Strategies for a Dismal 2014

"A number of junior companies with Nevada gold exploration projects are in a position to survive the financing downturn if they are willing to employ certain managerial strategies." - 10/16/2013

Gold and dollar

Gold and America's Fake Default

"Gold just isn't working as advertised, in short, as U.S. default draws near." - 10/11/2013


See No Evil: Silver Price Manipulation Probe Dropped

"This decision highlights the fact that regulators face very stiff obstacles in proving market manipulation despite the expanded powers the CFTC received in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act." - 09/27/2013

Larry Summers

Summers' Fed Exit Fails to Spur Precious Metals

"Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers last night withdrew from being considered for the role of U.S. Federal Reserve chief, citing strong political opposition." - 09/16/2013

Gold mine

Five Ways to Play Gold and Silver

"The past two years have not been kind to our favorite precious metals." - 09/05/2013

mine aerial view

Now Is the Time to Build New Mines, But It Ain't That Easy

"Financial analysis suggest now is the ideal to start work on mega mining projects before price cycles turn up again, but this is easier said than done." - 07/29/2013

gold silver explorers

Breakdown: British Columbia Explorers

"Using 20+ variables, we've analyzed over 50 exploration companies and their main projects in B.C." - 07/15/2013


FOMC Is the Big Driver for Precious Metals this Week

"On the New York Comex, the so-called speculative net long position in gold futures and options—calculated as the number of 'bullish' long minus 'bearish' short contracts held by traders classed as speculators—fell in the week ended last Tuesday." - 06/17/2013

piggy bank belt

The Hidden Costs of Precious-Metals Miners' Optimism

"We believe gold will rebound and head higher, as you know, but that hasn't happened yet, and some mines that went into construction or production based on unrealistic assumptions are facing greater costs and lower revenues, resulting in net incomes far below investors' expectations." - 06/17/2013

Tug of war

Tug of War in Gold and Silver

"Since falling sharply in April, gold has swung either side of $1400 an ounce, with the gold price falling as low as $1337 and as high as $1478." - 06/12/2013


Rick Rule's Reasons to Buy Gold and Select Gold Stocks

"I think that one of the things you have to look at in the gold market is that we are changing the nature of ownership, from institutional momentum holders who are leveraged to physical individual buyers on a global basis." - 05/30/2013


Volatility in Precious Metals Driven by Investor Switch from Commodities to Equities

"Initially extending Friday's late drop to touch $1,340/oz for only the second time since January 2011, gold rallied from new five-week lows for euro and British pound investors." - 05/20/2013

Nevada Silver State

US Silver Production Up 17% in February 2013: USGS

"Combined U.S. mining silver production for January and February of this year was 183,000 kg (5,883,586 oz), said the USGS." - 05/13/2013


Physical Gold-Silver Shortage Could Benefit Undervalued Miners

"We may see a very powerful rebound as short covering and record investment demand returns to the precious metal sector." - 05/03/2013

Silver dollar signs

Silver Prices in 2013: The Reasons for a Bold Forecast

"Investing now in beaten down silver could prove very rewarding." - 05/02/2013


5 Factors that Will Push Silver to $250 an Ounce

"Because the global silver market is relatively small, silver prices tend to be more volatile; the pounding selloff we witnessed in silver this past month is a testament to that fact. But volatility works both ways, so when silver rises, its price can explode higher." - 04/25/2013

Will We See a Silver Breakout in 2013?

Silver has been trading sideways so far in 2013, but what will the rest of the year bring? Will 2013 be the year silver prices break out or crash and burn? What is a sustainable silver price for mining companies and where will the metal come from to supply the next generation of industrial and investment demand? Most important, how can investors make money off this volatile sector? These were the burning questions The Gold Report took to analysts, money managers and heads of silver mining companies. The answers may surprise you. - 03/13/2013


The Case for Silver Outpacing Gold

"A lot of talk on the web right now says silver is significantly undervalued versus gold." - 02/13/2013

gold springboard

Futures Traders Could Provide Springboard for Sharp Rise in Gold Price

"Wholesale gold bullion prices hovered just below $1,670/ounce Monday morning in London, having regained some ground after Friday's losses." - 01/14/2013

mining finance

Crash Course: Mining Equity Financing

"Mining exploration companies use large amounts of capital to find discoveries, define a resource and advance to production." - 01/11/2013


Gold Regains Some Ground

"On the final day before Christmas, gold prices edged higher Monday morning, climbing to $1,665/oz and recovering some of the ground lost last week. - 12/24/2012

Silver’s Young Upleg

"Although you wouldn’t know it from listening to all the bearish commentary out there, silver is actually enjoying a strong young upleg." - 12/16/2012

silver 2013

How to Buy Silver: The Best Is Yet To Come in 2013

"Purists view holding actual physical precious metals like gold and silver as the only true means of hedging against inflation and gaining an effective long-term store of value." - 12/12/2012

Why Gold Prices Will Soar After Dec. 12

"Deutsche Bank set a target of $2,000/oz for the first half of 2013, while Bank of America has projected gold prices at $2,400/oz by the end of 2014." - 12/04/2012

gold uptrend

Gold Remains in Long Run Uptrend

"Gold prices fell back below $1,715/oz Monday morning in London, more-or-less in line with where they were two weeks ago after failing to hold gains made during Asian trading." - 12/03/2012

2013 Silver Price Forecast: Silver Will Perform Like Gold on Steroids

"For 2013, I think silver, like gold, will set a new all-time nominal price record, likely reaching as high as $54/oz." - 11/29/2012

High Gold Prices Push Many Indians to Silver for Diwali

"The stable price of silver has Indians investing in the white metal, with investors looking for good returns." - 11/19/2012

Three Ways to Invest in Silver Before Prices Take Off

"Investors are pushing into safe havens like silver and gold to balance fiscal cliff-related market uncertainty." - 11/12/2012

Obama Win Means Loose Monetary Policy Will Stay

"'Gold is making significant gains on the back of a weak U.S. dollar,' said this morning's commodities note from Commerzbank." - 11/07/2012

Gold Sells Off Sharply in Wake of Stronger-than-Expected US Jobs Data

"December futures prices dropped below important technical support at the $1,700/oz level, which triggered pre-placed sell-stop orders and drove prices even lower." - 11/02/2012

Silver ETF Impact

"Silver is no doubt tiny on the grand commodities scale. But its attractiveness, spearheaded by a 1,000%+ bull-to-date gain to its latest high, has spawned a wide range of products for investors to partake in." - 11/02/2012

Royal Canadian Mint Launches Silver Bullion-Backed ETRs

"Following up on the resounding success of its Gold Reserves' Exchange Traded Receipts program, the Royal Canadian Mint is launching a similar product for its silver reserves." - 10/31/2012

Gold Lacks Upside Drivers, but Support Seen at $1,700/oz

"'Gold has been trading lower as it follows the U.S. dollar appreciation,' says Bayram Dincer, analyst at LGT Capital Management in Switzerland." - 10/29/2012

SA Gold Mines Resume Production as Strikes Draw to Close

"The illegal strikes that spread throughout the South African mining sector have eased at three gold producers as workers returned and some mines resumed production." - 10/29/2012

Gold's Fall Blamed on Speculative Sellers

"Heading into the weekend, the gold price in dollars looks set for its second successive weekly fall, the first time this has happened since May." - 10/19/2012

Silver Prices: $50 by 2013?

"Silver is the only major commodity not to have reached a new all-time high in the decade-long commodity bull market." - 10/15/2012

gold check

Gold and Silver Capped Until After the US Election?

"Prices may remain contained until after the U.S. election but we expect that soon after, precious metal prices will again surge." - 10/12/2012

Gold Slips in Tight Range

"Gold prices slipped for a third day in London on Wednesday, rallying from two-week lows beneath $1,761/oz as world stock markets also fell." - 10/10/2012

Is Silver Still a Monetary Metal?

"As with almost any investment, perception is the real key to value growth, and silver is perceived to rank alongside gold as an ultimate store of value." - 10/10/2012

silver new gold

Infographic: Silver Is the New Gold

"Silver's supply/demand fundamentals have propelled the metal to nearly 700% returns since 2000. See what's ahead in the next decade." - 10/10/2012

Fed QE and Gold, Silver

"Throughout history, gold and silver have maintained their real purchasing power as money-supply growth lifted prices all around them. They are like battleships on the seas—no matter how high the ocean of paper currencies under them rises, they still float commandingly on top." - 10/08/2012

Japan Solar Silver

The Solar Silver Thrust

"In early July, Japan announced that utility companies would be paid three times more for electricity sourced from solar. It's widely expected that the premium will ignite the use of solar power—and solar uses a lot of silver." - 10/05/2012

Silver Prices to Benefit from the Golden Cross

"We expect silver prices to continue in this multiyear bull market for precious metals and to set new all-time highs in the near to medium term." - 10/02/2012


Indonesia Digs Hole for Itself with New Mining Laws

"The most dramatic effect of the new rules has been on mineral exports, which surged as companies fought to beat a May 6 export tax deadline and plunged thereafter." - 10/01/2012

Play Rising Silver Prices with These ETFs

"Silver ETFs outperformed gold ETFs, despite investors usually preferring the yellow metal." - 09/28/2012

A Good ETF to Play Silver Miners

"There's a product that has come to market recently that does offer investors some semblance of sector-level performance for silver stocks: the Global X Silver Miners ETF (SIL)." - 09/28/2012

Silver Prices: Much More to This Rise Than a QE3 Rally

"Here's why the silver bull party is still going strong. . ." - 09/26/2012

Speculators Continue to Buy Precious Metals Futures, Options

"For the week ended Sept. 18, speculators in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's weekly commitment of traders report saw their net-long positions in precious metals rise in both the legacy and disaggregated reports." - 09/24/2012

Gold-Silver Ratio Declining As US Dollar Collapses

"Silver has been outperforming gold over the past 10 weeks as investors are hoarding poor man's gold to hedge against worldwide quantitative easing." - 09/21/2012

Very Bullish Long-Term Outlook for Silver Stocks

"The long-term technical outlook for silver producers is potentially nothing short of super bullish." - 09/19/2012


Is Silver Fast on Its Way to $50/oz?

"If silver continues to follow the pattern that gold formed, then we can expect a massive spike toward $50/oz and beyond, very soon." - 09/17/2012


Miners Catching Up to Metals; Huge Run Coming?

"The big miners, represented by the gold miner ETF GDX, have outperformed gold itself since July." - 09/14/2012

Investing in Silver: Price Rally Gets Legs

"Silver's recent volatility, which is always higher than its fellow precious metal, gold, is a reason for its outperformance. The price ratio between the two precious metals since mid-August has moved about 10% in silver's favor." - 09/14/2012

Why Are the Silver Miners Outperforming?

"We have seen significant developments in the silver mining sector that shows that the majors are hungry for the juniors." - 09/11/2012

Silver at Multi-Month High

"Historically, gold has been worth about 12 to 15 times what silver is worth, but recently it has been worth roughly 50 times silver's value." - 09/10/2012

silver chart

The Great Silver Chart

"Based on the fractals on the chart, we could still have about two years before we could get a top like we had in 1980." - 09/10/2012

double down silver

Investing in Silver: Double Down on the White Metal's Gains

"Thanks to wildly bullish technical and fundamental indicators, silver could soon retest its 2011 high, or even blow through it." - 09/05/2012

Invest in Silver Before Prices Climb Higher

"For silver investors, news of stimulus measures would be just the bounce they need." - 09/04/2012

What to Do When, Not If, Inflation Gets Out of Hand

"Are you prepared to handle high inflation for a sustained period of time?" - 09/04/2012

gold firworks

Prepare for Fireworks in the Gold and Silver Sector

"We can only conclude that although all eyes are focused on the Fed, there are other factors in play that will drive gold prices higher and we are quietly confident that a new all-time high of around $2,000/oz will be achieved by New Year's Eve." - 08/30/2012

Are the Precious Metals Sending a Signal?

