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Adrian Day

Two 'Rodney Dangerfield' Mining Companies with Great Assets
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/7/18)
Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management makes the case for "two strong projects" that are "severely undervalued in the market."
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Gwen  Preston

Three Companies to Watch in a Recovering Commodities Market
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/6/18)
Investors are more bullish on commodities than they have been for a long time. Gwen Preston, founder and editor of The Resource Maven newsletter, discusses trends with commodities and three companies that are on her radar. More >

Copper Mine Developer Closes US$30M Financing, Secures Most of Equity Part of Capex, UIC Permit Process Takes Bit Longer
Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports  (2/3/18)
The Critical Investor provides updates on this company's financing and permitting on its U.S. copper project. More >

Major Copper Producer Logs 'Solid' Q4/17 Results
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/1/18)
Ralph Profiti, an analyst with Eight Capital, provided an update on this miner, including recent announced quarterly results and guidance. More >

Cervantes Drilling Demonstrates There Is Nothing Quixotic About Gold Project
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/1/18)
The initial drill results of a new exploration company show porphyry gold potential in an area where two large mines are operating. More >

Coverage Initiated on 'Clear Standout Within the Zinc Space'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/23/18)
Kevin MacKenzie, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity, explained the rationale for adding this junior exploration company to his coverage universe.
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A Candidate for 'Deal of the Year' in British Columbia
Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports  (1/17/18)
The Critical Investor profiles a base metal developer with a project in British Columbia that recently signed a major funding agreement with Wheaton Precious Metals. More >

'Grossly Undervalued' Miner Enters 2018 with Abundant News about Its Argentinian Projects
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/16/18)
A small-cap miner moving forward on its prospects in Argentina has caught the attention of several industry watchers. More >

Adrian Day

Exciting News with More to Come
Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports  (1/15/18)
Money manager Adrian Day provides updates for a handful of companies in his portfolio. More >

Brownfield Leverage and Blue-Sky Greenfield Zinc Exploration in British Columbia
Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports  (1/9/18)
As zinc continues to rise, The Critical Investor profiles an explorer consolidating claims in southeastern British Columbia. More >

Ron Struthers

Gold: Not the Typical Year-End Buying Opportunity
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (1/4/18)
Ron Struthers of Struthers' Resource Stock Report takes a look back at gold's performance in the last quarter of 2017, and describes a producer he'll be adding to his portfolio in early 2018.
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Ron Struthers

Miners of the Modern Yukon Gold Rush
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (1/4/18)
Ron Struthers of Struthers’ Resource Stock Report describes a miner making a promising stand in the Far North, as well as other Yukon-based gold companies that have captured his attention. More >

Michael Ballanger

2018: The Year of Living Dangerously
Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports  (1/3/18)
What does the New Year hold in terms of prospects for investors in gold, silver and copper? How will central banks and cryptocurrencies play into the health of global financial markets? Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger ponders the possibilities. More >

Copper Outlook at Critical Juncture and Implications for the Silver Price
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (12/30/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund delves into the reasons behind copper's recent rise and what that could mean for silver. More >

Frank Holmes

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Gold: A Year of Disruption
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/22/17)
While gold is perceived to have lagged in 2017, the metal is actually up about 10% for the year, notes Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. In this interview with The Gold Report, Holmes discusses bitcoin and blockchain's dramatic rise, the future of precious metals investing, and companies on his short list to watch.
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Adrian Day

Four Miners Advance Exploration and Development Projects
Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports  (12/22/17)
Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management takes a look at four companies, noting the progress made by three and reflecting on another that is "trying to salvage what it can of its best mine." More >

Ralph Aldis

5 Undervalued Miners for This Tax-Loss Selling Season
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/21/17)
As the year comes to a close, Ralph Aldis, portfolio manager of U.S. Global Investors, reviews some of his precious metals holdings and calls out a handful of companies he believes tax-loss selling has made particularly good values right now.
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Junior Miner Looking Good for Commercial Production in 2018, Analysts Say
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/12/17)
A flagship Nevada project is showing results and the company anticipates commencing commercial production in the first quarter of 2018. More >

Zinc Explorer Finally Hits at Zone 3; How Big Can the Resource Get?
Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports  (12/9/17)
The Critical Investor provides an update on this zinc explorer's latest drill results. More >

Two 100%-Owned Projects Have Analysts Talking About a Possible 'JV Partnership Offer'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (12/7/17)
With an advanced project being looked at by potential partners and a newer project producing precious metal results, several analysts rate this precious metals explorer a "Buy." More >

Peter Epstein

Explorer to Drill Flagship Copper Project with 'Blockbuster Discovery Hole'
Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports  (12/1/17)
Peter Epstein, founder of Epstein Research, evaluates Centenera Mining Corp.'s Esperanza copper-gold porphyry project. More >

The Future of Mining: Urban Mining
Source: Clive Maund for Streetwise Reports  (11/23/17)
Technical analyst Clive Maund of profiles a company that has developed a pollution-free process for extracting gold and base metals from E-waste. More >

Pure-Play Vanadium Producer's Q3 Revenues Increase 153% YOY
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/21/17)
With the price of vanadium on the rise, one pure-play producer is reaping the benefits. More >

Ron Struthers

Expert's Opinion: 'Back Up the Truck' for this Stock
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (11/21/17)
Ron Struthers of Struthers' Resource Stock Report takes a look at results from two mining companies, and picks the one he considers a winner.
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Louis James

Why the Commodity Supercycle Is Favoring Investors Right Now
Source: Streetwise Reports  (11/21/17)
Precious, base and energy metals are all benefiting from the commodity supercycle, says Louis James, editor of International Speculator, who also discusses his Golden Runway theory of price appreciation and talks about a handful of companies that he believes are on the rise. More >

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"I am expecting some significant news from GYA."
– Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report, Elcora Resources Corp.

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