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Critical Metals, including rare earth elements (REE) and strategic metals, are driving some of the biggest advancements in technology and energy efficiency in the world today. As demand for these materials explodes and geopolitical pressure increases, each week we interview the leading experts, analysts and newsletter writers in this space for updates on how to invest in the companies that will supply the world's demand.

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Metalla Royalty & Streaming: The Way to Play Gold and Silver? - Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports (11/6/17) More >

VSA Capital's Paul Renken: Gold and Lithium Companies that Are Sizzling Hot - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (3/7/16) More >

Joe Reagor's Equity Picks for Patient Pickers - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (2/8/16) More >

Rick Mills: How to Profit from the Demands of a Growing World Population - JT Long of The Gold Report (1/21/16) More >

Why Is Charles Gibson Nervous About the Fed's Actions? - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (1/7/16) More >

2015: A Year of Investing Perspective - The Gold Report Staff (12/28/15) More >

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PearTree Securities' Eric Lemieux Enumerates Québec Companies with Cash and Catalysts - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (11/9/15) More >

Four Reasons Investment Strategist Joe McAlinden Likes Hard Assets, Especially Gold - Special to The Gold Report (11/2/15) More >

Flinders CEO Blair Way: What Tesla Needs to Know About the Graphite Sector - Special to The Gold Report (9/8/15) More >

Can a Weak Australian Currency Blow Investment Dollars Toward Mining Companies? Morgans' James Wilson Singles Out Three Gold Companies Making Headway - Special to The Gold Report (9/3/15) More >

Haywood's Mick Carew Explains Why Now Is an 'Opportune Time for Consolidation' in the Mining Space - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (8/24/15) More >

Thinking Outside the Commodity Box: Benchmark's Investment Primer for Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (8/10/15) More >

Luisa Moreno Explains Why Metallurgy Is So Important in Critical Metals Projects - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (7/23/15) More >

Paul Renken's Gold, Graphite and REE Names Poised for Gains - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (6/22/15) More >

Chris and Michael Berry: What the Boomers Got Wrong—and Right—About Natural Resource Investing - JT Long of The Gold Report (6/15/15) More >

Three Australian Miners Richard Karn Believes Are Positioned for Success - Special to The Gold Report (6/1/15) More >

Survival Guide for the Mother of All Bear Markets from Veteran Bottomfisher John Kaiser - JT Long of The Mining Report (5/5/15) More >

Why Everyone Is Talking About Scandium: Ryan Castilloux - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (5/4/15) More >

Duncan Hughes: The Weak Aussie Dollar Means Strong Aussie Miners - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (4/29/15) More >

Ryan Castilloux's State of the REE Market Address - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (4/28/15) More >

How to Make Money in Renewable Energy: NBF's Rupert Merer - Peter Byrne of The Mining Report (4/21/15) More >

Disruptive Stock Watcher Chris Berry Cautions Investors About the Real Potential of Deflation - JT Long of The Mining Report (4/7/15) More >

Where Will the Graphite, Lithium and Cobalt for the Battery Revolution Come From?: Simon Moores - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (3/24/15) More >

Why Goldman Sachs Is Wrong About Commodity Prices: Philip Richards - JT Long of The Mining Report (3/17/15) More >

Why Hallgarten's Chris Ecclestone Is Staying Long in the Mining Sector - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (3/16/15) More >

Gareth Hatch: New REE Export Rules Inside China Level the International Playing Field - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (3/3/15) More >

Jeb Handwerger: A Surge in M&As Proves that Gold Is Back - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (2/17/15) More >

Global Insecurity Is Good for Gold, Says Mike Niehuser - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (2/16/15) More >

Hedge Against Short-Term Cycles with Lithium: Daniela Desormeaux - Tom Armistead of The Mining Report (2/10/15) More >

Stefan Ioannou: Bottom-Fishing Opportunities in Base Metals, Especially Zinc - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (2/3/15) More >

Are You Ready for the January Effect? - JT Long of The Mining Report (1/6/15) More >

Chris Berry Identifies Commodity Companies with the Disruptive Advantage - JT Long of The Mining Report (12/30/14) More >

Robert Baylis: A Taste for Tungsten—Finding the Sweet Spot for Investors - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (12/8/14) More >

Smart Oil is Cheap Oil: Rudolf Hokanson - Peter Byrne of The Energy Report (11/25/14) More >

So Bad It's Good: Surviving 2014 - JT Long of Streetwise Reports (11/25/14) More >

