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Mark Kolebaba

Potential of High-Grade Gold Deposits Draws Adamera to Washington
Source: The Gold Report  (6/23/16)
Washington State has seen substantial historical gold mining dating back to the 1890s, but that doesn't mean there still isn't gold to be mined. Mark Kolebaba, CEO of Adamera Minerals, extols the advantages of exploring in Washington and explains why it offers low-cost opportunities. More >

Are Copper and China Set to Rally?
Source: Clive Maund  (6/21/16)
Technical analyst and newsletter writer Clive Maund explores the link between an anticipated copper rally and an upswing in Chinese markets. More >

Bob Moriarty

Is It Time to Dump Gold and Buy Platinum?
Source: Bob Moriarty  (6/20/16)
Bob Moriarty explains why precious metals investors may want to look beyond gold to a commodity with a long history and an interesting relationship to the yellow metal. More >

Jack Chan

Will Brexit Vote Push US Dollar One Way or the Other?
Source: Jack Chan  (6/20/16)
With both gold and silver ETFs trading in heavy volumes last week, technical analyst Jack Chan suspects liquidation is occurring, and speculates that the upcoming Brexit vote could impact the U.S. dollar. More >

Michael Ballanger

Commercial Traders Have Just Gone Over the Top
Source: Michael Ballanger  (6/18/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger examines Friday's COT report and discusses its implication for investors. More >

Michael Ballanger

The Fed Giveth and the Bullion Banks Taketh Away…
Source: Michael J. Ballanger  (6/16/16)
Precious metal expert Michael Ballanger breaks down the gold price roller coaster surrounding the Fed's decision not to raise interest rates. More >

Quaterra's Agreement with Freeport Nevada Extends Yerington Funding
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (6/14/16)
Quaterra Resources Inc. and its subsidiary Singatse Peak Services announced earlier this week that they had reached an agreement with Freeport Nevada to extend for up to two years the current Stage 2 of Freeport Nevada's option to acquire an interest in the company's Yerington Copper Project in Nevada. Gerald Prosalendis, recently appointed president and COO of Quaterra Resources, explains what this extension means for Quaterra and the Yerington project. More >

Michael Ballanger

George Soros Making Big Bets on Gold
Source: Michael J. Ballanger  (6/11/16)
George Soros has joined fellow billionaire investors Stan Druckenmiller and Ray Dalios on investing big in gold. Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains what is behind these moves. More >

Mick Carew

Five Junior Mining Companies Creating Value Through Exploration
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (6/9/16)
The drill bit is essential to junior mining companies. Only through active exploration can investors separate the companies with potential from those without. Mick Carew of Haywood Securities discusses five companies on track to create value through the drill bit. More >

Brien Lundin

Jobs Report Changes the Landscape for Gold
Source: Brien Lundin  (6/7/16)
Gold soars as chances for a Fed rate hike this month evaporate. Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter, details what that means for investors. More >

Adrian Day

Reservoir Minerals: A Rare Opportunity
Source: Adrian Day  (6/6/16)
Fund Manager Adrian Day has said that while Nevsun's acquisition of Reservoir Minerals would be a great deal for Nevsun and would create a new, well-financed mid-size base metals company, the offer undervalues Reservoir. Day discusses a rival proposal that has just come forth. More >

Jayant Bhandari

Two Rising Mining Companies for an Uncertain Market
Source: Jayant Bhandari  (6/6/16)
The market has its moods and its fascination with headlines. Greece, Ukraine, ISIS, emerging markets—crises come and go. Investment adviser Jayant Bhandari discusses the role of gold in uncertain times and profiles two companies he believes have generated more value than their share price increase reflects or have gone unappreciated by the market. More >

Jack Chan

Is the Gold Pullback Complete?
Source: Jack Chan  (6/6/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan examines the charts after Friday's spike in gold.
More >

Gwen  Preston

Three Buying Opportunities in a Resurgent Gold Market
Source: Gwen Preston  (6/3/16)
After gold nearly reached $1,300/oz in early May, it has been trading lower, but Gwen Preston of Resource Maven is not worried. She sees this as the correction after the big gain and believes the new bull market is intact. In this article for The Gold Report, Preston discusses three companies that offer good opportunities in today's market. More >

Michael Ballanger

Why Technical Analysis Does Not Work for Gold and Silver
Source: Michael Ballanger  (6/1/16)
Michael Ballanger, a precious metals expert, says he believes technical charts were created by bullion bank traders to lull the "chartists" into a false sense of security. More >

Thibaut Lepouttre

Four Active Mining Companies You Should Be Watching
Source: Special to The Gold Report  (5/31/16)
The mining industry has been very busy over the last few months with the gold price showing signs of stabilizing, financings getting completed, preliminary economic assessments being released, prefeasibility studies being updated and M&A activity increasing. The market has a buzz once again and Thibaut Lepouttre of Caesars Report profiles several companies that are reaping the rewards of being very active right now. More >

Michael Ballanger

The Numbers Add Up to Vindication for a Cautious Gold Bull. . .
Source: Michael Ballanger  (5/28/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the importance of caution and timing in gold investment. More >

Jack Chan

What Recent Moves in the US Dollar Mean for Gold
Source: Jack Chan  (5/28/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan offers an interpretation of the correction in progress in the gold sector. More >

Michael Ballanger

A New Golden Bull or Has the Market Gone Too Far Too Fast?
Source: Michael Ballanger  (5/25/16)
Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses how investors should interpret the recent shifts in gold and silver "market tectonics." More >

Fed Raising Interest Rates in June? Marc Faber Says No, Is Bullish on Gold and Oil Stocks
Source: The Gold Report  (5/24/16)
Marc Faber, editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, is bullish on gold and oil and gas stocks. More >

Perfect Timing: Amarillo Gold Achieves Key Milestone in Rising Gold Market
Source: Marc Davis  (5/23/16)
Marc Davis of BNWNews profiles Amarillo Gold, a company that is finally poised to capitalize on a resurgent gold market. More >

Jack Chan

How to Take Advantage of Multi-Week Correction in Gold and Silver
Source: Jack Chan  (5/23/16)
Technical analyst Jack Chan finds gold stocks are on a short-term sell signal and reveals an excellent entry point. More >

Adrian Day

Ares-American Capital Merger Positive for Long-Term Investors
Source: Adrian Day  (5/23/16)
Investment adviser Adrian Day discusses the merger announced today between Ares Capital and American Capital. More >

Jason Hamlin

Two Overlooked Streaming Stocks with Huge Upside Potential
Source: Jason Hamlin for The Gold Report  (5/19/16)
Streaming/royalty stocks have been darlings of the commodity investment world. In the precious metals sector, this type of company provides financing for mining companies in the form of an upfront cash payment in exchange for a percentage of production or revenues from the mine. Jason Hamlin of Gold Stock Bull profiles two streamers often overlooked by investors. More >

Brien Lundin

Two Companies Poised to Catch Up to Gold Peer Group
Source: Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter  (5/17/16)
After a mad dash to the upside for gold and a similar dash to the downside for the U.S. dollar, investors are getting their bearings once again. April's disappointing jobs report refocused everyone on the potential economic slowdown and a still-dovish Fed. Brien Lundin of Gold Newsletter paints the big picture of how speculation over the Fed's actions to raise interest rates is affecting gold and gold equities, and he discusses two companies that have not appreciated as much as their peers but are likely to soon catch up. More >