"The precious metals are moving back into the spotlight. After being left for dead by Wall Street several months ago, gold and silver are at four-month highs." - 08/28/2012

Contrary Gold Futures

"Futures traders have been incredibly bearish on gold for months now. They are actually a powerful contrary indicator for gold." - 08/23/2012

Silver Ready to Break Out

"Silver is a real store of value and that is its most significant function. The current crisis will cause a massive rush to that which can store value that will not be destroyed by the debt-collapse." - 08/22/2012

With Silver over $30, Here's the Down and Dirty…

"With a silver jump on our radar, I’d suggest a three-prong approach to profit. It involves both the metal and miners." - 08/22/2012

Long-Term Technical Outlook for Gold and Silver Is Rosy

"The fact that gold and silver are unlikely to break to new highs anytime soon hardly deters me in my bullish enthusiasm for select gold and silver stocks." - 08/19/2012

Central Bank Stimulus Hopes Give Boost to Gold

"Gold traded just below $1,620/oz during Friday morning's London session, very slightly below where it ended last week amid renewed speculation over central bank stimulus measures." - 08/17/2012

Why Are Gold, Silver Mining Share Prices Not Moving Higher? Part II

"Several silver and gold mines link dividend payments to profit and to the gold and silver prices and have seen their share prices outperform their competitors who do not follow this practice." - 08/17/2012

trading range

Why Are Gold, Silver Mining Share Prices Not Moving Higher?

"The prime reason that institutional investors and wealthy retail investors are buying gold and silver mining shares now is that these will produce a greater total return than the gold and silver prices themselves." - 08/15/2012


Bear Market Conditions Hit Junior Mining Sector

"Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia President Gavin Dirom said tough economic conditions have hit the sector again, prompted by worries about Europe's sovereign debt crisis and China's slowing demand for copper." - 08/14/2012

Better Sentiment Seen Toward Gold as Gold-Platinum Premium Sets New High

"The cost of an ounce of gold bullion minus that of an ounce of platinum breached $230/oz Monday, a new record high for the gold-platinum premium." - 08/13/2012

Profit from Industrial Demand for Silver

"In 2011, industrial silver demand climbed to 54% and it's predicted to rise to 74% by 2020." - 08/13/2012


The Dumb Money Hates Silver, It's Time to Go Long

"Right now, a number of technical, seasonal and sentiment indicators are pointing upward for this volatile metal. This could well be the critical turning point silver investors have been waiting for." - 08/10/2012


Silver Is About to Rocket Higher

"The current spot price of silver is an accurate record of the real spot price of physical silver as long as people are willing to exchange currency for silver at that price, which is why backwardation is so important." - 08/08/2012

Speculators Pile Into Gold Futures, Options

"For the week ended July 31, speculators in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's weekly commitment of traders report saw their net-long positions in gold rise significantly in both the legacy and disaggregated reports." - 08/06/2012

Gold and Silver Regaining Footing as Treasuries Make Bearish Reversal

"The long-range upward trajectory of precious metals, particularly gold, is continuing higher and has considerably higher to go." - 08/06/2012

Likelihood 'Remains High' for Central Bank Stimulus

"Precious metals prices held on to most of their gains from Friday's rally, which coincided with a stock market rally following better-than expected U.S. non-farm jobs data, as well as news that Spain may seek a bailout." - 08/06/2012

Summer Slump in Silver Prices Closer to an End

"Silver prices have suffered this year as the white metal has lost its luster as a safe-haven investment, but the pullback has slowed and may be bottoming out." - 08/06/2012

Gold Tied to Central Bank Moves

"'Investors [are] continuing to favor the U.S. dollar over bullion as the key safe-haven trade,' says a note from ANZ Bank." - 08/01/2012

Gold and Silver Await the Starting Gun

"This week is another political week in that we have meetings across the board involving the ECB and the Federal Reserve followed by the job numbers on Friday. All of these have an effect on the investment community in that investment funds tend to stay on the sidelines until the direction of the markets becomes clear." - 07/31/2012

Some Smaller Gold and Silver Miners Pay Decent Dividends, Too

"There aren't many precious metal producers issuing dividends, but there is a good handful, and they are serious about sharing profits." - 07/30/2012

Gold ETFs Turn Higher on ECB Pledge as Central Banks Meet

"Silver ETP holdings have been on a modest upward trend since early July, indicating some investors view the recent silver price range as a good entry point." - 07/30/2012

Silver Prices Ready for QE3

"Just look at what silver prices did after Bernanke announced QE2. From August 2010 to August 2011, silver prices gained 141% to hit more than $43/oz." - 07/30/2012

Gold Set for Gain on Week

"Spot market gold bullion hit a five-week high at $1,625/oz during Friday morning's London trading, on course for a weekly gain that would see the pattern of alternating up and down weeks stretched to week number 11." - 07/27/2012

Gold Pares Gain After GDP Data but Remains Higher After Technical Momentum

"Traders have been keying off major U.S. economic reports for some time now as they try to gauge whether data will mean any more monetary easing from the Federal Open Market Committee." - 07/27/2012

Investing in Silver: States Support Move to Metals as Dollar Weakens

"Worries that the U.S. dollar is on the cusp of a collapse have lawmakers from more than a dozen states (up from just three in the past few years) seeking approval from their state governments to either issue their own alternative currency or use gold and silver as a currency for settlement of state-related transactions." - 07/27/2012

Olympic gold

London's Olympic Gold Medal Worth the Most in the History of the Games

"The 'podium value' of the London gold medal is worth approximately $708, according to the World Gold Council. It is the highest value of any gold medal in the history of the modern games, primarily because of the record high prices for gold and silver." - 07/26/2012

Gold Rallies with Euro

"Gold prices have tended to rally this year in advance of events such as Fed announcements and Congressional testimony by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, but have subsequently retreated in the absence of explicit signals that more QE would take place." - 07/25/2012

Money Is Technology!

"Silver has a long, steadfast history as money, going back to ancient times. Yet it's also a substance with a promising future, thanks to its critical role as an industrial-technological metal." - 07/23/2012

Silver Is Undervalued

"While there are rare and short-lived exceptions, the vast majority of the time silver only rallies significantly when gold is strong and only sells off materially when gold is weak. Gold is the key to silver’s price action." - 07/20/2012

Gold 'Saddled with Uncertainty' Over QE

"Gold prices ticked lower Wednesday morning in London as markets continued to digest yesterday's testimony to Congress by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke." - 07/18/2012

Gold and Silver Investors Are Turning to Undervalued Junior Explorers

"We have long maintained that capital will move from fiat currency, to conservative bullion, to productive miners and finally to explorers that will significantly outperform the staid metal." - 07/17/2012

Diversify Your Precious Metals

"Gold is an essential part of any investment portfolio, but silver and platinum may serve the same purpose, even though they are also used in industrial manufacturing." - 07/15/2012

The Next Major Move in Precious Metals Is Close

"I am still a firm believer that gold in most respects is a currency and the only one that can maintain its value. There are very serious issues looming in Europe and across the world that are far from resolution. With few tools left in the toolbox to stimulate world economies, further easing can never be ruled out." - 07/13/2012

summer doldrums

Precious Metals in Summer Doldrums

"While worldwide gold demand sees big spikes in autumn, winter and spring for various income cycle and cultural reasons, there are simply none during the summer." - 07/13/2012

mining jobs

Employment in the Mining Industry Is a Pocket of Strength

"U.S. employment in the mining sector has increased 16%. This change is far better than any other sector, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics." - 07/12/2012


Junior Feeding Frenzy on the Horizon

"According to Benjamin Cox, a lot of junior miners will be taken out this fall as majors look to replenish ounces at some of the cheapest levels seen in a very long time." - 07/10/2012

Weak Jobs May Mean More Printing and Higher Precious Metals Prices

"Gold and silver have been recently moving higher based on the Eurozone and stocks breathing a sigh of relief as the summit came up with a purported solution to reduce funding costs, particularly for Italy and Spain, worth $149B." - 07/09/2012

Miners Say Resource Nationalism Still the Number One Risk

"In its report 'Business risks facing mining and metals 2012–2013,' E&Y's Global Mining and Metals Group outlines the top 10 business risks for mining and metals. Resource nationalism, skills shortage and infrastructure access top the list." - 07/09/2012

Silver Is About to Cross $30/oz for the Last Time

"The odds are skewed toward an increase in silver prices rather than a fall, and once they do catch fire it will be dramatic." - 07/06/2012

Gold and Silver Hovering Above Key Technical Support

"But bulls shouldn't let their guard down; the metals are still contained within a wedge formation." - 07/05/2012

Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Precious Metals

"The time to buy gold stocks and physical gold and silver coincides with deflation fears." - 07/02/2012

Silver Market Update

"There are two big differences between gold and silver, which both suggest that silver has truly explosive upside potential." - 07/01/2012

Is the Table Set for a Mania in Precious Metals?

"It's striking, when you really stop to think about just how big the impact could be if some significant fraction of the larger financial world started chasing the small niche market that is gold. Such cash inflows will send our industry to the moon." - 06/30/2012

Cashing In on Underwater Mining

"Underwater mining companies hope to extract copper, nickel, ore, silver, zinc and even rare earth metals." - 06/29/2012

Central Banks Still Adding to Reserves

"Daniel Brebner, head of metals research at Deutsche Bank, expects 'very steady buying by central banks' to continue, which 'should help gold prices from weakening too much.'" - 06/27/2012


Gold, Silver and the 'Black Hole of Deflation,' Part 2

"Gold and silver performed their age-old role of broadly 'measuring' and holding 'value' during these tempestuous times, and will do so in the future." - 06/27/2012

Precious Metals: Keep It Simple

"People often feel the need to complicate things by overtrading and overthinking the situation. My advice for the next three months is patience. My advice for the next three years is precious metals." - 06/26/2012

Metals and Mining Stock Outlook

"The recent focus on the weakening outlook for global economic growth has emerged as a major headwind for the global metal industry. These near-term challenges aside, the group's long-term dynamics appear attractive." - 06/25/2012

Gold and Silver Are on the Verge of Something Huge

"My chart analysis and forward-looking forecasts show $3,000-ish for gold and $90ish for silver in the next 18–24 months." - 06/21/2012

Margin Call: A Lesson For Us All

"In order to protect ourselves, our preference is to build our own personal stash of physical gold and silver, a stash that we can get our hands on quickly." - 06/20/2012

Euro Weakness Weighs on Gold and Silver

"Euro weakness weighs on precious metals as markets come to the realization that despite the Greek election resulting in a 'positive' outcome, the underlying problems facing the Eurozone are still very much present." - 06/18/2012

Precious Metals: Comparing the 2012 Bottom to Past Bottoms

"Mark Twain said that history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. This is also true in the markets. No bull or bear market or particular event is ever the same. When trying to foresee bottoms and tops, we always compare current conditions (price action, sentiment, fundamentals) to past conditions." - 06/18/2012

Greece Election 'Should Be Supportive for Gold'

"Spot market prices for gold bullion traded above $1,620/oz during Friday morning's London session, a gain of nearly 4% for the month so far." - 06/15/2012

Are Gold and Silver Your Hedges Against Centrally Planned Economies?

"With the global solvency crisis far from being over, gold and silver still have huge potential as more central bank intervening is sure to come." - 06/14/2012

Everything You Need to Know About Junior Mining Stocks

"The truth is you need to approach the junior mining sector with a game plan, an investment 'tool kit' if you will, to help you to cast aside the dogs and focus on the 'diamonds in the rough.'" - 06/13/2012

Silver Offers a Golden Opportunity

"The fundamentals for silver and gold are very strong, and with all the massive bailouts, which are increasing debt levels, they are just getting stronger. Until a significant portion of these debts is repaid or defaulted on, it would be foolish to talk about a top in precious metals." - 06/11/2012

Producers for Growth, Juniors for Speculation

"While juniors, midtiers and large producers will usually bottom around the same time, they each outperform at different times." - 06/11/2012

Gold and Silver Update: Looking Ahead

"Fundamentals are supporting the current bull market in the metals, as central banks are adding to the money supply at double-digit rates. The technical indicators, along with seasonal indicators, are pointing to a resumption of the bull market." - 06/07/2012


Why I am Currently More Bullish Than Ever on Gold

"It can be incredibly difficult to go against the herd. The most successful investors muster the courage to buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying." - 06/05/2012

Royalty Firms Could Spur Junior Miner Deal Bonanza

"With the recent pullback in precious metal prices and slumping stock markets, royalty firms could be the saviors for small and mid-tier miners who are eager to grow but strapped for capital." - 06/04/2012

What's Next for Silver Prices

"A solid statement from the FOMC meeting announcing new easing, instead of its more recent waffling statements, will get a silver bull market going." - 05/31/2012

Bulls Misjudged the Dollar

"Trading volume in U.S. gold futures yesterday hit a new 2012 record according to Reuters data, leaping to 484,000 contracts and breaching both the previous high of late January and the current level of open interest outstanding." - 05/30/2012

Will Gold and Silver Fall All the Way with the Euro?

