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Alkane Resources Ltd. is a multicommodity mining and exploration company with a focus on gold, copper, zirconium, niobium and rare earths. Its projects and operations are located in the central west of New South Wales, in eastern Australia. Alkane commenced gold production in early 2014, after commissioning its Tomingley gold project in February, on time and on budget. The company is also developing the Dubbo zirconia project, with operations scheduled for 2016. This will position Alkane as a strategic and significant world producer of zirconium products and heavy rare earths. Several other copper-gold exploration projects in the region are being evaluated. The company is heavily committed to safe environmental practices and local community wellbeing.

Expert Comments:

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research (5/6/15)
"Alkane Resources Ltd.'s Q3/15 results indicate that the Tomingley Gold Operation remains on track to meet its FY2015 gold production target (65–75 Koz). The Wyoming Three pit is currently advancing through a scheduled lower-grade zone, and pit-to-resource reconciliations remain positive. Developments in the rare earth sector, primarily linked to China's revised REE export policies, have forced the company's flagship project Dubbo Zirconia (DZP) back into the spotlight. Near-term DZP catalysts are linked to final government planning approval (expected in May 2015) and commercialization of its product offtake agreements (expected during H2/15)."

Giles Kerr, Seeking Alpha (4/9/15)
"Alkane Resources Ltd. is a potential elusive tenbagger. Significant interest exists in the Dubbo Zirconia project (DZP) as a strategic long-term supplier of rare earths, zirconium and niobium backed by a 36-year mine life. Increasing rare earth prices, a proven product with offtake partners, and the importance of alternative supply to China suggests the DZP will inevitably be developed and the nascent value will be released to Alkane shareholders."

"Alkane Resources Ltd., which is in the Advanced Rare Earth Projects Index, is funding the Dubbo Zirconia project with nearby gold production. It's a great idea. I had the chance to visit the deposit and demo plant in Australia a few years ago. I've always liked that project from a technical point of view. Alkane has the process locked in and it knows exactly what it needs to do. If you have another project that can generate cash flow that's a great thing, and Alkane's Tomingley gold project has been operating very well, but the Dubbo project still needs more money than what Tomingley alone can generate. Ultimately there are very few junior mining companies in the REE sector that are generating revenues. I think that's a plus. It's ready to go once Alkane has the financing. . .Alkane was recently informed by the local plan assessment commission that the environmental permits have been approved, subject to the usual conditions. I am not aware of any major issues. Dubbo will produce not just rare earths, but zirconium and niobium, so there's a medley of metals. Alkane will not only rely on REEs to generate revenue." read more >

Proactive Investors (2/12/15)
"With the Planning Assessment Commission's positive recommendation, Alkane Resources Ltd. is now on the home track to secure approvals for its Dubbo Zirconia project (DZP). No material concerns have been raised and the company expects consents to be received within its budgeted timeframe. DZP could make the company a significant world producer of zirconium products and heavy rare earths when it commences production."

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research (2/11/15)
"The Planning Assessment Commission has completed its review of Alkane Resources Ltd.'s Dubbo zirconium project and recommended the project be approved subject to certain environmental conditions. . .the company expects to receive full approval in the April-June quarter of FY15."

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research (1/29/15)
"Alkane Resources Ltd.'s Q2/15 quarterly report shows Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO) continuing to produce gold ahead of budget. . .since it started operating, TGO ores have continually provided greater gold grades than originally estimated in the reserve. Total gold ounces (Caloma and Wyoming Three pits) are 30% ahead of the original budget year-to-date."

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Christopher Ecclestone, Equities Strategist (Hallgarten) – Hallgarten & Co., MEDITERRANEAN RESOURCES LTD., Geodex Minerals Ltd.
Gareth Hatch, Founding Principal – Technology Metals Research
Tom Hayes, Analyst – Edison Investment Research
Timothy Hayes – Davenport & Co.
Richard Karn, Founder/Editor – Emerging Trends Report
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Vincent Pisani – Shaw Stockbroking

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