Sector Expert: John Gravelle

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Image: John Gravelle

John Gravelle is the global and Canadian mining leader for PwC, based in Toronto. Gravelle assists several large mining companies with operations in the Americas address their business issues. He is also a tax services partner and provides tax advice to numerous large- and medium-sized producers as well as junior exploration companies.

Recent Interviews

Could Bad Data Be Depressing the Gold Price? Eric Sprott Says GFMS Stats Are Flawed (11/18/13)

Demand for gold bars, coins and jewelry increased to multiyear highs in the first half of 2013, but was offset by outflows from exchange-traded funds, according to the World Gold Council, which produces a quarterly Gold Demand Trends report and recently released the first-ever Direct Economic Impact of Gold report. Sprott Securities founder Eric Sprott questioned those statistics in a callout on his website. He figures that the demand for gold is actually 3,000 tons more than the annual supply, and therefore the gold price will soon be much higher. What is the true demand for gold? How much is really available in any given year? Does supply and demand really determine the price of gold anymore? The Gold Report called Sprott and John Gravelle, global and Canadian mining leader for PwC, which produced the report for the World Gold Council, to find out.

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