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Originally trained during the inflationary 1970s, Michael Ballanger is a graduate of Saint Louis University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in finance and a Bachelor of Art in marketing before completing post-graduate work at the Wharton School of Finance. With more than 30 years of experience as a junior mining and exploration specialist, as well as a solid background in corporate finance, Ballanger's adherence to the concept of "Hard Assets" allows him to focus the practice on selecting opportunities in the global resource sector with emphasis on the precious metals exploration and development sector. Ballanger takes great pleasure in visiting mineral properties around the globe in the never-ending hunt for early-stage opportunities.

Recent Articles

We're at the Home Stretch 11/28/2022

With only 33 days left in the fiscal year 2022, expert Michael Ballanger reviews where he believes the markets are heading.

Expert Says 'No Mas' to Hawkish Fed 11/21/2022

In light of the controversy with FTX Corp., expert Michael Ballanger shares his opinion on current news coverage and the state of the gold market and U.S. dollar to tell you his view on the precious metals and whether he believes we are headed toward a bear market rally.

The Narcotic Effect of the Reflexive Rebound 11/14/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger of GGM Advisory Inc. reviews the newest dubbed "investment guru," the outlook of the precious metals sector, and the current state of the stock market to tell you where he believes we are all headed.

A Most-Beguiling Fork 11/07/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger believes markets are at a critical juncture, commonly referred to as a "fork in the road." In light of this, he reviews current Fed updates and movements in the gold and silver sectors to tell you where he believes the market is heading.

The 'Bear Killer' Does it Again 11/01/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger reviews recent updates in the stock market to tell you where he believes it is headed and why he thinks October was "The Bear Killer," with countless bear markets ending and bull markets possibly beginning today, November 1, 2022.

Expert Michael Ballanger's Top Picks 10/31/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger reviews updates from some major junior mining companies, such as Getchell Gold Corp. and Norseman Silver, among others, to tell you his opinion on each company and where junior mining is heading as a sector.

Wall Street Hemophilia 10/11/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger of GGM Advisory reviews the current stock market, the outlook for gold, and how he believes everyone should move forward.

Expert Says, 'Watch US 10-Year Treasury Yield as Your Night Sextant' 10/04/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger takes a moment to review current updates in the stock market, including the position of gold, the current Fed mandate, the outlook of Getchell Gold Corp., and the Nord Stream Gas Pipelines.

Sampling at Argentina Project Reveals Elevated Copper/Gold Values 09/26/2022

Michael Ballanger explains why he believes sample assays provide evidence "indicating the potential for world-class scale and value."

Six Charts You Need To See Showing the Coming Bear Market 09/26/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger takes a look at a few charts to tell you how he believes the US dollar is doing and where he thinks the market may be heading.

Expert Says Silver Co. Is a Buy up to CA$0.20 09/21/2022

Expert Michael Ballanger reflects on his views of Norseman Silver last April to compare his opinion of the company then versus what he sees now.

Michael Ballanger Sees 'Bubble Trouble' 06/01/2022

As month five of this bear market comes to an end, expert Michael Ballanger goes over some bear market stories that left him with battle scars and provides some insight on what to expect in the months ahead.

The Oncoming Bear: Trusting the Message of the Markets 04/18/2022

Editor and Publisher of The GGM Advisory Service, Michael Ballanger, explains his current bearish stance on gold.

Why We Should 'Take a Position in Silver' 04/03/2022

Michael Ballanger goes bearish on silver and breaks down why a "heretofore uninteresting" junior developer has recently caught his eye.

Phenomenal Leverage to a World-Class Discovery 03/28/2022

Michael Ballanger is never shy on opinion and in this submission he reveals a high-leverage copper play in Colombia that is in the early stages of exploration. He's convinced you should take a closer look.

The Fed Mandate Has Shifted 03/21/2022

Michael Ballanger submits that steps should be taken to end central banking, and to remove the function known as "control of the currency" from its powers.

News Leads to Broken Markets, Delayed Dreams 02/28/2022

In light of news events of the past week, Michael Ballanger sat in disbelief as gold traded from $1,976.20 to under $1,890 in one single trading session.

Gold: Break-Out or Fake-Out? 02/15/2022

Michael Ballanger looks at the recent rise in the gold price in light of what is happening in the broader markets and geopolitical activity.

Analyst Looks for 'Divine Rebound' in Markets 02/08/2022

Every time a podcaster with the most internet views comes out with a new narrative on the Fed's current predicament, 800 clones descend upon the YouTube galaxy and that narrative suddenly goes viral, Michael Ballanger says.