Credit Suisse Analyst Michael Slifirski: New Non-Chinese Graphite and Vanadium Supply Could Create New Demand - JT Long of The Mining Report (11/18/14) More >

Rocks to Riches with Thomas Schuster - Peter Byrne of The Gold Report (11/12/14) More >

Jack Lifton Says Innovation Is the Key to REE Independence - JT Long of The Mining Report (11/11/14) More >

Frank Holmes Talks No-Drama Investment Strategy - JT Long of The Gold Report (11/10/14) More >

Paul Adams: Macro Trumps Micro in Resource Sector - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (11/3/14) More >

Stefan Ioannou: Copper, Nickel and Zinc Won't Be Cheap for Long - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (10/21/14) More >

John Kaiser's Tips for Escaping the Resource Sector Swamp Alive - JT Long of The Mining Report (10/14/14) More >

Catalyst Check: Natural Resources Watchlist at Three Months - JT Long of The Gold Report (10/6/14) More >

Kal Kotecha: Going Against the Grain in Five Names - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (9/30/14) More >

Richard Karn's Advice for Avoiding the Walking Dead - Special to The Gold Report (9/24/14) More >

Sprott Fund Manager Jason Mayer's Guide to Resource Stock Profits - JT Long of The Mining Report (9/23/14) More >

Where to Look for Yield During a Time of Low Gas Prices: Elliott Gue - Peter Byrne of The Energy Report (9/11/14) More >

Filipe Martins: African Miners that Can Generate Cash Flow and Dividends - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (9/9/14) More >

Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie Companies with Cash Flows, Low Costs and MOUs - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (8/26/14) More >



1A Rons Test Company (RWT;AAPL) Rons Test Co is an 'American multinational' technology company headquartered in Novato, "California". It is considered one of the Big Tech technology companies, alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft, an ...

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Alkane Resources Ltd. (ALK:ASX; ANLKY:OTCQX) Alkane Resources Ltd. is a multicommodity mining and exploration company with a focus on gold, copper, zirconium, niobium and rare earths. Its projects and operations are located in the central west o ...

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (AMVMF:OTC) ...

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Arianne Phosphate Inc. (DAN:TSX.V; DRRSF:OTCQB; JE9N:FSE) Arianne Phosphate is a Canadian mineral exploration company now focused on developing its Lac à Paul greenfield project, one of the most important in the world. ...

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Carbine Tungsten Ltd. (CNQ:ASX) Carbine Tungsten Ltd. has become a tungsten concentrate producer from its flagship project, the Mt. Carbine tungsten mine, in Far North Queensland. Historically, Mt. Carbine produced 40% of Australia' ...

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CleanTeq Holdings Ltd. (CLQ:ASX) ...

Commerce Resources Corp. (CCE:TSX.V; D7H:FSE; CMRZF:OTCQX) Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on developing its Blue River tantalum and niobium deposit (British Columbia) and its Ashram rare earth elemen ... () ... () ...

CopperBank Resources Corp. (CBK:CSE) CopperBank Resources Corp. is a public company that has been created to consolidate prospective copper assets in low-risk jurisdictions. The company holds both the Contact project in Nevada and the P ...

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Energizer Resources Inc. () Energizer Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration and mine development company based in Toronto, Canada, that is developing its 100%-owned, flagship Molo graphite project in southern Madagascar. Molo ... () ... () ...

Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS:TSX.V; FCSMF:OTCQX; FKC:FSE) Focus Graphite Inc. is a midtier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. The company aims to become one of the lowest-cost producers of technology ... () ... () ...

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Explorer Renews Rare Earths Campaign in BC This company is getting drills turning and renewing its search for rare earth elements in Canada, hoping to reduce the West’s dependence on resources from China. - Streetwise Reports (6/9/22) More >

New Results Highlight Method for Greater REE Extraction Opting to use the acid bake process should improve the design and economics of the REE project for its owner, noted a Noble Capital Markets report. (6/6/22) More >

Mining Co. Reports High-Grade Assay Results at Filo del Sol Filo Mining Corp. shares traded 30% higher today after the Canadian Explorer reported drill results from its Filo del Sol project in South America that extended its high-grade Breccia 41 copper-silver-gold zone by 175m to the North. - Streetwise Reports (5/13/22) More >

Metals Explorer Targets Untapped Deposits in Alaska Blackwolf Copper and Gold Ltd. has increased its resources and holdings in Alaska by staking new claims and continuing with infill and expansion drilling. Couloir Capital Ltd. commented in a research note that it has initiated coverage on Blackwolf Copper and Gold Ltd. with a "Buy" rating and estimates that the company has a "Fair Value" of CA$1.28 per share. (4/21/22) More >

