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Orvana Minerals Corp.


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Orvana Minerals is a proven gold producer with significant growth opportunities and a strong balance sheet. The company owns and operates the Don Mario Mine in eastern Bolivia and is developing two other promising assets —the recently acquired, advanced-stage El Valle-Boinás/Carlés Au-Cu project in N. Spain and the Copperwood Cu project in Michigan, U.S. With a growing pipeline of promising mineral assets and experienced management, Orvana is poised to become a multimine gold and copper producer.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Analysis

The Gold Report Interview with Chen Lin (1/13/14) "I like Orvana Minerals Corp. The company has two producing properties: the El Valle-Boinás/Carlés gold-copper mine in Spain and the Don Mario gold mine in Bolivia. Both are doing well, especially the mine in Spain, which I have visited. The company is generating good cash flow. It's paying off the debt, so its balance sheet is improving. It gets better quarter by quarter.

TGR: Orvana's latest quarterly report, released Dec. 6, shows adjusted net income of $12.4M.

CL: To generate cash flow under these market conditions—that's pretty good, I would say. And this is a cash flow story because Orvana has got two mines going—one in 2011 and one in 2012—which are running smoothly and being improved. Orvana has another property in Michigan, Copperwood, which is copper and silver. I think Orvana will either joint venture it or sell it. If it can sell it at a good price, it can further improve the balance sheet." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Chen Lin (6/21/13) "Orvana Minerals Corp. is doing quite well operationally. The company is generating a lot of cash flow this year and I calculated that if gold averages $1,200/oz and copper averages $3/pound for the rest of this year, it will pay back the debt due this year and should be fine. I visited the mine in Spain a few months ago. It's running very smoothly and has a lot of potential to improve next year. The key question for Orvana is its Copperwood property in Michigan. I have been lobbying the management for almost a year not to proceed on its own and not to take on debt to do so. It looks as if the new management team is listening. It is looking at all the alternative strategies for Copperwood and I hope for a positive outcome. Then the company will be a self-generating cash machine by the end of this year." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Ted Dixon (6/14/13) "Orvana Minerals Corp. is another multiple insider buyer situation. CEO Michael Winship bought 60,000 shares at $0.53/share in May and was joined by a director, Audra Walsh. Together they spent $52,000 of their own money in buying in the public market. That seems to be good timing because the stock is now trading around the $0.60/share level. . .up from between $0.50 and $0.53/share." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Christos Doulis (3/29/13) "Orvana Minerals Corp. is operating in Spain and Bolivia, and also has a development asset in the United States. . .I think operations at EVBC have turned around. The Don Mario operation in Bolivia has value too, though it's a much smaller operation. Don Mario has turned around as well. I've recently gone back to a Buy on it from a Hold. . .on an operating basis, Orvana's management seems to have hit its stride. In the last year, the company put in a new shaft, which has dramatically increased the number of tonnes that can ultimately be pulled out of it on a daily basis, and reduced the cost per tonne. It spent a lot of money sinking that shaft and putting in the hoist, but it is now paying off and you can see that in the last couple of quarters that the operations have really turned around after the shaft came on-line." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Henk Krasenberg (2/22/13) "Orvana Minerals Corp. is an interesting company. Its CEO, Bill Williams, is also producing in Bolivia. He says, 'I don't explore; I only find mines.' It's different from the typical exploration company that turns into a production company after a long period of exploration." More >

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