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World economies depend on metals—base, strategic, critical, platinum group and otherwise—to operate and grow. Each week we interview the leading experts, analysts and newsletter writers in this space for updates on how to invest in the companies that will supply the world's demand.
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Frank Holmes

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Gold: A Year of Disruption
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/22/17)
While gold is perceived to have lagged in 2017, the metal is actually up about 10% for the year, notes Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. In this interview with The Gold Report, Holmes discusses bitcoin and blockchain's dramatic rise, the future of precious metals investing, and companies on his short list to watch.
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Ralph Aldis

5 Undervalued Miners for This Tax-Loss Selling Season
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/21/17)
As the year comes to a close, Ralph Aldis, portfolio manager of U.S. Global Investors, reviews some of his precious metals holdings and calls out a handful of companies he believes tax-loss selling has made particularly good values right now.
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Louis James

Why the Commodity Supercycle Is Favoring Investors Right Now
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/21/17)
Precious, base and energy metals are all benefiting from the commodity supercycle, says Louis James, editor of International Speculator, who also discusses his Golden Runway theory of price appreciation and talks about a handful of companies that he believes are on the rise. More >

Metalla Royalty & Streaming: The Way to Play Gold and Silver?
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports  (11/6/17)
Peter Epstein of Epstein Research interviews the newly appointed chairman of Metalla Royalty and Streaming, Lawrence Roulston, for an update on the company.
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Matt Geiger

Don't Waver—Hard Asset Bull Market Still Intact
Source: The Gold Report  (5/18/17)
The severity of the commodities bear market from 2011–2015 makes Matt Geiger, managing partner at MJG Capital, confident that the current hard asset bull market will last into 2019 and quite possibly longer. In this interview with The Gold Report, Geiger discusses commodities he is especially keen on right now and several companies that he expects to perform well. More >

Joseph McAlinden

How to Profit from Trumponomics
Source: The Gold Report  (1/24/17)
While Donald Trump's election has altered a number of aspects of the economy, investors cannot ignore economic trends that were in place before the election, says Joe McAlinden, founder of McAlinden Research Partners and former chief global strategist with Morgan Stanley Investment Management. In this interview with The Gold Report, he discusses those trends and how they may be changed by Trump's election, why he is bullish on gold and which sectors he expects to thrive in the Trump era. More >

Mick Carew

Five Junior Mining Companies Creating Value Through Exploration
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (6/9/16)
The drill bit is essential to junior mining companies. Only through active exploration can investors separate the companies with potential from those without. Mick Carew of Haywood Securities discusses five companies on track to create value through the drill bit. More >

Stefan Ioannou

Looming Zinc Supply Shortage Good News for Producers and Explorers: Stefan Ioannou
Source: Patrice Fusillo of The Gold Report  (4/18/16)
The outlook for zinc appears bullish, says Stefan Ioannou of Haywood Securities, spearheaded by mine closures, dwindling production and the dearth of replacement projects. This looming supply gap could mean increased zinc prices by the end of the year, explains Ioannou in this interview with The Gold Report, a prospect that would bode well for one of the few pure-play zinc producers, as well as for an Australian explorer that may be on the cusp of a world-class discovery. More >

Warren Irwin

Hedge Fund Chief Warren Irwin's Blockbuster Uranium Call and His Best Metal and Oil Plays
Source: Gordon Holmes of The Gold Report  (3/10/16)
The event-driven hedge fund Rosseau LP has beat its benchmark by over 50% since inception in 1998, and its founder and CIO Warren Irwin says it does so by going deep, looking at very specific events or situations that are special within industry sectors. Irwin made his name by shorting Bre-X some 20 years ago and hasn't looked back. In this interview with The Gold Report, Irwin gives us a peek into Rosseau's portfolio, discussing opportunities that he is excited about in metals, uranium and oil. More >

Paul Renken

VSA Capital's Paul Renken: Gold and Lithium Companies that Are Sizzling Hot
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (3/7/16)
There wasn't much sizzle in the gold equities space in recent years, but that has recently changed. Paul Renken, chief geologist and analyst with London-based VSA Capital, says the recent uptick in the gold price—which he says should stay near current levels for a while—will boost the margins of already profitable gold producers. Renken is even more bullish on lithium, while remaining optimistic about uranium. In this interview with The Gold Report, Renken provides the gold, lithium and uranium names with sizzle. More >