Stormy Weather Ahead For Stocks 02/03/2022

As the January Barometer registers a definitive “sell,” Michael Ballanger discusses his ”Trade of the Year 2022.”

Crossfire: What Happens When Rising Bond Yields Meet Weakening Macroeconomic Data? 01/25/2022

Michael Ballanger discusses whether gold and silver (and their equities) will decouple from correlation with the broad stock market.

Inflation in the Crosshairs 01/19/2022

Michael Ballanger delves into inflation, the Fed's actions, and how they affect precious metals investing.

Get Ballanger's Top Picks for 2022 01/12/2022

Sector expert Michael Ballanger finds himself at an investing crossroads. Find out what his top picks are for 2022.

Analyst Stands at Crossroads in 2022 01/11/2022

With the accelerating involvement of government in the day-to-day behavior of all markets, it's a near-impossibility to forecast what will happen in 2022, Michael Ballanger says.

Market Expert Calls Uranium and Vanadium Company a Buy 12/21/2021

Industry observer Michael Ballanger explains why he has Western Uranium and Vanadium Corp. on his buy list.

Remembering Wharton: Detecting When the Fed Turns 'For or Against You' 12/20/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger remembers lessons learned years ago from a three-year course in "Stocks and Bonds 101," and how those principles still apply today.

Inflationary Hubris, the Fed & Gold: Can Inflation Actually Be Good for Everyday Americans? 12/06/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses Fed actions and how they affect precious metals.

Deja Vu in the World of Junior Mining 11/23/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger takes a look at the markets and homes in on one company in particular.

Daybreak in the Land of Precious Metals 11/17/2021

Michael Ballanger dissects last week's price gains in gold and silver.

Gold Reaches 'Escape Velocity' 11/11/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger explains why he believes the precious metals are breaking free of the gravitational pull of the last 15 months and are in the early stages of escape velocity.

The History of Gold’s Pavlovian Narrative 10/25/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger delves into the Federal Reserve's actions going back decades that affect the price of gold.

Crimex Silver: Murder Most Foul 10/06/2021

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger decries last week's manipulations in the silver market.

Gold: Evergrande Investors' Savior 10/04/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger links debt and wolf packs in this exploration of the effects that the troubled Chinese company will have on gold.

Storm Clouds: Looking at Trendlines in the Precious Metals Markets 09/23/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger breaks down market moves for the week of September 13 and discusses one of the highlights of 2021, which has been the explosive performance of the uranium space, citing companies such as Sprott Inc. and Western Uranium and Vanadium Corp, as we look toward a net-zero carbon future.

Echoes of the 1970s Haunt Modern Markets 09/15/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores how modern financial times mirror his formative years in the 1970s.

Summer 2021 Wraps, With 'Sharp Rebounds' Ahead for Precious Metals 08/30/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explains why he expects to "see sharp rebounds in the precious metals" sectors in the next five months.

On Your Marks: Now Is the Time to Own Gold and Gold Miners 08/17/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the reasons behind the recent "flash crash" in gold and sees opportunity given the recent market fluctuations.

The Wall of Containment: How Bankers Control Precious Metals Markets 08/09/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger describes his strategy for investing in gold and silver markets in August, which has historically been, in his experience, the "singular best month of the year to acquire gold and the miners."

GATA: The Original Whistleblowers 07/12/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses the history of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and its importance to investment in the precious metals.

Gold: Bear or Bull Market? 07/08/2021

In honor of Independence Day, sector expert Michael Ballanger celebrates the American "tribe," and also reflects on a potential precious metals bear market.

The Great Debate: Inflation Versus Deflation 06/29/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger argues that markets are better used as barometers than thermometers, and warns current Federal Reserve policy protects the wealth of bankers, not citizens.

'Narrative Nonsense' Rattles Precious Metals Investors 06/21/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explains how recent statements by the Federal Reserve could prove hazardous to one's wealth.

Hyperinflationary Expectations: Reflections on Cryptocurrency and the Markets 06/16/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger offers insights from bear markets of the past to illuminate the "business of money."

The Origins of COVID-19, Transitory Inflation and Precious Metals 06/08/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses the origins of the pandemic and the latest market moves.

Precious Metals Investing: Stay Focused and Stay Long 06/03/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger extolls the virtues of a pair of newsletter writers, and discusses how moving to communications to the internet has impacted trading, including in the precious metals market.

Conserving Financial Sanity: Cryptocurrency, Gold and Copper 05/26/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses the upsides and downsides of trading cryptocurrencies, precious metals and copper, and also puts numbers on the "multibagger" potential of Getchell Gold.