Rare Earths Crucial to Advancement of Green Economy, Defense Systems With geopolitical tensions rising, the US recently banned defense contractors from purchasing REE metals from China and will consequently attempt to revive its domestic rare earths industry. However, the US has just one rare earth mine and no processing technology, which highlights the need for a new wave of investment, writes McAlinden Research Partners. - McAlinden Research (4/12/22) More >

'Great Entry Point' Into Rare Earths In this update, Clive Maund explains why he thinks this stock is attractive with its world-class Wicheeda deposit. - Clive Maund (4/2/22) More >

Gold Co. Becomes Sole Operator of Colombian Gold Mine Shares of Aris Gold Corp. traded 30% higher after the company reported it entered into an agreement to become operator of the Soto Norte Gold Project in Colombia and has taken a 20% ownership interest in the operation with an option to increase its investment to 50%. - Streetwise Reports (3/21/22) More >

Co. Has What it Takes to Ease Global Demand for REEs This Canadian mining firm is advancing its rare earths project, which has an existing, expandable resource and significant production potential, noted a Noble Capital Markets report. (3/16/22) More >

Junior Is One of the Better Risk/Reward Plays, Analyst Says As the dust settles after an intense proxy battle, the Critical Investor looks into this junior explorer's new direction and a rare opportunity. - The Critical Investor (3/15/22) More >

Drill Results Could Loosen China's Grip on High Demand Rare Earth Elements Rare earth elements are in high demand, and newly released drilling results in Canada could point to a way to help loosen China's stranglehold on the sector. - Streetwise Reports (3/8/22) More >

This 'New Oil' Will Lead the Green Revolution Streetwise recently sat down with a veteran miner to learn more about his quest for the red metal that is being used for everything from electric vehicles to wireless communication and energy storage systems. - Streetwise Reports (2/28/22) More >

Changing the Fate of REEs in the West Currently China has a virtual stranglehold on rare earth elements, but this Canadian company is getting ready to capitalize on the downstream value of processing the REEs it’s mining. - Streetwise Reports (2/23/22) More >

This Green Tech Co. Is Finding It Easier to Raise Cash It wasn't all that long ago that BacTech Environmental Corp. found it an ordeal to raise money, but Chris Temple of The National Investor says those times have changed. - Chris Temple (2/15/22) More >

Canadian Hedge Fund CIO Talks Top 2022 Prospects AlphaNorth Asset Management was recently recognized with multiple performance awards at the 2021 Alternative IQ Canadian Hedge Fund Awards. The AlphaNorth Partners Fund won first place for its five-year annualized return gaining 40.35% for the period. The fund also placed second for its three-year return and third for its one-year return. Streetwise Reports sat down with CIO Steven Palmer to discuss some of the firm's recent investments and emerging opportunities for 2022. - Streetwise Reports (2/9/22) More >

Get Ballanger's Top Picks for 2022 Sector expert Michael Ballanger finds himself at an investing crossroads. Find out what his top picks are for 2022. - Michael Ballanger (1/12/22) More >

The Critical Investor Shares His Top 7 Picks for 2022 The Critical Investor was asked again by Streetwise Reports to provide his top 7 picks for the new year — at a point where the COVID-19 pandemic is playing out the Omicron variant, inflation is reaching levels not seen in decades, the Fed surprising the markets with a more hawkish stance than anticipated, with metal prices at very high levels although gold and silver seem to be consolidating and setting up for a breakout. - The Critical Investor (1/9/22) More >

Silver, Gold Could Outperform Industrial Metals in 2022 Mining companies finished 2021 strongly with a 7.3% gain in Q4/21, reported Noble Capital Markets in a research note. (1/6/22) More >

Explorer Gaining Momentum in Push for New Discoveries at Ecuador Property Critical and precious metals explorer Aurania Resources Ltd. is methodically moving forward with is exploration program at its Lost Cities-Cutucu Project which has been shown to host significant amounts of zinc, copper, silver and other elements. Noble Capital Markets advised that the firm plans to begin exploration work at its Awacha target site in mid-December and is building momentum as it moves into 2022. - Streetwise Reports (12/14/21) More >

