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The Four Exploration Companies Bottomfisher John Kaiser Thinks Could Get Gold Investors Excited Again (12/31/2014)

The junior resource market is at a historic low point, but Kaiser Research Online author John Kaiser knows it just takes one big discovery to bring excitement—and investor dollars—back to the market. It has happened before. In this interview with The Gold Report, he reveals which four companies could lead the way.


Resolve to Do Better in 2015: Expert Edition (12/31/2014)

As natural resource investors take stock of their 2014 portfolio shifts and make adjustments for 2015, The Gold Report quizzed top experts in the sector on what resolutions they are making and—perhaps more important—what steps they are taking to make sure they stick to the hard choices they have made. We want to know if you are taking the same steps, have your own plan to make the most of whatever happens in the sector or just plain disagree. Please use the comment section to let us know what you will be investing in as we bravely face a new year.


Chris Berry Identifies Commodity Companies with the Disruptive Advantage (12/30/2014)

Globetrotting Chris Berry, founder of House Mountain Partners, finds most retail and institutional investors sitting on the sidelines waiting to see where the energy sector is headed before jumping back into the game. Game-changing disruptive technologies or sustainable end-user agreements are what companies need to succeed and he shares some likely names in the cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite—even uranium—spaces in this interview with The Mining Report.


Gold Beat All Other World Currencies in 2014 (12/30/2014)

"Even though gold has lost 0.8 percent year-to-date as of this writing, it still leads all major world currencies except for the U.S. dollar."


Aussie Toe Cutters Girding Companies for the Long Haul (12/29/2014)

In Australia, when companies want to cut costs, they hire what are known as "toe cutters." These managers root out inefficiency and drive profitability. Vincent Pisani, senior resources analyst with Shaw Stockbroking in Sydney, Australia, says toe cutters down under are girding companies by lowering production costs to ensure profitable operations even in the face of further commodity price weakness. In this interview with The Gold Report, Pisani suggests some companies that are well positioned to succeed, even if their toes are somewhat shorter than they used to be.


Poised to Bounce Back? Gold and Silver Prices in 2015 (12/29/2014)

Will 2014 eventually prove to define the bottom in gold? The odds of that are improving.


Best of the Best: The Most Popular Thoughts from 2014 (12/24/2014)

As natural resources bounced all over the charts in 2014, readers turned to the experts interviewed by The Gold Report for insights on what was driving these ups and downs, and how they could protect themselves—or, better yet, benefit—from the volatility. We combed through interviews with experts featured during the year, and offer some thoughts you might want to consider as you prepare for 2015.


8 Billion Reasons to Invest in Potash: Paradigm's Spencer Churchill (12/23/2014)

Potash producers have 8 billion reasons why demand for the minerals that increase food production will grow in the coming decades. Plus, a sinkhole emerging under a Russian mine is raising questions about the ability to produce enough fertilizer to feed what is projected to be an even larger and more demanding global population. The right companies could reap the benefits of exposure to the agricultural market. In this interview with The Mining Report, Paradigm Capital Analyst Spencer Churchill shares some of his favorites and talks about a unique streaming model that benefits from immediate upside.


BMO Capital Markets' Andrew Kaip Says Get Ready for the Consolidation Wave (12/22/2014)

Andrew Kaip, managing director of mining equity research at BMO Capital Markets, says the stark reality is that the precious metals sector is only part way through a down cycle and that structural issues will result in a fresh phase of consolidation. He adds that the small to intermediate producers will lead the consolidation charge. In this interview with The Gold Report, Kaip suggests some suitors and prime acquisition candidates.


The Many Phases of Silver (12/19/2014)

Since the early days of civilization, the ancients connected the brilliance of silver to the moon. Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon, wore silver sandals and shot from a silver bow and arrow. This lunar comparison might be fitting because like the moon, silver also has many phases. The properties of silver make it the most dynamic of precious metals.


Gold 2015: A Quick Heads-Up (12/19/2014)

Gold in 2015 will find mine output slowing, the dollar rally questioned and China's demand ever more important. . .


John Williams: A Downhill Run for the Dollar in 2015 (12/17/2014)

Rosy GDP numbers may have cheered the masses, but John Williams of says we're a long way from prosperity. In this interview with The Gold Report, Williams debunks the myth of economic recovery and warns that we still have serious debts to settle. That is why he is recommending caution in 2015 to preserve purchasing power and maintain your standard of living.