Bunker Mentality: 'Striking' Similarities Between Now and the Inflationary 1970s 05/17/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger examines the parallels between the present and the inflationary years of the mid-1970s, and also comments on how gold markets are responding.

Nuclear Nirvana: A Tipping Point in the Uranium Cycle? 05/12/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger takes a look at recent developments in the uranium market, as well as in copper and the precious metals.

Fed Guidance: The Oxymoronic Illusion 05/05/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the historic setting for recent remarks by the chairman of the Federal Reserve, as well as what Fed policy portends for the housing and other markets.

Sparing the Dime: The Dangers of Fudging Inflation Numbers 04/29/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger considers inflation and how market manipulations could have a detrimental affect on the gold bull, and describes how he's shifted his investing focus in response.

Fiscal Guilt: What a Shift in Monetary Policy Portends for Investors 04/20/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger describes how he is protecting his portfolio as political and financial fortunes begin to change.

Inflationary Floodwaters at the Brink 04/13/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger likens current monetary policy to a failing dam, and discusses the ways the precious metals markets are reacting.

March Malevolence, Lessons from a Hockey Great, and Precious Metals 04/06/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger advises investors they should never rest on previous successes.

In Praise of Rurality and Precious Metals 03/29/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger sings the praises of rural life and of two of his holdings, Getchell Gold and Norseman Silver.

'World-Class Exploration Play' in Patagonia 03/22/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger describes the potential of Norseman Silver's current project in Argentina.

Misplaced Loyalties: 'Mad' Money and the Markets 03/22/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger considers the value of advice of stock market "gurus" and charts the latest moves in the precious metals markets.

Celebrate the Return of the Golden Bull 03/15/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger considers how recent market moves have influenced investment in the precious metals markets.

Careless Wishes and Making a Date with Dr. Copper 03/08/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the role of hubris in the banking system, as well as the rising prospects of industrial metals like copper.

No Respect: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Debt 03/01/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger looks back at stock market behavior in the month of February, and its impact on the precious metals.

A Message from Dr. Copper; Copper Use Is Everywhere 02/23/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger examines the rise of copper and what that rise means—and portends—for other markets, including the precious metals.

Nevada Explorer Approaches 'Escape Velocity' 02/16/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger examines how recent news from Getchell Gold primes the company—and its investors—for profit.

The Importance of Stealth Investing, and How Not to Trade Silver 02/08/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses how shorting silver has affected the precious metals markets.

Shenanigans Abound: Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency 01/26/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the generational trends currently shaping investment markets, including the precious metals.

Divide and Conquer, American-Style, the Dollar and Precious Metals 01/18/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores how fluctuations in the value of the U.S. dollar and the gold and silver markets have played out over the last week.

On Regime Change, Reputations, the Markets, and Gold and Silver 01/11/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger ruminates on how the storming of the U.S. Capitol has affected both America's reputation and the precious metals markets, as well as on the value of "value."

2021 Forecast Issue: Financial Navigation in Uncharted Waters 01/05/2021

Sector expert Michael Ballanger lays out the foundation for his investment strategy in the new year, with uranium and copper augmenting his focus on the precious metals.

Global Speculation Gone Amok 12/14/2020

Sector expert Michael Ballanger employs the Buffett Indicator and Bitcoin in his latest analysis of the precious metals markets.

Mission Accomplished: The Gold Bull Is Back 12/07/2020

Sector expert Michael Ballanger maintains the "golden bull is back," and in this missive he outlines the reasons why.

Recent Quotes

"GSV is a company that now must be owned."

The Gold Report Article by Michael Ballanger (8/15/16)
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"TK's A13-05 drill result is arguably one of the best massive sulphide intercepts in my time in this space."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Ballanger (6/14/13)
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"When TK started hitting intercepts of massive sulphides containing economic-grade zinc, the hair on the back of my neck stood up."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Ballanger (1/18/13)
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"TK has a high probability of enhancing its resource to 30–35 Moz and possibly much more."

— Michael Ballanger, GGM Advisory Inc. (1/26/12)
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"TPL's Persea 1 will be production tested after intersecting a zone of possible hydrocarbons."

— Sergei Balashov, Proactive Investors (12/19/11)
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"TK is extremely well-funded with large Ag reserves."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Ballanger (8/10/11)
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"TK is my favorite silver story for 2011."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Ballanger (6/3/11)
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"Explor is close to unlocking an 'elephant-type' discovery."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Ballanger (6/3/11)
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