"What we've seen lately is gold and silver prices moving with (and often faster, both ways) than the euro, but the link remains solid." - 05/28/2012

Silver Prices: An Option Trading Strategy That Tells You When to Buy

"In today's volatile market, picking the right time to buy silver is something of a guessing game. But if you are familiar with options, you can let them be your guide in learning precisely when to buy." - 05/24/2012

Gold Tests $1,550/oz as Stocks Sink

"Gold is acting more as a risky asset and everything is tumbling ahead of the Eurozone finance ministers meeting, where nothing good is really expected." - 05/23/2012

Mining Stocks: Will the Downturn Last?

"For gold and silver miners, the outlook is bright. Their output prices should increase, while their inputs of energy and mining engineer talent will become cheaper as supply increases and energy prices remain at around current levels." - 05/22/2012

Yukon Juniors with Cash to Burn

"Despite a rocky junior market, exploration continues apace in the Yukon, which is set to have near-record exploration expenditures this year." - 05/22/2012

Gold and Silver Long-Term Signal

"The reasons why I believe gold and silver will perform well in the longer term are a bit different than what many economists and pundits are expecting." - 05/22/2012

If You Want to Be a Winner, Follow These Four Rules

"Rick Rule capped off predictions for gold, energy and other commodities with four rules successful resource investors must follow." - 05/21/2012

Counterattack by Bulls Sets Up Gold for Weekly Gain

"Heading into the weekend, gold prices looked set for a slight weekly gain by Friday lunchtime in London, having risen 4% from Wednesday's low." - 05/18/2012

Dramatic Turnaround for Silver?

"Patterns indicate a dramatic turnaround in the price of silver is coming—it might have started already." - 05/18/2012

National Strategic and Critical Minerals Act Wins US House Committee Approval

"The U.S. Department of Energy identified the 7–10 year period to obtain mining permits in the U.S. as compared to the average 1–2 years in Australia as one of the principal barriers to new U.S. mining ventures." - 05/17/2012

Precious Metals Market Manipulation?

"I'm not at all disinclined to believe tales of manipulation of markets by the state; I expect it, and as a speculator I relish it. But I like to see evidence for everything. And extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence." - 05/17/2012

Liquidation of 'Crowded' Gold Trade Pauses

"'Market participants have given up waiting for a bounce,' says a Singapore dealer. 'The market will do what it needs to do to clean out the weakly margined before it becomes healthy once again.'" - 05/16/2012

The Bear Facts of the Bullion Market

"This time around, despite all the denials of the fact and protestations to the contrary, the gold market entered the cave of the bear." - 05/16/2012

Australia's Mining Sector Grows at Staggering 12% a Year

"Australia's mining sector continues to gallop, while the rest of the economy trails behind." - 05/16/2012

Have Silver Prices Bottomed Yet?

"The drop below $30.00/oz that we have alluded to has now happened. We see this as being at or close to a possible buying opportunity." - 05/15/2012

Bull Market in Gold 'Not Over' But Speculators Turn Bearish

"The price of gold and gold futures dropped yet again Monday morning, recording the seventh drop in nine trading days in May so far as industrial commodities, global stock markets and the euro currency all sank amid Athens' failure to negotiate a new coalition government." - 05/14/2012

Have Silver Prices Bottomed Yet?

"The fallout from European economic uncertainty is taking its toll on gold and silver prices, along with the associated producers. For those who have yet to enter this tiny market sector or who wish to increase their exposure to it, it appears that a fabulous buying opportunity lies ahead." - 05/14/2012

Major Bottom in Precious Metals Could Occur This Week

"We anticipate a bottom this month to be followed by a higher low in July or August. The fundamentals should become more clear by the end of the summer and would drive the precious metals complex much higher during the seasonally strong period." - 05/14/2012

Asteroid Mining: The New Space Race Could be Worth Trillions

"Here's the math that will blow your mind: A space rock the size of a museum gallery could contain resources worth $100B." - 05/09/2012

Bearish Gold Hits Four-Month Low

"'Gold seemed to know only one direction today—down,' says Swiss precious metals group MKS." - 05/09/2012

Junior Sector 'Primed for Consolidation'

"Though metal prices remain high, Haywood noted, investors continue to avoid the junior market. But Haywood concluded its junior market précis reasoning increased M&A activity may be on the horizon." - 05/08/2012

Political Change Will Put Pressure on Gold and Silver Prices

"This is going to be a rather volatile week for investors, a time to wear your hard hat and exercise patience with your trading activities." - 05/07/2012

Central Bank Demand to Change Gold, Silver Markets and Prices

"There is a major trend for central banks to avoid the global open market when buying because the moment professionals in the market are aware of the presence of a central bank, prices tend to jump." - 05/03/2012

Scientific Rationality Aside, Metals Prices Are About to Turn for the Better: Ecclestone

"It may not be a first-order recovery for mining project financing, but there are more than a few reasons to be cheerful in the mining space, Hallgarten's Christopher Ecclestone suggests." - 05/01/2012

Bernanke Has Broken the Dollar Rally

"So far all of the pieces are starting to fall in place to initiate the very early stages of what I think will eventually become another huge momentum move similar to what happened in silver and gold last year." - 05/01/2012

Dollar's Slide Fuels QE Speculation

"The dollar's slide was compounded on Friday after preliminary gross domestic product data showed the U.S. economy had slowed by more than expected in Q112, leading to speculation that the Fed might embark on a third round of quantitative easing." - 04/30/2012

A Return to Real Money

"There is no doubt that the Fed is, first and foremost, looking out for the special interests of its shareholders, the banks, insurance companies and securities firms." - 04/30/2012

US House Bill Aims to Reduce Permitting Process

"'In a world in which the competition for mineral resources is increasingly fierce, America can no longer afford to benignly neglect a permitting process that stalls investment-threatening raw materials shortages and downstream economic activity,' National Mining Association CEO Hal Quinn told a House subcommittee." - 04/27/2012

Yukon, Nunavut Witness High Growth in 2011

"The Yukon saw 5.6% growth amid record levels for gold and silver exploration. In Nunavut, where output of gold and silver ore mining increased for a second consecutive year, GDP rose 7.7%." - 04/27/2012

Is This the End of the Consolidation in Gold, Silver and the Miners?

"We are actually near a bottom in precious metals and miners. A turnaround should be coming sooner rather than later." - 04/25/2012

Gold and Silver Enter Period of Low Volatility and Disinterest

"It appears that gold and silver could have a few more months of consolidation before the next big move can develop. Summer is naturally a period of low volatility when these metals make lows, so be patient and keep your eyes out for bargains and a potential final low in the summer." - 04/24/2012

Bullion Refiners Stocking Up for Europe

"Gold bullion refiners have been stocking up on small gold bars popular with European gold buyers in preparation for an escalation in the Eurozone crisis." - 04/23/2012

Gold and Silver Miners Put Real Money Where Their Mouths Are

"While it may appear to be all doom and gloom in the mining stocks, the companies themselves are signaling better days ahead." - 04/20/2012

Gold, Silver and Copper Investing Strategies and M&A Ideas: Vishal Gupta

Precious and base metal companies both have to obey the basic laws of physics and economics to be profitable. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, geologist turned analyst Vishal Gupta of Fraser Mackenzie shares names of small-cap companies that could successfully take advantage of unique mineralogy to produce profitable mines. - 04/16/2012

Bearish Channel Escaped as Gold Heads for Weekly Gain

"Yesterday, gold prices jumped 1.6% during U.S. trading, holding onto most of those gains during Friday's Asian session, despite the release of lower-than-expected Chinese growth figures." - 04/13/2012

Where (and When) to Place Your Investment Bets?

"If you arrange to buy gold on the 13th and silver on the 15th of each month, or on Tuesday for either metal if buying weekly, your cumulative gains stand a statistically greater probability of being slightly higher." - 04/05/2012

Game Changer for Gold and Stocks

"Non central banks are buying gold as well as the central banks. This is in preparation for a upcoming total acceptance of gold as a first-tier asset for reserve ratios." - 04/03/2012

Gold Heads for Gains

"Heading toward the end of the first quarter of the year, gold bullion prices looked set to record their highest ever quarter-end London Fix of in dollars, euros and sterling. However, most of the net gains in gold and silver came in the first week of January." - 03/30/2012

US Interest Rates Support Gold Prices

"Wholesale market gold prices dropped to below $1,680/oz Wednesday morning, 1% down on their high for the week, after failing a day earlier to break the $1,700/oz barrier." - 03/28/2012

The [Recovery] Has No Clothes

"'The prevalence of paper trading in the silver market is what makes the drastic price declines possible by allowing non-physical holders to sell massive size into a relatively small market.'" - 03/28/2012

Gold Gains as Fed Chairman Points to Continued Stimulus

"Ben Bernanke said the U.S. economy still needs 'continued accommodative polices' despite recent signs of improvement." - 03/26/2012

A Massive Spike in the Price of Silver Is Imminent

"I expect that significant value will soon be diverted from the general stock market to silver and gold, causing prices to rally significantly, until these metals also become overvalued." - 03/20/2012

Precious Metals Are Decoupling from the Stock Market

"The S&P 500 is nearing resistance and the precious metals sector is testing its December low. A successful retest of the low in many markets (juniors, metals, silver stocks) should be a signal that the market has confirmed its bottom." - 03/19/2012

Good as Gold!

"Everyone is afraid of gold right now and the media is doing its best to stoke that fire, but now is the time to buy." - 03/19/2012

Gold, Silver, Oil and the Fear Index Trends

"Gold will look bullish around $1,600/oz, gold miners (GDX) around $48/share, and silver around $30/oz, but we need to see one more wave of strong distribution selling for that to take place." - 03/18/2012

When to Acquire Silver, the Metal of Emperors?

"To meet demand, silver suppliers have had to run down their stockpiles. However, this solution has only a limited time scale before it becomes depleted, thus limiting the supply and forcing prices up." - 03/16/2012

Aggressive Monetary Policy Makes Long-Term Gold Trend Broadly Positive

"The value of all commodity assets under management rebounded in January to $366.8B, equivalent to over 2% of U.S GDP, according to a report by French investment bank Societe Generale." - 03/12/2012

Gold Market Update

"Gold just needs a trigger to launch it for the most spectacular rally since the late '70s. I believe that trigger is likely to be the crash (or decline) of the stock markets." - 03/08/2012

PDAC Round-Up: The Low-Down on Gold Corrections, Canadian Regulators, Labor Shortages and Argentine Nationalization Rumors

Worried about the next correction in the gold price? Don't be, said Martin Murenbeeld, chief economist for the Dundee Companies, during a presentation at 80th annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto. - 03/07/2012

Gold Below $1,690/oz Could Spark Fresh Selling

"China has lowered its official growth target from 8% annual growth to 7.5%. China was the world's biggest gold buyer in the fourth quarter of last year." - 03/05/2012

Will the Gold and Silver Smackdown Deter Investors?

"Although gold and silver receive more than their fair share of selling pressure, they continue to remain the best option to preserve wealth." - 03/02/2012

Gold Falls 3% Following Bernanke Comments

"Wholesale market gold bullion prices dropped 3.2% to $1,727/oz in less than an hour Wednesday afternoon in London, after U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke appeared before Congress." - 02/29/2012

Bernanke's Attempt to Stem the Rising Tide of Gold and Silver

"We can be told that stimulus is passe but the reality is it will continue to be done before our very eyes." - 02/29/2012

Is the Silver Surge Sustainable?

