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NuLegacy Gold Corporation


NuLegacy Gold Corporation is a Nevada-based gold exploration company focused on expanding the Iceberg deposit, a promising, Carlin-type gold discovery in the prolific Cortez Trend of Nevada. The Iceberg gold deposit is located on the company's Red Hills project (optioned from Barrick Gold Corporation) and is adjacent to Barrick's ongoing, multimillion-ounce, Carlin-type Goldrush gold discovery. NuLegacy plans to spend a further $2.9M over the next three years to earn a 70% working interest in the project while expanding the gold mineralization in the Iceberg gold deposit.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades (8/20/14) "Now with a strengthened balance sheet, NuLegacy Gold Corporation can expand exploration efforts. I believe NuLegacy is a very interesting buy as it is confirming new areas of mineralization and filling in the gaps between zones. This is elephant country with deposits with 1020 Moz gold. Remember Barrick Gold Corp. produces over 1 Moz/year gold from the nearby Cortez mine at an extremely low cash cost. Gold deposits are extremely profitable in this part of the world."

Derek Macpherson, M Partners (8/19/14) "NuLegacy Gold Corporation announced a $3.5M financing with Waterton Global Resource Management, acquiring 28.25M shares by way of a nonbrokered private placement at $0.125/share. . .following the completion of this financing, NuLegacy is funded through the 70% earn-in of its Iceberg project from Barrick Gold Corp."

The Gold Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (8/11/14) "I recently visited NuLegacy Gold Corporation. The company is sitting next to Barrick's Goldrush deposit, probably one of the best discoveries in the world at 15.6 Moz gold in all categories. The company partnered with Barrick, which is rare in the junior sector and only happened because of NuLegacy's management's team. COO Roger Steininger was one of the people who discovered the Pipeline gold deposit in Nevada's Cortez Trend for Royal Gold Inc.; the project has since been purchased by Barrick. NuLegacy is beginning to outline a deposit in an area of Nevada where there are potential elephants. I'm excited to see the results of its exploration program, especially the Avocado Anomaly, throughout the summer and fall." More >

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (7/30/14) "NuLegacy Gold Corporation encountered an interesting mineralized zone at the Wenban 5 zone of the Iceberg gold project in Nevada. Hole 24 intersected 1.85g/t gold over a length of 15.2m. . .the three different gold zones at Iceberg now have a total strike length of approximately 3 km. . .we think this validates the company's exploration target of 90-110 Mt at 0.7-1 g/t gold (which would work out to be 23.5 Moz of gold)."

Zachary Mannes, Seeking Alpha (7/25/14) "Currently, NuLegacy Gold Corporation is drilling more to further delineate the primary Iceberg deposit. . .exciting on the larger Iceberg property are the as yet undrilled Jasperiod Basin and Avocado anomaly."

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The Mining Report Interview with Michael Berry (6/17/14) "We visited NuLegacy Gold Corporation when we were last in Nevada. It has a good team. Again, sustainability will be important for NuLegacy. It is another company that is at the top of my list, a list that was much longer two years ago." More >

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (6/2/14) "NuLegacy Gold Corporation has announced it started drilling at its Iceberg project in Nevada. The company plans to drill 9,000m of reverse circulation drilling and approximately 600m of core drilling in 3035 holes to test the mineralized zone for higher grade oxide mineralization at depth and to find sulphide mineralization. This year will be very important for NuLegacy Gold."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Berry (4/14/14) "I like NuLegacy Gold Corporation. Barrick is its partner in the Cortez Trend. It has done a couple of recent financings, which is a significant feat. NuLegacy is going to be drilling based on a fully funded exploration program. I think it has a real chance." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (3/18/14) "I am also a shareholder in NuLegacy Gold Corporation, which is partnered with Barrick on the Cortez Trend and has a top-notch management team that has found major discoveries in Nevada. Nulegacy's land position is adjacent to Barrick Gold Corp.'s world-class, 14-Moz Goldrush discovery. I am excited for its exploration program this year." More >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (2/14/14) "In conjunction with the geology and mineralogy identical to the other deposits along strike to the northwest of its Iceberg deposit in the Cortez Trend, NuLegacy Gold Corp. could be on to a major gold discovery. . .I believe there is a better-than-50/50 chance that this company's savvy exploration team will succeed in outlining a threshold deposit in excess of 1.5 million oxide oz believed to be the minimum required to cause Barrick Gold Corp. to back into a 70% interest in the Iceberg deposit. . .there is some probability that will happen this year and that, along with a continuing improvement in the junior gold share markets, could turn this penny stock into a moon shot."

Jeb Handwerger, Gold Stock Trades (2/12/14) "NuLegacy Gold Corportion is making a major breakout and is up more than double from its summer lows. The company is outperforming the larger miners by a wide margin. . .NuLegacy is exploring the Cortez Trend with its partner Barrick Gold Corp. . .these Cortez Trend mines can become huge 20+ Moz gold deposits with very low cash costs."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (12/13/13) "Profits have been very, very hard to come by in 2013 so we were tempted to lock NuLegacy Gold Corporation in. . .we are up something like 60%. However, reading over the press releases reporting on drill results so far, I have a feeling taking a profit this early might be a big mistake. . .this property is located directly adjacent to the Barrick Gold Corp. multimillion-ounce Goldrush discovery. . .there is a reasonably good chance that Iceberg has a shot at being the fourth Carlin-type gold deposit along the Carlin Trend. Certainly, drill results published to date suggest reason for optimism."

