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World economies depend on metals—base, strategic, critical, platinum group and otherwise—to operate and grow. Each week we interview the leading experts, analysts and newsletter writers in this space for updates on how to invest in the companies that will supply the world's demand.
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Raymond Goldie

Salman Partners' Raymond Goldie: Copper Is Pathological and Suffers from SAD, but It Has Value
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (4/16/14)
Dr. Copper may be in a supercycle, but there are serious problems. In this interview with The Gold Report, Salman Partners' Vice President of Commodity Economics Raymond Goldie explains why even though the base metal acts pathologically and has a bad case of seasonal affective disorder, these six equities are priced below their intrinsic value. More >

Etienne Moshevich

Three Key Metrics to Identify a Superstar Investment
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (4/15/14)
Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure. In this interview with The Mining Report, Moshevich explains his ground-up approach to evaluating junior resource companies and names the names that are set to rake in the profits. More >

Michael Berry

When the Major Equity Market Bubble Crashes, Michael Berry Will Take Refuge in These Gold Stocks
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (4/14/14)
An overinflated equities market could be good news for metals and mining stocks. In this interview with The Gold Report, Morning Notes Publisher Michael Berry shares two scenarios that could follow an imminent crash and four gold companies that could be perfectly positioned to take advantage of a reset credit market. More >

Zachary  Schumacher

Zachary Schumacher's 'State of the Rare Earths' Address
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (4/8/14)
As China's rare earth production winds down, other sources worldwide could shape up to reward early investors. But there are different ways to play this (slowly) growing market. Zachary Schumacher, international market analyst with Asian Metals, tells The Mining Report how investors can go medium or long on rare earths, and why joint venture and offtake partnerships are the biggest factors in creating value. More >

Stephan Bogner

Stephan Bogner and the Rise of a Euro-Sino-Russian Superpower
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (4/1/14)
Stephan Bogner, mining analyst with Rockstone Research and CEO of Elementum International, views the crisis in Crimea as the beginning of a larger global power shift east of the Atlantic. In this interview with The Mining Report, Bogner details what these shifting power dynamics will mean for the commodities market. And take heed—gold and silver may continue to make gains, but uranium, potash and rare earths are the true wave of the future. More >

Mark Lackey

Mark Lackey: What Happens to a Mine Deferred?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (3/25/14)
The shuttering of huge copper and iron ore projects gives the Street the blues, but the resulting squeeze in supply can lead to explosive price hikes. Meanwhile, Mark Lackey, executive vice president of CHF Investor Relations, is eyeing infrastructure buildouts in China, Korea, Brazil and India that point to a swelling of demand. In this interview with The Mining Report, find out how Australian partnerships, the deepening of the Panama Canal and the South Korean-Canada trade agreement could result in major returns on investment, and why 2014 looks like a bounce-back year for potash. More >

Jeb Handwerger

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, that Is)
Source: Tom Armistead of The Energy Report  (3/18/14)
Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world, says Gold Stock Trades writer Jeb Handwerger. Meanwhile, tensions in Russia highlight the massive country's resource dominance in natural gas, oil, uranium, platinum group metals, rare earths and nickel. Handwerger tells The Mining Report that North America is already acting to develop resources that can meet both domestic and international demand—and this global geopolitical uncertainty is an investment opportunity. More >

Derek Macpherson

Derek Macpherson: Is It a Love Affair or a Tryst?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (3/12/14)
Investors have again begun flirting with the junior mining sector. Will it lead to a love affair or is it just a tryst? Derek Macpherson, a mining analyst with M Partners, believes it is still too early to be taking on high-risk, high-leverage names. In this interview with The Gold Report, he advises investors to carefully choose low-risk companies, even in this early stage of a rising gold price environment, and names a handful that investors could fall in love with.
More >

Paul Adams: Investor-Friendly Australian Projects Around the World
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report  (3/11/14)
Rather than shoot for the stars, Paul Adams of DJ Carmichael argues that junior miners should focus on more modest projects best suited to maximizing shareholder value. This means projects with reasonable capex, good grades and short turnaround times. In this interview with The Mining Report, Adams suggests gold, copper, iron ore and rare earths projects that can weather the complete commodities cycle, as well as a fascinating gold-silver outlier in Peru. More >

Ron Struthers

Ron Struthers: The Juniors Are Forging the Path Forward
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (3/5/14)
Is the bear market in mining equities finally over? It looks that way, says Ron Struthers, publisher and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report. In this interview with The Gold Report, Struthers explains what distinguishes this recovery from past ones: TSX Venture Exchange stocks, not the majors, are leading the way. But which juniors should investors favor? Struthers names several with proven management, ample funding and good share structures. More >

Kiril Mugerman: Graphite Investors Should Look for Large Flakes, Small Resources
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report  (3/4/14)
Companies that boast 80,000 ton-per-year production or high purity levels don't always impress Kiril Mugerman, mining analyst with Industrial Alliance Securities. Why? Because finding buyers for all those tons is a huge challenge, and thrifty end-users like to purify lower-grade graphite in-house. In this interview with The Mining Report, Mugerman explains why he looks for smaller projects that can hit revenue targets, and indicates which of the 176 graphite projects out there are worth your attention. More >

Paul Renken

Paul Renken: For 2014 Gains, Look to Uranium, PGMs and Gems
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (2/25/14)
Paul Renken, senior geologist and analyst with VSA Capital, calls 2014 a soft year for gold and silver prices, but foresees stronger prices—and demand—for nickel, copper and tech metals as the year progresses. In this Mining Report interview, he lists the three commodities investors should feel good about and digs into the details of the Indonesian ban on exports of raw ore. More >

Adam Low

Supply and Demand Key to Base Metals Success: Adam Low
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (2/19/14)
Adam Low of Raymond James believes that the outlook is excellent for zinc, good for copper and neutral for iron ore. In this interview with The Gold Report, he argues that it comes down to supply and demand. Copper supply may soon lag demand, and zinc demand, which is increasing steadily, will soon face a 10% decline in supply. Low suggests eight miners that should benefit from providing the metals the global economy will need to support future growth. More >

Stephen Riddle

How to Vet Graphite Investments: Stephen Riddle
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (2/18/14)
Stephen Riddle, CEO of Asbury Graphite Mills Inc., has been in the business long enough to have seen companies come and go, sometimes more than once. He brings a realist's perspective to this Mining Report interview, and explains the questions he asks himself, as an investor, at each stage of mine development. He also comments on the supply-and-demand picture, and names the characteristics of his ideal graphite mine. More >