"There does seem to be some momentum building in the silver price again and, given a relatively orderly market, there is no reason for silver not to continue shining, provided gold remains firm to rising." - 02/28/2012

Investing In Silver: How to Buy Silver Coins and Bars

"Like gold, investing in silver is a great hedge against inflation and financial turmoil alike. It's why demand for silver is increasing at an astonishing rate." - 02/27/2012

Silver and Gold Looking at Gains on Week

"Heading into the weekend, gold bullion at lunchtime Friday looked set for a weekly gain of over 3%, with silver looking at a gain of over 6% on last Friday's close." - 02/24/2012

India Predicted to Import More Silver in 2012

"Silver prices in India have more than doubled in the last two years. Despite the high prices, the consumption of the metal has been rising in India." - 02/23/2012

Gold Steady After Yesterday's Big Rise

"Gold prices held steady just off $1,760/oz during Wednesday morning trading in London, after a rally in Tuesday's U.S. session saw gold climb 1.3%." - 02/22/2012

Bailouts Benefitting Gold, Silver, Uranium and Rare Earth Miners

"We feel that it is only a matter of time before the precious metal miners themselves participate in reflecting the burgeoning mining bull market." - 02/21/2012

Silver Could Double by Year-End

"Once fear begins to subside, look for precious metals to come roaring back to new highs by midyear. Whenever the next financial crisis finally hits, we are likely to witness a new injection of quantitative easing that is even stronger than what transpired in 2008." - 02/18/2012

Silver Eagles Soar

"Investors are currently risk averse and mining stocks are not well understood by the general investing public, but at least one thing is going to become very apparent to most: The best way to hedge yourself against inflation could be owning silver." - 02/17/2012

Indian Silver Investment Surges

"Traders in India were betting big time on silver futures even as retail speculators have ensured that the white metal remains the highest traded commodity on the exchanges." - 02/03/2012

Gold Has Foundation to Build Next Move Higher

"Wholesale market gold prices were headed for their biggest one-week rise since the start of December in London Friday, climbing back through $1,720/oz, a weekly gain of over 3%." - 01/27/2012

Silver Price Forecast 2012: I Stand by $140/oz Silver

"Market conditions often cause silver to fall behind gold for quite some time, whereafter silver normally catches up in a big way." - 01/26/2012

When Will Silver Reach a New High?

"Silver is more volatile than gold. Already in this decade, silver has risen by a factor of 12 from its 10-year low ($48.70/oz vs. $4.07/oz), while gold has seen about a sevenfold climb ($255.95/oz vs. $1,895/oz)." - 01/24/2012

Economic and Gold Stock 2012 Outlook

"As upheaval increases, the environment for gold improves. Then you have negative real interest rates. Inflation for energy and food combines with deflation to create stagflation. Negative real interest rates are great for gold." - 01/13/2012

Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse?

"The debt-based monetary system has created a 'mirror-effect,' whereby, silver (and gold) is pushed down in value and paper assets such as general stocks are pushed up in value." - 01/11/2012

Platinum: Fire Sale on the Rich Man's Gold

"Historically, the price of platinum runs in tandem with the precious metals group (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). However, as platinum is less liquid and has a smaller investor set, it is much more volatile both on the upside and downside compared to gold." - 12/28/2011

Top 10 Commentaries of 2011

"This week I thought we'd take a moment to reflect on the eventful year it's been for natural resources." - 12/28/2011

Why We Remain Bullish on Small Mining Shares

"'The little guys' have had little to be joyous about in 2011. That, of course, is definitely a reason for vulture speculators like me to be filled with jollity." - 12/22/2011

Sprott's Call for Silver Producers to Hold Back Metal Strikes Chord

On November 30, Eric Sprott, chairman of Sprott Inc. and one of the largest holders of physical silver and silver equities globally, issued a call to action to 17 of the world's largest silver producers to limit the sale of the metal until prices increase. In this Gold Report exclusive, we asked the activist investor and insiders what impact such a declaration could make in one of the most volatile subsets of the resource sector. - 12/21/2011

Investing vs. Speculating in Gold and Silver Stocks

"You cannot just sit in your juniors and think that they will be up 50-fold by the end of this bull market. After all, you should know by now that most juniors will fall and even fail in this historic bull market." - 12/21/2011

Sprott's Call for Silver Reinvestment Could Lead to 70% Dividends

"If you ever see a silver or gold miner innovative enough to introduce a 'dividend in kind,' make sure you pay close attention. That company could well be worth its weight in gold. . .or silver." - 12/19/2011

Bargain Time in Gold and Silver

"Precious metals and the miners are underperforming the U.S. dollar and long term treasuries and have made a bearish technical turn momentarily. However, our gold and silver selections are pulling back in a volatile correction and may soon be reaching support levels as silver and the miners test their 2011 low and gold pulls back to its July 2011 breakout after making record gains in both 2009 and 2010." - 12/15/2011

Gold Could Correct Under $1,600/oz

"The time has come to re-reevaluate the fundamentals, reality and risks for gold and silver." - 12/13/2011

Silver Investors: On the Horns of a Dilemma

"Is silver in a surplus or a deficit? It depends on who you talk to as to what kind of answer you get and whether, in fact, a surplus is really a surplus or a deficit in disguise!" - 12/02/2011

Peter Schiff's Urgent Update To Gold and Silver Investors

"'There's an old expression that nobody rings a bell when it's time to buy or sell. . .well, the world's central banks just rang a pretty loud bell to buy precious metals.'" - 12/02/2011

Where is Support for Gold and Silver Stocks?

"Mining stocks are sitting pretty for savvy investors. . .we could be looking at a massive springboard into the next phase of the precious metals bull market." - 11/29/2011

China Changing the Global Gold Market

"There's another effect of this push for gold ownership: it's dislodging the dollar as the world's main reserve currency." - 11/23/2011

Gold Slides in Choppy Conditions

"Negative sentiment surrounding the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis and concerns that some economies are heading for a 'double-dip' recession continues to lift market uncertainty and consequent choppy conditions." - 11/23/2011

Gold Down Along with Stocks

"The U.S. dollar rallied, despite the congressional super committee's failure to agree on how to tackle the U.S. deficit." - 11/21/2011

Rethinking Silver in Light of Deflationary Forces

"If we do not see dramatic large scale intervention by the European Central Bank (ECB) involving a massive blast of QE, Europe will be finished shortly as a united economic entity, and after a possible temporary party to celebrate the demise of Europe, the U.S. Treasury market will collapse." - 11/21/2011

Will Dividends Make Mining Shares Glitter More than Gold?

"A trend is growing among precious metal miners—there is a solid commitment to pay a defined percentage of their cash flow by way of dividends." - 11/21/2011

Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold

"Gold prices are on the verge of a significant breakout." - 11/18/2011

Euro Crisis "Gets Worse Every Day", Britain May Get "A Lot More QE", Gold Jewelry Preferred to Platinum in China

"'Gold jewelry has been in great demand due to the rising price of gold and the perception of gold as a store of value.'" - 11/16/2011

Gold and Silver Miners Lead Market Rebound

"Investors are beginning to look at the gold miners as leaders in a market, which is desperately looking for strength." - 11/14/2011

The Final Market Rally Up Before the Big Leg Down Is Near an End

"The current S&P 500 rally is part of a normal retracement of the 1370 highs to 1074 lows that similarly occurred in the 2008 rally off the first major market drop. - 11/14/2011

Gold and Silver Market Morning

"Gold and other markets have gone into fear mode, dropping like stones. But gold and silver should be the exceptions shortly, as they do not have the features of currencies." - 11/11/2011

What Germany and China Really Think About Gold

"The loyalty of the Germans and Chinese to maintain and add gold holdings is a perfect example of a safe haven asset." - 11/11/2011

European Shareholders a Boon for Resource Explorers

"Fresh shareholders from Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland are showing up in the rosters of Canada metals and potash explorers." - 11/10/2011

The Euro Mess Brings Out the Best in Gold

"Over the past 20 years, central banks were net sellers of gold holdings, but recently turned into net buyers as concerns about paper money and massive global debt plague the market." - 11/09/2011

Should I Buy Physical Gold or Gold Shares? Part V

"Precious metal shares can only be exchanged in a few developed world markets, with a far more limited liquidity. It is this difference that will always make gold and silver behave far better than the shares themselves." - 11/09/2011

How to Trade This Headline Driven Stock Market

"Until we see a breakout in either direction, we could see price action inhabit the 1,220-1,290 price range for several weeks before we get any more clarity of future direction." - 11/07/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver did what was expected of it last week, by reacting back to support in the $33.50 area." - 11/06/2011

One Man's Mission: Building the World's Safest Bank

"Eric Sprott, the billionaire resource investment guru, is buying 51% of Ontario currency trader Continental Currency Exchange Corp., with the aim of making it into a financial institution that, refreshingly, will not make loans." - 11/04/2011

Gold Hovers as Dollar's Dominance Wavers

"A chaotic session on Thursday brought gains for all four precious metals; gold was range-bound around $1,758/oz." - 11/04/2011

How Will Precious Metals React to the EU Bailout Plan?

"Gold and silver are hedges against the debt-ridden world that we live in. As investors lose confidence in governments and countries, precious metal prices will continue to rise." - 10/31/2011

Argentina Rule Change Casts a Dark Shadow over the Mining Industry

"The environment now has an air of uncertainty about it, the lack of a level playing field will deter many investors and encourage them to look and invest in what are perceived to be mining friendly jurisdictions." - 10/31/2011

Gold Plunges after Yen Move

"'Given that this week's improvement merely erases the deterioration of the previous week, the speculative market still appears to be cautious about gold's short-term prospects'" - 10/31/2011

Are Gold and Silver Investing Safe Havens Again?

"Although the U.S. dollar continues to receive spurts of strength, mostly due to euro weakness, investors around the world are focusing on gold and silver as real safe havens." - 10/28/2011

Relative Strength Analysis Is Important for Gold Stocks

"There are hundreds of gold and silver stocks and they won't always trend in the same direction—you need to be a stock picker in this sector if you want to earn the best returns." - 10/26/2011

Gold Moving Opposite to Stocks Again

"The rally marks the first time in several weeks that gold has traded inversely to equities." - 10/26/2011

Eurozone Wags the Gold and Silver Dog

"Both metals would be under pressure if the U.S. dollar started to surge." - 10/24/2011

Gold Climbs as Europe Says "We're Not There Yet"

"Gold gained as markets digested the news from the first of this week's two European Union summits." - 10/24/2011

Did the BOE Just Confirm the Long-Term Picture for Precious Metals?

"Although precious metals look poised for more long-term gains, the short-term picture is cloudy." - 10/21/2011

Who's Right About Commodities: Bears or Bulls?

"If metals are following oil's footsteps, things should remain relatively stable from here—but that would require an orderly Greek default." - 10/19/2011

Gold and Stock Rallies Fade

"'Too much uncertainty remains in the market.'" - 10/17/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver's due for a gentle short-term drop, providing an opportunity to load up on silver at a discount." - 10/17/2011

Gold Is Not in a Bubble: It's on Its Way to $10,000/oz.

"These irreversible trends virtually ensure gold will continue rising in value for years to come." - 10/14/2011

Gold Signals the End. . .

"Gold is telling us that people are now earning less money than they did in 1964, whereas the dollar is telling us the opposite. Which measure is telling the truth?" - 10/14/2011

Gold, Silver and Stock Prices at Their Tipping Points

"Which direction will these investments move?" - 10/14/2011

New Gold, Silver Floor: Time to Restructure Portfolio?

"Each answer will be unique for every investor. Understanding your own behavior in extremely volatile times is crucial." - 10/14/2011

Days Of Reckoning Are Here: Accumulate Precious Metals and Hard Assets

"Do not get caught up in the current panic and use this pullback as an opportunity to add or initiate positions in precious metals and natural resources mining equities." - 10/12/2011

What Does the Unemployment Picture Mean for Precious Metals?

"Another QE program to stimulate the economy in an attempt to improve the unemployment picture could easily send gold and silver prices back to former highs." - 10/10/2011

Gold Starts Week Strongly, Eurozone Bank Plan "Positive but Ambitious"

"Gold is up on last week's close following a pledge by France and Germany to recapitalize Europe's banks." - 10/10/2011

Are Gold and Silver at Bargain Prices Again?

"We have another possible great buying opportunity in gold and silver." - 10/07/2011

Load Up on Gold and Silver as Bernanke Dives off the Deep End

"The first $2 trillion of 'stimulus' did little or nothing for the overall economy." - 10/07/2011

Precious Metals Charts Point to Lower Prices—Get Ready

"The U.S. dollar is going to continue higher and that will put the most pressure on stocks, oil and silver." - 09/30/2011

Greek Default, Eurozone/Bank Crisis and the Effect on Gold and Silver Prices

"Falls are seen as an opportunity to buy cheaply into the precious metals." - 09/30/2011

Gold Market Report

"'The gold and silver market suddenly seems quiet in this timezone,' said a Hong Kong dealer, noting 'much lower' trading volume." - 09/30/2011

Deflationary Collapse Crushing Gold and Silver

"The monetary metals are likely to bounce back quickly and the downside risk at this point seems rather limited." - 09/28/2011

Bear Market Investing Strategies

"Sometimes market contraction affords traders the opportunity to unload losing bets and prepare for the next wave of expansion." - 09/26/2011

Why Are Markets So Hectic?

