Worth Holding

Silver Strategies/The Gold Report Interview with Sean Rakhimov (04/17/2009)
"Silvercrest is a junior that operates in Mexico: their project there has a feasibility study. The share price has declined with the rest of the market over the last year. Then it rebounded from the bottom by around 300% in the last four to five months. To me a company like that is worth holding and looking at whenever it gets cheap, because I believe they will build that mine and they actually, as of today, still plan to be in production by year end. They’re waiting for some permits and they’re working on financing and they’re working on mine plans. You might have to hold through thick and thin in some situations where you have good reasons. This company would be one of them.

The project they have has low capex cost and they anticipate a one-year payback. I like those odds. I like the people that are working on it. Can they be successful? I think so. Will they be successful? We’ll see. In the meantime, the market can do all kinds of things and for all kinds of reasons. You have to stick to your guns and adjust your strategy based on solid reasoning as opposed to impulsive reactions to market fluctuations."


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