Eric Coffin

Eric Coffin Can See the End of the Gold Bear Market and This Is What He Is Doing About It
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (2/23/16)
When the New York markets run out of steam, the gold market gets hot. HRA Editor Eric Coffin has been watching the companies with the best assets, waiting for just this moment. In this interview with The Gold Report, he shares the names of the best in the gold, silver, copper and uranium spaces and tells you where you can go to talk to the CEOs. More >

Joe Reagor

Joe Reagor's Equity Picks for Patient Pickers
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (2/8/16)
Picking gold and silver equities in a stagnant price environment is a stock picker's game that requires a particular thesis—and a fair portion of patience, says Joe Reagor, an analyst with ROTH Capital Partners. In this interview with The Gold Report, Reagor outlines types of companies he prefers and pairs those with names that patient investors could parlay into promising profits. More >

Rick Mills

Rick Mills: How to Profit from the Demands of a Growing World Population
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (1/21/16)
As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers. In this interview with The Gold Report, Mills reveals the six companies he thinks are well positioned in their respective sectors to ride this population wave to profits. More >

Why Is Charles Gibson Nervous About the Fed's Actions?
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (1/7/16)
Charles Gibson, an analyst with London-based Edison Investment Research, is nervous. Gibson says the U.S. Federal Reserve's statement that it would push the benchmark interest rate to 1.375% by the end of 2016 could send the U.S. economy in the wrong direction for the sake of containing mostly nonexistent inflation. He says the economy's capacity to sustain higher interest rates—especially higher real interest rates—is limited and that could ultimately create greater safe-haven investment demand for gold. In light of some choppy economic times ahead, Gibson and his colleague Tom Hayes recommend defensive equity names with little risk in this interview with The Gold Report. More >

David Talbot

Dundee's David Talbot Says Green Energy Trend Is Your Friend
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report  (1/5/16)
David Talbot of Dundee Capital Markets forecasts uranium demand growth of about 6% compounded annually through 2020, which ought to be more than enough to kickstart depressed U3O8 prices. Nuclear energy is part of a growing trend away from fossil fuels toward green energy and things like lithium-ion batteries for cars and energy storage. Talbot explains that lithium demand is expected to grow even faster than uranium demand, and the market is already undergoing a supply deficit. In this interview with The Energy Report, he offers his top picks in the uranium and lithium spaces, as well as a graphite name, all poised to ride the green energy trend higher. More >

2015: A Year of Investing Perspective
Source: The Gold Report Staff  (12/28/15)
As we at The Gold Report interviewed the investing stars in 2015, we saw some patterns develop. Whether it was in the wake of terror attacks, bond defaults, currencies (we are looking at you, Swiss Central Bank and China, decoupling from the euro and dollar respectively), political drama in the U.S., Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany or the long-rumored Federal Reserve interest rate hike, the call seemed to be for patience. Crises come and go, cycles have their way with commodities and then move on only to return again under another headline. Smart investors, according to the experts we interviewed, know that the way to weather these storms is to be diversified. The way to profit from them is to be contrarian. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see what it tells us about the road ahead. More >

Eric Coffin

Eric Coffin Calls Out the Fed's Biggest Mistake and What You Can Do to Protect Your Portfolio
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (12/17/15)
Eric Coffin, editor of HRA Journal, writes one of the must-read newsletters in the junior mining sector. In this interview with The Gold Report, Coffin implores gold equity investors to ask: Is the project financeable in this market? And he discusses some companies he covers in the HRA Journal with the know-how to find funds, as well as a couple of uranium names that would benefit from utilities re-entering the market to find long-term delivery deals. But Coffin gets rolling by questioning U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen's timing, warning investors about the growing divergence between equity and higher yield markets, and shooting down the accepted theory that the U.S. dollar index is heading to 120. More >

