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Investors rely on Streetwise Reports to share promising investment ideas in a changing world. Our authoritative articles from leading industry experts and analysts provide a clear picture of the causes of macro-economic shifts and the strategies that will help you capitalize on these developing trends. This valuable insight is integrated with in-depth company information, summaries from the latest research and news that will help you make smart investment decisions.

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The Streetwise Reports Team combines experience, creativity and dedication to finding and presenting the best investment ideas in as actionable a way possible to our busy, sophisticated audience.

Gordon Holmes

Gordon Holmes

Founder of Streetwise Reports and Buyside magazine, Gordon also owns Lookout Ridge winery. He is the founder of Wine for Wheelchairs, a nonprofit that donates wheelchairs to needy individuals all over the world. Gordon bought his first resource stock when he was 13 years old. Within a year, the stock tripled and he was hooked. He graduated in three years from UCLA. At 21, he helped develop the marketing and business plan for Investors’ Business Daily before starting his own publications.

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