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Franco-Nevada Corporation is a resource royalty and investment company owning a diversified portfolio of precious and base metal royalties, oil and natural gas royalties and other interests. The portfolio includes assets in production, under development or in the exploration phase mostly located in geopolitically secure countries. Franco-Nevada intends to use its free cash flow to expand its portfolio and pay dividends.

Expert Comments:

"Our biggest streaming holding is in Franco-Nevada Corp. Franco-Nevada is the gold standard of royalty and streaming companies. It has some of the highest-quality streams and royalties in the world, a well-diversified portfolio, cash on its balance sheet and management that is willing to invest at the down points in the cycle." read more >

Phil Russo, Raymond James (3/26/15)
"Franco-Nevada Corp.'s gold equivalent production of 93 Koz in Q4/14 was 13% above our 82 Koz estimate, bringing full-year production to midpoint of 2014 guidance. . .the company raised its annualized dividend from $0.80/share to $0.84/share, a 5% increase. The increased quarterly dividend will go into effect in Q2/15."

James Fraser, Resource Opportunities (1/30/15)
"Often the most valuable asset in a mining project is a royalty. . .because it has no financing risk, and it trades at a premium. Franco-Nevada Corp., the grand-daddy of the royalty space, has demonstrated how successful a royalty business can be when management consistently executes on royalty acquisitions. Franco-Nevada has built its portfolio into a CA$10.8 billion market cap company, the largest precious metals royalty play in the world. The stock, trading at a 52-week high, has outperformed both the gold price and gold equities in the last several years."

"We view Franco-Nevada Corp., a royalty company, as an outlier [a well-run company]. . .it is a leader of our industry." read more >

GMP Securities (12/8/14)
"Franco-Nevada Corp. has demonstrated that its quality portfolio of assets and access to capital (to execute on meaningful new royalties/streams such as the recent Candelaria stream) position it well to thrive even in this metal price environment."

"Franco-Nevada Corp. is so well capitalized and it has been making a ton of deals over the last 12–18 months. Franco is making money and adding more streams and attributable production. Its stock has held up really well in a difficult time. . .The one thing with Franco is that it tends to outperform at the very end of bear markets and then at the beginning of bull markets. This is a stock that should continue to perform really well, and if gold goes up, as I believe it will, it will benefit greatly, as will its partner companies. A higher gold price means that Franco won't have to worry about its partners getting into trouble." read more >

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Ralph Aldis, Portfolio Manager, Gold and Natural Resources – U.S. Global Investors
Cosmos Chiu, Executive Director of Precious Metals Equity Research – CIBC World Markets
John Ciampaglia – Sprott Asset Management
Adrian Day, Founder – Adrian Day Asset Management
Doug Groh, Senior Research Analyst – Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.
Jason Hamlin – Gold Stock Bull
John Hathaway, Senior Managing Director – Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.
Frank Holmes, Chairman – U.S. Global Investors
Andrew Kaip, Analyst – BMO Capital Markets
Edward Karr, Chief Executive Officer – RAMPartners S.A.
Don Maclean, Senior Analyst – Paradigm Capital
Chris Mancini, Research Analyst – Gabelli Gold Fund
David Morgan, Publisher – Silver Investor
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Editor/CMT The Daily Gold
Phil Russo, Research Associate – Raymond James
Eric Sprott, CEO/Chair – Sprott Asset Management
Alex Terentiew, Mining Analyst – Raymond James

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