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Focus Graphite Inc.


Focus Graphite Inc. is a midtier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. The company aims to become one of the lowest-cost producers of technology graphite in the world. Focus is the sole owner of the high-grade, high-purity Lac Knife graphite project deposit near Fermont, Quebec. Lac Knife, the company's flagship property, is a crystalline flake graphite resource containing an NI-43-101-compliant resource of 8.1 Mmt in all categories grading at 16% graphite. The property has excellent infrastructure, with access to low-cost electricity, major roads, airports, two railroads and access to deep-water shipping terminals.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Gareth Hatch, Seeking Alpha (3/25/14) "Focus Graphite Inc. announced commencement of a definitive feasibility study for Lac Knife, which is slated for completion by late spring or early summer this year. . .in an industry first, the company announced a significant offtake agreement in December 2013 with a Chinese industrial conglomerate. . .this agreement calls for a minimum purchase of 20 Kt/year by this Chinese group."

The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman (3/4/14) "Focus Graphite Inc.'s Lac Knife project in northern Québec has been in development for some time. I see it having some problems with infrastructure, although the company did produce improved metallurgical results last year. Focus has also announced an offtake with a Chinese company, although the company hasn't provided many details on the pricing or the terms of the agreement." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Stephen Riddle (2/18/14) "I'd like to congratulate the management of Focus for obtaining an offtake agreement. It's the first in the industry to do so." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Simon Moores (1/14/14) "The Focus Graphite Inc. offtake deal with China was a vote of confidence in the exploration sector. It showed the world that the exploration and development sector have some very good projects and can create a product the market wants and needs. The Focus Graphite deal covered nearly 100% of the company's planned production, including fines. Fines are usually a very difficult product to ship because they're always in excess supply and are of lower quality carbon. There's less of a market for fines and it has more product competition. What stood out for me in the Focus Graphite deal is that it came from China. It shows the big buyers in China are looking elsewhere for new supplies. I thought that was the big takeaway, not just for Focus Graphite, but for the whole exploration sector. Focus showed its willingness to work with China as a customer, not necessarily as a competitor. The offtake deal with China gives Focus an advantage now over other players because it was the first to announce and it shows a serious, large-scale partner in China." More >

Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades (12/31/13) "Some of the more advanced junior graphite miners such as Focus Graphite Inc. have been breaking out on major volume this week as predicted; the catalyst may have been the Chinese offtake announced with Focus Graphite on its Quebec Lac Knife deposit. This is the first major offtake agreement in the graphite sector, and it comes from China, the largest exporter of graphite."

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The Metals Report Interview with Byron King (10/8/13) "Focus Graphite Inc. has a very high-grade deposit in Lac Knife, Quebec, on the border with Labrador, near Fermont. This graphite play was discovered several decades ago by miners looking for iron or gold. Focus has done a lot of drilling and defining of the graphite ore body.

Focus is still developing its mine and processing capabilities, but management has built the company into more of a technology play on graphite. The company invested heavily in developing applications for graphite that involve other forms of carbon, such as graphene and nanotubes. Focus wants to create a branded, high-spec, high-tech product it can sell to downstream users looking for the high-end stuff. . .the company is one of the most advanced, most attractive graphite mining plays in terms of ability to deliver product to an end user that can then add more value to it." More >

The Metals Report Interview with Ron Struthers (7/23/13) Focus Graphite Inc. has a project with a PEA. Focus is a little different than most projects. It is the only one directly invested in the graphene market with a private company called Grafoid Inc., which is devoted to developing a standard for economically scalable, affordable graphene. It's unique in that it is both a play on graphite and graphene. Focus is well financed with $17M and over $5M in Grafoid.

The Metals Report: Do you believe that it can commercially produce graphene profitably?

RS: It's been demonstrated on small bench-scale tests that it can be done. The company is getting refining purity levels up to 99.9% using natural graphite, which is the level needed for graphene. Focus is practically there now. However, we need to see this on a commercial scale to know for sure. There's been bench-scale testing from a number of projects and from renowned metallurgy companies. It's something we'll see down the road.

TMR: How is the grade at Focus' Lac Knife graphite project?

RS: That's another advantage that it has. It does have a higher grade than most projects, around 15–17%, which goes quite a way in reducing mining costs. Its graphite occurs in pod-like formations, so there might be a little more overburden in the removal process, but the grade definitely makes up for that and more. Focus has the potential to be the lowest-cost producer based on its recent PEA. More >

The Metals Report Interview with Simon Moores (5/28/13) "A few companies are pioneering the technology to produce graphene from mined graphite. Grafoid Inc. has an R&D agreement with Focus Graphite Inc. to investigate and develop a graphene-based composite for electrochemical energy storage for the automotive and/or portable electronics sectors. It has just launched the world's first trademarked graphene product—MesoGraf. But this material is still in the R&D phase. The value of these companies is their research into the best methods to produce graphene and finding applications for it." More >