Lawrence Roulston Keith Schaefer Eric Coffin

The Most Important Question Top Stock Pickers Keith Schaefer, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston Ask Company Presidents
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (2/18/14)
Payback time? Fallback plan? Money in the bank? What would you ask the CEO of a company you were considering investing in? In advance of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention in March, newsletter writers Keith Schaefer, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston are bringing 15 energy and mining companies together for a "meet the management" Subscriber Investment Summit in Toronto. In this interview with The Mining Report, the experts share their sometimes surprising responses to the state of the industry. More >

Ryan Castilloux

Ryan Castilloux: Sorting Reality from Hype in the Crowded Rare Earth Industry
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report  (2/11/14)
Evaluating rare earth projects is a tricky business, and the ambiguous reporting methods some companies use don't make it any easier. In this interview with The Mining Report, Ryan Castilloux of Adamas Intelligence examines misleading metrics that hide the devil in the details. He also explains the complex, objective methodology he uses to rank the world's 52 most advanced rare earth projects, and names five development-stage projects and three exploration-stage projects with lucrative upside potential. A must-read for anyone interested in rare earth elements. More >

Joe Mazumdar

Joe Mazumdar: Seven Gold and Uranium Juniors with Near-Term Growth You Can't Ignore
Source: Peter Byrne of The Mining Report   (2/4/14)
Many junior miners have an ace up the sleeve, and that is commodity price leverage. Joe Mazumdar, senior mining analyst with Canaccord Genuity, sat down with us to share what he looks for in junior companies with a lot of commodity price leverage. In this interview with The Mining Report, find out why bigger isn't necessarily better when it comes to gold mining projects, and why the market is favoring uranium explorers over producers—for now. Mazumdar also shares names of gold companies with "bite-sized" capital needs from Burkina Faso to California, as well as the apples of his eye in the Athabasca Basin, where management teams with significant track records are heading up promising exploration programs. More >

Adrian Day

Adrian Day: Ditch the Risk and Embrace the Upside
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (1/31/14)
Adrian Day likes to think long term, and historical trends persuade him that the bull market in gold should continue for years to come. In this interview with The Gold Report, the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management explains why he expects a significant gold price recovery in the near future. In the short term, he counsels investors to choose companies that minimize risk through royalty agreements, joint ventures and robust balance sheets. In other words, companies with the means to seize profit-making opportunities, and Day shares the names of a handful that fit the bill. More >

Lawrence Roulston

Gold Crybabies Are Born to Lose, Says Lawrence Roulston
Source: Peter Byrne of The Gold Report  (1/29/14)
Geologist, engineer, Midas-touch investor and financial newsletter publisher Lawrence Roulston has little patience for investors without the nerves to hold onto a good thing during tough times. Gold has been the main embodiment of value for thousands of years, Roulston points out, so why should tomorrow be different? In this interview with The Gold Report, Roulston has some tips on how to double down on gold investments and wipe away the tears. More >

Luisa  Moreno

The Numbers Don't Lie: Why the Industrial Minerals Sector Is Here to Stay
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (1/28/14)
There are two ways to visualize the critical metals and industrial minerals sector. Some see a hostile climate, where junior mining companies compete for scarce financing dollars. But there's a sunnier side to this story: more than ever, companies, government and academia are forming partnerships to solve a global problem—the ongoing need for scarce critical materials. In this Mining Report interview, Luisa Moreno, industrial minerals analyst with Euro Pacific Capital, discusses the challenges and the prospects for players in a sector she insists is here to stay. More >

Eric Lemieux

Eric Lemieux: What Does 2014 Hold for Metals?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (1/22/14)
Eric Lemieux, a mining analyst with Laurentian Bank Securities in Québec, is a realist, which makes his optimistic outlook for miners in 2014 that much more compelling. Lemieux believes that with the wheat separated from the chaff over the past tumultuous year, the truly strong companies have emerged. But you may be surprised by the jurisdictions he predicts will come to life in 2014. Lemieux makes some startling, but happy forecasts in this interview with The Gold Report. More >

Amanda van Dyke

Amanda Van Dyke: A Dozen Gold, Copper, Phosphate and Uranium Standouts
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report  (1/21/14)
Amanda Van Dyke of Palisade Capital is confident that China's reforms will ensure that the commodity supercycle will continue for some time to come. In this interview with The Mining Report, Van Dyke argues that investors should worry less about the right balance of specific commodities and more about the right mix of early-stage, development-stage and producing companies. She expands on a dozen she believes have the right stuff to succeed. More >

Simon Moores

2014 Graphite Outlook: Price Rebound, Supply Shift and New End Uses
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (1/14/14)
China's recent halting of flake graphite production in Pingdu, Shandong, made headlines, and has many investors wondering how supply may shift. Simon Moores, manager of Industrial Minerals Data, tells The Mining Report that he sees an interesting dynamic unfolding in the graphite space over the next five years. As buyers for steel and battery markets compete for limited graphite supplies, the winners will be companies that can deliver the best, tailor-made products. In the meantime, offtake agreements are signaling a new confidence in the sector. More >

Joseph Gallucci

Zinc or Swim: Do Base Metals Have a Future?
Source: Peter Byrne of The Mining Report  (1/7/14)
Joseph Gallucci of Dundee Capital Markets sees a rosy future for zinc investors. As the large zinc mines shut down, the juniors are stepping forward to meet growing demand for the industrial staple. In this interview with The Mining Report, Gallucci delivers smart tips for base metals investors on where to find opportunity when zinc prices start to climb. More >

New Royalty Scheme a Leveler in the Mexican Silver Space
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report  (12/31/13)
We may be headed into a new year, but Chris Thompson, mining analyst with Raymond James, expects more of the same in the precious metals prices: volatility. In this Mining Report interview, he advises investors to play that volatility. He details why—despite its higher royalty tax—Mexico remains a silver powerhouse, and which companies will feel the royalty pinch most. More >

Stephan Bogner

Miners Should Launch a Gold Cartel or Risk Losing Everything, Advises Stephan Bogner
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (12/28/13)
It's no surprise that Stephan Bogner, analyst with Rockstone Research Ltd. and CEO of Elementum International—a precious metals trading and storage firm—advises investors to hold physical metals outside the banking system, but he also advocates mining companies keeping gold on their balance sheets and forming a cartel. In this interview with The Gold Report, Bogner discusses which exploration and development companies will be ready to produce when metals prices rise and shares his interest in the diamond, potash and uranium space. More >

