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Keith Phillips: M&A Prey Offer Compelling Buying Opportunities (08/27/2014)

Keith Phillips, a managing director and head of Cowen & Company's Mining Investment Banking Group, says strong companies with solid balance sheets are on the hunt for precious metals development projects or small producers trading at steep discounts. In this interview with The Gold Report, Phillips explains that these juniors represent unprecedented value for acquirers with longer-term goals, and he tracks some potential M&A prey.


Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie Companies with Cash Flows, Low Costs and MOUs (08/26/2014)

Now more than ever, only select mining companies are attracting investors. Luke Smith, head of mining research for Canaccord Genuity in Melbourne, argues that low costs, increasing cash flows and improved net cash positions are crucial for gold companies. Solid contracts with end-users and strong institutional support are crucial for commodities. In this interview with The Mining Report, Smith highlights two undervalued Australian gold companies and three Australian companies in graphite and lithium that have already seen explosive share growth and appear poised for even greater gains.


K-Waves: How to Predict the Next 'Gold Rush' (08/26/2014)

"It's going to be a painful period in the economy, but I believe gold will shine as we have seen before, during the long wave economic winters."


Keep the Faith, Says Michael Fowler: Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout Once Gold Recovers (08/25/2014)

Compass and goldMichael Fowler, senior mining analyst with Toronto-based Loewen, Ondaatje & McCutcheon, predicts when gold breaks out, mining M&A will take off. He expects the major producers to lead the next rush of M&A. The majors want development-stage companies with high-grade, near-term production assets, and Fowler suggests some targets in this interview with The Gold Report.


Silver Is Everywhere—And Poised for Big Gains (08/22/2014)

"Silver is so vital in consumer electronics, solar power and even healthcare now that it has become one of those 'Miracle Materials' that are literally changing our lives. "


Junior Mining Companies that Will Make Beautiful M&A Music: AgaNola's Florian Siegfried (08/20/2014)

Florian Siegfried, head of precious metals and mining investments with Switzerland-based AgaNola Ltd., knows where the music is playing in the mining M&A space. In this interview with The Gold Report, Siegfried notes that well-financed juniors with low production and capital costs, or intermediate cash-flowing producers, will be hitting the M&A high notes, and suggests a sextet of companies capable of making beautiful music.


CEOs in Mining (08/20/2014)

The CEOs of the top 25 gold, silver, copper, coal and base metals mining companies in the world are profiled in this infographic.


Fund Adviser Björn Paffrath's Mantra: In the End, Performance Matters (08/19/2014)

Björn Paffrath, Switzerland-based fund adviser and newsletter writer, says there is certainly an elevated risk of a correction in the broad market but the upside in the mining sector is worth looking at as the market turns. Paffrath expects more M&A activity in the fall and says he's always looking for opportunities that really impact the performance of the funds. In this interview with The Mining Report, Paffrath shares some silver, base metals and tungsten positions.


Minerals Versus Marijuana (08/19/2014)

"Rule, Casey, Cook, and James say now is the time to invest in natural resource plays, not run for high-tech or a product to get high with."


Björn Paffrath: Mining Sector Bottom Is In and Opportunities Abound (08/18/2014)

Björn Paffrath, Switzerland-based fund adviser and newsletter writer, is so convinced that we've seen the bottom in the mining sector that he's launching a new gold and silver fund in Europe. He says capital is trickling back into long-forgotten mining equities as the smart money seeks to rotate out of frothier sectors and into real assets. In this interview with The Gold Report, Paffrath also forecasts a broad market correction as he tells us about some promising equity positions.


The Great Divide: Inequality in Gold Juniors Means Opportunity (08/14/2014)

"It's clear we've reached a new level of separation between the wheat and the chaff. While it took longer than expected, this "Great Divide" makes it obvious as to which companies should be avoided by retail investors."


Chris Thompson: Gold and Silver Miners that Can Make Money Now (08/13/2014)

Gold and moneyAs much as we'd all like significantly higher silver and gold prices, Chris Thompson of Raymond James doesn't expect them. The good news, he argues, is that the relative stability now characterizing the market permits investors to make informed decisions about which companies can build value and demonstrate cash flows at today's prices. In this interview with The Gold Report, Thompson lists a handful of gold and silver miners prepared to do just that.


Where Is Casey's Marin Katusa Stashing His Money When Europe Heats Up? (08/12/2014)

Under the cloud of a "colder war" with Russia, Europe is embarking on an energy renaissance. In this interview with The Mining Report, Casey Research energy expert Marin Katusa shares four junior names he thinks could profit from a move into modern energy production techniques, and one truly contrarian name for those expecting the worst.


Jeb Handwerger: Position Yourself for Fall Fireworks (08/11/2014)

Investors are all too familiar with the KABOOM in precious metals prices in the fall of 2011 and the echo that's still reverberating. Three years later Jeb Handwerger, founder of, believes it could be the broad market's turn—and soon. In this interview with The Gold Report, Handwerger explains why it's important to position yourself for some fall fireworks and suggests some stocks with booming fundamentals.


Gartman Reckons End-Game for Gold Price Management Could Be Nigh (08/11/2014)

"Dennis Gartman warns that the dangerous geopolitical situation could defeat the financial forces that are keeping the gold price depressed."


Jason Hamlin Says Gold Is Unstoppable, with Stocks Leading the Way (08/06/2014)

Downward manipulation of gold and silver is real, declares Jason Hamlin, but the longer it continues, the higher prices will go when the free market reasserts itself. In this interview with The Gold Report, the publisher of the Gold Stock Bull newsletter argues that rising geopolitical anxiety coupled with endless monetary expansion could lead to explosive growth in precious metals and equities. He also lists his favorite royalty/streaming companies and gold and silver miners.


Why Silver Prices Are Rising Today (08/06/2014)

"Precious metals tend to get a boost in times of fear, as it is sought out as a safe-haven investment vehicle. Silver tends to also get a boost as it receives residual precious metal investor interest."


David Sadowski: Are You Ready for Upward Pressure on Uranium Prices? (08/05/2014)

Take advantage of the temporary bear market in uranium juniors, David Sadowski tells The Mining Report. The Raymond James mining analyst explains why uranium prices are low and why they will rise in the medium term. Hint: It has something to do with how orange juice is produced. And he talks about why a gold lining makes the metals market a solid bet.


John Hathaway and Doug Groh: Buy Gold Like It's 1999 (08/04/2014)

The overall markets are exuberant. Valuations rise regardless of value created. And gold is conspicuously not at the party. All of this sounds very familiar to John Hathaway and Doug Groh, portfolio managers of the Tocqueville Gold Fund. It is like 1999 all over again. In this interview with The Gold Report, the pair of fund managers shares their top 10 picks for a diversified portfolio that minimizes risk while maximizing the upside they see coming sooner rather than later.


Silver Price Forecast: Metal to Gain Ground in August on These Factors (08/04/2014)

"One reason for a rosy silver price forecast for August is that the white metal has finished up every year in this month for the last five years, averaging a return of 10.4%."


Like Gold, Base Metal Stocks Offer Huge Investment Opportunities (08/01/2014)

"Base metals stocks have been some of the best performers so far this year as they have risen off their nadirs."


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