Joe Foster
Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund
 - Joe Foster sees nothing but good news for gold in the months and years to come. Joe isn’t holding his breath for mania to set in, but he does see a mix blending that will get gold “firing on all cylinders.” Once a declining dollar, increasing inflation and an improving economy fill the combustion chamber, all it will take is a sustained spark of optimism for gold to forge ahead.  

John Hathaway
The Tocqueville Gold Fund

Adrian Day
Adrian Day Asset Management
Vista Gold Corp. VGZ:NYSE.MKT; VGZ:TSX - "We [are] aggressive buyers. . . pleased to help them out!"  

 - "With gold itself, the weaker dollar does actually have one huge benefit, an obvious one- which is that it makes physical buying of gold actually cheaper." (9/02/08) Read full article   

John Embry
Sprott Asset Management
 - Regardless of who's controlling the U.S. Congress, Sprott Asset Management Chief Investment Strategist John Embry holds out little hope for economic happiness in the short run. As he tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview, "It's consequence time" and "any opportunity to have a pleasant outcome. . .in the relatively near term is long gone." John's view of equity markets is equally dim as he foresees the U.S. plowing deeper into quantitative easing to postpone—and maybe even exacerbate—the inevitable. An exception, at least for the time being, may be in senior gold stocks, which he says, "have seldom been cheaper in relation to the price of gold."  

 - "If gold hasn’t moved up by the end of this year, I would be very surprised. People don't realize how distressed the gold mining industry is. Even at $1,000, miners weren’t doing very well. At $800, the entire industry is in crisis. Costs have risen so much, nobody’s making any real money. In fact, some mines are starting to close." (9/12/08) Read full article   

 - Make no mistake, there is a concerted effort to suppress the gold price. The central banks are worried about the message being sent by a sharply higher gold price while their bullion bank allies are agonizing over mounting losses on their outlandish short positions.   

Birim Goldfields Inc. BGI:TSX - "There’s another small company in Ghana, Birim, which has really good land.. . "  

AXMIN Inc. AXM:TSX.V - "AXMIN is extremely well-placed. . ."  

Kenneth Gerbino
Kenneth J. Gerbino & Company
[email protected]
Beverly Hills, CA
 - Gold going up almost $90 on September 17th is not to be taken lightly. This is extremely unusual and bullish. . . The bottom line is that the precious metal mining stocks with economic resources in the ground will rebound dramatically from very oversold values. Read full article  

Frank Holmes
U.S. Global Investing
 - Expect short-term hesitancy in the upward movement of the gold price until liquidity returns to the markets, says Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer at U. S. Global Investors. In this exclusive interview with the Gold Report, he predicts gold will go to $1,000, even $2,000, over the next two years. A growing money supply due to a change in government policies will help lift some juniors out of their misery, too. Holmes advises selective nibbling until conditions improve and names a few companies to consider. (10/21/08)  

Neil MacDonald
Sable Resources Ltd. SAE:TSX.V - "This is a company with the assets to produce and the market doesn't know that yet." (8/12/08)  

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. EPL:TSX.V - "Everything from zinc to gold, great management and very well financed." (8/12/08)  

Eric Sprott
Sprott Asset Management
 - "Gold will survive the U.S. financial quagmire."(6/15/07)  

Thomas Winmill
Midas Fund

Peter Zihlmann

James Passin
Firebird Funds
 - James Passin of Firebird Management LLC, which manages $3.5 billion in eight funds, gives us his thoughts on where he thinks the opportunities are now in nuclear power plant construction and the nuclear fuel cycle.