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PolyMet Mining Corp. is a publicly traded company exclusively focused on developing the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious metals project, through its wholly owned subsidiary, PolyMet Mining Inc. The NorthMet Project is located in the established Mesabi Iron Range mining district in northeastern Minnesota. The company also owns the former Erie Plant, a large processing facility located approximately six miles from the ore body. The NorthMet project is expected to require approximately two million hours of construction labor, creating approximately 360 long-term jobs, a level of activity that will have a significant multiplier effect in the local economy.

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Resource Investing News Interview with Chris Krueger (2/16/15)
"It appears that PolyMet Mining Corp.'s final environmental impact statement will finally be published in the coming months. . .after this occurs, permitting should occur in the following six months. . .NorthMet could be a game changer for the Duluth complex and for the company. . .PolyMet's management team has improved in recent years, and I think it will be successful."

Tom Meyer, CIBC World Markets (2/3/15)
"Before market hours on Feb. 2, PolyMet Mining Corp. announced that it has secured a $30M loan facility at LIBOR (U.S. dollars, 12 month) plus 8% from its key shareholder Glencore International Plc.; although expected, we view the announcement as a positive development for the company. The loan covers PolyMet's anticipated costs through 2015 as it works through completion of the final environmental impact statement and subsequent issuance of permits needed to construct and operate the NorthMet Cu-Ni-PGM project."

Joe Reagor, ROTH Capital Partners (2/2/15)
"PolyMet Mining Corp. announced that it had secured $30M debt financing to cover near-term capital needs. We believe this should alleviate investor concerns over potential near-term equity financings. . .Glencore International Plc will provide $30M in four tranches during 2015 to help PolyMet fund near-term capital needs as the company works toward completing permitting and financing."

"One company with a compelling narrative is PolyMet Mining Corp. It's a very viable project in northern Minnesota, an area that needs jobs. Governments at all levels want economic development in that region. PolyMet is a long-term story. There was a mine there before and the facility was used for decades. . .in the long term this could very well become a mine again. . .the price target on PolyMet is still $2 per share." read more >

"My favorite polymetallic project is PolyMet Mining Corp.'s NorthMet project in Minnesota. . .this year, 2015, is the key year for NorthMet to be permitted, financed and to begin construction. NorthMet has only a one or two month window in late Q3/15 to early Q4/15 to begin construction because of its location. Delays beyond that would push NorthMet into 2016. That said, it seems to be on schedule, and we think it will make it to the finish line, winning the same value-curve adjustment we're predicting for Pretium. . .the current management, led by CEO Jon Cherry and CFO Douglas Newby, has learned from its mistakes and is now on the right course. PolyMet expects to issue its final environmental impact study in early spring. That will be, essentially, the end of the permitting process, and the company can then complete its financing. . .generally speaking, a fall in copper prices today usually bodes well for three years from now. By the time NorthMet begins production, the price of copper will likely have rebounded significantly. Even at $2.50–2.60/lb, it would still be profitable. In addition, the company has offtake agreements with Glencore." read more >

Joe Reagor, ROTH Capital Partners (1/5/15)
"PolyMet Mining Corp. is poised for a strong 2015, in our view, with significant milestones expected to be reached throughout the year. . .we believe the company could receive environmental permitting, arrange financing and begin construction during 2015, but most likely not until the back half of the year. . .we have chosen PolyMet as our top base metal stock pick for 2015."

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Investing Highlights
Loan facility up to US$30 million to close early 2015
Received the EPA's highest rating given to a mine EIS
Dept. of Natural Resources expects final EIS completion in Spring 2015
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