In Defense of Defense Metals’ PEA for Its Wicheeda Rare Earth Elements Project More than 80% of the supply of rare earth elements needed to make phones, laptops, laser-guided drones, and tech-heavy weapons is controlled by China. One North American-based explorer could challenge that dominance, according to a recently published preliminary economic assessment. - Brian Sylvester for Streetwise Reports (12/7/21) More >

Defense Metals Delivers Excellent PEA Bob Moriarty of 321Gold discusses Defense Metals' recent PEA and explains why this company is important for the Western EV market. - Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports (11/28/21) More >

Jr Explorer Usha Resources In Sync With Record-Breaking Battery Metals Supercycle BioResearchAlert looks at Usha Resources as it looks to begin drilling at the Lost Basin Gold-Copper Project. - BioResearchAlert for Streetwise Reports (11/23/21) More >

Step-Out Drilling Results Offer Explorer Strong Basis for Resource Expansion at IBW Property Emerita Resources Corp. recently announced encouraging step-out drilling results from its Iberia Belt West property in Spain. The firm is now activating three new diamond drilling rigs to accelerate exploration work. Clarus Securities Inc. commented in a research note that it is maintaining its "Speculative Buy" rating for the company and due to higher commodity market prices is raising its price target for the firm's shares to CA$5.00. - Streetwise Reports (11/19/21) More >

Iberia Belt Explorer's Prospects for Positive Outcomes in Court Cases Remain Positive Emerita Resources Corp. issued an update regarding the status of two ongoing independent court cases in Spain and its prospects for winning the tender for the Aznalcóllar project. Research Capital Corp. commented in a research note that it believes the company has at least an 80% probability of being successful in the cases and is maintaining a "Speculative Buy" rating for the company. - Streetwise Reports (11/10/21) More >

South Star Battery Metals Offers Twenty-Fold Return Bob Moriarty of 321gold profiles South Star Battery Metals' graphite project and explains why he believes this is the best company he has written about in 20 years. - Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports (11/1/21) More >

Step-Out Drilling Intersects Ultra-High Grades Expanding Resource Potential at La Infanta Emerita Resources Corp. shares traded nearly 15% higher after the company reported step-out drill results from a hole at its La Infanta project in Spain that returned 8.2m of 2.5% Cu, 17.3% Zn, 8.7% Pb, 223.5 g/t Ag, 0.5 g/t Au. Clarus Securities advised in a research note Friday that it is maintaining its "Speculative Buy" rating and CA$4.50/share price target for Emerita's (EMO) shares and stated it sees significant resource expansion potential for the Iberia Belt West property. - Streetwise Reports (10/23/21) More >

Will This Canadian REE Company Decide to Advance Its Athabascan Uranium Projects? Defense Metals intends to determine if restarting exploration work at Geiger North and Klaproth will increase the value it is currently creating for shareholders. - Streetwise Reports (9/30/21) More >

Explorer's Infill Drill Results Show Potential for Increasing Resource by 300% at Iberia Belt Property Clarus Securities Inc. advised in a research report that Emerita Resources Corp.'s recent infill drill results at its La Infanta Project in southern Spain demonstrate significant expansion potential. Clarus stated it is maintaining Emerita's "Speculative Buy" rating and 12-month price target of CA$4.50/share. - Streetwise Reports (9/10/21) More >

Rare Earths Company Signs MOU to Investigate Building On-Site Pilot Plant The contents of this memo between Defense Metals and a Chinese minerals processing expert are described in a Highballer Stocks report, which notes "demand from every corner of the tech arena." - Streetwise Reports (9/7/21) More >

Precious & Critical Metals Explorer Focused on Most Prospective Targets at Ecuador Property Noble Capital Markets commented in a research report that junior mining explorer Aurania Resources Ltd. is presently zeroing in on the most immediate high potential targets at The Lost Cities-Cutucu Project. Noble rates Aurania an "Outperform" as the company's exploration program is delivering an abundance of drilling targets for a variety of metals and offers potential for multiple new discoveries across its large concession package. - Streetwise Reports (8/30/21) More >

Junior Explorer Finalizes Purchase of Papua New Guinea Copper Property Freeport Resources Inc. reported it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Carpo Resources Inc. giving it a controlling interest in the exploration license for the Yandera Copper Project. - Streetwise Reports (8/19/21) More >

Mineral Explorer's Assay Results Confirm a Historic, High-Grade Resource, 'Could Drive a Three- to Six-Fold Increase' Clarus Securities Inc. stated in a research report that Emerita Resources Corp.'s initial drill results from La Infanta confirm historic high grades and represent a resource with significant growth potential. - Streetwise Reports (8/17/21) More >