Thibaut Lepouttre

Lepouttre Plays Santa Claus, Gives Away Top 5 Junior Mining Picks
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (12/14/15)
Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Caesars Report, knows 'tis the season for generosity, so when we asked him for his top three picks among junior mining equities, he gave us five—four gold plays and a phosphate name. Belgium-based Lepouttre also discusses different "black swan" events and their potential impact on the gold price, as well as some naughty and nice mining jurisdictions. But this is the interview that keeps on giving, so before he left Lepouttre added two micro-cap oil names he believes would make great "stocking stuffers." He may not be Santa Claus but you'll appreciate his magnanimity in this interview with The Gold Report. More >

Philip Richards

RAB's Philip Richards: Why a Gradual Bull Market in Metals Is on Its Way
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (11/23/15)
After five trying years, RAB Capital Founder and President Philip Richards sees the light at the end of the tunnel. In this interview with The Gold Report, he argues that a continued zero-interest-rate policy from the Fed will be good for gold and silver, while continued quantitative easing will be good for base metals. Many fine mining companies now trade at deep discounts relative to their NPVs, and Richards suggests a half-dozen poised to take off once the new bull market finds its legs. More >

Michael Curran

Michael Curran Goes Down-Market Shopping for Winners
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (11/19/15)
Most of the low-cost gold producers are fairly valued, says Michael Curran, managing director and mining analyst with Beacon Securities, so he's heading down-market to the advanced development opportunities and early-stage explorers that he thinks could become low-cost producers. Sure there is risk, as Curran explains in this interview with The Gold Report, but the reward could come via either a takeover bid by an established producer seeking to lower its overall costs or by supporting these companies as they transition into emerging producers. More >

Eric Lemieux

PearTree Securities' Eric Lemieux Enumerates Québec Companies with Cash and Catalysts
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (11/9/15)
Few know and understand Québec-based mining projects like Eric Lemieux, mining analyst with PearTree Securities Inc. He understands that the low commodity price environment is hindering widespread exploration but explains that for companies with cash, exploration dollars go further in tough times. In this interview with The Gold Report, Lemieux provides some perspective on several brownfield exploration projects he recently visited in Québec's Abitibi and Val-d'Or regions, while providing updates on other Québec gold and other mining projects with near-term catalysts. More >

Joseph McAlinden

Four Reasons Investment Strategist Joe McAlinden Likes Hard Assets, Especially Gold
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (11/2/15)
In September, former Morgan Stanley Investment Management Chief Global Strategist Joe McAlinden announced in an interview with The Gold Report that he had reversed his view on commodities. In this interview, he predicts that the gold price could double in the next two year and envisions even more upside for the mining equities. More >

Marin Katusa

Marin Katusa: Follow the Good Guys in Mining
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (10/29/15)
The most valuable resource in a mining company is often the people. Good management can attract the right investors and add value regardless of the market. In this interview with The Gold Report, Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, shares his litmus test for which mining companies are worth his hard-won dollars and which ones he is avoiding for the foreseeable future. More >

Frank Holmes Brian Hicks

U.S. Global's Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks: The One Essential to Transform Your Resources Portfolio? Patience.
Source: JT Long of The Energy Report  (10/27/15)
For investors willing to take a long-term view on their resource portfolios, this could be the best of times, says U.S. Global Investors CEO and Chief Investment Officer Frank Holmes. If you add patience to your portfolio management strategy, holding discounted oil and gas and metals mining stocks is one way to leverage the price equilibrium that will come when China's growth hits the market. In this interview with The Energy Report, Fund Manager Brian Hicks shares the names of the juniors farther up the food chain that he is adding to the fund. More >

The Secrets of Junior Mining Private Equity Risk Managers
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (10/12/15)
Some $2 trillion is being invested worldwide by private equity funds every year with a chunk of that destined for junior mining companies. Demand is as strong as or stronger than ever as investors see a shopping opportunity. Who is deciding where it goes and based on what criteria? At the annual Fall Mining Showcase event in Toronto, Red Cloud Mining Capital enlisted the help of three private equity panelists to answer those burning questions. Cheryl Brandon, a partner at Waterton Global Resource Management; Dan Wilton, a partner at Pacific Road Capital Management; and David Thomas, managing director of Resource Capital Funds, brought their insight. Anthony Vaccaro, publisher of The Northern Miner, moderated the spirited discussion that shed light on how private equity investments in junior mining work, the widely held fear of private equity among CEOs and a surprising level of interest in junior mining equities by private equity fund investors. What follows is an edited version of that panel discussion. More >

