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Focus Graphite Inc.


Focus Graphite Inc. is a midtier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. The company aims to become one of the lowest-cost producers of technology graphite in the world. Focus is the sole owner of the high-grade, high-purity Lac Knife graphite project deposit near Fermont, Quebec. Lac Knife, the company's flagship property, is a crystalline flake graphite resource containing an NI-43-101-compliant resource of 8.1 Mmt in all categories grading at 16% graphite. The property has excellent infrastructure, with access to low-cost electricity, major roads, airports, two railroads and access to deep-water shipping terminals.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha (12/4/14) "Focus Graphite Inc. just announced that it has filed its environmental and social impact assessments with the Quebec government for its Lac Knife project. . .with this development and the recent feasibility study, the Lac Knife project is the most advanced of the major flake-graphite projects, and for this reason I think it has a distinct advantage going forward. The project will be highly economical even if the graphite price falls, and it offers significant leverage should it rise."

Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha (10/29/14) "Focus Graphite Inc. just announced that it has entered into a predevelopment agreement with the Uashat Mak Mani Utenam Innu First Nation. This agreement ensures that the company will take the tribe's needs into consideration when developing its final plans for building its Lac Knife project. . .this is a crucial development insofar as we have seen a lot of local opposition to mining projects."

The Gold Report Interview with Ron Struthers (10/22/14) "The only company with an offtake agreement for graphite thus far is Focus Graphite Inc. and that's with a Chinese company. Like most commodities, China continues to accumulate supply. . . Focus Graphite recently announced the results of its feasibility study on the Lac Knife project, and it is really part of a technology conglomerate. Focus is the only North American graphite company with an offtake agreement and it successfully tested upgrading the Lac Knife graphite to battery grade. Its sister company, Stria Lithium Inc., is working on a proprietary process to produce pure lithium at reduced cost. . . Focus also owns a stake in Grafoid, a graphene development company that recently acquired 75% of Braille Battery Inc., a leader in the development and sales of high-performance, ultralight lithium-ion batteries used in IndyCar, NASCAR, and Formula 1. . .Focus has to get mine financing. Its offtake agreement is basically for half its planned production, which certainly gives it the option to strike a second offtake agreement. That would be the next step, either the second offtake agreement or some other type of mine financing." More >

Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha (10/10/14) "Grafoid Inc., of which Focus Graphite Inc. owns just under 20%, just finalized its CA$1.2 million acquisition of ALCERECO in an all-stock deal. . .of the late-stage Canadian graphite companies, I continue to believe Focus is the best positioned, and its potential liquidity related to its Grafoid holdings reinforces this conviction."

Jon Hykawy, Investor Intel (10/9/14) "By any measure, Focus Graphite Inc.'s Lac Knife project is a good one, and it's why our recommendation on the company is positive. . .Focus also has a terrific management team, one with real-world operational experience in graphite."

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John Hykawy, Stormcrow Capital Ltd. (8/5/14) "The 'world class' appellation is overused, but Focus Graphite Inc.'s 100%-owned Lac Knife property, in the Cote Nord region of Quebec, has an average 15.7% graphite concentration coupled to a strong flake size deck, and is truly world class.. .the graphite concentrate produced by Focus is strong. . .we believe the company stands in good stead against competitors. . . we are initiating coverage on the company with a positive recommendation and a target price of CA$1.25."

The Gold Report Interview with Byron King (7/21/14) "Graphite is different [from precious metals mining]. Once you mine it, what you do with the graphite depends on who your user is. The end user has a specific use in mind—battery anodes, fire suppression, heat dissipation, high-strength materials—that requires an entire industrial chain that has to happen between the mouth of the mine and the end user.

I follow Focus Graphite Inc. Focus started as a high-grade, high-quality graphite play with a deposit in Lac Knife, Québec. It still is all that, but management moved along the value chain by developing chemical processes to turn the graphite into a more value-added material, specifically, graphene and nanotubes, through its Grafoid subsidiary. I like what I've seen with Focus. I think management is on track. It's a story that's still in development." More >

Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha (7/10/14) "Graphite demand is rising, and Focus Graphite Inc. is well positioned to profit, given its recent offtake agreement and its promising feasibility study for its Lac Knife project. . .the company should be able to find favorable financing that doesn't heavily dilute shareholders. . .even in a bearish scenario, the company's Lac Knife project is undervalued, and the shares have at least 75% upside, making it a strong buy."

The Mining Report Interview with Luisa Moreno (7/8/14) "Another company that just completed a feasibility study is Focus Graphite Inc. The company's Lac Knife deposit has relatively high grades, and metallurgical tests show that Focus can recover a good percentage of the large flake, which carries a higher price and could potentially be used in lithium-ion batteries. Focus is the only TSX-listed graphite company that has been able to secure an offtake agreement (up to 40 Kt per year) with an end-user. I think that's very positive." More >

Henry Lazenby, Mining Weekly (6/25/14) "Focus Graphite Inc. reported positive results from the feasibility study for its flagship Lac Knife project in Quebec, Canada. . .the study demonstrated that the Lac Knife project was economically viable with a base-case scenario that includes a concentrator production line rate of 44,300 tpa graphite concentrate at an average mill feed rate of 323,670 tpa. . .Lac Knife is unique in that all natural flake graphitic concentrates produced with flake sizes above 200 mesh are more than 98% pure graphitic carbon, which will allow the company to divert finer-sized concentrates (typically difficult to sell owing to flake size) to higher value-added products such as spherical graphite for batteries."