Shane Nagle

Shane Nagle: Making Your Portfolio Pricing-Pressure Proof
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (12/24/13)
Forget about the gold price. Forget about the copper, zinc and nickel price. Start searching out companies that can weather another few years of recovery, because it's unlikely mining companies will get any price relief soon. Shane Nagle, a metals and mining analyst with National Bank Financial, talks with The Mining Report about some names he's found that have strong balance sheets that can carry them through another few years of pricing pressures to smooth sailing on the other side. More >

Levi Spry

Levi Spry Highlights Quality Australian Projects that Will Find Funding
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (12/23/13)
Quality will win out, says Levi Spry, senior resources analyst at GMP Securities Australia. In this interview with The Gold Report, Spry contends that funding project capital expenditures is a problem only when the underlying economics are marginal. In other words, high grades plus low costs ensure victory, and he suggests a handful of Australian companies, in gold, lithium, copper and nickel, that boast the quality needed to earn high margins. More >

Jeb Handwerger

Jeb Handwerger: Follow the Fundamentals in Mining Markets
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (12/10/13)
It may seem like a confusing time to be a mining investor, but Jeb Handwerger, of Gold Stock Trades, insists it doesn't take a rocket scientist. "Stick to the fundamentals," he says. "The technicals will eventually reflect the fundamentals." In this interview with The Mining Report, Handwerger talks about what companies have the right foundation to shine after the market dusts itself off and starts to climb. More >

Richard Karn

Richard Karn: Three Australian Miners Positioned for Success
Source: Special to The Energy Report  (11/19/13)
Sometimes the worst of times brings out the best in people. Such is the case in Australia's mining sector, according to Richard Karn, managing editor of The Emerging Trends Report. While some companies are floundering or failing altogether, Karn has noticed a few shining exceptions. These are companies with innovative management teams that have approached project funding in this challenging environment as though it were a high-stakes chess game—and their maneuvers are astonishing. In this interview with The Mining Report, Karn takes a look at three mining companies that are defying the odds and may emerge victorious. More >

Eric Muschinski

Eric Muschinski: Investor Psychology Can Trump Market Fundamentals
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (11/13/13)
With gold and silver equities markets as volatile as ever and assets of many miners valued at pennies on the dollar, Eric Muschinski, editor of the Gold Investment Letter, believes it is critical to be on the right side of the emotional curve when investing. He pays as much attention to investor psychology as he does to market fundamentals. In this interview with The Gold Report, Muschinski explains how investors can use knowledge of market cycles to their advantage and profiles undervalued companies flying under the radar. More >

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer: Change Up Your Portfolio's Sector Weightings to Capture Profits
Source: Peter Byrne of The Mining Report  (11/12/13)
Steve Palmer's AlphaNorth Partners Fund didn't make a 130% return by adhering to a strict natural resource weighting. In this interview with The Mining Report, Steve Palmer describes how his fund uses "bottom-up analysis" to find profit opportunities in metals, energy, life sciences and tech stocks. Small-cap equities may not be leading the pack now, but they are still the best-performing asset class in the long term, says Palmer, and he names some companies that are already outperforming. More >

Chris Berry

Play the Market Bottom and Focus on Energy Commodities: Chris Berry
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report  (11/5/13)
Commodities are and always will be a cyclical market, asserts Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners. That's why he's not sweating disappointing stock performance and flat pricing environments. But the self-described long-term bull on energy materials has big plans on how to play growth in the developing world, and he insists that now is the time for investors to position themselves ahead of an upswing. Find out about companies that have the cash, the assets and the strategy to create long-term shareholder value in this interview with The Mining Report. More >

John Kaiser

10 Strategies for Success in a Flat Commodity Price Market: John Kaiser
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (10/22/13)
It could be 2017 before the commodity supercycle is evident again, but stormy weather in the mining space has a silver lining: It is encouraging miners to develop new, innovative approaches to their business. In this interview for the first edition of The Mining Report, John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online outlines 10 strategies that are setting certain companies apart. Discover the companies that are redefining their business, as well as miners with the goods in the ground to continue come rain or shine. More >

Tom Szabo

Maximizing Returns in an Uncertain Mining Market: Tom Szabo
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (10/15/13)
Tom Szabo, an investment strategist and principal of, invests in miners with base metal, specialty metal and rare earth element projects because the market isn't quick to notice them—meaning it's easy to get in early on a great project. His Peerless system helps to identify opportunities based on unique attributes. So, which metals and rare earth companies are set to strike in this volatile market? Szabo doles out tips in this Metals Report interview and explains why he likes companies that have yet to achieve market favor. More >

Louis James Marin Katusa Rick Rule

Busting the Myths That Could Wipe Out Your Investments: Louis James, Marin Katusa and Rick Rule
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (10/11/13)
The Gold Report sat down with three of the mythbusters-in-chief at the recent Casey Research 2013 Summit. Louis James, Marin Katusa and Rick Rule debunk myths that range from quantitative easing to crowdfunding, and touch on an array of resource sectors, including gold, platinum, palladium and oil. Get insights about the work investors need to do to succeed and learn why age matters. More >

Byron King

Wave of the Future Investment from the Ground Up: Byron King
Source: JT Long of The Metals Report  (10/8/13)
An increasingly high-tech world is on the horizon, but technological revolution can't take place without the right materials, especially graphite and platinum group metals. This is where mining, one of the oldest industries in human history, comes in. In this interview with The Metals Report, Byron King, editor of the Energy & Scarcity Investor and Outstanding Investments newsletters, profiles companies poised to deliver graphite and platinum group metals to tech companies working to change the way we communicate, travel and harness energy. More >

Rick Mills

Rick Mills: Greenland Is the Final Frontier for Lower-Cost Mining
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Metals Report  (10/1/13)
Industrial minerals like copper and nickel are essential to global economic expansion. But everywhere you look, grades are getting lower, and costs are getting much, much higher. Is there a way out? Rick Mills says mining companies need to look to Greenland. In this interview with The Metals Report, the owner and host of Ahead of the lauds the world's largest island for its vast resources, its one-stop regulatory system and its year-round access to ocean transportation. More >

An Investing Opportunity of a Lifetime: Lessons from the Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable
Source: Moderated by John Budden of Sprott Resources  (9/25/13)
What happens when you bring together four of the top minds in the precious metals investing space to share insights from the front lines of gold, silver platinum and palladium investing? These excerpts from a Sprott Resources Roundtable featuring Gloom, Boom and Doom Report Publisher Marc Faber, Sprott Asset Management Chief Investment Strategist John Embry, Sprott Global Resource Investments Founder Rick Rule and Sprott Asset Management Founder Eric Sprott prove that great minds think big.
More >