Andrew Pullar

Andrew Pullar's Plan: Go Long, Set Goals with World-Class Assets
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (10/5/15)
Andrew Pullar, CEO of The Sentient Group, a private equity fund, says his plan for investment success is all about identifying companies with long-life, low-cost, world-class assets and supporting them through to production. In this interview with The Gold Report, Pullar plots the course for a handful of what he believes are world-class mining assets. More >

Survival Secrets from Colorado Resource Investing Front Lines
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (10/1/15)
Top experts and select companies traveled to Colorado last week for a pair of conferences focused on the survivors in the natural resource mining sector. The Gold Report reached out to some of the discerning voices there and asked whether the barrage of headlines from the Federal Reserve and China impacted the mood, and what companies they would be following up on when they returned to their offices. While the Precious Metals Summit was geared toward development-stage companies and the Denver Gold Forum was mostly populated by large, producing mining companies, everyone seemed fixated on survival. For those of us watching from home, experts we talked to were kind enough to name some of the standout companies they saw in boothland. More >

David Morgan

Silver Investor David Morgan: Conspiracy Facts Show Metal Prices Have to Rise
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (9/21/15)
Even in a frozen metals price market, it only takes one event to shake off the paper manipulation keeping prices below what supply and demand fundamentals of a free market would dictate. And when that correction comes, it could happen quickly. In this interview with The Gold Report, The Morgan Report Publisher David Morgan shares his favorite ways to own leverage to metal prices upside while protecting against junior mining risk. More >

Blair Way

Flinders CEO Blair Way: What Tesla Needs to Know About the Graphite Sector
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (9/8/15)
Tesla's moves toward manufacturing auto and home storage has set off a buzz of misunderstandings and opportunities in the graphite space as some 40 TSX and ASX junior miners position themselves to meet anticipated increased future demand for this critical mineral. In this interview with The Gold Report, Flinders Resources CEO and President Blair Way shares the four factors to consider when analyzing a graphite company. Warning: It is a very different proposition than investing in a gold company. More >

James Wilson

Can a Weak Australian Currency Blow Investment Dollars Toward Mining Companies? Morgans' James Wilson Singles Out Three Gold Companies Making Headway
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (9/3/15)
A weak Australian dollar has pushed up gold prices down under and made gold mining companies with low all-in costs more attractive to investors. In this interview with The Gold Report, Morgans Senior Analyst James Wilson shares the names of ASX-listed gold, iron and graphite companies worth watching. More >

Brien Lundin

Why a Fed Rate Hike Could Be a Blessing for Gold Prices: Brien Lundin
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (8/27/15)
Like a true contrarian, Gold Newsletter publisher Brien Lundin looks beyond the headlines to understand what is really moving precious metals prices. He has concluded that the mainstream media may have it all wrong. Suspected anchors on the gold price, such as an interest rate increase and devaluation of the yuan, could actually be a rallying cry for commodities, he says in this interview with The Gold Report. And, he points to a baker's dozen of companies poised to take off when the arrows turn. More >

Mick Carew

Haywood's Mick Carew Explains Why Now Is an 'Opportune Time for Consolidation' in the Mining Space
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (8/24/15)
Mick Carew, a research analyst with Haywood Securities, hopes we have found the bottom of the commodity cycle but expects M&A activity to continue apace through the rest of this year and into 2016 as low metals prices force the hands of underfunded management teams. Carew says M&A is commonly viewed as a potential indicator of a swing in market sentiment, and in this interview with The Gold Report, he discusses a handful of his favorite names, some of which could become M&A targets. More >

Carsten Ringler

Carsten Ringler Makes the Basket Case for Gold Equities
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (8/20/15)
Carsten Ringler, analyst and founder of Ringler Consulting and Research in Germany, strongly believes that precious metals prices will move sharply higher over the next few years and discusses some ratios that point that way. He suggests dedicating a portion of your investment portfolio to two baskets of precious metals equities: one for producers and another brimming with developers and explorers. In this interview with The Gold Report, Ringler takes the long view when it comes to precious metals equities and provides enough names to get you started. More >