Lynas Rare Earths Shares Rise as Firm Posts Record Revenue and Receipts in Q4 Shares of Lynas Rare Earths Ltd. traded 10% higher after the company reported record revenue in Q4/21 due to continued strong global demand for NdPr products. - Streetwise Reports (7/26/21) More >

Gold Explorer's IP Survey Data Expands Targets at Fiji Gold Project Kalo Gold Holdings Corp. reported that results it obtained from an Induced Polarization geophysical survey proved to be instrumental in identifying three additional targets at its Vatu Aurum Gold Project. - Streetwise Reports (7/21/21) More >

Company Changes Name to Reflect Expanded Focus on Gold and Copper Exploration First Vanadium Corp. reported it is changing its name to Phenom Resources Corp. as it is now actively engaged in gold and copper exploration in addition to vanadium. - Streetwise Reports (7/1/21) More >

Diversified Mineral Explorer Secures DTC Eligibility for Electronic Trading in the US Group Ten Metals reported that the Depository Trust Company has approved its shares for electronic clearing and settlement in the United States. - Streetwise Reports (7/1/21) More >

Precious Metals Explorer Expands Land Package at Nevada Gold Property Sitka Gold Corp. reported that, based upon the data collected from recent drill work, it has staked out 21 new claims at its Alpha Gold Project located along the Cortez Gold Trend. - Streetwise Reports (5/7/21) More >

Explorer Identifies Two Targets, Including New Silver-Zinc Area, at Ecuador Property Noble Capital Markets commented in a research report that Aurania Resources Ltd.'s Lost Cities project is presenting "an abundance of drilling targets for a variety of metals and the potential to make multiple discoveries in its large concession package." - Streetwise Reports (5/6/21) More >

Arconic Shares Rise Nearly 20% on Q1 Earnings and Improved 2021 Outlook Arconic Corp. shares rolled to a new 52-week high after the company reported Q1/21 financial results that included a 15% increase in sequential quarterly revenue and raised FY/21 revenue guidance. - Streetwise Reports (5/4/21) More >

Idaho Gold Property 'Well Positioned for Resource Growth over the Near-Term' Liberty Gold Corp. released an updated resource report for its gold-copper project in Turkey, increasing the resource three-fold, which according to Haywood Capital Markets may help to strengthen funding sources for development work at its flagship Black Pine Gold Project in Idaho. - Streetwise Reports (4/15/21) More >

Outperform-Rated Explorer Has 'Potential to Make Multiple Discoveries' Noble Capital Markets noted in a research update that "Aurania Resources' exploration program has yielded a plethora of drilling targets for a variety of metals and the potential to make multiple discoveries in its large concession package." - Streetwise Reports (4/15/21) More >

Helium Explorer Posts Encouraging Preliminary Results from Three Wells in Saskatchewan Cormark Securities stated in a research report that it is raised its target price on Royal Helium Ltd. to CA$1.05 per share after drill samples discovered economic concentrations of helium ranging from 0.33% to 0.94% across three wells at its Climax property in Saskatchewan. - Streetwise Reports (4/14/21) More >

Explorer Preparing High-Grade REE Concentrate Samples for Prospective Offtake Partners Defense Metals Corp. reported that two interested third-party rare earth element processors have requested samples of high-grade REE mineral concentrate for evaluation. - Streetwise Reports (3/25/21) More >

Gold Explorer Submits License Applications for Large Land Position in Japan Irving Resources reported it has applied for a total of 99 prospecting licenses covering four distinct areas across a large stretch of land on the main island of Japan. - Streetwise Reports (3/16/21) More >

Testing Shows REEs at Canada Project Amenable to X-ray Transmission Sorting With XRT sorting, Defense Metals could upgrade the mineralization of feed from Wicheeda and "significantly reduce feed volume." - Streetwise Reports (3/11/21) More >

Explorer's Hydrometallurgy Process Achieves High Impurity Removal from Wicheeda REE Flotation Concentrate Defense Metals Corp. reported that its 26-tonne pilot plant has been successful in removing impurities from flotation concentrate with only minimal rare earth element losses at its Wicheeda REE property. - Streetwise Reports (3/2/21) More >

Company Improves REE Extraction Rate on Further Metallurgical Testing Also with this work, Defense Metals fine-tunes process variables, thus refining its metals separation flowsheet. - Streetwise Reports (2/18/21) More >

