Fabled Copper Corp.

Fabled Copper Corp. is focused on acquiring, exploring for high-grade copper in Northern British Columbia. Our management team has extensive experience in mining and exploration in Canada and our mandate is to focus on the near-term exploration growth potential of our flagship Muskwa property.

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This junior explorer is analyzing samples, conducting fieldwork and geophysical surveys, and mapping its British Columbia site with drones. But it can’t wait to drill and find out what’s underneath.
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Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?

"Fabled Copper Corp. sampled up to 28% copper. I can't wait for the company to start drilling."

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?

"Fabled Copper Corp. continues to report excellent sampling results. I can't wait for it to start drilling."

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headshot of Chen Lin
Chen Lin What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling?

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1/18/2023 – Fabled Copper Reports 0.90% Copper over 22.90 meters and 2.09% copper over 6.10 meters On the Ringarooma Copper Occurrence

12/19/2022 – Fabled Copper Enters into Letter of Intent to Acquire TJ Property and Proposes Potential Share Consolidation

12/7/2022 – Fabled Copper Reports on the New Discovery "Target 11" Vein Area

11/16/2022 – Fabled Copper Reports on the Area West of the Toro Vein Which Contains up to 10.55% Copper

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