"The real story features two lead characters: debt and growth. The world economy has too much of the former, and not enough of the latter to pay it off with." - 09/26/2011

Gold and Silver Pullback as Forecasted—Now for the Big Opportunity

"The price action we have seen this year for both gold and silver indicate we are just warming up for something really big to happen." - 09/26/2011

Divers Set Sights on Silver-Laden WWII Ship

"Divers have found the wreck intact and they estimate its cargo at up to 240 tons of silver, a trove worth over $200M." - 09/26/2011

Is This How Gold's Bull Market Ends?

"The dollar and the yen are at the heart of this current slump." - 09/23/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold prices fell to a seven-week low below $1,700 as world stock markets slumped and currencies continued to rally." - 09/23/2011

Market Trends Remain in Place: Get Positioned!

"Why did almost every asset class sell off after the Fed's statement—and how do we position ourselves to profit?" - 09/23/2011

Gold ETFs Shine, Silver ETFs Shine Brighter

"Gold and silver continue to trend back and forth as equities ping pong around a number of issues." - 09/21/2011

How Far Can Gold and Silver Climb?

"The masses will look for a store of value against a plunging loss of purchasing power: enter gold and silver." - 09/21/2011

Gold and Silver Miners Beginning to Outperform Bullion

"When gold pulls back periodically, the miners should outperform and shrink a very wide divergence." - 09/20/2011

Gold Mulligan

"The case for the sustainability of high gold prices rests on whether the present international system of money and banking has passed a point of no return." - 09/19/2011

Are You Ready for the Annual Christmas Rally in Gold and Silver?

"Based on the observations presented in this report the expectation is that the annual Christmas rally in gold and silver is 'right on course.'" - 09/19/2011

Don't Miss Out as Silver Prices Surge

"Resist the temptation to sell, because silver's recovery is for real, and it has much further to go." - 09/16/2011

Could a Rise in the Dollar Be Bullish for Commodities?

"The market roller coaster takes us down, but we also see a sudden rise directly ahead in our chosen sectors. " - 09/13/2011

Nanosilver Market Growth: Boon or Bust for Silver Prices?

"Rising silver prices 'have narrowed the cost-in-use gap between nanosilver and silver in a meaningful way.'" - 09/13/2011

Why Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion?

"The only asset class that is better than gold as an inflation hedge is a basket that includes silver and platinum." - 09/12/2011

Gold Falls with Stocks, Dollar Gains, Greece Default "Could Lead to 2008-style Banking Collapse"

"The U.S. dollar's gains are probably more to do with renewed concerns over the possibility that Greece may default on its debt than with increased confidence in the U.S. economy." - 09/12/2011

Precious Metals in for a Rough Ride Before the Parabolic Move

"The precious metals are currently trading lower and expected to challenge some long term support lines." - 09/12/2011

Silver: The Perfect Alternative to Gold?

"Silver offers exposure to the rising demand for safe haven assets at a cheaper price." - 09/09/2011

Gold Consolidates Gains While Gold Equities Outperform

"Commodity equities and emerging market equities, while in structural bull markets, figure to underperform for months until the next round of artificial stimulus hits the economy." - 09/09/2011

Gold Continues "White-Knuckle Ride" as "Uninspiring" Policymakers "Limit Upside" for Stock Markets

"There are very good reasons why people long on gold may be taking profits." - 09/09/2011

Miners Just Beginning Breakout

"Everything has its season. It appears to be the miners' time under the sun." - 09/02/2011

The Credibility Crash

"Brinkmanship on one side, bumbling on the other, and markets caught in the middle: It's been a terrible month for markets." - 09/02/2011

Pink Sheets Basics: How to Profit Without Getting Fleeced

"Small-cap pink sheets stocks can be extremely lucrative, but you have to make the right moves to rake in the big profits." - 09/02/2011

Silver and Gold, Different Steps But Same Dance

"If we use gold's performance to establish a target for silver, it would appear that $80 would be a minimum." - 09/02/2011

U.S. Mint Gold, Silver Coin Sales In August Are Most Since January

"Total sales of American Eagle gold coins rose to 112,000 oz. in August, up 73.6% from July." - 09/01/2011

Le Deluge

"Every time the GPD has fallen over 2% year-over-year, it has led to a recession. We are currently down 1.5%." - 08/31/2011

For Signs of Stability, Look to the Price of Gold

"The key indicator that markets are stabilizing will be when gold prices come down in regular increments." - 08/29/2011

India's Silver Exports Surge

"The export of silver jewelry from India has jumped by a whopping 63% year-over-year in July." - 08/29/2011

Indonesia Could Face More Strikes

"Gold mine workers push for a greater share of profits in a booming economy that has drawn foreign investors partly for its low labor costs." - 08/29/2011

Deep Correction Due? Part II

"The rise of gold and silver prices is about the fall of paper money." - 08/28/2011

The Silver Tide Is About to Rise

"Silver has now been through a correction and consolidation phase and is all set for the next leg up." - 08/26/2011

Gold and Silver Aren't the Only Precious Metals Making a Killing

"Even while gold and silver steal most of the headlines, there are stealth bull markets advancing in other precious metals." - 08/25/2011

Canada's Mines to Get $130B in Investments

"Companies will invest some $130B in Canadian mines over the next five years, as burgeoning commodity demand creates opportunities 'not seen since the post-war boom of the 1950s.'" - 08/25/2011

Will Silver Benefit from Rising Gold Margin Requirements?

"We expect silver to hit new highs along with the miners in 2011." - 08/25/2011

Exiting the Eye of the Storm

"Smells like blood in the streets. What does a street fighting man like Doug Casey make of all this?" - 08/24/2011

Gold, the Dollar and the Failure of Currencies

"The U.S. Fed and Congress want to see a far weaker dollar against all other currencies. The only thing stopping them is the structure of the currency system." - 08/24/2011

Catalyst for Gold Sector Consolidation

"High mid-cap company performance has made acquisitions relatively expensive for the past few years. As major companies draw closer to a breakout, industry consolidation seems likely." - 08/22/2011

Silver Market Update

"Although there is currently a considerable disconnect between silver and gold, silver's indicators are in bullish alignment." - 08/22/2011

Market Analysis: How to Prepare for "Economic Depression"

The week of August 15 was one of the most volatile stock market performances in years. Negative news about the global economy, gloomy forecasts and mixed signals on the jobs front battered stocks and sent gold repeatedly above $1,800/ounce. The Gold Report asked an analyst, two newsletter writers and an economist the following: What should be a precious metals investor's next move? - 08/19/2011

Global Stock Market "Bloodbath" sees Gold Soar

"Bucking the trend for equities were gold mining stocks. The Amex Gold Bugs index closed up 4.5% for the month, while the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index is showing a 0.3% gain." - 08/19/2011

The Zen of Resource Speculation

"We're speculators, not gamblers. We seek to balance risk and reward. The primary tool we have is our strategy of buying quality mining stocks in tranches." - 08/19/2011

Gold Stocks Break to New Highs Against Equities

"This is exactly the environment we need for gold and silver stocks to flourish. Their relative strength amid the equity carnage is a positive omen." - 08/19/2011

Important Technical Signals in Gold and Silver Mining Stocks

"Mining stocks are rising above their 200-day moving average, the critical long-term trend indicator. This reversal is among the most bullish of buy signals." - 08/17/2011

Gold Holds, Silver Gains Momentum

"Gold is still the most appealing asset in the short run, while uncertainty over the Eurozone's future will not evaporate overnight." - 08/17/2011

Peru, Miners in Pact to Change Royalties

"Under the new system, companies would pay royalties based on operating profits instead of sales, similar to Chile's mining tax structure." - 08/17/2011

TSX "Stars Align" as Resources Rise

"Thanks to its heavy weighting in resources, the TSX was outperforming its U.S. counterparts." - 08/17/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver is believed to be poised for a really strong upleg." - 08/15/2011

The 'Bear' Market in Currencies

"You will hear that gold is rising to record highs. You will hear talk of it entering a 'bubble' again. This is entirely the wrong perspective!" - 08/10/2011

Where Oh Where Are the Safe Havens from Yesteryear?

"Any retreats are regarded as a healthy event in the long-range upward trend." - 08/10/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold and stock markets are up; Fed 'will push QE3 if necessary;' BOE predicts 'sluggish' growth." - 08/10/2011

JPM Sees Gold at $2,500 by Year-End

"Get your head out of your day job, draw up your very own acquisition plan and implement it as quickly as you possibly can." - 08/09/2011

The Crime Against Silver

"Silver-denominated notes, reminiscent of turn-of-the-century American silver certificates, are experiencing renewed popularity." - 08/08/2011

Gold Climbs; ECB Is "Last Line" of Eurozone Defense

"The gold prices soared past a record $1,700/oz. in Monday's trade following Sunday's announcement by the European Central Bank suggesting a new phase in the Eurozone crisis." - 08/08/2011

Recession 2011: Silver Futures Up on Firm Global Cues

"Trading sentiments turned bullish after the prices in the overseas markets climbed." - 08/08/2011

U.S. Debt: Has Its Past Become Its Future?

"I tend to go straight to the numbers: A trip over to the Congressional Budget Office reveals the pearl within the plan." - 08/07/2011

Resource Nationalism Is Biggest Risk to Miners: Report

"Governments seek to benefit from higher commodity prices to try to restore fragile finances, Ernst & Young said on Sunday." - 08/07/2011

Currency Intervention Revived as Fed May Ease

"Japanese and Swiss moves to weaken the yen and the franc show reviving tension in foreign-exchange markets as the deteriorating U.S. economy weighs on the dollar." - 08/05/2011

China's Robotics May Boost Rare Earths, Precious Metals

"As miners re-opening closed rare earth facilities around the world, technological developments point to a revolution in the sector." - 08/05/2011

Morgan Stanley Raises Gold and Silver Forecasts

"Morgan Stanley has revised up its 2011 forecast for gold and silver prices by 8% and 15%, respectively." - 08/05/2011

Five Things You Need to Know About the Economy

"Anything tangible will help offset the coming inflation—gold and silver will likely do better than most." - 08/03/2011

Gold Accelerates; Equities Enter Cyclical Bear Market

"We've said all along that before gold begins a bubble, equities must peak and begin a mild bear market. That is now happening." - 08/03/2011

Gold Market Report

"Gold sets dollar, pound and euro records; 'growing risk' of Eurozone credit crunch." - 08/03/2011

Structural Change in Gold, Silver and Currency Markets

"We have to face the stark reality that the currency system we now live under globally cannot provide a true measure of value." - 08/03/2011

Is the Debt Ceiling Raise Bullish for Gold?

"Even though critics of gold will quickly call an end to gold's run on a decline, investors should keep the big picture in mind." - 08/02/2011

Metals and Miners Show Impressive Strength in Weak Market

"Our indicators set us firmly on the highway marked gold, silver and rare earths." - 08/02/2011

President Obama's Debt Deal More Fizz Than Bang

"Coming hard on the heels of this announcement, stock futures rose and U.S. Treasuries futures slipped lower as both gold and silver lost ground." - 08/01/2011

Are Support and Resistance Levels in Precious Metals Holding?

"Although precious metals have pulled back recently, they still remain near key price targets." - 07/29/2011

Silver to Rise but Tarnished by May's Rout

"Silver prices look set for further gains after rallying more than 15% this month on gold's coat-tails." - 07/29/2011

Peru's President's Prudence

"Investors quailed when economic nationalist Ollanta Humala was elected President of Peru, which ranks first in the world for production of silver, second for copper and zinc and sixth for gold." - 07/28/2011

Gold Strong, Silver Surging

"All factors considered, the fundamentals and the technicals are, and will continue to be, super bullish." - 07/27/2011

Dollar Default to Change Gold/Silver Markets

"Bear in mind that precious metals markets are driven primarily by the developing world, where there has never much trust in paper money systems." - 07/26/2011

The Greek Canary Sings: Are Gold, Silver and Natural Resource Investors Listening?

"As we ponder the economic chessboard, we sense that the basic aim is economic stimuli in whatever guises are necessary." - 07/25/2011

Making the Bullish Case for Silver Prices

"If you're still bearish on long-term silver prices, you'd better reconsider your stance." - 07/25/2011

Bull Market "Topped?"

"All markets go through bull and bear phases, but what goes up must come down." - 07/22/2011

Crowd Behavior Moves Gold and Silver. . .Not the News!

