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BacTech is a proven environmental technology company, delivering effective and eco-friendly biomining and remediation solutions to commercial operations to smartly process and recover preferred metals and safely remove and transform harmful contaminants like arsenic into benign EPA-approved products for landfill. Tapping into numerous environmental and economic advantages of its proprietary method of bioleaching, BacTech uses naturally occurring bacteria, harmless to both humans and the environment, to neutralize toxic mining sites with high-pay potential.

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Green Tech Company Receives Permit for Eco-Friendly Mining

BacTech Environmental Corp. has received its final major environmental permit (Consultation) from the government of Ecuador, which allows it to advance construction on its project. Read on to hear why analysts like this company's stock.
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Green Tech Co. 'Pleased' With Election Results in Ecuador

Ecuador's election finally has a winner. Find out why this green technology company seeking approval for a groundbreaking bioleaching plant there likes the results.

Decision Could Come Soon for Bioleaching Plant Approval Process

This environmental technology company is working through the process to get its bioleaching plant approved in Ecuador. Read why it has stalled and why two newsletter writers like this company's stock.

Green Tech Co. Awaits Court's Decision on Consultation Process

It's now up to an Ecuadorian court to decide the fate of environmental consultation processes for halted projects there, including BacTech Environmental Corp.'s bioleaching plant in Tenguel.

Hearing Date Set on Bioleaching Plant's Permit Process

A court in Ecuador will hear arguments next week on the suspension of a presidential decree involving the permitting process for several projects. One newsletter writer called this company and its stock the "poster child" for green causes.

Green Tech Co. Eyes Ecuador Election With Interest

Green technology company BacTech Environmental Corp. is watching the results of Ecuador's presidential election closely as it waits for a decision regarding the permit process for its new bioleaching plant.

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Expert Comments:

Clive Maund,

"The fundamentals of BacTech Environmental Corp. are understood to be very favorable. We therefore stay long, and the company is rated a Strong Speculative Buy here."

Clive Maund,

"BacTech Environmental Corp. announced the closing of the first tranche of the financing, and we can expect the company to finish the remainder of the financing soon. . .as soon as it is finished, the price should be free to advance. . .we can look forward to significant gains from here as soon as BacTech is free to get moving again."

Clive Maund,

"BacTech Environmental Corp. broke out of a base pattern last month on good volume and has since reacted back to support. With a moving average cross likely soon, it is expected to start higher again."

Canadian Mining Journal

"Toronto-based BacTech Environmental Corp.'s BACOX analogue has seen significant success in South American gold operations. . .the use of microorganisms in mining initiatives is described as highly advantageous: they are considered cost effective and environmentally benign, with lower carbon footprints and abilities to liberate (in some cases, selectively) valuable metals from complex materials that are otherwise recalcitrant to standard pyrolytic and hydrometallurgical techniques."

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Company News 

11/20/2023 – BacTech Environmental Receives Final ESIA Permit Approval from Ecuadorian Government to Begin Development of Bioleach Processing Facility in Tenguel

9/26/2022 – BacTech Environmental Begins Trading on the OTCQB Market in the U.S.

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ESG Gold Production Plant
30,000+ ounces per annum
R&D for Nickel/Cobalt for Pyrrhotite in Sudbury
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Announcement of Term Sheet for Tenguel capex
Final permit for Consultation
Onset of construction