Michael Curran

Look Beyond Gold for Compelling Risk/Reward Ratios: Michael Curran
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Metals Report   (9/24/13)
Diversify, diversify, diversify—that's Michael Curran's advice for metals investors. So if you've been obsessively eyeing gold and silver prices, you might want to focus your attention elsewhere in the mining sector, says the Beacon Securities mining research analyst. Nothing wows the market like discoveries, and exploration success in the copper, zinc and uranium spaces are making some shareholders very happy indeed. In this interview with The Metals Report, Curran shares his top speculative picks for a diversified mining portfolio. More >

Paul Renken

Paul Renken: It's Time for Retail Investors to Capture Metals Upside
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (9/17/13)
When gold and silver took a plunge, institutional investors went bargain shopping right away, says Paul Renken, mining analyst with VSA Capital. Now it's time for retail investors to ride upside momentum in copper, zinc, tungsten and phosphate. In this interview with The Metals Report, Renken shares his outlook for base and minor metals, as well as the companies that could outperform on the back of climbing commodity prices. (Hint: It's not usually the majors.) More >

Ricardo Carrión Alberto Arispe

Is the Peruvian Government Becoming More Mining Friendly?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (9/16/13)
With a credit rating higher than Mexico and Brazil, Peru should be high on the list of mining investors, but confidence has been shaken over the last few years when the government revoked some high-profile mining licenses. According to Lima-based Kallpa Securities Managing Director Ricardo Carrión and President Alberto Arispe, recent government actions might signal a reset, with the government even acting as a mediator between mining companies and the local communities. In this interview with The Gold Report, Carrión and Arispe detail the state of mining exploration in Peru and discuss companies actively exploring, including one that just received its long-awaited environmental approval.
More >

David  Franklin

David Franklin: Is Platinum the New Gold?
Source: Peter Byrne of The Metals Report  (9/10/13)
The Goldrums of June are giving way to a new dawn for platinum group metals, says David Franklin, a market strategist at Sprott Asset Management. While white metal miners face a variety of challenges, there is an increasing demand for platinum and palladium from vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. and China. And supplies of the hard-to-find metal are vanishing day by day. Now is the time to buy into existing stockpiles of the precious metal, Franklin tells The Metals Report. More >

Dave Forest

Dave Forest: How to Play the Looming Platinum Supply Crisis
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Metals Report  (9/3/13)
South Africa, platinum mining giant, is about to fall off the investment map, says Dave Forest of Pierce Points. Until the country sorts out its labor politics, there is a real need to establish alternative sources of platinum group metals, vanadium and manganese. In other words, while it's a bad time to be a miner in South Africa, it's a good time to hold in-ground reserves. In this interview with The Metals Report, Forest names deposits in the Americas and elsewhere in Africa with the potential to meet global platinum needs. But he's choosing carefully, because even in times of scarcity, Forest argues, it just won't do to develop anything other than the best, most economic mining projects. More >

Anthony Mariano Tony Mariano Jr.

Anthony Mariano: Calling Next-Generation REE Investors
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (8/27/13)
If you thought you had rare earth element mining all figured out, think again. Dr. Anthony Mariano and his son, Anthony Jr., work as geological consultants to many rare earth companies, and say even they have more to learn. But if you're looking for a sector that will nurture your inner nerd, rare earth elements may be the play for you. In this interview with The Metals Report, geek out with the Marianos as they talk rare earths and igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. More >

Mark Seddon

Mark Seddon: Why You Should Look Twice at an Ugly Duckling Metal
Source: Alec Gimurtu of The Metals Report  (8/20/13)
Tungsten just doesn't have the sex appeal that made investors fall for the rare earth story. But maybe that's its trump card, considering the boom/bust cycle that swept rare earths didn't touch tungsten's slow, steady price increases. Analyst Mark Seddon of Tungsten Market Research has long been watching the often ignored metal, and asserts that tungsten is a harder sell, but a better buy for investors. In this The Metals Report interview, Seddon outlines tungsten's finer points and suggests miners are poised to reap rewards. More >

Patrick Wong

Electric Transportation Could Jump-Start Rare Earth Markets: Patrick Wong
Source: JT Long of The Metals Report  (8/13/13)
Remember when CD players cost hundreds of dollars? The same volume-based price slide is starting to take place with electric vehicles, according to Patrick Wong, CEO and director of Innovation Metals Corp. Wong believes that hybrid and electrical cars are on the cusp of overtaking standard automobiles as the vehicles of choice. And when they do, the rare earth markets that supply the materials needed in every electric car battery and drive motor will take off. In this interview with The Metals Report, Wong encourages investors to get into the market before they get left behind. More >

Dan Hrushewsky: Low-Cost, High-Margin Mining in West Africa
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (8/7/13)
AfricaThere are two things investors pay too much attention to, according to Jennings Capital Analyst Dan Hrushewsky: metals prices and grade. Why? Extremes of low and high prices never last, and high grades don't always make for economic deposits. In this interview with The Gold Report, Hrushewsky explains the metrics behind his all-in cash cost estimates and profiles West African projects that are connecting the dots. More >

Jocelyn August

Eight Catalysts That Can Move Your Mining Stocks: Jocelyn August
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Metals Report  (8/6/13)
Catalysts can move mining equities substantially up or down, so being aware of upcoming news and events is key to portfolio management. Sagient Research's Jocelyn August advises investors to look for miners with good management teams that are transparent in their announcements and consistently meet their deadlines. In this interview with The Metals Report, August outlines the eight biggest catalysts in the mining space and discusses companies with anticipated near-term catalysts. More >

Chris Berry

Chris Berry: Rare Earth Stocks Show Signs of Life, but Will the Uptrend Stick?
Source: Alec Gimurtu of The Metals Report  (7/30/13)
Prices for rare earths and some rare earth mining stocks are showing positive price action following China's crackdown on illegal mines. But is this the beginning of a sustained recovery, or just a temporary blip on the screen? House Mountain Partners founder Chris Berry explores these questions in this interview with The Metals Report and shares his macroeconomic outlook. As Berry reminds us, V-shaped recoveries are preferred, but rare. That means investors must cultivate patience and courage. More >



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Franco-Nevada Corp. (FNV:TSX; FNV:NYSE) Franco-Nevada Corporation is a resource royalty and investment company owning a diversified portfolio of precious and base metal royalties, oil and natural gas royalties and other interests. The portf ...