"Learn to ignore economic indicators, headlines and talking heads." - 07/21/2011

The Coming Correction in Gold and Silver

"Headline and market risk are exceedingly high; proceed with caution!" - 07/20/2011

Gold Retreats as Focus Returns to Equities

"Gold prices pulled back as investors shifted their focus from global debt concerns to potential upside in equities." - 07/20/2011

Goldman Stumbles, Takes On More Commodity Risk

"The reverse led fixed-income, currency and commodity revenues to slump 53% to the lowest level since 2008." - 07/19/2011

India's Smaller Towns to Drive Jewelry Demand

"Around two-thirds of the new retail outlets over the medium term will be in Tier-II and Tier-III towns." - 07/19/2011

Precious Metals Ready for Big-Time Run

"Global stock markets are in the early stage of a technical breakdown." - 07/19/2011

Commodities 2011 Halftime Report

"Commodities don't all perform in the same way: Active management is important for rotating from winners to laggards." - 07/19/2011

"Ides of March" Coin Set to Fetch a Pretty Penny

"The rare silver relic is the only Roman coin to openly celebrate an act of murder." - 07/18/2011

USD, Gold and SP500 Trend Analysis

"Gold's forming a 6- to 12-month topping pattern; price may get choppy." - 07/18/2011

Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange to Launch Silver Futures

"HKMEX to tap China's rising demand for the notoriously volatile metal." - 07/18/2011

Miner, Silver ETFs Gain Momentum

"Investors' desire for safe havens amid the debt upheaval has led them to precious metals, and silver and miners are leading the way." - 07/18/2011

Silver Market Update

"The picture could not be more bullish. . ." - 07/15/2011

Gold, Silver Poised to Surge on Ticking Debt Bombs

"We're witnessing the birth of the first global hyperinflation in history." - 07/15/2011

Mining Stocks, Gold and Silver

"Short-term bounce or more meaningful move?" - 07/15/2011

Russia Targets Atlantic Minerals

"Russia explores manganese, cobalt, copper, gold and silver on ocean floor." - 07/15/2011

Gold and Silver Update

"During a pullback, the perfect way to play a bull market is. . ." - 07/13/2011

Bernanke Just Lit the Fuse on Gold and Silver

"The U.S. economy is at a crossroads, and the central bank is prepared to provide further stimulus." - 07/13/2011

Commodities Vulnerable to China's Efforts to Cool Economy

"The strong association between Chinese demand and commodity sentiment has increased the risk in some commodities." - 07/12/2011

U.S. Mint to Release Final 2011 Silver Bullion Coins

"The Mint has been issuing the silver bullion coin program in substantially higher quantities this year." - 07/12/2011

The Life Cycle of Money

"As more and more citizens flock to gold and silver to protect their wealth, prices will soar." - 07/11/2011

Unemployment and Gold

"Mining stock selloff offers best opportunity for long-term investors." - 07/11/2011

How to Play $60 Silver

"Only price discovery can alleviate a physical silver shortage." - 07/11/2011

Boomtown Mongolia

"With over $1,000B in probable mineral deposits, Mongolia's just starting to boom." - 07/11/2011

Why Mining Investors Must Follow Peru

"What we are witnessing is no less than the ongoing sophistication of the developing world." - 07/08/2011

Silver Bottoms Amid Subtle but Bullish Factors

"The silver's complex seems to have put in a bottom." - 07/08/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Ease Lower

"Gold and silver prices are slightly lower as the U.S. awaits the release of the employment report. - 07/08/2011

Three Senators Bet Economic Recovery on Gold

"Three Tea Party-backed senators aim to follow Utah's lead with the Sound Money Promotion Act." - 07/07/2011

CFTC Expands Power to Pursue Fraud, Manipulation

"Previous manipulation standards were nearly impossible to prove, which is why the commission has only won one case in 35 years." - 07/07/2011

Demand for Precious Metals Storage Soars

"A serious shortage of storage facilities worldwide is growing as investors continue to pile into gold, silver, platinum and palladium." - 07/07/2011

Long-Range Arc of Gold and Silver Points Upward

"The 'summer goldrums' are creating a base for precious metals." - 07/06/2011

Silver Bullion Eagle Coins Reach Highest Demand in History

"Silver bullion is becoming more popular as gold prices make it difficult to invest in gold bullion bars or coins." - 07/06/2011

Silver Demand Booms in China

"Silver imports to the Asian giant have reached new highs, spurred by industrial, jewelry, and safe haven investment demand." - 07/06/2011

Hoard of Treasure Uncovered in Indian Temple

"'Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark'-worthy, India's gold find is worth $22B." - 07/05/2011

Don't Underestimate China

"China now produces 340 tpy and that may rise to 700 in the next few years." - 07/05/2011

Gold, Silver Stocks Form Positive Divergence

"Significant bottom likely in and gold-share risk is much smaller than months ago." - 07/05/2011

Bill Murphy on Gold Suppression, Part I

"U.S. government suppression of gold is why it hasn't kept up with inflation and why interest rates have remained low." - 06/30/2011

China Opens First Rare and PM Metals Exchange

"The exchange may solve long-term problems in China's PM industry, such as high logistics costs and lack of capital." - 06/29/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver could stage a significant rally from here." - 06/28/2011

Speculators Build Gold, Silver Positions

"Traders built up their gold and silver net-long positions." - 06/27/2011

Gold Holds Steady—Eyes Euro/Dollar, Greece

"Gold stayed nearly unchanged." - 06/27/2011

Dizzying New Heights of Global Criminal Enterprise

"Why invest in a business when you can invest in your own fabricated market?" - 06/22/2011

If the USD Goes. . .

"What happens to your portfolio?" - 06/22/2011

Mexico Mining to Boom

"Mexican copper production is expected to increase by an annual average rate of 25.1%" - 06/21/2011

Brazil Eyes New Tax on Big Mining

"Finance ministries are considering a 'special participation' tax on large mining projects." - 06/21/2011

China's Mining Boom Attracts New Investors

"China's real estate sector shifts its gaze from the housing market to mining." - 06/21/2011

New Thai Silver Futures Well Received

"Extended gold and silver trading hours were also successful." - 06/21/2011

China Makes Huge Increases in Minting

"China is also doubling the maximum amount of issuance." - 06/21/2011

Silver Jewelry Sales on the Rise

"Ever-climbing gold prices have consumers opting for silver." - 06/20/2011

PM Imports Soar in India

"India's gold and silver imports rose a whopping 222% between April and May." - 06/20/2011

Resource Firms Bet on China Boom, not Roubini Gloom

"Famed market bear Nouriel Roubini may be talking down China, but resource firms are betting billions. . ." - 06/20/2011

Mongolian Mining Gets a Boost

"Mongolia has great potential for growth in mining output across all metals." - 06/20/2011

Are We Running Out of Silver?

"Do I buy now or wait for a pullback and perhaps miss out on big gains?" - 06/17/2011

Gold Prices Rise on Greece Debt Woes

"Despite Greece's appointment of a new finance minister, the gold hardly felt relief." - 06/17/2011

Metal in Design: Fashion First

"Designers are ditching the jewelry for statement. . .shoes!" - 06/17/2011

Mongolia's Mining Two-Step with U.S., China

"The country that once ruled an enormous empire is determined to be no one's patsy." - 06/17/2011

Bottom in Gold and Silver Stocks

"The bottom in gold and silver stocks is likely only days away." - 06/17/2011

Indian PM Jewelry Exports Zoom

"India's gold and silver jewelry exports jumped by over 50% last month." - 06/16/2011

Aussie Miners Blast Queensland Farming Plan

"Queensland Resources Council-commissioned study finds strategic cropping land policy unreliable." - 06/16/2011

Gold & Silver: Waiting for August

"Junior miners will play an explosive game of catch-up at year-end." - 06/15/2011

Investing in Gold and Silver

". . .during inflation, stagflation and deflation?" - 06/15/2011

Australian Resource Investment to Surge

"Mining set to soar as Chinese demand approaches Australia's doorstep." - 06/14/2011

Sarkozy Demands Commodities Crackdown

"U.S. CFTC says the French president 'got it exactly right.'" - 06/14/2011

Midas Fund Touches on Lagging Mining Shares

"Is this a new normal, or is the market discounting the future price of gold? - 06/14/2011

Sprott: Dive in Silver Price a Setup

"In my heart of hearts I believe it was a manipulation." - 06/14/2011

Why There's No Bubble in Gold and Silver

"Miners are languishing, but this anomaly may not last much longer." - 06/13/2011

PM Summer Doldrums 3

"I actually look forward to the PM summer doldrums each year. . ." - 06/13/2011

U.S.: Monetary Police State?

"Monetary expert Dr. Edwin Vieira explains how far off the constitutional rails the U.S. has traveled." - 06/13/2011

Miners Snap Up Graduates as Industry Booms

"After one year of experience, graduates 'come back six feet taller.'" - 06/13/2011

Silver and Gold at Key Support, Resistance Levels

"I can't help but think a bounce is very likely to form soon." - 06/10/2011

Utah Measure Eliminates Tax

". . .it's not a 'gold standard.'" - 06/09/2011

Is Silver the New Gold?

"With the economy at a crossroad, silver may be the better investment." - 06/09/2011

Hold PMs into a Market Selloff

"A buy-and-hold strategy makes more investment fortunes than manic trading." - 06/09/2011

Global Mining Growth Drains SA's Pool of Engineers

"Mining giants are swiping up South Africa's well-trained engineers." - 06/09/2011

Our Economic Future: From Best to Worst Case

"The essential advice remains the same: Own gold and silver." - 06/08/2011

NA Miners Seek Dialogue with Peru's Humala

"Juniors in Peru urge President-Elect Humala to engage with mining industry." - 06/08/2011

U.S. Dodd-Frank Law 'Stigmatizing' Africa's Gold?

"DRC's tragedies of war can't be ignored, but law not intended to hurt miners." - 06/08/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Bust on Bernanke

"Bernanke's speech was a mixed bag for gold prices." - 06/08/2011

ETF Precious Metals Slip in May

"ETF silver holdings witnessed their largest monthly outflow this year." - 06/07/2011

UK's Anti-Bribery Law Could Be a Global Game-Changer

"UKBA has even sharper teeth than the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act." - 06/07/2011

Can You Pass the 2011 Silver Quiz?

"The forces underpinning the silver bull market aren't going away any time soon." - 06/06/2011

Commodity Bubbles Caused by Speculators Need Intervention

"Increased investment in commodity markets creates bubbles. . ." - 06/06/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Move Higher

"The rally in gold reflects the metal's appeal as a safe-haven. . ." - 06/06/2011

The Search for Safe Havens

"Currency volatility should support gold and silver." - 06/03/2011

U.S. Mint's American Eagle Silver Sales Best Since 1986

"The Mint will be adding production from its San Francisco facility to meet growing demand." - 06/03/2011

Market Sentiment and Volume Reach Extreme Panic Levels

"Buying into fear and selling into greed is my focus." - 06/03/2011

Downturn in China Would Slam Commodity Prices

"While a severe downturn is unlikely, China's growth could slow more markedly at some point." - 06/02/2011

Richard Russell: Get Back into the Silver Pool

"Everyone back in the silver pool for more profit fun in the sun." - 06/01/2011

Gold Holds Steady

". . .while platinum and palladium eye U.S. car sales data." - 06/01/2011

Utah Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)

"Law ascribes cash value to coins based on the weight of the precious metals in them." - 05/31/2011

A Tool to Find Gold, Oil and Terrorists

"Hyperspectral imaging is well developed for mineral exploration." - 05/26/2011

Small-Time Investors Flock to Commodities in India

"Persistently high commodity prices have increased investors interest." - 05/26/2011

Commodities Still Going Strong Despite Barclays Selloff

"The volatility in the commodity market has not deterred investors." - 05/26/2011

The USD's Impact on the S&P 500, Gold, Silver and Oil

"We're sitting at a key inflection point. . ." - 05/25/2011

Silver and Silver Stocks Spring into Life

"Silver will continue to consolidate with erratic moves in both directions." - 05/25/2011

Mining Firms Look to IT in 2011

"Expanding companies are likely to invest in technologies that get them up-and-running more easily in remote locations." - 05/25/2011

Gold Rallies for Fourth Day

"The yellow metal is heading for the longest rally in three weeks as European debt stokes demand." - 05/25/2011

Shanghai Futures Exchange May Launch Silver Futures in 2011

"The largest commodity futures exchange in China is expected to launch silver futures by the end of this year." - 05/24/2011

Euro-Dollar Dance Doesn't Fool Gold and Silver Bulls

"Both the USD and euro are in secular long-term downtrends." - 05/24/2011

Buying Silver at 10% Off

"Diversifying some of your wealth outside the USD is a necessary tactic." - 05/23/2011

Gold Advances to One-Week High on Euro Debt

"Monetary policy will 'remain accommodative' in coming months." - 05/23/2011

Commodities Risk Trade

"Risk on, or risk off?" - 05/23/2011

Utah Legalizes Gold, Silver Coins as Currency

"Coin sales also will be exempt from any state capital gains taxes." - 05/23/2011

S.A. Mine Wage Negotiations Begin

"S. Africa's National Union of Mineworkers demands a 14% basic wage increase." - 05/23/2011

Where Now for Gold and Silver?

