Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd.

Gold exploration company in the heart of the Cariboo gold district of British Columbia. Maiden hard rock drilling program starting in 2020, combined with underground paleo-placer gold production, also starting in 2020.

Expert Comments:

Clive Maund,

"After a rather heavy correction from its early July peak, Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. has been basing near to its rising 200-day moving average and looks ready to start higher again from here. . .it made a tentative attempt to break higher over a week ago and has since reacted back to what looks like another good entry point and is viewed as a Buy here for another major upleg."

Clive Maund,

"Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. is believed to be at a Buy spot here. . .moving averages are in bullish alignment. . .the volume pattern is bullish, and the sector correction looks about complete."

Tom MacNeill, CEO of Omineca Mining, and Chris Temple, editor and publisher of The National Investor, discuss Omineca's recently commenced maiden diamond drill program at the Wingdam gold project in the Cariboo Mining District, as well as upcoming catalysts and events.
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Clive Maund,

"Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. should do very well from here, especially given how gold is rising; the overall trend is up with moving averages in bullish alignment and volume indicators having held up well on the reaction. It is rated a Strong Buy here."

Clive Maund,

"After a meandering correction that has been going on for nearly three months from early July, Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. looks most attractive here, as it appears to be at the second low of a double bottom now and looks set to start higher. . .this resource stock looks like a Buy here."

headshot of Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor, Hotline

"Because of the novelty and exciting prospects for Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd.'s placer prospect, I have ignored what is for management its ultimate target, which is the lode source of the placer material. . .management believes this structure has considerable scale for hosting a multimillion-ounce gold deposit. So the business plan of the company is to use cash flows from the placer operation to fund an aggressive hardrock exploration program."

With this program, Omineca Mining and Metals is targeting the area around the single underground crosscut that yielded 173.4 ounces of placer gold.
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Omineca Mining and Metals will kick off its maiden drill program shortly.
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Clive Maund,

"The good news is that Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. stock is now at an even better entry point than when we first bought it. . .the earlier overbought condition has now completely unwound, the 50-day moving average has caught up with the price and there has been time for further rotation of stock, all of which have created the conditions for renewed advance. The volume pattern remains bullish and volume indicators have held up well, which further suggest that the stock is ready to advance again."

Omineca Mining & Metals aims to locate the bedrock sources of placer gold it encountered on bulk sampling in 2012.
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Omineca Mining and Metals believes it has one of the highest grade underground alluvial projects in Canadian history.
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Chris Temple
Chris Temple of The National Investor delves into what sets Omineca Mining and Metals apart.
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David H. Smith Maurice Jackson
David Smith of The Morgan Report tells Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable what he thinks about the current financial state of America, ways investors can protect themselves from the vagaries of modern times—including reading "Common Sense 2.0"—and mentions a few resource companies he finds worthwhile.
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Investing Highlights
Maiden hard rock drill program in a known gold region
Permitted paleo-placer bulk sample operation
A gold exploration company where the indicator mineral is gold
catalyst Calendar
Hard rock drill results
Production from paleo placer development
Expansion of land package and identification of Lode deposits