Freyja Resources Inc. (FRA:TSX.V) Freyja Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration company that targets the acquisition and generation of mining projects in Northern Mexico that have a potential for profitable base and precious metal op ...

MAG Silver Corp. (MAG:TSX; MVG:NYSE) MAG Silver Corp. is focused on district-scale projects located within the Mexican Silver Belt. Its mission is to become one of the premier companies in the silver mining industry. MAG is conducting on ...

Mamba Minerals Ltd. (MAB:ASX) ...

Mandalay Resources Corp. (MND:TSX) Mandalay Resources Corp. is a Canadian-based natural resource company with producing assets in Australia and producing and exploration projects in Chile. The company is focused on executing a roll-up ...

Mason Graphite Inc. (LLG:TSX.V; MGPHF:OTCQX) Mason Graphite Inc. is a Canadian mining company focused on the exploration and development of its 100%-owned Lac Guéret graphite project, located in northeastern Québec. The graphite grade on this pr ...

Medallion Resources Ltd. (MDL:TSX.V; MLLOF:OTCQX; MRD:FSE) Medallion Resources Ltd. is rethinking rare earths. Headed by Dr. Bill Bird and supported by an experienced technical team, the company is well positioned to identify and exploit the world's most prom ...

Midland Exploration Inc. (MD:TSX.V) Midland Exploration is a dynamic and aggressive mineral exploration company focused on gold, base metals and REE mine discoveries in one of Canada's richest mining provinces, Quebec. The company is le ...

Mkango Resources Ltd. (MKA:TSX.V) Mkango Resources Ltd. is a mineral exploration and development company with a mission to maximize shareholder value while spearheading the development of mining in Malawi and implementing meaningful a ...

Namibia Rare Earths Inc. (NRE:TSX, NMREF:OTCQX) Namibia Rare Earths Inc. is a Canadian public company focused on the accelerated development of its 100%-held Lofdal rare earth project in Namibia. Lofdal is an early-stage, district-scale exploration ...

Northern Graphite Corporation (NGC:TSX.V; NGPHF:OTCQX) Northern Graphite Corp. owns a 100% interest in the Bissett Creek deposit, located in eastern Ontario. It is the only public graphite company with a true large-flake deposit and is the only one with ...

Northern Minerals Ltd. (NTU:ASX) Northern Minerals Ltd. is poised to become the world's next producer of dysprosium at its Browns Range HREE project in northern Australia. Following a milestone year, the company is significantly adva ...

NovX21 Inc. (NOV:TSX.V) NovX21 Inc. operates an industrial prototype plant located near Quebec City for the recovery of platinum group elements (platinum, palladium and rhodium or PGMs). The patented process yields more than ...

Orvana Minerals Corp. (ORV:TSX) Orvana Minerals is a proven gold producer with significant growth opportunities and a strong balance sheet. The company owns and operates the Don Mario Mine in eastern Bolivia and is developing two ot ...

Pasinex Resources Ltd. (PSE:CNX) Pasinex Resources Ltd. is a base and precious metals company with a particular focus on exploration in Turkey. Pasinex has a joint venture with Turkish mining company Akmetal AS to explore for zinc an ...

Prima Fluorspar Corp. (PF:TSX.V) Prima Fluorspar Corp. is exploring and developing a historic fluorspar project in the Liard region of northern British Columbia. The project is located along the Alaska highway and consists of 22,000 ...

Royal Nickel Corp. (RNX:TSX) Royal Nickel Corp. is focused on creating value by advancing development of the Dumont nickel project, one of the world's largest undeveloped nickel sulphide projects. Dumont contains the world's thir ...

Sierra Metals Inc. (SMT:TSX) Sierra Metals Inc. is a Canadian mining company focused on precious and base metals from its Yauricocha mine in Peru, and its Bolivar mine and Cusi mine in Mexico. In addition, Sierra Metals is explor ...

Southern Arc Minerals Inc. (SA:TSX.V; SOACF:OTCQX) Southern Arc Minerals Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on gold and copper-gold exploration. The company is advancing two properties in Indonesia: West Lombok, a resource-stage pr ...

Trevali Mining Corp. (TV:TSX; TREVF:OTCQX; TV:BVL) Trevali Mining Corp. is a zinc-focused base metals development company. In Canada, it owns the Halfmile zinc-lead-silver mine, the Caribou mine and mill, and the Stratmat polymetallic deposit, all loc ...

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU:TSX.V; UURAF:OTCQX) Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is a development-phase mining company focused on establishing rare metal resources with near-term production potential. With multiple projects across North America, Ucore's prim ...

Virginia Mines Inc. (VGQ:TSX) Virginia Mines Inc. is a mining exploration company with a royalty of 2.2% on the world-class Eleonore gold deposit, which is in a new district that is now considered a new mining camp. Virginia works ...



Manganese Miners and Indonesia's Export Ban "Japan has sent a letter to Indonesia's foreign trade minister and will likely complain to the World Trade Organization about the ban and tariff structure, while copper industry heavyweight Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold has already signaled it may fail again to have a smelter ready by the extended deadline." - Teresa Matich, Resource Investing News (4/10/14) More >

What to Buy for Putin's New War: Nickel Could Surge "If Putin were to cut nickel exports to Europe and the U.S., nickel prices would jump. Prices have already gone up from $6.50/lb to $7.40/lb over the last 30 days." - Christian DeHaemer, Energy & Capital (3/20/14) More >

Focus Graphite Inc.: Well Positioned for 'The Next Big Thing' in Graphite Advances in car batteries are making graphite the next big thing for commodity investors. Graphite is the critical material for the new generation of batteries, even more than lithium or rare earths. In this special interview with The Mining Report, Focus Graphite President and Chief Operating Officer Don Baxter explains the eyebrow-raising supply/demand picture of the graphite industry, the attractive financials of the Lac Knife project and the significance of the graphite industry's first offtake agreement, including what it means to investors looking to understand an unfamiliar but well-positioned market. - Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report (3/10/14) More >

Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution Concerns "It seems that fear surrounding the international political landscape is helping to push the precious metals prices higher and higher." - Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors (3/10/14) More >

Size Does Matter in Rare Earth Mining: Christopher Ecclestone "It looks like market watchers have started to get a handle on what makes a good rare earth company." - Vivien Diniz, Resource Investing News (2/24/14) More >

This "Workhorse" Metal Is Ready for a Breakout "Demand's rising. Supply's down. Zinc prices, and profits, are about to take off." - Peter Krauth, Money Morning (2/18/14) More >