"Not many investors will be on board as this final thrust up completes." - 05/23/2011

Silver More Explosive than Gold

"Should silver be considered as financial security, like gold?" - 05/23/2011

FTC Sues Precious Metal Scammers

"Con-artist couple swindled seniors out of tens of millions of dollars." - 05/20/2011

Short Covering Led to Silver's Parabolic Rise

"Mainstream pundits and reporters assumed it was speculative buying." - 05/19/2011

Silver ETFs Experience Record Trading Volumes as Prices Slip

"Many investors are shedding their holdings in this volatile precious metals market." - 05/18/2011

Silver Price: The Least You Should Worry About

"What silver expert Andy Schectman sees everyday might just compel you to count how many ounces you own. . ." - 05/17/2011

Will Gold and Silver Fall with Higher Interest Rates?

"It remains the U.S. consumer who will decide the road forward for the U.S. economy." - 05/17/2011

Turning Point

"Silver may have peaked in pure commodity terms, but as a currency it will peak when gold does." - 05/17/2011

Will the Dollar Bull Monkey Dance End Badly, with a QE3 Party?

"It's rare to get a crash on top of a crash." - 05/17/2011

Lies, Damned Lies and the Z-Score

"Things that just shouldn't be just keep happening. . ." - 05/16/2011

Gold Seesaws on Currency Worries

"Twin forces of deepening concern about eurozone debt and the growing strength of the dollar offset each other." - 05/16/2011

Another Look at the Gold:Silver Ratio

"The gold:silver ratio is not a reliable tool in an investor's toolbox." - 05/16/2011

Gold Coins Remain Strong

"Sales of gold coins are on track for the best month in a year." - 05/16/2011

Wary SA Miners Eye Record Rand Gold Price

"If gold sustains its run in local currency, South African gold miners could show an 8% or better gain." - 05/16/2011

Shanghai Exchange Lowers Silver Margin, Daily Limits

"All changes will take effect since the silver price did not hit the daily upward or downward limit." - 05/16/2011

Silver Near Crash

"After a parabola sucks in buyers and capital like a black hole, anything can ignite furious selling." - 05/16/2011

Easy Money and Hard Lessons

"Although the mining equities don't always participate in the 'up' move in metal prices they seem to always 'enjoy' the down moves." - 05/13/2011

China Likely to Remain Major Silver Importer

"Private investors and industrial uses are both driving the metal's demand." - 05/13/2011

Shanghai Gold Exchange Cuts Silver Margins

"Trading volumes for the contract have surged." - 05/13/2011

Silver Set to Shine Again in India

"Unfazed investors see dip as inevitable profit-taking." - 05/13/2011

Gold, Silver Flirt with Gains

"The U.S. dollar index was losing 0.12% to $75.10 as the euro recovered." - 05/13/2011

Bin Laden Death Causing Countertrend Moves

". . . in gold, silver and the U.S. dollar." - 05/12/2011

Gold and Silver Bullion Trade Signals

"Support is in place, gold and silver buying looks set to resume." - 05/11/2011

A Policy-Driven Silver Crash

"Use the next few months to deleverage in advance of the Kress Cycle tsunami." - 05/10/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver cheerleaders are hailing a fantastic buying opportunity. Is it?" - 05/10/2011

COMEX Drops Napalm Bomb on Silver

"Look for silver to regain its sprinting ability this summer or fall." - 05/10/2011

Precious Metals Outlook 2011

"Three dominant factors will impact precious metals in 2011. . ." - 05/10/2011

A Word on Corrections

"Buy in tranches; you might not hit the exact bottom, but trying to hit the bottom is a fool's game." - 05/10/2011

Jobs Left Out of Mining Industry's Pot of Gold

"Australia's headed for more mining income than ever before." - 05/10/2011

Silver Supply Is Sufficient, Experts Assert

"In 2010, total demand for silver rose 12% to a 10-year high." - 05/10/2011

Canada's Fiscal Strength Means Commodities Won't Sink

"Canada has the best fiscal outlook of any G7 country." - 05/10/2011

Silver Futures Rally as Investors Return

"Silver futures rebounded from the worst weekly slump since 1975." - 05/09/2011

Silver Miners Likely to Take Price Fall in Stride

"Producers will keep turning big profits even if the bearish mood persists." - 05/09/2011

Recycling Profits on Gold and Silver

"Despite razor-thin profit margins, PM recycling businesses flourish." - 05/09/2011

Urgent Infrastructure Action Needed to Spur Small-Miner Growth

"S. African miners face major backlogs in transport and power infrastructure. - 05/09/2011

Yuan-USD Relationship to PMs and Commodities

"This correction should be short lived; silver will regain its footing." - 05/06/2011

GFMS: Silver May Top the Precious Pack in 2011

"Silver may not go above $50/oz., but we could possibly see it in the upper $40s again." - 05/05/2011

Gold and Silver Selloffs Are Buying Opportunities

"As gold and silver sell off, don't forget the long-term uptrend will stay intact." - 05/05/2011

Parabolic Moves Only Temporary for Silver and Gold

"Parabolic moves can provide big gains, but most traders end up giving it all back and then some." - 05/05/2011

Healthy Correction Overdue in Gold and Silver?

"Long-term trend could push gold to $3,000 and silver to $100 by 2013." - 05/04/2011

The S&P 500 May Hold Clues to Peak in Gold & Silver

"The Federal Reserve is the greatest thief in American history." - 05/03/2011

Silver Market Update

"The latest COT chart portends another upleg soon. . ." - 05/03/2011

Silver Trade Showing Wilder Side

"Silver's dramatic 12% tumble in just 11 minutes late Sunday night may have grabbed the headlines, but it doesn't tell the whole story." - 05/03/2011

Profit from Silver's Sudden Weakness

"Breathers in the metal's rising price can healthily help shake out excess speculation and leverage." - 05/03/2011

Greatest Profit Potential of the Last Decade

"The world is about to pay the price for Bernanke's attempt to print prosperity." - 05/03/2011

NUTS to All of You 'Top Pickers!'

"Nuts" to analysts who fail to realize that silver is in a bull market like no other." - 05/03/2011

Understanding Where We Are in Silver's Bull Market

"After consolidation, buy silver stocks on any pullback with haste." - 05/02/2011

Gold off Record, Silver Slides on bin Laden

"The fight between the bulls and bears has entered an interesting stage." - 05/02/2011

Commodities Beat Financial Assets for Fifth Month in Best Streak Since '97

"Demand for raw materials is increasing with expanding economies and Federal Reserve promises to boost growth." - 05/02/2011

Silver Plunges 12%, What's Going On?

"Silver may be headed higher, much higher." - 05/02/2011

Parabolic Blowoff in Silver

"Above all—don't even think of shorting silver; buy on dips." - 04/29/2011

Investors Missing the Boat PM Explorers

"Poor, poor mainstream investors." - 04/29/2011

Silver: Volatility or Directional Play?

"A top is imminent." - 04/28/2011

Commodity ETFs to Get a Bernanke Boost: Think Silver

"There's very little reason to expect anything to change on the precious metals front." - 04/28/2011

Downside Targets for Silver

"A correction is coming. . ." - 04/28/2011

Silversmiths Strike in India

"Silversmiths of Hupari observed one-day 'bandh' in protest against unstable silver prices." - 04/27/2011

Silver Recycling to Curb India's Import Growth

"Indian consumers switch from jewelry to bars, but higher demand won't raise imports." - 04/27/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Rise Ahead of Fed Comments

"Gold and silver don't always react inversely to the dollar, but today they will." - 04/27/2011

Fed Says Recovery is 'Moderate'

"A pickup in inflation is likely to be temporary, says Fed." - 04/27/2011

Think Silver Has Gone Parabolic?

". . .1980 was 5 times faster." - 04/26/2011

U.S. Investors Must Take Global View to Protect Wealth

"Record U.S. gold prices aren't due to demand, but rather the falling USD." - 04/26/2011

Investors Stampede into a Modern-Day Silver Rush

"The relative affordability of 'the poor man's gold' has helped polish silver's current allure." - 04/26/2011

Don't Fear a Pullback in Prices

"Time to load up on gold and silver?" - 04/26/2011

Silver Shorts Feel the Burn

"Don't give credence to any headline rumor unless it can be proven conclusively." - 04/25/2011

Silver, Gold Prices Pull Back from Highs

"Gold and silver prices were in for a bumpy ride Monday as profit taking and a recovering U.S. dollar capped recent highs." - 04/25/2011

Will SP500, Silver, Gold & Oil Break Out?

"Just how high will silver, gold and oil go before they top?" - 04/22/2011

Canadians Cashing in on Soaring Silver

"Silver's star run has Canadians running for the candlesticks." - 04/21/2011

What's Next for the Dollar, Precious Metals?

"The USD, currently at near three-year lows, is pushing PM gains." - 04/21/2011

Gold and Silver: Supreme Safe Haven Assets

"Gold and silver are taking the reins." - 04/21/2011

Diamonds Follow Gold, Silver into Stratosphere

"The smaller the size, the bigger the jump: Small diamonds are the most in demand." - 04/19/2011

Silver ETFs See Performance Diverge

"Closed-end silver funds are trading at a premium." - 04/19/2011

NV to Revamp Mining Deduction Regs

"We need legislative guidance in interpreting the statute." - 04/19/2011

So What Is Silver Shouting About?

"There's no bull market like a silver bull market; just ask the Hunt brothers." - 04/19/2011

U.S. Budget Impasse

". . .has momentous significance for gold and silver holders." - 04/18/2011

Gold, Silver Little Changed After Reaching Records

"Concern about European debt and faster inflation boosted demand for alternative investments." - 04/18/2011

Rising Gold Puts Pressure on Jewelry Exporters

"As jewelers switch more and more from gold to silver, 'hybrid' pieces are finding renewed popularity." - 04/17/2011

Silver's Outlook May Be Tarnished

"Miners are pulling more from the ground, and industrial companies are increasing recycling." - 04/17/2011

Gold, Silver Reach New Record Nominal Highs

"Silver is particularly strong and the euro weak on sovereign debt contagion concerns." - 04/15/2011

Misjudged on Silver

"Silver shorts repent. . ." - 04/15/2011

What Is Silver Screaming About?

"Silver's bull run, unlike gold's, is all about inflation." - 04/15/2011

Silver Tops $42 on Inflation Concern

"Silver extends rally to highest since 1980." - 04/14/2011

Precious Metals Update

"Gold pierced the $1440/oz. resistance level, which now becomes support for prices." - 04/14/2011

In Memory of John "Jack" Pugsley

On behalf of all of us at The Gold Report, we would like to take a moment to recognize the positive contribution made by longtime contributor and friend John "Jack" Pugsley, who passed away on April 11 after a sudden illness. He was a respected newsletter and book author, investment expert and friend. As far back as the 1970s, he has shared his investment insights through publications as diverse as Common Sense Viewpoint and The Stealth Investor. - 04/13/2011

Bullish Sentiment Lags Gold's Record Highs

"Some hot and speculative money has moved out of gold, leaving the market healthier." - 04/13/2011

Germany Backs French Commodity Regulation Plan

"France urges G20 nations to support limits on commodities trading positions, allowing for intervention at times of instability." - 04/13/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Claw Higher

"Prices regained momentum Wednesday on strong physical buying as investors took advantage of recent selloffs." - 04/13/2011

Gold and Silver for Tsunami Victims

"Jewelers for Japan asks jewelers and consumers to donate scrap gold and silver jewelry, in lieu of cash." - 04/13/2011

Why Is Silver Rising Faster than Gold?

