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Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on developing its Blue River tantalum and niobium deposit (British Columbia) and its Ashram rare earth element project (Quebec). Both projects have significant resources and robust economics released in respective PEAs. The company is working towards the completion of prefeasibility studies for both assets.

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"Commerce Resources Corp. is the owner of the Blue River tantalum-niobium project in British Columbia; this project is noteworthy. . .[Commerce also has the Ashram rare earth elements (REEs) project. Is this a tantalum play now or is this an REE play?] It is probably a strategic metals play. It is advancing on both fronts, I think. Blue River continues to be an important project for it, as well as Ashram, the REE project in northern Québec. The company continues to advance that project, too. . .from my interactions with the team, it is my understanding that the company is focusing most of its resources on developing good processes for the production of the strategic metals in its deposits and in securing partnerships that could help it advance its projects and sell the future products." read more >

"We follow Commerce Resources Corp., which is developing its Ashram REE deposit in far northern Québec. That deposit is quite large, but we need to know how companies are going to overcome the logistics of being a distance from established infrastructure. . .the Québec provincial and federal government's investment in Plan Nord will see a new road built closer to Commerce Resources' Ashram deposit, but the site is even farther north than the road. It will be interesting to see, as Plan Nord proceeds, how it will change the overall flow of materials moving into the northern part of Québec. As that improves, so too will the logistical possibilities for Commerce getting Ashram into production." read more >

"One to watch is Commerce Resources Corp., which is home to niobium and tantalum in the Blue River project in British Columbia and REEs in the Ashram project in Quebec. As the company ramps toward the feasibility stage, it has been focused mainly on optimizing the flow sheet at Ashram and has recently been able to significantly reduce consumption of primary flotation reagents at bench scale. This is important as it will help drive down costs and enhance economics. The tantalum is sort of a secret weapon and dovetails nicely with the theme of optionality. It gets overlooked and isn't really factored into the current valuation of the company, but it could pay off in the long run." read more >

"One company on the Advanced Rare Earth Projects Index is Commerce Resources Corp., which is operating a mini pilot plant to process a bulk sample from the Ashram REE deposit in Quebec. Commerce has basically developed a process to produce concentrate with a relatively high concentration of REEs. Ideally, the company would need to scale up and show that it can do it on at least a semi-continuous basis with a much larger sample, which means being exposed to more variability. The company is trying to confirm that it has a process that works to produce a viable mineral concentrate. It's an important part of any project in order to move it forward." read more >

Maria Kalbarczyk, Secutor Capital Management (2/17/15)
"Commerce Resources Corp.'s Ashram project has the potential to be one of the world's largest REE-producing mines. . .the company should be able to use standard processing techniques for Ashram, with bench scale and pilot scale testing thus far demonstrating that it can be done. In the baseline flowsheet, Commerce showed that the deposit could produce a high-grade (>40% TREO) mineral concentrate, allowing the company to achieve much lower processing costs than many other projects."

"When you talk about Commerce Resources Corp., you need to think about the optionality inherent in its business model. Commerce really is both a rare earth elements (REE) play and a tantalum/niobium play. Based on initial economics, individually, both are valuable and highly strategic assets.

We also know a lot about the mineralogy, with a majority of the Ashram REE deposit hosted in monazite. This is an underappreciated positive as commercial quantities of REEs have been produced from monazite (as well as bastnasite and xenotime) in the past. . ." read more >

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Gareth Hatch, Founding Principal – Technology Metals Research
Arie Papernick – Secutor Capital Management
Paul Renken, Senior Geologist – VSA Capital

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