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To Buy or to Break Up? Dueling Themes Emerge in Mining Sector Downturn (10/30/2014)

"Analysts recommend different tonics to ailing miners amid the mining sector downturn."


Bob Moriarty: Flock of Black Swans Points to Imminent Stock Market Crash (10/29/2014)

Between a rising U.S. Dollar Index and black swan events around the world, it's looking like bunker time for Bob Moriarty. In his latest interview with The Gold Report, the founder delivers a frank overview of U.S. international policy and lambasts commentators who look to their tea leaves in search of the next market moves. But it's not all gloom and doom: Moriarty also discusses metals companies with "no-lose deals," where resource investors can take advantage of more than favorable odds.


Why Matt Badiali Says Hillary Clinton Could Be Remembered as One of the Best Presidents Ever (10/28/2014)

Cheap oil prices and the economic prosperity they bring can make politicians and investors look smarter than they are. In this interview with The Mining Report, Stansberry Research Editor Matt Badiali shares the secrets for finding underappreciated commodities and companies before they become overpriced, and names his favorites.


Oliver Gross Says Peak Gold Is Here to Stay (10/27/2014)

The wave of zero-interest liquidity washing over the financial world could result in a short-term gold bottom of $1,000 per ounce, reports Oliver Gross of Der Rohstoff-Anleger (The Resource Investor). The good news is that Peak Gold is here to stay, which means that midtier producers will soon be desperate to buy low-cost, high-quality deposits. In this interview with The Gold Report, Gross argues that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for contrarian investors, and suggests a half-dozen best bets to be taken out.


Why One Firm Would Buy Over Half the LME's Copper Stocks (10/27/2014)

"LME stocks are used as an emergency source of supply, and having a monopoly over them could allow one to charge higher prices."


Ron Struthers: Focus on Graphite Companies with Green Energy and Technology Strategies (10/22/2014)

Graphite equities continue to trade sideways, but a handful are starting to emerge as best-in-class plays as they race to secure offtake agreements by derisking their projects through resource upgrading and economic studies. Ron Struthers, editor and publisher of Struthers' Resource Stock Report, says that investors need to focus on companies with strategies designed to position themselves with green energy and technology firms. In this interview with The Gold Report, he names a few players that make the grade.


Stefan Ioannou: Copper, Nickel and Zinc Won't Be Cheap for Long (10/21/2014)

The all-powerful U.S. dollar is currently hammering base metals and base metal equities. Haywood Securities Mining Analyst Stefan Ioannou says that increasing demand and near-term supply shortages make base metals a bargain that won't last. In this interview with The Mining Report, Ioannou argues that juniors with good deposits and low costs are in a unique position to benefit, and lists several companies that look to do just that.


Chinese and Indian Gold Buyers Back in Market in a Big Way (10/21/2014)

"By all accounts, demand in the two biggest consuming nations has been soaring, and they are, between them, taking in virtually everything the world's gold mines can produce."


An Ebola Armageddon Could Trigger a Rebirth in Gold and Silver Prices: Eric Sprott (10/20/2014)

Could an infectious disease kill the monster that has been choking gold and silver prices for more than a year? On the heels of a lively Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable discussion, The Gold Report caught up with investor Eric Sprott to ask how a tragedy in Africa could impact the price of precious metals and mining stocks. We also spoke to his Executive Vice President of Corporate Development John Ciampaglia about a new way to gain exposure to gold.


A Year of Hard-Wrought Lessons for Platinum (10/20/2014)

"Mechanization is becoming more viable; we're going to see a more skilled workforce..."


Leading Indicators for Gold's Turnaround (10/17/2014)

"While gold has only recently emerged from a weak triple bottom, it is showing more strength against the other asset classes."


H.C. Wainwright Analyst Jeff Wright Names Three Companies that Could Turn the Gold Trend Upside Down (10/15/2014)

Fans of gold have been following Federal Reserve Board announcements for any sign of relief, but H.C. Wainwright & Co. Analyst Jeff Wright says change may be a long time coming. That is why in this interview with The Gold Report, Wright is focusing on three companies that can be successful even in a low gold price environment. He also offers three questions every investor should ask before buying a junior mining stock.


