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Giant Mining Corp is a junior mining company that fully controls the Majuba Hill District, a significant copper, silver, and gold project located northeast of Reno, Nevada. Spanning 15.1 square miles, this project encompasses mineral and surface rights held by private ownership, patented mining claims, and Federal Lode Mining claims. The company is focused on aggressively exploring and developing the Majuba Hill District to maximize stakeholder and shareholder value.

The flagship project of Giant Mining Corp is the Majuba Hill District. This district-scale project demonstrates substantial potential for copper, silver, and gold, with high-grade base and precious metal deposits. The project is characterized by its billion-tonnage porphyry potential and accessible location in a mining-friendly jurisdiction. The company's exploration activities are fully funded and supported by a world-class team, ensuring the project's development is thorough and efficient Majuba Hill, located 70 miles southwest of Winnemucca and 156 miles east-northeast of Reno, has a rich history of production and a robust database of previous drilling. The geological work from 2020 to 2023 has revealed encouraging geochemical results and promising tonnage potential. The project aims to meet the growing global demand for copper and precious metals, driven by the increasing need for environment-friendly technologies.

Copper is one of the world's most versatile and essential metals, crucial for new, environment-friendly technologies. The rising demand for copper is unprecedented, creating a favorable investment landscape for resource development. Giant Mining Corp aims to capitalize on this trend by advancing projects with significant upside potential.

Management and Board of Directors Giant Mining Corp boasts a seasoned management team and an experienced board of directors. The team includes industry veterans with extensive expertise in mining exploration, project development, and corporate governance. The company's leadership is committed to advancing the Majuba Hill project while ensuring responsible and sustainable mining practices.

Recent Appointments The recent appointments of Andrew Mugridge to the Board of Directors and Richard Robins to the Advisory Board underscore the company's commitment to strengthening its leadership and strategic direction. These appointments are part of the company's broader strategy to enhance its exploration and development capabilities.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

Giant Mining Corp is dedicated to sustainable mining practices and community engagement. The company prioritizes environmental stewardship and works closely with local communities to ensure that its operations benefit the region economically and socially. By maintaining transparent and ethical practices, the company strives to build lasting relationships with stakeholders and communities.

Investors in Giant Mining Corp can expect regular updates on financial news, press releases, and upcoming events. The company's commitment to transparency and communication ensures that investors are well-informed about its activities and progress.

Giant Mining Corp is poised to become a leader in the mining industry, driven by its flagship Majuba Hill project and the increasing global demand for copper and precious metals. With a strong management team, strategic appointments, and a commitment to sustainability, the company is well-positioned for long-term success.

Buster Hunsaker and Molly Hunsaker: Expertise in Geological Exploration

Buster Hunsaker, a Senior Geologist and Qualified Person at Giant Mining Corp, is renowned for his extensive experience in the mining sector. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Science in Economic Geology from Colorado State University, Buster has provided comprehensive turn-key exploration services across North America, South America, and Mongolia. His expertise includes property valuation, data analysis, and the preparation of NI 43-101 Technical Reports. His role at Giant Mining Corp involves overseeing and advancing exploration projects, ensuring they meet the highest technical standards​ (Giant Mining Corp)​​ (Giant Mining Corp)​.

Molly Hunsaker, an Exploration Geologist and Technical Advisor at Giant Mining Corp, shares a deep passion for earth sciences and exploration. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economic Geology from the University of Nevada, Reno. Molly's career is marked by diverse fieldwork expeditions, honing her skills in rock and mineral identification, geological mapping, and data collection techniques. Her contributions to the team are pivotal in the ongoing exploration and development of the Majuba Hill District, bringing a fresh and detailed perspective to the geological analysis​ (Giant Mining Corp)​​ (Giant Mining Corp)​.

Together, Buster and Molly Hunsaker form a formidable duo at Giant Mining Corp, blending decades of experience with innovative approaches to geological exploration. Their combined expertise significantly bolsters the company's capability to execute and expand its exploration projects effectively.

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New Road Construction at Majuba Hill Enhances Drilling Capabilities

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE: BFG; OTCBB: BFGFF; FSE: YW5) has announced the new road construction at its Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit in Pershing County, Nevada is underway. What does this mean for the company's upcoming plans?

New Drilling Program Set To Expand Nevada Copper Project's Potential

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE: BFG; OTCBB: BFGFF; FSE: YW5) has announced a new engagement with Big Sky Exploration, LLC for diamond core drilling at the Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit in Pershing County, Nevada. Read on for details on this project and how it affects Giant's future plans.

New Drilling Initiative Set To Boost Mineral Potential at Majuba Hill

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE:BFG; OTC:BFGFF; FWB:YW5) has announced its engagement with Boart Longyear Limited for reverse circulation (RC) drilling services at the Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit in Pershing County, Nevada. Find out how this affects the company's upcoming drilling plans.

Major Infrastructure Project To Enhance Access at Majuba Hill Copper Deposit

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE:BFG;OTC:BFGFF;FWB:YW5) has announced its engagement with Legarza Exploration for the construction of new roads and drill sites at the Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit in Pershing County, Nevada. See what this means for Giant's copper, gold, and silver mining prospects.

Nevada-Based Exploration Firm Prepares for Major Drilling, Development Initiatives

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE: BFG;OTCBB: BFGFF;FSE: YW5) is poised for significant growth with several key catalysts on the horizon. Read on for details about what those catalysts are and what experts are saying about their investments.

Major Milestone Achieved for Nevada Copper Project

Giant Mining Corp. (CSE: BFG;OTCBB: BFGFF;FSE: YW5) announced the approval of its Reclamation Cost Estimate by the State of Nevada, Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. Read on to find out how this affects the company's future drilling projects.

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Expert Comments:

headshot of Ron Struthers

Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report

"Giant Mining Corp. is well financed with just over $4.4M raised in recent financings. The drill phase is coming soon, and based on past results we know with confidence that this drill round will provide some excellent numbers."

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Clive Maund –
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Ron Struthers, Editor Struthers Resource Stock Report

Company News 

7/16/2024 – Giant Mining Corp New Road Construction Underway at Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit

7/8/2024 – Giant Mining Corp. Contracts Big Sky Exploration for Diamond Core Drilling at Majuba Hill Copper Deposit

6/24/2024 – Giant Mining Corp. Engages Boart Longyear for Drilling Services for RC Drilling at Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit

6/17/2024 – Giant Mining Corp. Engages Legarza Exploration for Road Construction at Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit

5/30/2024 – Giant Mining Corp. Receives Approval for Reclamation Cost Estimate from Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources on the Flagship Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit, Nevada

5/21/2024 – Giant Mining's Review of Geological Work from 2020-2023 on the Flagship Majuba Hill Porphyry Copper Deposit, Nevada

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