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Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on developing its Blue River tantalum and niobium deposit (British Columbia) and its Ashram rare earth element project (Quebec). Both projects have significant resources and robust economics released in respective PEAs. The company is working towards the completion of prefeasibility studies for both assets.

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"When you talk about Commerce Resources Corp., you need to think about the optionality inherent in its business model. Commerce really is both a rare earth elements (REE) play and a tantalum/niobium play. Based on initial economics, individually, both are valuable and highly strategic assets.

We also know a lot about the mineralogy, with a majority of the Ashram REE deposit hosted in monazite. This is an underappreciated positive as commercial quantities of REEs have been produced from monazite (as well as bastnasite and xenotime) in the past. . ." read more >

Arie Papernick, Secutor Capital Management (12/22/14)
"Commerce Resources Corp. reported positive metallurgical results at Ashram. . .with trial production of mixed rare earth carbonate concentrates and a mixed rate earth chlorides on the near-term horizon, Commerce will be in a position to demonstrate the entire flow sheet for Ashram and to demonstrate the viability of its product to potential customers."

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (10/22/14)
"Commerce Resources Corp.'s Ashram deposit is my top pick in the rare earth element (REE) space. . .the firm's management has shown an unwavering commitment to finding a strategic partner to maximize shareholder value while at the same time is working towards a simple, low-cost, and practical path to production. . .Ashram is a great project in the hands of great management and this is a combination which typically leads to production. . .Ashram is a game changer in the REE space; it is the clear leader with less than half the volumetric input as its closest peer."

Arie Papernick, Secutor Capital Management (10/17/14)
"Commerce Resources Corp is cashed up and ready to advance Ashram; on October 6, the company closed a private placement for gross proceeds of $5M. . .the Ashram project has the potential to be one of the world's largest REE-producing mines. . .Commerce will be able to produce a 43.6% total rare earth oxide mineral concentrate, allowing the company to achieve much lower processing costs than many other projects."

Derek Hamill, Zimtu Capital Corp. (10/9/14)
"At bench scale, mineralized material from Commerce Resources Corp.'s Ashram was able to achieve above 40% total rare earth oxides with a 97% mass reduction while retaining a 70% cumulative recovery of rare earth elements. . .this is an important achievement for the company as it suggests strong potential for Ashram to produce a high-purity rare earth carbonate ideal for hydrometallurgical processors at competitive operating costs."

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (8/27/14)
"The latest news from Commerce Resources Corp. continues to prove that the Ashram deposit is leading the pack and that all peers in the REE space are lagging behind in terms of proving a metallurgy that works economically and with commercial viability. Ashram is the only REE development project that fulfills the crucial criteria of being able to produce a >30% total rare earth oxide mineral concentrate at an appreciable recovery. . .the company is currently at the crossroads of having the potential to make practically any product that the REE market wants."

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