Explorer Begins Drilling at Copper-Silver Target in Ecuador Aurania Resources reported that it has commenced scout drilling at the Tsenken N1 target at its Lost Cities-Cutucu Project in southeastern Ecuador. - Streetwise Reports (2/16/21) More >

Natural Resources Firm Obtains Mining Department Approval for West Iberian Belt Project Drilling Emerita Resources reported it received approval for Infanta Deposit drilling from the Huelva Mining Department for its West Iberian Belt Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag project in Spain. - Streetwise Reports (2/5/21) More >

REE Explorer Receives LiDaR Survey Data for BC Property Defense Metals reports that the LiDar data "arms us with an enhanced property-wide terrain model." - Streetwise Reports (2/2/21) More >

Junior Mining Sector 'the Best Value in the Space' The StreetSmart Live! Broadcast on Jan. 26, 2021, focused on metals and why now is a good time for investors to be looking at them and the mining space. John Newell, independent analyst and portfolio manager, and John Feneck, mining sector expert and president of Feneck Consulting, addressed the status of the current metals market. CEOs of the three metals-focused companies comprising the Metallic Group of Companies—Group Ten Metals, Metallic Minerals and Granite Creek Copper—discussed their projects. - Streetwise Reports (1/27/21) More >


Expert Quotes

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets -"DEFN commenced diamond drilling at its Wicheeda REE deposit." (6/8/22)

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets -"DEFN expects to commence a 5,300m drill program shortly at Wicheeda." (5/25/22)

Clive Maund, -"DEFN's moving averages are in bullish alignment and volume is light." (5/8/22)

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets -"All 29 holes of DEFN's latest drill program yielded positive results." (4/28/22)

Clive Maund, -"This is considered to be a good time to buy DEFN or add to positions." (4/17/22)

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets -"DEFN raised gross proceeds in the amount of $4.6M." (4/6/22)

Mark Reichman, Noble Capital Markets -"We are initiating coverage on DEFN with an Outperform rating." (3/16/22)

Clive Maund, -"DEFN stock is readying to break into a new bull market." (11/1/21)

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold -"DEFN's $6B rare earths project screams to be put into production." (9/27/21)

Clive Maund, -"DEFN now looks ready to advance anew." (4/22/21)

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman -"DEFN is intriguing given favorable REE demand and the strategic shift." (1/28/21)

Clive Maund, -"DEFN's major uptrend has much further to run." (1/24/21)

Clive Maund, -"DEFN looks ready to break out above a line of resistance of CA$0.205." (9/27/20)

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"Saskatchewan funding an REE plant could be important for DEFN." (9/15/20)

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"DEFN initiated baseline surface water assessment studies at Wicheeda." (7/20/20)

Byron King, Whiskey & Gunpowder -"DEFN's high-grade rare earths deposit is rich in 'magnet' materials." (7/16/20)

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"Buyers can get DEFN at a 15% discount to the current financing." (6/24/20)

Chris Parry, Equity Guru -"A worker bee like DEFN is a good spot to add to your watchlist." (11/20/19)

Peter Epstein, Epstein Research -"DEFN's Wicheeda could be in small-scale commercial production soon." (5/28/19)

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd -"Shareholders of DEFN can expect significant news flow starting soon." (5/24/19)

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd -"The finding of praseodymium in DEFN's bulk sample is significant." (3/14/19)

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd -"DEFN has come up with a very manageable plan to cost effectively put an extremely prospective rare earths deposit into production." (3/2/19)

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold -"DEFN offers investors an interesting option in light REEs and uranium." (2/4/19)

Rick Mills, Ahead of the Herd -"In the new year DEFN began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange." (1/26/19)

MAG: Impressive Juanicipio Resource Update Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets -"We see very few companies with such economically robust assets as MAG's Juanicipio." (5/27/14)

PLG: Cashed Up for More Exploration Tara Hassan, Haywood Securities -"PLG's TV Tower has the potential for significant scale." (1/9/14)

MAG: Another Company-Maker The Gold Report Interview with Mike Kachanovsky -"It looks like MAG has a second major discovery underway." (3/12/12)

WML: High-Powered Project, Management The Critical Metals Report Interview with Rick Mills -"WML's Rodeo de los Molles is high in neodymium and praseodymium." (7/19/11)

WML: A Rare Earth Play The Gold Report Interview with Luke Burgess -"I really like WML's story; it has the largest REE project in South America." (6/13/11)

WML: REE Wonder Stock Luke Burgess, Hard Money Millionaire -"the stock to own right now as these wonder metals soar" (4/26/11)