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Franco-Nevada Corp.


Franco-Nevada Corporation is a resource royalty and investment company owning a diversified portfolio of precious and base metal royalties, oil and natural gas royalties and other interests. The portfolio includes assets in production, under development or in the exploration phase mostly located in geopolitically secure countries. Franco-Nevada intends to use its free cash flow to expand its portfolio and pay dividends.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

GMP Securities (12/8/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. has demonstrated that its quality portfolio of assets and access to capital (to execute on meaningful new royalties/streams such as the recent Candelaria stream) position it well to thrive even in this metal price environment."

The Gold Report Interview with Jordan Roy-Byrne (12/1/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. is so well capitalized and it has been making a ton of deals over the last 12–18 months. Franco is making money and adding more streams and attributable production. Its stock has held up really well in a difficult time. . .The one thing with Franco is that it tends to outperform at the very end of bear markets and then at the beginning of bull markets. This is a stock that should continue to perform really well, and if gold goes up, as I believe it will, it will benefit greatly, as will its partner companies. A higher gold price means that Franco won't have to worry about its partners getting into trouble." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Frank Holmes (11/10/14) "I think royalty companies are the safest plays—Franco-Nevada Corp. is one of the three amigos. They have high-margin businesses and low cost of capital, and there are very smart people running these companies." More >

Alex Terentiew, Raymond James (11/5/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. reported a high-quality Q3/14, as its peer-leading diversified portfolio delivered a beat to sales in both gold and oil and gas, prompting the company to raise its 2014 precious metals sales guidance. . .adjusted Q3/14 EPS came in at $0.23 versus our estimate at $0.21 and consensus of $0.22."

The Gold Report Interview with John Ciampaglia (10/20/14) "The Sprott Zacks Gold Miners Index uses long-term debt to equity as a factor because companies with higher debt levels tend to have weaker balance sheets, and interest payments erode profitability. . .a company like Franco-Nevada Corp. is currently overweighted because it has zero debt." More >

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The Gold Report Interview with Adrian Day (10/13/14) "For stability, I like royalty companies. Franco-Nevada Corp. has a strong balance sheet, a broad spread of revenue-producing properties; it is a good, solid company. It is stable and is available at a good price. Franco has $600M and no debt, after paying nearly $650M for a gold stream from the Candelaria copper mines. Its cash flow at the current price of gold is $400–450M a year." More >

Don Maclean, Paradigm Capital (10/8/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. announced a $648M precious metals stream financing for Lundin Mining Corp.'s acquisition of the Candelaria mine in the Atacama province of Chile and has also agreed to subscribe for up to CA$50M in Lundin's planned subscription receipts financing. . .it gives Franco-Nevada a stream with immediate and stable cash flow from one of the 20 largest producing copper mines in the world, adding approximately 20% to our cash flow estimate over the next five years, on a long-life project. . .that has opportunities for significant resource additions. . .with a strong operating partner."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (10/8/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. has its sights set on something big. That is why it just raised $500M in equity financing when it already had more than $1B in the bank. Short term, a production start at True Gold Mining's Karma gold project in Burkina Faso at the end of 2015 will boost Franco-Nevada's royalties. Long term, the largest and most valuable stream comes on-line with First Quantum Minerals' Cobre Panama copper production start in 2018." More >

Alex Terentiew, Raymond James (10/7/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. announced a $648M precious metals stream deal on Lundin Mining Corp.'s newly acquired Candelaria mine in Chile and will subscribe for up to CA$50M in Lundin's equity financing. . .Franco-Nevada acquired 68% of Candelaria's gold and silver production up to 720 Koz Au and 12 Moz Ag, and 40% thereafter."

Cosmos Chiu, CIBC World Markets (9/4/14) "We are resuming coverage of Franco-Nevada Corp. following the completion of its $500M bought-deal financing. . .post-financing, based on Q2/14 financial figures net of the Karma stream deal (with True Gold Mining Inc.), the company has approximately $1.2B working capital. . .no debt, and access to $500M from its undrawn credit facility. Net proceeds from the offering are primarily expected to fund additional royalty and stream acquisitions. . .we continue to believe conditions are conducive to acquisitions and that there is a plethora of royalty/stream opportunities available. Franco-Nevada has had a strong track record of making accretive royalty/stream acquisitions."