Douglass Loud Jeffrey Mosseri

Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri: Supply and Demand Will Rescue Gold Soon
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (8/13/15)
Money managers Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri of Greystone Asset Management LLC. have some simple advice for gold investors: Relax. Supply and demand will reassert its reign quite soon, and, when that time comes, both gold and gold equities will appreciate quickly and significantly from their current levels. In this interview with The Gold Report, they highlight several producers and explorers with the management, cash and projects needed to spring forward when the market turns. More >

Thinking Outside the Commodity Box: Benchmark's Investment Primer for Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (8/10/15)
It's often difficult to understand the global markets for critical minerals so The Gold Report narrowed it to three—lithium, cobalt and graphite—and brought in Simon Moores, managing director of London-based Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, and the firm's analyst, Andrew Miller, to provide insight into minerals that they say need to shed their labels as traditional commodities and embrace their future as niche, raw-material solutions for a growing list of technology manufacturers. As Benchmark prepares to embark on its World Tour, Moores and Miller discuss supply chain visibility and the impact of disruptive technologies on these markets, as well as companies seeking to leverage lithium, cobalt and graphite into investable business models that will lure investors with a long-term outlook. More >

Andrew Kaip

BMO's Andrew Kaip: The Gold Majors Are Back
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (7/30/15)
Andrew Kaip, managing director of mining equity research at BMO Capital Markets, does not expect near-term higher prices for gold or silver. However, due to continuing cost cutting and other efficiencies, he argues that the senior gold producers can now make profits above $1,100/oz gold. In this interview with The Gold Report, Kaip names two seniors as Sector Outperformers, and touts the virtues of a half-dozen undervalued near-term gold and silver producers. More >

Luisa Moreno

Luisa Moreno Explains Why Metallurgy Is So Important in Critical Metals Projects
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (7/23/15)
Luisa Moreno, managing partner and analyst with Toronto-based Tahuti Global, says there are many things investors must pay attention to when it comes to critical metals projects, but nothing should trump metallurgy. That's because no two deposits are precisely the same, and having a clear understanding of how to economically recover those metals and get them into end-users' hands is usually the difference between higher share prices and failure. In this interview with The Gold Report, Moreno discusses several companies developing critical metals deposits with established metallurgy and other attributes that put them on the path to success. More >

Raymond Goldie

Salman Partners Economist Calls Bottom in Copper
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (7/20/15)
Experienced investors know that commodities and equities move in cycles, and understanding where copper, iron ore, nickel and zinc are in the cycle can result in much smarter decisions than blindly following the pack. In this interview with The Gold Report, Salman Partners Vice President of Commodity Economics Raymond Goldie brings some perspective to the charts and names the junior mining companies that could ride the inevitable waves up. More >

Stefan Ioannou

Stefan Ioannou's Ways to Ride the Next Zinc and Nickel Waves
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (7/16/15)
Base metals prices are feeling the undertow but Stefan Ioannou, mining analyst with Haywood Securities, says that this is temporary—and that investors may not have to wait long for the next wave of higher zinc and nickel prices. Ioannou says zinc prices could even reach "bonanza" prices over the medium term. Nickel prices, meanwhile, could rebound as quickly as late 2015. In this interview with The Gold Report, Ioannou discusses some equities well positioned to ride the base metals waves as they come in cycles. More >

Brent Cook

Nine Companies Brent Cook Expects to See on the Other Side of the Gold Market Wasteland
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (7/13/15)
Markets are cyclical and even though it feels like the end of the world after years of junior resource stock market declines, history indicates that bear markets are actually an opportunity to own tomorrow's superstars for pennies on the dollar. In this interview with The Gold Report, market veteran and Exploration Insights author Brent Cook shares his travel stories and the companies he thinks will shine when the sun returns to commodity prices. More >

Paul Renken

Paul Renken's Gold, Graphite and REE Names Poised for Gains
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (6/22/15)
Paul Renken, mining analyst with London-based VSA Capital, spends much of his time researching small and micro-cap resource equities and the commodities central to their business models so we don't have to. In this interview with The Gold Report, Renken suggests some of his favorite graphite and rare earth names, as well as a handful of gold equity picks. More >