The Gold Report Interview with Simon Moores (6/23/14) "In North America is Focus Graphite Inc., which just revealed research on its spherical coated battery-grade graphite. . .Focus has completed a confirmed 20,000 tpa offtake with China." More >

Gareth Hatch, Seeking Alpha (3/25/14) "Focus Graphite Inc. announced commencement of a definitive feasibility study for Lac Knife, which is slated for completion by late spring or early summer this year. . .in an industry first, the company announced a significant offtake agreement in December 2013 with a Chinese industrial conglomerate. . .this agreement calls for a minimum purchase of 20 Kt/year by this Chinese group."

The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman (3/4/14) "Focus Graphite Inc.'s Lac Knife project in northern Québec has been in development for some time. I see it having some problems with infrastructure, although the company did produce improved metallurgical results last year. Focus has also announced an offtake with a Chinese company, although the company hasn't provided many details on the pricing or the terms of the agreement." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Stephen Riddle (2/18/14) "I'd like to congratulate the management of Focus for obtaining an offtake agreement. It's the first in the industry to do so." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Simon Moores (1/14/14) "The Focus Graphite Inc. offtake deal with China was a vote of confidence in the exploration sector. It showed the world that the exploration and development sector have some very good projects and can create a product the market wants and needs. The Focus Graphite deal covered nearly 100% of the company's planned production, including fines. Fines are usually a very difficult product to ship because they're always in excess supply and are of lower quality carbon. There's less of a market for fines and it has more product competition. What stood out for me in the Focus Graphite deal is that it came from China. It shows the big buyers in China are looking elsewhere for new supplies. I thought that was the big takeaway, not just for Focus Graphite, but for the whole exploration sector. Focus showed its willingness to work with China as a customer, not necessarily as a competitor. The offtake deal with China gives Focus an advantage now over other players because it was the first to announce and it shows a serious, large-scale partner in China." More >

Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades (12/31/13) "Some of the more advanced junior graphite miners such as Focus Graphite Inc. have been breaking out on major volume this week as predicted; the catalyst may have been the Chinese offtake announced with Focus Graphite on its Quebec Lac Knife deposit. This is the first major offtake agreement in the graphite sector, and it comes from China, the largest exporter of graphite."

The Metals Report Interview with Byron King (10/8/13) "Focus Graphite Inc. has a very high-grade deposit in Lac Knife, Quebec, on the border with Labrador, near Fermont. This graphite play was discovered several decades ago by miners looking for iron or gold. Focus has done a lot of drilling and defining of the graphite ore body.

Focus is still developing its mine and processing capabilities, but management has built the company into more of a technology play on graphite. The company invested heavily in developing applications for graphite that involve other forms of carbon, such as graphene and nanotubes. Focus wants to create a branded, high-spec, high-tech product it can sell to downstream users looking for the high-end stuff. . .the company is one of the most advanced, most attractive graphite mining plays in terms of ability to deliver product to an end user that can then add more value to it." More >

The Metals Report Interview with Ron Struthers (7/23/13) Focus Graphite Inc. has a project with a PEA. Focus is a little different than most projects. It is the only one directly invested in the graphene market with a private company called Grafoid Inc., which is devoted to developing a standard for economically scalable, affordable graphene. It's unique in that it is both a play on graphite and graphene. Focus is well financed with $17M and over $5M in Grafoid.

The Metals Report: Do you believe that it can commercially produce graphene profitably?

RS: It's been demonstrated on small bench-scale tests that it can be done. The company is getting refining purity levels up to 99.9% using natural graphite, which is the level needed for graphene. Focus is practically there now. However, we need to see this on a commercial scale to know for sure. There's been bench-scale testing from a number of projects and from renowned metallurgy companies. It's something we'll see down the road.

TMR: How is the grade at Focus' Lac Knife graphite project?

RS: That's another advantage that it has. It does have a higher grade than most projects, around 15–17%, which goes quite a way in reducing mining costs. Its graphite occurs in pod-like formations, so there might be a little more overburden in the removal process, but the grade definitely makes up for that and more. Focus has the potential to be the lowest-cost producer based on its recent PEA. More >

The Metals Report Interview with Simon Moores (5/28/13) "A few companies are pioneering the technology to produce graphene from mined graphite. Grafoid Inc. has an R&D agreement with Focus Graphite Inc. to investigate and develop a graphene-based composite for electrochemical energy storage for the automotive and/or portable electronics sectors. It has just launched the world's first trademarked graphene product—MesoGraf. But this material is still in the R&D phase. The value of these companies is their research into the best methods to produce graphene and finding applications for it." More >

The Metals Report Interview with Chris Berry (3/26/13) "Focus Graphite Inc. has attacked the junior graphite market from a different angle than its peers. It's not just focused on developing Lac Knife, its flagship deposit in Quebec, but on integrating high-purity graphite from the mine with graphene development. We know a great deal about Lac Knife at this point and the company will undertake a two-phase drill program this summer to further the understanding and size of the deposit. Lac Knife is one of the highest-grade graphite deposits in the world, so increasing tonnage can enhance project economics. Another catalyst will be any news on offtake or strategic partners this year." More >

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