"The gold price will rise relative to the value of currencies from now on, with its metallic qualities being far in the background." - 04/13/2011

Objection Mounts Against U.S. Mint's Outsourcing

"Witnesses testifying before the House Committee express outrage over outsourcing of labor for U.S. gold bullion coin manufacturing." - 04/12/2011

Silver: Just a Portfolio Diversifier

"SIlver's rise has attracted investor interest, but putting all your eggs in one basket is never a great idea." - 04/12/2011

Gold and Silver Break Out

". . .technical targets being monitored." - 04/12/2011

Commodities Across the Board Reach Record Highs

"Despite a pullback, precious metals and commodities are expected to rise further, 'as long as there's cheap money out there and as long as QE2 is ongoing.'" - 04/11/2011

Stolen Silver Bars Underscore Need for Safe Storage Alternatives

"Don't assume safety deposit boxes are safe. . .or private." - 04/11/2011

Beware of the Silver Streak

"That silver and gold prices are racing to new record highs is a bad sign. . ." - 04/10/2011

Will Silver Become Money Again like Gold?

"In the private and institutional domain, silver already is a wealth protector." - 04/08/2011

Gold Hits Record as Silver Tops $40

"Traders braced for an uncertain weekend with a potential government shutdown looming in the U.S." - 04/08/2011

World Silver Survey: Investment, Industrial Demand Surge

"Big increases in both investment and industrial-fabrication demand made silver jump in 2010, but the Silver Institute does not see a 'new paradigm' altering the gold:silver ratio." - 04/07/2011

U.S. Mint to Release 2011 Silver 5 Oz. Bullion Coins

"To participate in the program, authorized purchasers must certify they sold all of their 2010 'America the Beautiful' five-ounce silver bullion coins." - 04/07/2011

India's Commodity Markets May Grow 25%

"Forward Markets Commission, India's commodity market regulator, dubs the four-fold sector increase estimate 'conservative,' and driven by precious metals performance." - 04/07/2011

Are ETFs Really Safe?

"Given that there are about 2,000 ETFs in existence, with assets totaling over $1 trillion, we thought it appropriate to find out what Dr. Bogan has learned in his research." - 04/07/2011

Silver and Energy the New ETF Stars

"While often overlooked, shares of midsize companies were big winners, and the trend is likely to continue." - 04/06/2011

Silver's Long-Run Value

"Silver is a very different market to gold. Most crucially, there's no commonly accepted benchmark value—such as a men's suit for an ounce of gold—against which to measure silver across time." - 04/06/2011

Gold, Silver Are 'Uncertainty Magnets'

"Geopolitical concerns have eroded confidence in paper money, leading investors to pile into commodities—which, in turn, have reached multi-year and all-time highs." - 04/05/2011

Fed Officials Divided over Tighter Policy

"Federal Reserve policy makers last month differed over whether to begin removing record stimulus this year." - 04/05/2011

The Lesson from Japan for PM Investors

"Country may revise mining law, particularly seabed mineral exploration." - 04/04/2011

Feds Seek $7M in Privately Made Silver 'Liberty Dollars'

"Legal skirmish finds resonance, as about a dozen states have legislation allowing them to produce their own currency backed by gold or silver." - 04/04/2011

Silver Hits 31-Year High as USD Weakens

"Spot silver was bid at a high of $38.23/oz." - 04/04/2011

Gold and Silver Rise Near Records

"Gold prices reach for new highs while silver hovers near 30-year record as investors seek protection against inflation." - 04/04/2011

Where Silver's Been and Where It's Going

"The future for silver looks remarkable." - 04/01/2011

Gold Prices Fall on Strong Jobs Report

"Investors ditch the safe haven metal for stocks and trade in their gold for cash after the metal's 1.3% rally in the first quarter." - 04/01/2011

Philippine Miners Worried by Provincial Bans

"The threat of hefty compensation claims prompts government deliberation. 'Not one mineralized country has ever put a stop on its mining industry,' asserts mining CEO." - 03/31/2011

Silver ETF a Good Buy at These Levels?

"The SLV has already made a huge move since early February 2011. That was the 'easy buy.'" - 03/31/2011

Mexico's January Mining Production up 17% on Year

"Top metals like copper, gold and silver lead the charge with double-digit rises." - 03/31/2011

Hunting Nazi-Sunk Ship's $260M Silver

"Odyssey has also signed deals to mine the South Pacific sea floor." - 03/29/2011

Silver, Gold Now Legal Tender in Utah

"Act praised by sound-money advocates who doubt the future of the Fed and fiat money." - 03/29/2011

Industrial Use of Silver Forecast to Rise

"Silver due for a 36% increase in industrial demand by 2015." - 03/28/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Volatile on Profit Taking

"Investors weighed recent highs ahead of the second quarter." - 03/28/2011

Record-High Silver

"Where do we go from here?" - 03/24/2011

Costs Cast Shadow over Gold's Glitter

"Miners worry that spending on new projects will become unmanageable." - 03/24/2011

Silver Prices Surge as Gold Moves Higher

"Safe-haven buying continues." - 03/23/2011

Don't Let Japan News Take Your Eye Off Gold & Silver

"Investors need to stay focused on the big picture." - 03/22/2011

Guinea: Obstacles, Omens and Opportunities

"Interest groups argue for communities in mining areas to be directly involved in discussions on contracts." - 03/22/2011

Think like a Thief

"Diversify the locations where you store your physical gold." - 03/22/2011

Political Spotlight Heats Up for Nevada Mining Tax

"Nevada Tax Commission scheduled an emergency meeting regarding the state's failure to audit mining companies for the past two years." - 03/21/2011

Australia to Push for Mining Levy amid Tax Debate

"Prime Minister Julia Gillard has vowed to press ahead with mining taxes." - 03/21/2011

Silver: A Currency for Crisis

"Pressure's on for silver miners to ramp-up production to meet global demand." - 03/21/2011

Silver in SPX Selloffs

"As a hardcore lifelong speculator myself, I love corrections." - 03/18/2011

China Enters Race for Seafloor's Mineral Riches

"Nation to follow Canadians' example in mining for underwater precious metals." - 03/17/2011

Peru's Presidential Field Split over Mining Taxes

"Candidates debate strategies for maximizing mining's economic benefits." - 03/17/2011

The Government Lied. . .There Is No More Silver!

"Eric Sprott discusses dwindling global silver supply." - 03/17/2011

America the Beautiful 5 oz. Coin in April

"As a precaution, the Mint will allocate the numbers that are available equally." - 03/16/2011

Mine Exploration Expands in North America

"Low geopolitical risk, reasonable costs spur mining renaissance in North America." - 03/15/2011

Silver Toppings 2

"Corrections are the best buying opportunities in ongoing secular bulls." - 03/14/2011

Silver ETFs on a Winning Streak

"Silver prices have broken; ETF tracking silver miners may follow suit." - 03/02/2011

Silver Market Update

"Silver could break above the restraining trendline." - 02/27/2011

What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today

"Is it too late for the rest of us to get in?" - 02/24/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Hang onto Rally

"High oil prices, a weak Dow and violence in the Middle East prompts investment." - 02/23/2011

Speculators Continue to Add Positions in Gold, Silver

"Rise in speculative positions came on new long positions and shorts covered. - 02/22/2011

Silver Buoyed by Growing Industrial Demand

"The general stock market's influence on the white metal is not going to go away." - 02/22/2011

Silver Demand "Simply Outrageous"

"Silver can't keep up with international and retail investor demand." - 02/21/2011

Montana Gold-Mining Cyanide Issue Is Back

"A Montana senator aims to allow new mines to process ore within the state." - 02/21/2011

Accumulate Gold, Be Cautious on Silver

"Silver is outperforming gold as a risk asset—not for monetary reasons." - 02/18/2011

Demand for Silver, Platinum ETFs in India

"The launch of ETFs in the white metal is stuck in regulatory frameworks." - 02/17/2011

Nevada Miners Could Lose Power of Eminent Domain

"Nevada miners are expected to face a number of legislative challenges." - 02/15/2011

What If We Had a Bubble and Nobody Came?

"Hold your gold and silver. This train hasn't even left the station." - 02/15/2011

Despite Mexico's Silver Output Growth, Peru Still #1 in Silver

"Nation's silver production increased to 9,745,435 ounces in 2010." - 02/10/2011

Gold, Silver Prices Take a Break

"Technical trading drove the metals through key resistance areas." - 02/09/2011

Solar Power Could Become Major Source of Silver Demand

"Solar industry could support silver as investors take a backseat." - 02/09/2011

Africa Warned of Unrest if Resource Wealth Not Spread

"With Africa facing 17 elections this year, voters may use the ballot box to demand a decent share of the pie." - 02/09/2011

Gold and Silver Prices Struggle Higher

"Physical buying supported prices, technical selling prevented rallies." - 02/07/2011

Silver Bullion Coin Sales Shatter U.S. Mint Records

"American Eagle coins 50% higher than any prior month in the Mint's 26 years of published sales." - 02/03/2011

Industrial demand for Gold, Silver Soars

"With gold and silver, it's unlikely that manufacturers will find substitute metals." - 02/03/2011

Russian Corruption Holds Back Metals, Commodities

"Corruption keeps assets depressed, metals investors nervous." - 02/03/2011

Deposit Formation Model May Help in Nevada Exploration

"Models for deposit formation shape how companies explore, mitigating risk." - 02/03/2011

Silver Rebounding

"The most pressing issue that looms over the silver market is the perceived lack of liquidity." - 02/01/2011

Silver Futures COT 2

"Zero sum game be damned!" - 01/31/2011

Silver Market Update

"Further significant declines in the silver price are highly unlikely." - 01/31/2011

Volatile Silver Shakes Out the Weak Hands

"The next upleg could be astonishing." - 01/28/2011

Gold and Silver Eagles Sleeping

"Another week of mostly slowing sales for U.S. Mint. . ." - 01/27/2011

Silver Coin Sales Point to Dollar Worries

"Silver coins have become the proxy for people’s confidence and worry about the U.S. dollar." - 01/26/2011

Silver Eagles Hit New Monthly Record

"This is a busy month for the U.S. Mint." - 01/20/2011

Gold, Silver and Unhedged Producers

"There is no doubt, gold producers are in for a good time." - 01/20/2011

Will Silver Bar Shortages Lead to a Tipping Point?

"Reports of silver bullion shortages continue to grow." - 01/18/2011

Silver ETF Impact 2

"The biggest drawback for SLV is it doesn't leverage silver." - 01/17/2011

New Research Indicates Near-Term Gold, Silver Shortages

"Study sheds new light on the state of the gold and silver markets." - 01/17/2011

Gold Mining in the Silver State

"Despite major setbacks, Nevada remains an excellent place to mine." - 01/14/2011

Precious Metals' and the USD's Next Big Move

"If we get a higher dollar, look for gold to have a stair-step pattern lower." - 01/13/2011

Real Silver Highs 3

"Many on Wall Street suspect silver is stretching to bull-ending extremes." - 01/10/2011

Japan to Subsidize Robotic Deep-Sea Mining Research

"World's richest seabed gold, silver and REE deposits may be worth $241B." - 01/10/2011

Gold/Silver Correction to Set Up Next Major Move in 2011

"The short-term trend is exhausted; could see shakeout in gold and mining stocks" - 01/06/2011

When Will Gold and Silver Go Down?

"I'm increasingly convinced $30,000–$50,000/oz. gold will be seen in this lifetime." - 01/06/2011

HSBC Ups 2011–'12 Au, Pd and Ag Forecasts

"HSBC has upped its gold forecast for 2011 by $25 to $1,450/oz." - 01/05/2011

New Annual Record for Silver Eagles

"Silver Eagles hit a new all-time record high of 34,662,500 sold." - 01/04/2011

The Best of Times

"Capital is still plentiful for juniors. . ." - 01/03/2011

2011: Year of the Precious Metal Junior Miners

"The best place to make money in 2011: The TSX and TSX Venture." - 01/03/2011

No End in Sight for PMs Rally

"The global commodity market has seen the sharpest recovery ever." - 01/03/2011

Silver Stocks 4

"Silver is roaring through its bull highs to a level not seen in 30 years." - 01/03/2011

Silver Revisited

"Always respect the strength of a trend. . ." - 01/03/2011

Weak USD Gives Physical Gold, Silver ETFs a Kick

"Gold surged past $1,400/oz. thanks to a downtrending dollar." - 12/29/2010

Silver, Gold Top Picks in 2011 Commodity Survey

"Silver will be the top-performing commodity in 2011." - 12/28/2010

Junior Miners Becoming Attractive Takeover Targets

There have been some exciting mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within the junior mining sector over the past few months. As gold and silver settle from the previous move, many projects will be rerated and acquired by majors that are struggling with decreasing resources. I believe the industry is undergoing consolidation and we are seeing the beginning of a major international race to control future gold and silver ounces in the ground. The bull market in gold and silver is intact and, though we may see some short-term pullbacks in bullion prices, the junior mining sector will continue to outperform. - 11/03/2010