Have Gold and Silver Really Bottomed? (12/17/2014)

"The fundamentals seem to suggest that gold will move significantly upward rather than downward in the short to medium term."


Be Bold and Seek the Sizzle, Says VSA Capital's Paul Renken (12/16/2014)

It's time to be bold, says Paul Renken, senior geologist and analyst with London-based VSA Capital. He seeks the "sizzle," or the narrative, in mining equities because the sizzle moves the story. But Renken remains selective and likes to see a significant discovery or acquisition that provides a clear path to investor returns. In this interview with The Mining Report, he recommends a veritable laundry list of companies in numerous commodities operating around the world.


Two Countries You Might Be Surprised to Find Hallgarten's Chris Ecclestone Likes Now (12/15/2014)

How tight is money in the mining industry? So much so, according to Chris Ecclestone, mining strategist with Hallgarten & Co., that juniors are punished for resource estimates because the market believes they can't afford to develop their properties further. In this interview with The Gold Report, Ecclestone explains that canny juniors are choosing past-producing properties, which boast dependable resources estimated by majors and already existing infrastructure. And he names two current gold producers he believes are woefully undervalued.


Elliott Wave Charts Point to Shocking Countertrend for Gold: Steven Hochberg (12/10/2014)

It's not just surfers who scrutinize wave patterns. Steven Hochberg, chief market analyst at Elliott Wave International, uses the Wave Principle to predict the movements of commodities and the stock market based on a number of factors, including sentiment. In this interview with The Gold Report, he reads the waves and sees indications that the stock market is headed for a downtrend, while commodities will move up, although not in a direct line.


7 Companies 'Best Positioned to Deliver in 2015' (12/10/2014)

"Despite the volatile market, there's definitely still some silver lining out there."


Rob Chang Spins Yellowcake into Gold and Gold into Green (12/09/2014)

The long winter of falling uranium prices is about to give way to a Japanese spring. In an interview with The Mining Report, Cantor Fitzgerald's Rob Chang discusses the return of the small producers as an increasingly hungry market looks to eat up all of the available uranium. Plus, Chang likes gold and enlightens us on how gold miners are shaking profits out of slag.


Robert Baylis: A Taste for Tungsten—Finding the Sweet Spot for Investors (12/08/2014)

Finding the right combination of factors for an investable tungsten operation is no easy matter, says Robert Baylis, managing director of London-based Roskill. Much of the tungsten space is held privately, but some publicly traded equities offer leverage to future demand growth. In this interview with The Gold Report, Baylis says investor success in this space depends on finding that sweet spot where low capital and operating costs act as the honey needed to lure end users into offtake agreements or outright takeovers.


Gold Shorting Exhaustion (12/06/2014)

"Short selling always runs in relatively short spurts, ramping up fast but quickly peaking in selling exhaustion. And I suspect that's exactly what's happening in gold now."


Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri Say Gold Will Regain Its Shine in 2015 (12/03/2014)

For all the talk of gold sinking remorselessly to $1,000 an ounce, the metal has risen to $1,200 per ounce and has held its ground. Have we seen the bottom? Money managers Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri of Greystone Asset Management say that if we haven't seen the bottom, we will soon. In this interview with The Gold Report, they predict that the next bull market will result in patient investors realizing gains in the multiples and suggest several companies poised to break out.


Harsh Words on Swiss Gold Referendum (12/03/2014)

"Egon von Greyerz is a firm believer that gold is underpriced at the moment—primarily because it is now so out of sync with the huge amounts of debt built up by governments around the world and the huge amount of money printing to preserve the perception that economies are stable to positive by keeping interest rates at or near zero."


Reactors Restart Uranium Mines: Thomas Drolet (12/02/2014)

Thomas Drolet has decades of experience in capitalizing on the movement of international energy markets. The chief of Drolet & Associates Energy Services is not sanguine about the long-term potential of fracking, but in this interview with The Mining Report, he tells us why now is a great time to reinvest in the uranium space.


Jordan Roy-Byrne Believes 2015 Will See the Renewal of Gold's Secular Bull Market (12/01/2014)

Past performance does not guarantee future performance, as they say, but Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, editor and publisher of The Daily Gold Premium, is persuaded that the bottom in gold is no more than a couple of months away. And after that, look out. In this interview with The Gold Report, Roy-Byrne says that his study of gold's history explains why gold could retest $1,900 per ounce by the end of 2016 before going parabolic.


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