Royal Nickel Corp: Indonesian Ore Export Ban Opens Door to the Next Generation of Nickel Mines Nickel prices have been weak, but the recent Indonesian government announcement banning ore shipments outside the country may be the shock that reverses the trend. In this interview with The Mining Report, Mark Selby, Interim CEO of Royal Nickel Corp., walks through his analysis that indicates nickel price increases and inventory reductions are imminent, while demand continues to grow and over a quarter of global mine supply is shut in. He considers nickel in 2014 one of the best commodity trades in a generation. To capitalize on this unique set of circumstances, Royal Nickel's Dumont Nickel Project follows the path of other large-reserve, large-scale mines in the copper and gold sectors that have changed the mining industry and made early investors fortunes. - J. Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report (2/11/14) More >

Glencore Xstrata to Shed Copper Project; Juniors Pick Up Copper Assets "The newly formed Glencore Xstrata is looking to shed its $5.9 billion stake in the Tampakan copper project in the Philippines, proving that the company prefers investing in mines that are in operation or close to production." - Vivien Diniz, Copper Investing News (1/30/14) More >

The Rare Earth Commodities that Just Won't Go Away "The Chinese still hold the trump card when to comes to rare earth production—they still produce over 95% of the world's supply." - Byron King, The Daily Reckoning (1/23/14) More >

Rules of Thumb for Junior Mining Speculators: A Light at the End of the Tunnel "Fundamental trends have been set in motion over the past few years that follow upon the previous decade-long bull market and that point to an improving investment climate for the junior miners." - Brent Cook, Exploration Insights (1/13/14) More >

Bullish or Bearish: Mining Sector Prospects for 2014 "The mining sector is not dead. . .not by a long shot. Sure, many metals are relying on an inflationary rally, which may or may not happen in 2014, but others are simply poised to move higher in value based on a supply crunch that has been building for several years. You can't ignore fundamentals." - PinnacleDigest (1/5/14) More >

The Fight for this Obscure Copper Mine in Peru Is Your First Major Buy Signal "Blackstone's interest in Las Bambas likely means the firm smells an opportunity in both mining and copper, simultaneously." - Peter Krauth, Money Morning (12/24/13) More >

Metals Shortages, Lack of Substitutes May Harm Innovation: Yale Report "Society will need to pay more attention to the acquisition and maintenance of metals than has been the case in the past, a new study by Yale University suggests." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (12/9/13) More >

Platinum and Copper Are the Metals of the Future: Robert Friedland Robert Friedland's presentation at MineAfrica in London avows that the supercycle is not dead, and he sees huge value ahead for his Ivanhoe company's new platinum, copper and zinc projects in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. - Lawrence Williams, Mineweb (12/2/13) More >

Understanding High-Grade Lump Graphite Four graphite ore samples are placed on a conference room table. Straight from the earth, which one can be used to write on a piece of paper? Answer: the lump graphite sample. In this interview with The Gold Report, Paul Ogilvie, CEO of the newly formed Saint Jean Carbon, explains the distinctive advantages of lump graphite from a mining and marketing perspective and describes his plan to create a profitable company from an uncommon form of high-grade graphite deposit. Read how the company is educating investors on this highest-grade form of graphite while restarting world-class mines using modern technology and an experienced business team. - J. Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report (11/18/13) More >

Investing in Platinum: Demand to Hit Record High in 2013 "In its Platinum 2013 Interim Review, Johnson Matthey said the platinum market this year is moving toward a supply and demand deficit of 605,000 ounces—the largest deficit since 1999. That's up from a 340,000-ounce shortfall in 2012." - Tony Daltorio, Money Morning (11/18/13) More >

What Global Copper Reserve Estimates Don't Reveal "World copper reserves are currently placed at around 630 million tons. When considered as just a single consolidated global num¬ber, copper reserves seem large and adequate for several decades of production at 2012 levels. Unfortunately most people do not take into consideration that these reserves are made up of many separate deposits, each of which has to be considered as a standalone and on its own merits." - Richard Mills, Ahead of the Herd (11/11/13) More >

Carbon Is the Problem: Is Graphene the Solution? "The search is on to find a better material than silicon—one that is much more energy-efficient and less likely to produce waste heat." - Christine Hertzog, The Energy Collective (10/31/13) More >

The Other Precious Metal Can Double Your Money Now "Even when the government isn't on the brink of financial suicide, palladium is in heavy—and growing—demand." - Peter Krauth, Money Morning (10/17/13) More >

Diversified Miners Pin Hopes to Iron Ore and China "Record export figures from Western Australia's Port Hedland suggest iron ore miners BHP Billiton, Fortescue Metals and Atlas Iron are set to report strong quarterly earnings in the coming two weeks." - Alex Williams, Mineweb (10/7/13) More >

McKinsey Report: Commodities Supercycle Dead? Hardly. "Over the past 13 years, the average annual volatility of resources prices has been three times what it was in the 1990s, resulting in a new era of resource price supercycles." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (9/30/13) More >

Pro-Or Seizes Market Opportunity with Platinum Recycling Technology The largest end-use application for platinum group metals, automotive catalytic converters, is also North America's largest potential source. Every year, nearly 15 million North American cars expire—and recycling the platinum group metals within them is far cheaper than building a three-mile mine shaft in a faraway country. In this interview with The Metals Report, Sylvain Boulanger, CEO of Pro-Or Inc., describes how his company's technology improves recoveries, simplifies the supply chain and reduces costs. - J. Alec Gimurtu of The Metals Report (9/18/13) More >

The Platinum Series: Part II "The entire world supply of platinum is far less than gold or silver." - Visual Capitalist (9/16/13) More >

Zinc Faces Structural Deficit as Demand Outstrips Supply: Glencore "According to Glencore's presentation, a 5% increase in demand equates to around 600,000 mt of new zinc mine capacity needed every year; by 2016 nearly 2 million mt of new annual production will required." - Andy Blamey, Platts (9/10/13) More >

The Impending Shakeout in the Rare Earth Sector: Who Will Survive? "Though there are exceptions, in general the supply chain doesn't care which REE projects will successfully come to fruition, only that enough come to fruition such that their ability to secure REE metals, oxides and other compounds from sources outside of China, at a reasonable price, is realized." - Gareth Hatch, Technology Metals Research (9/5/13) More >

Peruvian Precious Metals Repeating a Winning Formula The management team that took Prodigy Gold from a $25 million market cap junior to a $340 million buyout in less than three years is back with a new company that it believes is tailor made for applying its formula for success. In this interview with The Gold Report, CEO Brian Maher and VP of Corporate Development Kimberly Ann discuss their latest project, how they are "managing through change" and what differentiates them in an industry of over-promoting and under-delivering juniors. Clear communication is part of the formula, but there is more than talk when it comes to advancing a great project in South America's largest gold producing region. - Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report (9/4/13) More >