Geordie Mark

Geordie Mark Focuses on Miners Making Money at $1,200/oz Gold
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (6/18/15)
Gold producers certainly needed a break, and now they have two, reports Haywood Securities Mining Analyst Geordie Mark. Much lower energy costs and the strength of the U.S. dollar mean that producers can and do make money at $1,200 per ounce gold. In this interview with The Gold Report, Mark touts the virtues of three multi-mine producers that have exploited their free cash flow to expand their operations and make prudent acquisitions. And he highlights two near-term producers in Africa that should soon produce good margins and reward shareholders. More >

Chris Berry Michael Berry

Chris and Michael Berry: What the Boomers Got Wrong—and Right—About Natural Resource Investing
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report   (6/15/15)
What do Gen Xers not understand about value investing? What can Millennials learn from today's resource investors? In anticipation of Father's Day, The Gold Report, quizzed Chris and Dr. Michael Berry, authors of the Disruptive Discoveries Journal, on how investing has changed over the years in the gold, silver, niche metals and energy space, and what they are investing in today to make sure they survive to see the next cycle. More >

Gwen  Preston

Why Gwen Preston Is Buckling Her Seat Belt for What Could Be an Interesting Summer
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (6/11/15)
The summer months are the time to establish positions in the "best of the best" at valuations the mining sector has not witnessed in 20 years, says Gwen Preston, editor and publisher of Resource Maven, a subscriber-based junior mining newsletter. She doesn't know if the mining stock rally will start this summer but that really doesn't matter—what matters is that we are at the bottom. In this interview with The Gold Report, Preston says if the TSX Venture Exchange starts to see gains over the summer months, buckle your seat belts because that's a sure sign that the long-anticipated stock rally has begun. More >

Hard-Core Investors Found Real Resource Projects in a Vancouver Conference Center
Source: JT Long, The Gold Report  (6/8/15)
When the market bears are growling, contemplating a trip to a showcase of the companies currently in the grip of that punishment can seem daunting, but resource experts say now is exactly the time hard-core investors need to be out talking to management, hearing their stories and figuring out which companies will be on top when the good times come. The Gold Report spoke to some of the experts at the recent Metals Forum and Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment conferences, who shared some of the nuggets they gleaned from the podium and exhibit hall. More >

Richard Karn

Three Australian Miners Richard Karn Believes Are Positioned for Success
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (6/1/15)
Despite the collapse in broad commodity prices, numerous specialty metal prices have held or even gone up in the last few years: companies with the potential to produce these metals couldn't attract capital, and the tightness today is now likely to become shortages tomorrow, says Richard Karn, managing editor of The Emerging Trends Report. When institutional capital eventually comes back to the sector, money will flow first to companies in or nearing production now. In this interview with The Gold Report, Karn highlights three such companies in Australia producing graphite, tungsten, rare earth elements, hafnium and other specialty metals. More >

Thibaut Lepouttre

'Lean and Mean' Is the Secret to Junior Mining Equity Success: Thibaut Lepouttre
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (5/21/15)
Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Belgium-based Caesars Report, says the gold price is range bound and if you want to be in gold equities you have to find "lean and mean" precious metals producers that are generating cash flow or have a clear path to cash flow at $1,200 per ounce gold. Lepouttre tells investors to look for projects with economic studies demonstrating high internal rates of return, as those projects are more likely to attract financing and command a market premium. In this interview with The Gold Report, Lepouttre talks at length about some of his favorites inside and outside the gold space. More >

Ricardo Carrión Alberto Arispe

Why Ricardo Carrión and Alberto Arispe Are Optimistic About Mining in Peru
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (5/18/15)
Despite headlines about deadly protests and the collapse of funding for juniors, Ricardo Carrión and Alberto Arispe of Kallpa Securities in Lima remain steadfastly optimistic about the future of mining in Peru. In this interview with The Gold Report, Arispe and Carrión highlight the mining-friendly government, the new production from many sources and point to several juicy projects that lack only the means to further unlock Peru's mineral riches. More >

John Kaiser

Survival Guide for the Mother of All Bear Markets from Veteran Bottomfisher John Kaiser
Source: JT Long of The Mining Report  (5/5/15)
When North Americans wake up to the dangers of relying on China and Russia for essential metals like zinc, rare earths, antimony, niobium and scandium, the juniors now suffering with anemic stock prices could turn into cash producing machines worth writing home to mom about. In this frank assessment of everything from gold and diamonds to potash and zinc, Kaiser Research Online author John Kaiser names for The Mining Report readers the companies that could be swept up in a rush to security of supply. More >