The Mining Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (12/10/13) "NuLegacy Gold Corporation [shows] significant outperformance is critical during these times as capital seeks out the outperformers. . .Nulegacy Gold is run by Dr. Roger Steininger, who found the first Cortez Trend deposit, the Pipeline deposit, with Royal Gold Inc. in 1989. It eventually got bought out by Barrick Gold Corp. He has a good relationship with Barrick, and that's how he got this joint venture between Nulegacy and Barrick for the Red Hills project, on land contiguous to Barrick's Goldrush discovery. I like the joint venture because once Nulegacy spends $3.9M, Barrick has to either carry it or buy it out. It just closed on an over-subscribed private placement. It raised $2M with Global Resources Investment Trust. Raising this sort of capital for gold exploration in this tough market." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Mike Niehuser (12/4/13) "There are a number of interesting projects in the Cortez Trend in Nevada. NuLegacy Gold Corporation has a highly prospective Iceberg oxidized gold project near Barrick's Cortez Hills mine, and even closer to Barrick's 14 Moz 4+ gram/ton gold discovery. NuLegacy recently amped up its exploration team and raised enough cash to complete a 70% earn-in on the Iceberg gold project by December 2015." More >

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (11/30/13) "NuLegacy Gold Corp. has an interesting joint venture with Barrick Gold Inc. in the Cortez trend of central Nevada. Dr. Roger Steininger of NuLegacy has a theory that the exciting set of three major (15 Moz+) discoveries in the Cortez trend extends all the way to the company's existing Iceberg gold deposit. These major mines occur every 7km down the trend to the southeast. It will take some money for drilling to prove the theory but Chairman Albert Matter has managed to raise money even in this worst of times."

Clive Maund, gold, silver & oil shares (10/30/13) "The price of NuLegacy Gold Corporation has still only risen a little compared to its level in recent months, and this stock is clearly very cheap; after all, the maximum you can lose if it fails completely is $0.10/share whereas the upside is relatively unlimited. The risk/reward-conscious investor should therefore find this a very attractive play at this juncture, and it is thus rated a strong Speculative Buy here."

The Gold Report Interview with Bob Moriarty (10/2/13) "I talked to the technical team from NuLegacy Gold Corporation. It is near Elko and has a joint venture with Barrick Gold. NuLegacy has 70% of the project; Barrick 30%. NuLegacy has $5M to spend in a certain period of time. The company has spent about half and has produced very attractive results. Management has to figure out a strategic issue: Does it want Barrick to back in or not? If Barrick backs in, Barrick will have to spend three times what NuLegacy spent, they will have to spend $15M in a five-year period and NuLegacy would get a 30% carried interest to production. In effect, NuLegacy would get a free ride. From a strategic point of view that's brilliant; Barrick puts the mine into production and NuLegacy gets 30%. . .the alternative is for NuLegacy to drill some areas that are not that good to discourage Barrick, in which case NuLegacy would get 70%. NuLegacy gets a homerun at 70% or 30%. How aggressively the company drills is the technical issue right now." More >

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (9/27/13) "NuLegacy Gold Corp. has excellent, seasoned management and the highest regarded expert on the Cortez Trend in the industry. This company is an easy tenbagger from where it is today."

The Gold Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (4/1/13) "Dr. Roger Steininger, the chief operating officer of NuLegacy Gold Corp., has more than 40 years of experience exploring Nevada. He's credited with the 21 Moz Barrick Gold Corp. Pipeline mine in the Cortez Trend. NuLegacy has a partnership with Barrick to explore Red Hills in one of the most exciting areas in the Cortez Trend. . .being partnered with Barrick and being next door to Goldrush on the Cortez Trend could be very attractive in an environment where Barrick is desperately looking for resource growth in a mining-friendly jurisdiction and speculation returns to the junior market." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Mike Niehuser (2/1/13) "I would like to visit NuLegacy Gold Corp.'s Red Hills project in the Cortez Trend along strike with the multimillion-ounce Pipeline and Cortez Hills mines. What makes Red Hills particularly interesting is Barrick Gold Corp.'s 7-Moz Goldrush deposit between Red Hills and these giant operating mines. One key member of the NuLegacy team is Dr. Roger Steininger, who discovered Pipeline in 1989. Red Hills looks like the next proverbial pearl on a string. This is clearly an early project, but I like early projects with good management teams in good areas." More >

Michael Berry, Morning Notes (12/18/12) "Nevada is now a prolific gold producer with several major gold trends acknowledged. . .so it was with much interest that I listened to the NuLegacy Gold Corp. presentation yesterday. The company is on the Cortez Trend, parallel to the Carlin Trend where Gold Standard Ventures Corp.'s recent Railroad discovery is located. NuLegacy's Red Hills project is located on strike a few kilometers from three major projects: Pipeline, Cortez Hills and Barrick Gold Corp.'s Goldrush mine. Collectively, these three discoveries hold 50 Moz of Carlin-style gold. . .this morning, NuGold announced results of six reverse circulation holes. . .they do, in fact, tend to confirm the extension of Carlin mineralization by several hundred meters."

The Gold Report Interview with Quinton Hennigh (10/17/12) "NuLegacy Gold Corp. is doing some very interesting work south of the new discovery that Barrick Gold Corp. has at Goldrush. The Goldrush project looks as if it's going to be a substantial discovery of more than 10 Moz. Barrick is actively drilling it right now. NuLegacy is targeting a similar zone on its project about five miles south." More >

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