Alex Terentiew, Raymond James (8/12/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. and Sandstorm Gold Ltd. have announced a US$100M joint-stream financing deal with True Gold Mining Inc. for its flagship Karma gold project in Burkina Faso. . .the 75/25 syndicate between Franco-Nevada and Sandstorm allows both companies to share project risks. . .while delivery guarantees provide some confidence over the post-deal cash flows. . .we estimate a 6% internal rate of return (IRR). . .5% accretion to Franco-Nevada's top line starting mid-2016 and 2% accretion to its mine-site NAV. . .the deal could be grossed up to US$120M at True Gold's option. . .which we estimate could add an incremental point to the IRR."

Cosmos Chiu, CIBC World Markets (8/8/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. reported a good set of results for Q2/14, with adjusted earnings of $0.24/share, beating our estimate and consensus of $0.23/share. Revenue for the quarter of $107.7M was higher than our estimate of $102M on stronger-than-expected oil and gas revenues."

The Gold Report Interview with Jason Hamlin (8/6/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. is a more conservative play that I like. It is better diversified than Sandstorm Gold and has more exposure to platinum and palladium. It's a good stock to have in your portfolio." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Doug Groh (8/4/14) "Royalty companies such as Franco-Nevada Corp. mitigate risk and maximize discovery upside." More >

Global Mining Observer (7/24/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. is increasingly flexing its muscles in the asset reshuffles of a downtrodden gold market. . .the company is reportedly providing $1B to Lundin Mining Corp. to fund the acquisition of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.'s Candelaria copper mine in Chile. . .by coupling gold loans and royalties, the firm has been able to front-load payback to the company, pumping more money into agreements than a conventional royalty. . .Franco-Nevada's shares have risen 300% since 2007, offering the leverage and yield of a mining company and the operating risk of a gold bar."

The Gold Report Interview with Chris Mancini (7/9/14) "Our second biggest position is Franco-Nevada Corp., a perfect example of being able to survive the downturn and benefit from it. Franco-Nevada purchased a royalty on Midas Gold's Golden Meadows project. Midas needed some cash so Franco-Nevada bought a royalty on the property in exchange for $15M. . .Franco benefits by getting a royalty on what could ultimately be one of the best gold mines in the world. Franco is taking advantage of the downturn. And when the gold price turns around, it will be generating more and more free cash flow." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Edward Karr (7/2/14) "I like the metal royalty companies, such as Franco-Nevada Corp, Royal Gold Inc. and Silver Wheaton Corp. These stocks should be core positions in any portfolio. They are going to continue to do exceedingly well regardless of where the underlying precious metals prices go." More >

Don Maclean, Paradigm Capital (6/25/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. announced changes to its royalty stream with Coeur Mining Inc. for the latter’s Palmarejo mine in Mexico. . .the royalty has already paid Franco-Nevada handsomely. The new deal ensures the underground Guadalupe project will move forward, unlocking a large additional resource."

Alex Terentiew, Raymond James (6/24/14) "We continue to highlight Franco-Nevada Corp.'s increased leverage to precious metals prices. . .the stock continues to trade at elevated multiples versus its peers on price:NAV and most forward metrics."