Ryan Castilloux

Why Everyone Is Talking About Scandium: Ryan Castilloux
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (5/4/15)
Ryan Castilloux, founding director and market research analyst with Adamas Intelligence, is getting a lot more inquiries about scandium. Investors are asking: What is scandium? How is it used? What are its growth prospects? And how can I make money in scandium? In this interview with The Gold Report, Castilloux provides an overview of the scandium market and its publicly listed players with advanced-stage projects. With one tonne of scandium fetching $5 million or more, Castilloux says those with a bullish outlook on scandium will never find a better buyer's market. More >



Alkane Resources Ltd. (ALK:ASX; ANLKY:OTCQX) Alkane Resources Ltd. is a multicommodity mining and exploration company with a focus on gold, copper, zirconium, niobium and rare earths. Its projects and operations are located in the central west o ...

Balmoral Resources Ltd. (BAR:TSX; BALMF:OTCQX) Balmoral is a well-funded, Canadian-based company actively delineating and expanding a series of high-grade gold deposits on its Martiniere Property located within the prolific Abitibi greenstone belt ...

Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS:TSX.V; FCSMF:OTCQX; FKC:FSE) Focus Graphite Inc. is a midtier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. The company aims to become one of the lowest-cost producers of technology ...

Liberty Gold Corp. (LGD:TSX) Liberty Gold is a leading gold discovery company built on and fueled by our proprietary Science of Discovery©. As a philosophy and a practice, the Science of Discovery© is focused on finding the swee ...

MAG Silver Corp. (MAG:TSX; MAG:NYSE.MKT) MAG Silver Corp. is focused on advancing and exploring high grade district scale projects located within the Mexican Silver Belt. Our mission is to become one of the premier companies in the silver mi ...

Silver Bull Resources Inc. (SVB:TSX; SVBL:NYSE.MKT) Silver Bull Resources Inc. is a Canada-based mineral exploration company engaged in exploring and developing the "Sierra Mojada" located in Coahuila, Mexico. The project is 100% owned and operated by ...

Trevali Mining Corp. (TV:TSX; TV:BVL; TREVF:OTCQX) Trevali is a zinc-focused, base metals mining company with two commercially producing operations. The Company is actively producing zinc and lead-silver concentrates from its 2,000-tonne-per-day Santa ...



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Expert Quotes

Pierre Vaillancourt, Haywood Securities -"TV's Santander completed the upgrade of its pumping infrastructure." (1/15/18)

Brian MacArthur, Raymond James -"For the year ending Dec. 31, 2017, TV's production set a new record." (1/15/18)

Ian Parkinson, GMP Securities -"TV's costs and metals prices should lead to solid cash flow in 2018." (1/15/18)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"TV's Q4/17 grades and production were in line with our estimates." (1/15/18)

Craig Hutchison, TD Securities -"In Q4/17, TV's Perkoa achieved a quarterly production record." (1/15/18)

Andrew Mikitchook, BMO Capital Markets -"We have initiated coverage on KBLT with an Outperform rating." (1/9/18)

Tony Lesiak, Canaccord Genuity -"SEA's 2018 winter drill program at Courageous Lake will initially test up to seven targets with sufficient strike and width continuity within 200m of surface; this will be followed by infill drilling to support a resource estimate." (1/8/18)

Anoop Prihar, GMP Securities -"KBLT closed a bought deal equity financing for a gross $85M." (1/3/18)

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"R plans to start the San Ramon mill up again in January." (12/29/17)

Jonathan Guy, Numis -"KBLT completed the purchase of 800 t high-grade cobalt." (12/28/17)

Gary Baschuk, PearTree Securities -"In 2017, TXR made new gold and base metal discoveries at Yellowknife." (12/21/17)

Colin Healey, Haywood Securities -"KBLT's $80.5M financing sets the stage for a streaming transaction." (12/19/17)

Michael Doumet, Scotiabank -"We see continued upside in KBLT's shares." (12/19/17)