John Kaiser's Tips for Escaping the Resource Sector Swamp Alive (10/14/2014)

What if the goldbugs are wrong and fiat currency isn't going to throw the world into hyperinflation? What if, instead, a steadily growing economy and a new awareness of the importance of having security of supply for critical metals, along with a big exciting discovery that heats up the resource sector, are what pull sinking gold and silver prices and their related mining companies out of the muck? If so, John Kaiser tells The Mining Report that he has set his sights on the dozen companies that would star in this horror-turned-romantic epic adventure.


A Win-Win Scenario for Gold Investors (10/14/2014)

"Investors can use recent setbacks to acquire gold at more attractive prices while waiting for the inevitable price increase to occur."


Must Read: 10 Companies Adrian Day Sees as Stable in a World that Is Not (10/13/2014)

Fund Manager Adrian Day has a ready answer for investors wondering why the gold price has been so depressed. It is the strength of the dollar. The Bank of Japan can act like a drunken sailor buying bonds at negative interest rates and the European Central Bank can do all the quantitative easing it wants, but as long as the dollar remains high, the gold price will suffer. That is why, in this interview with The Gold Report, Day focuses on 10 companies that can remain stable at almost any price.


Will Russia and South Africa Become the OPEC of Platinum? (10/12/2014)

"Bloomberg reported last Wednesday that Russia and South Africa will meet next month to discuss their mutual interest in the white metals, and the possibility of bolstering prices."


David Morgan's Secret to Being Grateful, Even at $17 Silver (10/08/2014)

Manipulation and apathy can't keep silver prices down forever; there is too much demand and too much money sitting on the sidelines. In this interview with The Gold Report, Editor David Morgan tells us why he is grateful for his balanced approach to investing and life. He also explains why he is still excited about four developers that are moving projects forward at any price.


The History of Metals (10/08/2014)

"The development of civilization has relied heavily on the discovery of metals."


The Best Offense Remains a Good Defense: M Partners' Derek Macpherson (10/07/2014)

With a strong dollar currently depressing the precious metals prices, M Partners Mining Analyst Derek Macpherson believes that fundamentals will kick in eventually and bring prices back up. In this interview with The Mining Report, he advises investors to look for low-risk companies on solid footing and discusses some of his favorite names that are poised to come out fighting.


Catalyst Check: Natural Resources Watchlist at Three Months (10/06/2014)

At the Cambridge House Canadian Investment Conference in June, The Gold Report Publisher Jason Mallin asked a panel of experts picking a portfolio of stocks with upside potential for the 2014 Streetwise Reports Natural Resources Watchlist what they wanted to see in an equity. As always, Sprott US Holdings Inc. CEO Rick Rule, summed up the ideal beautifully. "We like reality at a discount," he said. Now that three months have passed, we decided to check in with Rick and co-panelists Joe Mazumdar from Canaccord Genuity and Keith Schaefer from Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin to see how that reality is playing out. You can always check the portfolio in real time at the Portfolio Tracker.


Deutsche Bank Favors Base Metals over Precious Metals (10/06/2014)

"Base metals are preferred over bulks and precious metals, said Deutsche Bank analysts in a recently published third-quarter preview."


Four Ways to Make a Fortune with One Precious Metal (10/02/2014)

The "metal of the moon," as ancient Egyptians called it, has had a tough two years. Another way to look at it, though, is that there's strong evidence we're in the midst of a phenomenal buying opportunity.


Canaccord's Joe Mazumdar Shares His Favorite Get Rich Slow Schemes (10/01/2014)

Gold prices are down, but the prospects for fully funded development stories are up. In this interview with The Gold Report, Canaccord Genuity Analyst Joe Mazumdar shares the stories that are moving forward despite the downturn in commodity prices, and names some companies that could be the next takeover success stories.


From Beaver Creek to Denver: A Journey Between Different Worlds (10/01/2014)

September's Precious Metals Summit at Beaver Creek, followed hard by the Denver Gold Forum, brought a huge chunk of the gold mining and investing community to Colorado. The Gold Report Publisher Jason Mallin heard firsthand about companies that were adding value, and how investors planned to shift focus for the remainder of 2014. In this Gold Report roundup, we asked other experts in attendance for their takeaways from the proverbial mountaintop.


Silver's Bears Are Prepping for a Squeeze (10/01/2014)

"Despite a devastating September, the factors in place suggest these prices are deceptively low and ready for a reversal."


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