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Louis James is at Casey Research, where he's the senior editor of the International Speculator, Casey Investment Alert and Conversations with Casey. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, James regularly takes his skills on the road, evaluating highly prospective geological targets and visiting explorers and producers at the far corners of the globe and getting to know their management teams.

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When Gold Escapes the Pork Belly Trap, Casey's Louis James Wants to Own These Seven Companies (9/17/15)
Gold graph

When is gold more than a commodity? When it is recognized as the last safe haven in a volatile world. In this interview with The Gold Report, Casey Research Senior Analyst Louis James warns that "there are so many fragile points around the global economy today any jolt can cause follow-on crashes, collapses—all the volatility we have come to know and love since 2008." To prepare for the inevitable, James shares the seven advanced junior names that he thinks could move up fast when the hard reality of gold's value starts hitting the bottom line.

Casey Gathers Top Gold Experts to Share Secrets for Making Money in Any Market (3/23/15)
Going Vertical

When the bears are attacking and "stuckholders" are looking for shelter, that is the time to call on the experts who have found a way to make money in up and down years. In this excerpt from the Casey Research "Going Vertical" webinar, The Gold Report shares inside secrets from Pierre Lassonde, Rick Rule, Jeff Clark, Doug Casey, Frank Holmes and Louis James as they call out their favorite picks of yesterday and today. (Click here to watch it now.)

Will the January Effect Give Gold and Silver Miners a Bounce? (1/7/15)

The January Effect–the surge that small-cap companies may experience at the beginning of the year–goes back some seven decades. What will 2015 bring? The Gold Report talked to some experts to find out what they are expecting in the early days of the new year and which companies might be in position to take advantage. Most experts are optimistic about a bump, and some have some very interesting ways to profit from it.


Louis James (3/11/15)
Louis James on Takeover Targets
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Recent Quotes

"GUY has just built a world-class mine based on high-grade deposits."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (9/17/15)
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"KDX is a high-grade gold story in Nevada."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (9/17/15)
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"BAR's drill results add a lot of metal, and value, to the Grasset deposit."

— Louis James, Casey Research (9/14/15)
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"PLG is doing very well with a discovery in Nevada and another potential company maker in Turkey."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (3/23/15)
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"PVG has one of the richest gold discoveries in decades."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (3/23/15)
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"ICG has a reasonably sized, high-grade gold discovery in Quebec."

Gold Investing News Interview with Louis James (1/18/15)
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"PVG is at the top of my potential takeover list."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (5/28/14)
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"BAR has several years of very successful drilling."

The Gold Report Interview with Louis James (5/28/14)
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