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James  Hesketh

Atna Resources' Pipeline Puts It in Position to Soar
Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (6/18/15)
When James Hesketh became president and CEO of Atna Resources in 2009, the company had plenty of promise but no gold production. Today, Atna has two producing mines—Briggs in California and Pinson in Nevada, with excellent prospects for expansion. Yet Atna shares can be had for only a dime. In this interview with The Gold Report, Hesketh explains how he intends to bring his company up to 100,000 ounces a year using primarily internal cash flow and how a rising gold price would reward investors with multiples. More >

Shawn Wallace

Auryn's Management Finds Success in the Prudent, Measured Approach
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (5/11/15)
After Agnico Eagle Mines gobbled up Cayden Resources in a mostly share-based deal worth CA$205 million, Shawn Wallace and Ivan Bebek are back with another gold exploration story: Auryn Resources. The successful tandem—with Wallace as CEO and Bebek as chairman—have a following among junior gold investors and hope to grow the Committee Bay gold project in Nunavut into a district-scale project worthy of a suitor's interest. If that's not enough, the company has plans to acquire a low-cost, high-quality gold asset to add to its project portfolio. In this interview with The Gold Report, Wallace shares his perspective on the junior market and his lofty goals for Auryn. More >

Mario Bouchard

Radisson Mining Believes Small Is Beautiful, For Now
Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (1/12/15)
It is good to know what you are and what you are not. Radisson Mining Resources Inc. knows what it is—a small gold exploration company with aims of becoming a small gold producer inside 28 months. Radisson Mining President and CEO Mario Bouchard believes his company has a realistic plan in place to reach its goal and it's just a matter of focus and execution. Bouchard explains his plan and his company's identity in this interview with The Gold Report.
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Gianni Kovacevic

The Copper Denominator: Gianni Kovacevic
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report  (12/15/14)
Gianni Kovacevic, the author of "My Electrician Drives a Porsche?" and executive chairman of CopperBank Resources Corp., takes a scientific view of historical, social and environmental trends in energy usage and identifies copper as the common denominator. As global energy usage increases, most of that energy flows through copper. In this interview with The Gold Report, Kovacevic discusses how his book explains his approach in understanding copper's investment opportunity in a scientific context, and the role of the company he founded to take advantage of this secular trend. More >

Balmoral Resources: Two Projects, One Vision, Proven Share Price Performance
Source: Taylor Thoen, BTV/The Gold Report   (6/18/14)
With two 100%-owned, shallow, high-grade properties in Canada churning out results and millions of dollars in the bank to keep the drills turning, Balmoral Resources is taking advantage of elevated nickel prices and a quiet junior mining backdrop to turn investors' heads. President and CEO Darin Wagner shares his focus for moving both projects forward. More >

Jon Awde

Gold Standard Ventures Consolidates Southern Carlin Trend District
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report  (5/21/14)
All serious gold investors know the Carlin Trend of Nevada is one of the most prolific gold producing regions of the world. Is it possible that there is an undiscovered district, not just a deposit, within that region that was missed by the majors? Jon Awde, CEO of Gold Standard Ventures, discusses how spectacular drill results have guided Gold Standard Ventures to focus on creating the southernmost mining district of the Carlin Trend—the Railroad/Pinion District. At more than 40 square miles, the district is large enough to potentially sustain a mid-sized producer. In this interview with The Gold Report, Awde describes the unique challenges of proving up a series of deposits that are in the shadow of the majors and for the first time all combined under one company in a single mining district. More >

Mark Selby

Royal Nickel Corp: Indonesian Ore Export Ban Opens Door to the Next Generation of Nickel Mines
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report  (2/11/14)
Nickel prices have been weak, but the recent Indonesian government announcement banning ore shipments outside the country may be the shock that reverses the trend. In this interview with The Mining Report, Mark Selby, Interim CEO of Royal Nickel Corp., walks through his analysis that indicates nickel price increases and inventory reductions are imminent, while demand continues to grow and over a quarter of global mine supply is shut in. He considers nickel in 2014 one of the best commodity trades in a generation. To capitalize on this unique set of circumstances, Royal Nickel's Dumont Nickel Project follows the path of other large-reserve, large-scale mines in the copper and gold sectors that have changed the mining industry and made early investors fortunes. More >