The Gold Report Interview with Frank Holmes (6/18/14) "One thing that is very important for stability in a portfolio is the royalty companies. Franco-Nevada Corp. is up this year. . .Franco-Nevada has 60% gross profit margins and a royalty on all those operations. You don't have to worry about all the fiascos or leveraged balance sheets. Management owns a big portion of the company. Franco pays dividends on a regular basis. Just consider revenue per employee, which is $50M. In most companies, $500,000 revenue per employee is good." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Adrian Day (5/12/14) "We largely stick with the larger royalty companies because if you have a lot of money to put to work you go to the big-cap names first. If I could only pick one gold stock I would pick Franco-Nevada Corp. That's a cornerstone of a portfolio. The reason I like royalty equities is the same reason I like the prospect generator model—it minimizes risk and the upside takes care of itself." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Jeff Killeen (3/26/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. has a best-in-class portfolio and management team [of streaming royalty gold companies]. It has lots of cash on its balance sheet to make acquisitions. It has cornerstone assets that will continue to generate free cash flow even if commodity prices drop significantly." More >

Chris Lichtenheldt, Dundee Capital Markets (3/21/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp.'s management reiterated there still remains significant deal potential going forward. With $861M of working capital on the balance sheet at the end of 2013, plus a $500M undrawn credit facility (with $250M 'accordion' available), Franco remains well capitalized. . .Cobre negotiations are ongoing; management expects a resolution in the next couple months, after which the company will begin making capital contributions."

The Gold Report Interview with Cosmos Chiu (2/3/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. exhibits the ability to excel, even at today's gold price. On the lower end of the cost curve, I like Franco-Nevada; it doesn't really have operating costs at all. It has quite a few accretive acquisition opportunities in the current environment for gold producers. . .Franco-Nevada offers a diversified portfolio. It's everywhere. It's a less risky way to get involved in the gold space, but at the same time get that upside when gold prices go higher." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Adrian Day (1/31/14) "Franco-Nevada Corp. is, in my view, far and away the best [of the royalty companies]. It has great management, a great balance sheet, about $900M in cash and no debt. It has a very broad portfolio of properties. It has royalties on 37 producing mines and more than 300 other, nonproducing royalties." More >

Cosmos Chiu, CIBC World Markets (1/29/14) "First Quantum Ltd. released an update for its Cobre Panama project. From Franco-Nevada Corp.'s perspective, we believe the higher envisioned average life-of-mine production for both gold (up 15%) and silver (up 20%) more than offset the change in timeline to start of production (expected Q4/17 versus 2016 previously). Overall, despite the timeline for Cobre Panama being extended, we believe today's update provides a more definitive roadmap to production, and a net positive for Franco Nevada."

The Gold Report Interview with Paolo Lostritto (1/8/14) "Our top picks [include] Franco-Nevada Corp. because [it's] generating free cash flow yield even at lower gold prices and because we don't know how long this deflation period may last. . .Franco-Nevada is a bit of a hybrid. It's not the same as owning physical gold. It provides some dividend exposure. It also gives investors torque to the actual underlying commodity, which is another good thing. . .people who are sprinkling a bit of exposure to gold in their portfolio feel more comfortable with larger companies. Franco-Nevada is a larger company and is more defensive than some of the pure torque names with exposure to the cost side of the equation. . .[Franco's deal with Klondex Mines] is the type of deal that you can do in this market where you're tucking in an acquisition. There's a discovery value to being in a camp and having exposure. The real value proposition with owning a company like Franco-Nevada is getting the exploration opportunity without having to use your dollars." More >

Cosmos Chiu, CIBC World Markets (12/17/13) "We believe Franco-Nevada Corp.'s stream acquisition at Teranga Gold Corp.'s operations is a very good one for Franco. . .this stream will provide Franco with immediate cash flow. . .longer term, the Teranga stream is expected to generate organic growth for the Franco-Nevada story."

Alex Terentiew, Raymond James (12/16/13) "Our meeting with David Harquail cemented our opinion on why Franco-Nevada Corp. generally trades at a premium to its peers: 1) an impressive track record to-date building a highly diversified gold-focused royalty and stream portfolio; 2) a top-ranked management team and Board of Directors; 3) continuously growing dividend since its IPO in 2007; and 4) FNV's ability to leverage its expertise and unlevered balance sheet to do transformational deals for cash-strapped miners on attractive terms. . .we believe Franco-Nevada has been the go-to name for lower-risk gold exposure."