Standard Bank: Platinum Unlikely to Sustain Rallies Above $1,500 Despite continued labor tensions within the South African platinum sector, platinum is unlikely to rally significantly above $1,500 per ounce for any sustained length of time, says Standard Bank. - Geoff Candy, Mineweb (8/26/13) More >

Will Copper Prices Drop Further? Just Look at Oil Investments "While the media reports copper's price falls as a loss of faith by investors, the reality is they are being influenced by the same supply and demand judgments used by buyers." - Stuart Burns, Resource Investor (8/15/13) More >

China to Begin Trial Run of Rare Earth Products Exchange "Rare earth trading systems are currently undergoing testing and are expected to become operational in China in October." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (8/12/13) More >

Counterpoint: Supply and Demand in the Rare-Earths Market 2015–2020 "In the rare-earth total supply chain, China is most of the global ball game." - Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research (8/1/13) More >

Now Is the Time to Build New Mines, But It Ain't That Easy "Financial analysis suggest now is the ideal to start work on mega mining projects before price cycles turn up again, but this is easier said than done." - Lawrence Williams, Mineweb (7/29/13) More >

Profit from Palladium's Bullish Trend "I call palladium the Rodney Dangerfield of metals because it 'gets no respect, I tell ya, no respect at all.'" - Sean Brodrick, ETF Daily News (7/29/13) More >

Survey: Companies 'Utterly Unprepared' for SEC Conflict Minerals Compliance "The PwC survey determined that the single biggest challenge for companies is getting accurate information from their suppliers." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (7/15/13) More >

China Releases Second Round of 2013 REE Export Quotas "Last week, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced the second round of allocations of rare-earth export quotas for 2013." - Gareth Hatch, Technology Metals Research (7/8/13) More >

Rare Earth Price Jump: Just the Beginning? "Prices for the 17 elements have jumped 10% over the past two weeks." - Shivom Seth, Mineweb (7/1/13) More >

What China's Crackdown on 'Midnight Mining' Means for REE Projects "The rare earth mining industry will be saddled with permanent increased operation costs." - Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research (6/20/13) More >

China Planning New Rare Earth Crackdowns "China accounted for more than 85% of global rare earth production last year, also accounting for 70% of global consumption." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (6/7/13) More >

The Copper–S&P 500 Disconnect "No longer just a boring industrial metal, copper is a flamboyant asset that has made fortunes for investors and speculators." - Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence (5/31/13) More >

Platinum and Palladium: A Fundamental Shift "While we wait for our gold positions to rebound, an investment in platinum and palladium could be very profitable." - Jeff Clark, Casey Research (5/22/13) More >

Salmon Sperm May Provide Cheap Option for Rare Earths Recovery "Dried salmon milt or sperm is a low-cost and environment-friendly method to extract rare earth metals." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (5/20/13) More >

Best Investments 2013: How the Mining Mess Will Send Platinum Soaring "While platinum's long-term outlook is bright, a short-term price catalyst is about to take place, as early as this week." - Tony Daltorio, Money Morning (5/10/13) More >

Are Palladium Stockpiles Running Out? "The market is absorbing a supply-side shock from two fronts." - Sholom Sanik, Resource Investor (5/6/13) More >

How One Slip Can Create a Copper Supply Emergency "The landslide in Utah is just one example of how quickly and unexpectedly the supply and demand factors facing the red metal can shift." - Frank Holmes, Frank Talk (4/18/13) More >

Resource Sector Paradigm Shift "I still think discoveries are the best path to salvation for individual companies and perhaps the broader sector. Maybe gold gets a big bounce in the next few weeks but with the drubbing everyone has taken I don't see traders heavily on the bid unless higher gold prices are already in the rear view mirror." - Eric Coffin, HRA Journal (4/15/13) More >

How to Double Your Money by Investing in Copper "With copper, peak inventory levels are usually hit before a price rebound¬—sometimes with prices doubling in less than six months." - Money Morning Staff Reports (4/3/13) More >

The Basics of Investing in Junior Mining Companies "A junior gold producer is a publicly traded company that mines gold at an annual rate of up to about 150 Koz." - Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence (4/1/13) More >

The DoD's 'About Face' on REEs "In a 189-page report, the DoD recommends investing $130M to establish near-term strategic stockpiles of seven rare earth elements." - Shane Lasley, Mining News (4/1/13) More >

Postcards from the Rare Earth Front "Scientists in Tokyo last week announced they have identified new deposits of so-called rare-earth metals some six kilometers below the ocean surface. " - Joseph Sternberg, Wall Street Journal (3/27/13) More >

Strategic Mineral Advisory Council Calls for US REE Supply Chain "The Strategic Mineral Advisory Council is encouraging the U.S. Department of Defense to nurture a U.S.-based REE supply chain." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (3/25/13) More >

Mining Bill Brings Iron Ore Back to Wisconsin "Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday he will sign Senate Bill One, which sets the wheels in motion to bring back iron ore mining to the Badger State." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (3/11/13) More >


Expert Quotes

TV: Rated Outperform Adam Low, Raymond James -"TV's Q1/14 production results exceeded our estimates for all metals." (4/14/14)

TV: Buy Rating Maintained Erik Bermel, M Partners -"TV's Q1/14 operating results were well ahead of our estimates." (4/14/14)

TV: On Track to Meet Guidance Stefan Ioannou, Haywood Securities -"Ramp-up continues to progress well at TV's Santander mine." (4/14/14)

MND: Solid Production and Higher Grades to Come Andrew Kaip, BMO Capital Markets -"MND reported Q1/14 antimony production ~13% above our projections." (4/14/14)

TV Announces Q1/14 Beat Derek Macpherson, M Partners -"TV's Santander operating results were well ahead of our estimates." (4/14/14)

TV Zooms Past Expectations Adam Low, Raymond James -"TV announced impressive Q1/14 production results at Santander." (4/14/14)

CFO Releases Prefeasibility Study Killian Charles, Industrial Alliance Securities -"The NPV of CFO's Duparquet project could increase by about $75–100M." (4/11/14)

NRE: Namibia Offers Jurisdictional Advantages The Mining Report Interview with Zachary Schumacher -"NRE has a good project. It's definitely smart for the company to be where it is." (4/8/14)

UCU: Ripe for Partnership The Mining Report Interview with Zachary Schumacher -"UCU has local political and economic support, which can offer real assurance to companies looking to partner." (4/8/14)