The Metals Report Interview with Chris Berry (3/26/13) "Focus Graphite Inc. has attacked the junior graphite market from a different angle than its peers. It's not just focused on developing Lac Knife, its flagship deposit in Quebec, but on integrating high-purity graphite from the mine with graphene development. We know a great deal about Lac Knife at this point and the company will undertake a two-phase drill program this summer to further the understanding and size of the deposit. Lac Knife is one of the highest-grade graphite deposits in the world, so increasing tonnage can enhance project economics. Another catalyst will be any news on offtake or strategic partners this year." More >

Thomas Schuster, Resource Investing News (11/13/12) "Focus Graphite Inc. recently tabled a positive PEA on its wholly owned Lac Knife graphite project in mining-friendly Quebec. . .the report demonstrates that the project has robust economics and that Lac Knife has the potential to become a low-cost producer of high-value graphite products. . .one of the key pieces of data to take from this report is that fact that 46.1% of the Lac Knife deposit is considered large flake. . .flake graphite has the most diverse range of end-uses and therefore commands a premium price."

Edward Otto, Cormark Securities (7/25/12) "We are maintaining our Buy rating on Focus Graphite Inc. . .with lowest quartile cash cost potential and the ability to produce and sell high-purity 'battery grade' graphite, we continue to believe that the company is best positioned to advance to production."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (6/28/12) "In June, Focus Graphite Inc. made a deal with Lara Exploration Ltd. to jointly explore Lara's Canindé graphite project in Brazil's Ceará state. By issuing 500K shares to Lara and spending $2.5M to explore Canindé over the next three years, Focus can earn a 51% interest in the project. It can up its interest to 60% by investing another $4.5M in exploration, inclusive of a threshold amount of drilling."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Byron King (6/12/12) "Focus Graphite Inc. [makes] an exceptional case for the future. . .I've visited Lac Knife, and have samples of its graphite here on my desk. Frankly, the Lac Knife specimens are some of the best graphite I have ever seen. The deposit is in the far north, on the border of Québec and Labrador, right next to a Hydro-Québec power line easement with roads. It is 20 to 30 miles from the ArcelorMittal S.A. iron ore mine at Fermont. You could not ask for better infrastructure, labor and electric power or a more mining-friendly jurisdiction." More >

Greg Klein, Resource Clips (6/11/12) "On June 4, Focus Graphite Inc. and Lara Exploration Ltd. announced a letter of intent in which Focus will acquire up to a 60% interest in the Canindé graphite project in Ceará state, northeast Brazil. Under the agreement's first option, Focus may earn a 51% interest by issuing Lara a total of 500,000 shares and spending $2.5M within three years; exploration must include an electromagnetic survey and 2,000m of drilling." Resource Clips >

Ottawa Business Journal (6/7/12) "Focus Graphite Inc. signed a letter of intent with Lara Exploration Ltd. for Lara's wholly owned Caninde graphite project in northeastern Brazil. The agreement gives Focus Graphite two options to acquire an up-to-60% undivided interest if it agrees to spending in stages in the next five years, issuing 500K common shares to Lara Exploration by the third year and reimbursing Lara Exploration for claims acquisitions cost."

Siddharth Rajeev, Fundamental Research Corp. (6/2/12) "Focus Graphite Inc. is focused on development of the 100%-owned Lac Knife graphite project. . .at 15.76% carbon as graphite, it is the highest known graphite deposit grade in the world. . .an initial PEA is expected in June 2012. . .the company recently signed a license agreement with Hydro-Quebec to develop a graphite purification facility and a graphite anode production facility for lithium-ion batteries. . .we initiate coverage with a Buy rating."

Chris Berry, Morning Notes (5/30/12) "Focus Graphite Inc. has plans to release the results of its PEA on its Lac Knife deposit shortly. . .as this company was among the first to capitalize on the interest in graphite, it is one that is looked at as a proxy in the graphite space when evaluating advanced projects."

Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report (5/7/12) "Focus Metals Inc. is one of the two leaders in the field that everyone is chasing. . .some of these graphite companies have big enough potential deposits that just one of them could fulfill the expected upswing in demand. . .however, those that get their mines running first, what appears to be Northern Graphite Corporation first and then Focus Metals, will reap the rewards of the current high graphite prices that could easily be higher in the near term."

Simon Moores, Industrial Minerals (5/4/12) "There's a handful of companies that you saw today that are quite advanced, probably more advanced than people realize. You look at Focus Metals Inc. . .companies like that are very serious about a single project. Those companies have got a very good chance of succeeding. . .graphite has a very bright future." Resource Clips >

Chris Berry, Morning Notes (4/17/12) "Large flake, high-purity graphite is worth more. If you're junior—whether or not you're focused in Quebec in Canada, or in Australia, or deposits in Africa—in terms of solid economics, you're going to want to focus on these large flake deposits. That's what Focus Metals Inc. in Canada has done. Quebec's Focus Metals is a fitting stock pick. It is a well-known first-mover with the grades, project development, supporting infrastructure and financial backbone to attract fair investor attention."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Simon Moores (4/17/12) "Focus Metals' primary graphite operation is the Lac Knife deposit in Quebec. The deposit is famous and has been on our radar for more than 20 years. It's a large, high-quality graphite deposit with about 8.1 Mt flake at 16% average carbon content, which is strong. And the company is investing in technology to make graphene, which sets it apart." More >

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