Chris Lichtenheldt, Dundee Capital Markets (12/12/13) "Franco-Nevada Corp. and Teranga Gold Corp. jointly announced a US$135M streaming transaction. . .Franco is entitled to the delivery of 22.5 Koz of gold annually over the next six years, followed by 6% of gold production. . .we view this transaction as a good example of Franco's investment style, which is to achieve a relatively assured return of its initial capital, with additional exploration and production potential coming for 'free'. . .we continue to view FNV shares as an attractive vehicle for exposure to gold prices."

Chris Lichtenheldt, Dundee Capital Markets (11/21/13) "In 21 of the 24 years it has been a publicly listed company (1984–2001, 2008–2013), Franco-Nevada Corp. has outperformed the gold producers. . .with its insulated cost structure, superior operational diversity, higher margins and free exploration upside, we expect the company to continue outperforming the average gold producer over the long-term. . .we believe Franco-Nevada has a superior business model and is a suitable investment for investors looking for high-quality exposure to gold prices. . .offering exceptionally high-quality exposure to gold prices, we are initiating coverage of Franco-Nevada with a Buy rating."

Ana Komnenic, (11/6/13) "Franco-Nevada Corp., the world's largest gold royalty company, has reported net profits of $35.5M for Q3/13, a jump of nearly $15M on the previous reporting period, bringing its profits back in line with Q1/13. . .since Q2/13, the company has added more than 20 new royalties to its portfolio, most recently Kirkland Lake Gold Inc."

The Gold Report Interview with Adrian Day (9/11/13) "A company like Franco-Nevada Corp., which with a $6.5B market cap is the largest royalty company, has a very low-risk business model. The royalty companies make an investment, and once they do they're not responsible for anything going wrong. . .take a company like Franco-Nevada. It is the best of this type of company, with an 86% pre-tax margin. It's got $900M in cash with an unused line of credit and no debt—a beautiful company. Is it worth paying the premium? I say yes. . .Franco has lots of potential that is not factored into the company's projections or the stock price. For example, Franco has an option to buy a royalty on Taseko Mines Ltd., whose New Prosperity mine has been severely challenged by environmental problems. Once Taseko gets the permits, Franco will buy the royalty. If it doesn't get the permits, Franco won't buy the royalty—there's a lot of upside there." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Chris Mancini (8/19/13) "I like royalty and streaming companies [like] Franco-Nevada Corp. . .[it has] access to cash, [is] cash-flow generative [and has] royalty or streaming rights to lower-cost mines, which really aren't at much risk of coming offline in the lower gold-price environment. Franco-Nevada bought a royalty on Pretium Resources' Brucejack deposit in British Columbia. It bought a royalty on Midas Gold Corp.'s Golden Meadows deposit in Idaho. . .Franco-Nevada [is our] second-largest holding. We've held it since its IPO. Franco is able to benefit in good times because companies expand and also find more gold, but it doesn't have to put up any capital. And it has the ability to capitalize during the bad times by picking up some good royalties and good properties at very good valuations, which is what it has done in the past couple of quarters." More >

The Gold Report Interview with David H. Smith (6/19/13) David Smith: Franco-Nevada Corp. [is an] established, well-managed company with good cash hoards. [Dividend-paying companies] like Franco-Nevada could make the bedrock holding of a portfolio because they can keep giving you some extra profit vitamins while you're waiting for the share prices to turn around. A lot of times the dividend can be more reflective of the company's viability than the current share price.

TGR: As of March 31, 2013, Franco-Nevada had $867M in working capital, another $60M in marketable securities and about $500M in a credit facility that they haven't used. Any idea how that cash might be used?