TV: Unique Zinc Leverage Joseph Gallucci, Dundee Capital Markets -"TV is our Top Pick in the junior mining space." (4/7/14)

VGQ: Éléonore Royalty the Best Brent Cook, Exploration Insights -"VGQ is quality for sure." (4/6/14)

CCE: Increasing Confidence in the Ashram REE Deposit Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. -"CCE is our top pick in the rare earth space; we are confident that the Ashram deposit will be put into production." (4/3/14)

CCE: Rare Earth Favorite The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner -"CCE is our favorite company in the REE space." (4/1/14)

NOV: PGM Recovery Method Has Impressive Margins The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner -"NOV's PGM recovery technology has a gross margin in excess of 30%." (4/1/14)

ZC: Mining Powerhouse The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner -"Many of ZC's core holdings have more than doubled year-to-date." (4/1/14)

PSE: Turkish Partner and Zinc Holdings Change the Game The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner -"The outlook for PSE turned from bad to fabulous a few weeks ago." (4/1/14)

TV: Buy Rating Maintained Erik Bermel, M Partners -"We expect the PEA on TV's New Brunswick assets in early April." (3/31/14)

FRA: Proven Management Makes for Great Potential The Mining Report Interview with Mark Lackey -"FRA took over an excellent near-term production project in Mexico, a jurisdiction where it has a proven track record." (3/25/14)

FMS: Advancing Lac Knife Gareth Hatch, Seeking Alpha -"FMS' definitive feasibility study is slated for completion in H1/14." (3/25/14)

FRA to Commence Drilling Deborah Bacal, Proactive Investors -"FRA has received a government drilling permit for Las Cristinas." (3/25/14)

NGC Moves Toward Production Gareth Hatch, Seeking Alpha -"NGC completed development and testing of coatings for its graphite." (3/25/14)

FRA: Worth Following Etienne Moshevich, -"FRA could generate substantial profits if it achieves its goals." (3/24/14)

LLG: No Other Graphite Company Presents a Better Investment Option James West, Midas Letter -"LLG is squarely in the lead to be one of Canada's next producing graphite mines." (3/24/14)

ZC: One-Stop Diversified Mining Stock Shopping The Mining Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger -"ZC is one of the forces behind some high-quality, early-stage junior mining companies." (3/18/14)

RNX: Standout Junior Nickel Project The Mining Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger -"RNX's Dumont Nickel project is one of the best advanced nickel projects under the control of a junior." (3/18/14)

RNX: Dumont Nickel Project Is Construction-Ready Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades -"RNX is significantly undervalued and could be a tenbagger." (3/18/14)

TV: Still a Buy Chris Chang, Laurentian Bank Securities -"TV is expected to release its Caribou deposit mine plan very soon." (3/14/14)

TV PEA Next Derisking Step The Gold Report Interview with Derek Macpherson -"TV has material growth on the horizon." (3/12/14)

MD Offers Winning Combination Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"MD is a well-funded junior explorer with a wealth of great projects." (3/12/14)

NTU: Blessed with High-Grade HREE Browns Range Project The Mining Report Interview with Paul Adams -"NTU is blessed with one of the simplest mineral assemblages, dominated by xenotime." (3/11/14)

NOV: Tranformational Technology with Great Potential Imed Zine, Roadmap Capital Inc. -"NOV's patented process yields more than 97% recovery of PGMs." (3/10/14)

FRA Raises About $2M Deborah Bacal, Proactive Investors -"Insiders of FRA now own an approximately 17% total interest in the company." (3/7/14)

LLG: Busy Year Ahead Daniel Greenspan, Macquarie Capital Markets -"If LLG reaches its milestones, it could start construction in 2015." (3/6/14)

MND's Costerfield Boasts Good Grades The Gold Report Interview with Ron Struthers -"MND is very profitable, reporting net income of $29M for 2013." (3/5/14)

NGC: Top of the Junior Graphite Food Chain The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman -"NGC only needs to sell a relatively small amount of graphite to reach its revenue targets." (3/4/14)

LLG: The Full Spectrum of Graphite The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman -"LLG will be able to supply the full spectrum of graphite, from minus-150 mesh to plus-50 mesh." (3/4/14)

FMS: Improved Metallurgy + Offtake Partner The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman -"FMS produced improved metallurgical results last year and has an offtake agreement with a Chinese company." (3/4/14)

EGZ: Narrowing Focus on Graphite The Mining Report Interview with Kiril Mugerman -"EGZ plans to produce over 80K tons of graphite annually." (3/4/14)

DAN: Attractive Long-Term Play Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"DAN's Lac a Paul project has very appealing economics." (3/1/14)

TV Looks at Potential Mill for Halfmile and Stratmat Deposits Barry Allan, Mackie Research Capital -"Results from TV's Stratmat program have been largely positive." (2/27/14)

TV Looks at Potential Mill for Halfmile and Stratmat Deposits Barry Allan, Mackie Research Capital -"Results from TV's Stratmat program have been largely positive." (2/27/14)

MND Keeps Its Shareholders Happy Andrew Kaip, BMO Capital Markets -"MND continues to beat production expectations and bring cash to shareholders despite weak prices." (2/26/14)

TV Releases Drill Results from Stratmat Deposit Derek Macpherson, M Partners -"Stratmat provides TV with long-term growth potential in the Bathurst mining camp." (2/26/14)

TV Releases Enticing Drill Results from Stratmat Adam Low, Raymond James -"The assays for a number of TV's Stratmat drill holes are impressive." (2/26/14)

TV: Impressive Drill Results from Stratmat Adam Low, Raymond James -"The assays for a number of TV's drill holes were impressive; at times, well in excess of the current Inferred resource estimate for Stratmat." (2/26/14)

RNX: Large Deposit in Québec Offers Secure Supply for Decades The Mining Report Interview with Paul Renken -"RNX's deposit is very, very big. It offers a secure supply, not for just a few years but for a few decades." (2/25/14)

MDL: Intact Long-Term Story Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter -"MDL is working hard behind the scenes; some good news is close." (2/23/14)

TV Announces Commercial Production Matthew O'Keefe, Mackie Research Capital -"Performance at TV's Santander has been consistently good." (2/21/14)

TV Remains Buy, Top Pick Joseph Gallucci, Dundee Capital Markets -"TV did well to get Santander to commercial production in six months." (2/20/14)

TV: Outperform Reiterated Adam Low, Raymond James -"TV is transitioning from a mine developer to a metals producer." (2/20/14)