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BacTech is a proven environmental technology company, delivering effective and eco-friendly biomining and remediation solutions to commercial operations to smartly process and recover preferred metals and safely remove and transform harmful contaminants like arsenic into benign EPA-approved products for landfill. Tapping into numerous environmental and economic advantages of its proprietary method of bioleaching, BacTech uses naturally occurring bacteria, harmless to both humans and the environment, to neutralize toxic mining sites with high-pay potential.

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Green Tech Co. Files Expanded 'Zero-Waste' Patent

BacTech Environmental Corp. announced Thursday it had filed its expanded application for what it says is the first zero-waste bioleaching process for recovering metals, fertilizer, and iron from millions of tons of mine tailings worldwide. One newsletter editor calls the news "uber-exciting."

Expert Says Green Tech Stock Has Huge Upside Potential

Contributed Opinion
Technical Analyst Clive Maund shares an update on BacTech Environmental Corp. after its Friday news to explain why he thinks it is a Strong Buy.

Clean Tech Co.'s Story Just Got Better, Expert Says

Contributed Opinion
In light of BacTech Environmental Corp.'s news Friday, Chris Temple of The National Investor shares his thoughts on the company.

Green Tech Co. Unveils 'Zero-Waste' Recovery for Tailings

BacTech Environmental Corp. announced it has filed an expanded provisional patent application for its application of the bioleaching process to millions of tons of tailings to create zero waste using green technology and power.

Analyst Says, Pick Up This Stock Before Prices Raise

Contributed Opinion
Technical Analyst Clive Maund reviews BacTech Environmental Corp. to explain why he believes it is a Strong Buy on all timeframes.

Situation Cooling for Green Tech Co. in Ecuador

As BacTech Environmental Corp. moves toward building its planned bioleaching plant in Ecuador, the country has shown "unexpected resilience" in the face of unrest.

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Expert Comments:

headshot of Brien Lundin

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)

"BacTech Environmental Corp. has submitted a preliminary patent application for its bioleaching process, which is designed to clean up and precipitate saleable metals from mining tailings. . .there's lots to be done, but this is potentially a billion-dollar business for the company over the long run."

headshot of Chris Temple

Chris Temple, The National Investor

"BacTech Environmental Corp. announced a patent application filing (essentially global as a practical matter) that would particularly take its ongoing work in Canada a BIG step further. . .beyond the company's already-known process to extract metals of most kinds from [tailings], it's now Vice President Dr. Paul Miller and management's contention, based on Miller's ongoing work, that much more can be accomplished via 'the inherent mechanisms of bioleaching.'"

Clive Maund,

"The fundamentals of BacTech Environmental Corp. are understood to be very favorable. We therefore stay long, and the company is rated a Strong Speculative Buy here."

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headshot of Brien Lundin
Brien Lundin, Author Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
Clive Maund –
headshot of Chris Temple
Chris Temple, Editor and Publisher – The National Investor

Company News 

4/19/2024 – BacTech Environmental Corporation Appoints the President of Ecuador's Chamber of Mines, Carolina Orozco, to Board of Directors

4/11/2024 – BacTech Environmental (BAC.C) Files Patent on Zero-Waste Metal Recovery System, as global ESG Investment Hits $30 Trillion

4/5/2024 – BacTech Environmental Unveils Intellectual Property for 'Zero-Waste' Metals Recovery & Fertilizer Production

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