DS: I'm sure Franco-Nevada is looking for undervalued acquisitions, extra streaming possibilities. People like Franco-Nevada's President Pierre Lassonde tend to make decisions that really make sense under the circumstances. The fact that the company is holding on to its money and focusing on getting costs down is what investors want to see. Companies like Franco-Nevada know how to solve problems. More >

The Gold Report Interview with Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks (6/7/13) "Some of the silver stocks are showing increased capacity for dividends, more free cash flow and low cash-flow multiples. One of my favorites is Franco-Nevada Corp. It pays a monthly dividend, higher than what you can make on a five-year government note. It has high profit margins, and management is very disciplined about its return-on-capital model." More >

Cosmos Chiu, CIBC World Markets (5/7/13) "We have fine-tuned our model ahead of the quarter to reflect actual commodity prices and to incorporate actual production results for assets from which Franco-Nevada Corp. derives royalty revenue. Overall, the performances of the underlying assets have been tracking reasonably well. . .2013 guidance provided last quarter was for 215–235 Koz Au eq (inclusive of 100–110 Koz from various stream agreements) with an additional $55M–65M in oil and gas revenue. We continue to believe guidance is on the conservative side. Higher royalty revenues are expected in 2013 from a number of the company's gold royalties, including Detour Lake, Gold Quarry, Hemlo NPI and Duketon, and from its oil and gas assets. Franco-Nevada remains a top pick in the precious metals space, with a strong balance sheet and steady cash flow generation."

The Gold Report Interview with Greg Orrell (4/24/13) "We own a couple of the big royalty companies in our portfolio [like] Franco-Nevada Corp. The company [has] committed significant dollars to individual projects of late. . .however, with the diversification of [its] asset base at this point, it should not be a problem. [Franco-Nevada is] positioned to grow revenues substantially over the next three years. Overall, I do like the royalty model." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Greg Dorsey (4/17/13) "We are bullish on Franco-Nevada Corp. If you look at it just on a price/earnings basis, you will scratch your head and wonder why you would pay up for something trading 30 times earnings. But the company has done an incredible job of sussing out good properties. It puts up money to advance mine development and it streams for the life of the project. . .I think precious metals represents about 90% of its revenue right now, but Franco wants to move into other commodities. . .Cobre Panama could be a big winner for Franco in the next decade." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Adrian Day (4/5/13) "Most of the royalty companies do have a certain amount of their revenue from non-gold. Franco-Nevada Corp. has a royalty on Stillwater Mining Co., which is PGM. . .Gold Royalties signed an agreement with Franco-Nevada whereby Franco has the right to participate in up to 50% in certain royalties that Gold Royalties comes across. It's as great deal for Franco because it can increase its royalty portfolio without putting the time or the people into looking for small royalties. . .if you're interested in seniors, look at Franco-Nevada." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Jordan Roy-Byrne (3/25/13) "We first bought Franco-Nevada Corp. in October 2011 at $35/share. It was a very strong stock that had corrected and appeared to have bottomed. Franco-Nevada went up to $60/share recently, but it's had a severe correction because of a huge amount of redemptions. It's about $46/share, about 20% off its high. It has cash-flow growth, and it's consistently leveraged to the bull market. Now is the time to buy. It's a no brainer. That's what I'm looking for. Don't buy the strong stocks when they are making all-time highs. Buy them after they've corrected, when they offer value." More >

David Haughton, BMO Capital Markets (2/26/13) "Franco-Nevada Corp. will soon start accepting royalty payments in kind, notably from Detour Gold Corp., which should be reflected in a 'Gold Accumulation Account' in upcoming financial statements. . .key near-term growth assets include Detour, which is expected to ramp up production in 2013, and Tasiast, which is completing a feasibility study for a major expansion. . .Franco-Nevada also has more than $1B in capital available for future acquisitions."

The Gold Report Interview with Paolo Lostritto (1/23/13) "I follow Franco-Nevada Corp. . . There's definitely an attraction to the royalty model, which was pioneered by the founders of Franco-Nevada. There is a lot less risk, yet the shares still give you exposure to exploration upside. . . a company like Franco-Nevada just finished spending $1B on the Cobre Panama project with very little short-term impact on its share price. We believe the asset will eventually start to improve the share price as it gets closer to generating cash flow. It's very difficult to move the needle for larger royalty companies and as such they try and focus on longer-life assets or assets they believe have exploration upside." More >

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