Crocodile Gold CEO Says a Focus on Value over Ounces Will Boost Prospects in 2014
Source: Dan Lonkevich of The Gold Report   (11/20/13)
After posting record production and recovery rates at its three mines in Australia and significantly raising its production guidance for the year, Crocodile Gold Corp. may be poised for an even better 2014. Thanks to a quickening ramp-up of its early-stage Cosmo mine, its new Big Hill project and noncore asset divestiture plans, Crocodile CEO Rodney Lamond tells The Gold Report that his company has ample funding and the proper focus on value over ounces to succeed even in today's challenging pricing environment. More >

Paul Ogilvie

Understanding High-Grade Lump Graphite
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report  (11/18/13)
Four graphite ore samples are placed on a conference room table. Straight from the earth, which one can be used to write on a piece of paper? Answer: the lump graphite sample. In this interview with The Gold Report, Paul Ogilvie, CEO of the newly formed Saint Jean Carbon, explains the distinctive advantages of lump graphite from a mining and marketing perspective and describes his plan to create a profitable company from an uncommon form of high-grade graphite deposit. Read how the company is educating investors on this highest-grade form of graphite while restarting world-class mines using modern technology and an experienced business team.
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Corrado De Gasperis

Comstock Mining CEO: Goal of Doubling Production in 2014 Just First Step
Source: JT Long of The Gold Report  (11/13/13)
Comstock Mining Inc. is set to double its gold production to 40,000 oz in 2014 and may soon be able to boost production nearly fourfold. In this interview with
The Gold Report, Comstock Mining CEO Corrado De Gasperis explains why the company's sizeable resource potential, successful permitting achievements, low-cost drilling program and cultural commitment to safety and environmental responsibility are just a few of the reasons why investors should be following this attractive gold producer.
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Justin Reid

Sulliden Gold's Low-Cost Shahuindo Project Validated by Agnico-Eagle Investment
Source: Dan Lonkevich of The Gold Report  (11/1/13)
Sulliden Gold Corporation Ltd.'s Shahuindo gold project in Peru was validated as a low-cost, high-return project by a strategic investment of $24 million by Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. last April. Sulliden's president and director, Justin Reid, tells The Gold Report about the factors that have led to the company being one of the top performing mining stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange this year. Sulliden has a balance sheet of $70 million, including a recently completed $40 million bought-deal financing, and Reid says the company is close to finalizing the funding package needed to complete the construction phase of the project in 2014 and begin the first full year of production in 2015. More >

Sylvain Boulanger

Pro-Or Seizes Market Opportunity with Platinum Recycling Technology
Source: J. Alec Gimurtu of The Metals Report  (9/18/13)
The largest end-use application for platinum group metals, automotive catalytic converters, is also North America's largest potential source. Every year, nearly 15 million North American cars expire—and recycling the platinum group metals within them is far cheaper than building a three-mile mine shaft in a faraway country. In this interview with The Metals Report, Sylvain Boulanger, CEO of Pro-Or Inc., describes how his company's technology improves recoveries, simplifies the supply chain and reduces costs. More >

Brian Maher Kimberly Ann

Peruvian Precious Metals Repeating a Winning Formula
Source: Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report   (9/4/13)
The management team that took Prodigy Gold from a $25 million market cap junior to a $340 million buyout in less than three years is back with a new company that it believes is tailor made for applying its formula for success. In this interview with The Gold Report, CEO Brian Maher and VP of Corporate Development Kimberly Ann discuss their latest project, how they are "managing through change" and what differentiates them in an industry of over-promoting and under-delivering juniors. Clear communication is part of the formula, but there is more than talk when it comes to advancing a great project in South America's largest gold producing region. More >

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"SCOT is a bargain and Buy at current trading levels."
– Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
"New targets keep popping up due to CBR's exploration at Cuiu Cuiu."
– Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial)
"MAG's attributable production in Q3/20 was 173 Koz."
– Ryan Thompson, BMO Capital Markets

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