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst -"Adding Navilawa gives LIO many more targets to pursue." (12/18/17)

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"TXR is ideally situated to generate news flow in early 2018." (12/15/17)

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"The recent, big acquisition gives LIO a ton of exploration blue sky." (12/15/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"TV discovered a significant zone of massive sulphides near Caribou." (12/11/17)

Philip Ker, PI Financial -"BAR's Bug South Lower zone now contains a vertical depth of >400m." (12/8/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"TV hit multiple high-grade zinc intersects at its Santander Pipe." (12/4/17)

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities -"We believe LIO's Banana Creek to be an advanced exploration target." (12/1/17)

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"Q4/17 into Q1/18 should prove pivotal to development of ALK's Dubbo." (11/30/17)

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"A revised underground mine plan is due by 2017E for ALK's Tomingley." (11/23/17)

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities -"LIO was awarded the Navilawa special prospecting license." (11/21/17)

Tony Lesiak, Canaccord Genuity -"Drilling at SEA's Quartz Rise showed a gold-bearing system." (11/21/17)

Mike Kozak, Cantor Fitzgerald -"SEA's Iron Cap is likely to expand beyond 6–8 Moz Au and 2–2.5 Blb Cu." (11/21/17)

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst -"Major earthworks at LIO's Tuvatu should be completed by Q2/18." (11/20/17)

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities -"LIO announced the commencement of the Tuvatu gold project." (11/16/17)

Jeff Woolley, Paradigm Capital -"TV's Q3/17 financial results were improved across the board QOQ." (11/16/17)

Pierre Vaillancourt, Haywood Securities -"TV's Q3/17 EBITDA ($20M) was up 85% QOQ; we reiterate our Buy rating." (11/15/17)

Brian MacArthur, Raymond James -"TV achieved record overall production in Q3/17." (11/15/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"At Q3/17E, TV had $103M in cash and cash equivalents." (11/15/17)

Craig Hutchison, TD Securities -"TV's overall production guidance remains unchanged at 398–416 Mlb Zn." (11/15/17)

Pierre Vaillancourt, Haywood Securities -"The PEA's alternate case for TV's Halfmile-Stratmat is most logical." (11/7/17)

Mike Kozak, Cantor Fitzgerald -"Holes at SEA's Iron Cap showed significant widths of mineralization." (11/7/17)

Brian MacArthur, Raymond James -"TV's Halfmile-Stratmat PEA shows production potential in the Bathurst." (11/6/17)

Jeff Woolley, Paradigm Capital -"At current zinc prices, TV's Q4/17 could deliver more free cash flow." (11/6/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"TV released its Halfmile-Stratmat PEA study with two alternatives; processing ore from the two mines through the nearby Caribou mill has a higher NPV and IRR." (11/6/17)

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"A number of the Dubbo Project's product prices have seen a rebound over the past six months, and provide a clear reason to focus on ALK’s flagship asset." (10/26/17)

Stefan Ioannou, Cormark Securities -"Our near- to medium-term outlook on TV remains unchanged." (10/17/17)

Pierre Vaillancourt, Haywood Securities -"The upside for TV stock remains compelling." (10/17/17)

Brian MacArthur, Raymond James -"TV's upgrade projects at Rosh Pinah and Santander remain on track." (10/17/17)

Ian Parkinson, GMP Securities -"We remain bullish on the zinc price; TV has a strong torque to it." (10/17/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"The two new African assets continue to show their significance to TV." (10/17/17)

Orest Wowkodaw, Scotiabank -"TV's Q3/17 results were largely in line with our expectations." (10/16/17)

Alex Terentiew, BMO Capital Markets -"Zinc produced from TV's Santander exceeded our estimate by 10%." (10/16/17)

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities -"LIO submitted a tender to acquire the expired Navilawa tenement." (10/13/17)

Jacques Wortman, Eight Capital -"We are increasing our target price on TV after our quarterly review." (10/12/17)

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"BAR assays indicate a new discovery (Bug NW) along the Bug gold trend." (10/1/17)

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"The resource and reserve statements have been updated for ALK's TGO." (9/21/17)

Jeff Woolley, Paradigm Capital -"Asset integration into TV's portfolio appears to be extremely rapid." (9/15/17)