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Precipitate Gold Corp.


Precipitate Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on exploring and advancing its Juan de Herrera project, located immediately adjacent to GoldQuest Mining Corp.'s Las Tres Palmas project in the Tireo Gold Trend of the Dominican Republic. Current exploration work is focusing on the high-priority Ginger Ridge zone, which hosts an enriched multi-element geochemical anomaly characterized by strong gold and silver values. The company also maintains assets in northern British Columbia and southeast Yukon Territory, Canada, as well as in Sonora, Mexico. Precipitate is actively evaluating additional high-impact property acquisitions with the potential to expand its portfolio and increase shareholder value.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin (9/17/14) "I'm one of the founders of Precipitate Gold Corp., so I'm very familiar with its property in the Dominican Republic. Readers should note that while I follow Precipitate for my readers, I do not put a rating on it because I'm a major shareholder and too close to things to feel objective about it. Precipitate has received final approval and drill permits. Precipitate went in earlier this year and did more trenching, soil sampling and mapping. It also did induced polarization, which generated a coincident geochemical, geophysical chargeability target over about 800m, basically the strike length of the survey. It's open in both directions. The actual geochemical trend is a couple of kilometers long along Ginger Ridge. Precipitate is wrapping up the first ever drill program at Ginger Ridge and should have assays soon. . .I really like the target, but it is only a target so far. It is in Tireo Belt, where GoldQuest Mining, Unigold and Eurasian Minerals (on the Haitian side of the border) are operating. When you consider the amount of exploration expenditure there versus the number of ounces discovered, new targets and occurrences, it's a very high-potential belt. Precipitate has a big chunk of it and has recently added more claims. I pushed for Precipitate to enter the area a couple of years ago because I consider the geology so prospective and underexplored. We need to wait for the assays from the drilling but I'm optimistic because it's a good target. Precipitate still has cash after the drill program but I imagine it would do a financing before starting up the drill again." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (9/15/14) "One company I like in the gold space is Precipitate Gold Corp. The company is drilling its project in the Dominican Republic that's adjacent to GoldQuest Mining's Romero discovery. Precipitate has found some great surface gold anomalies from trenching and is drilling below these trenches. We expect some results fairly soon. That's an exploration play that has a lot of potential in the very near term. . .Precipitate is a buy right now precisely because GoldQuest had made a discovery, and Precipitate has yet to. Thus, the upside potential is very large for Precipitate at this point." More >

Eric Coffin, HRA Journal (8/24/14) "Precipitate Gold Corp. announced the start of its maiden drill program at Ginger Ridge on its Juan de Herrera project in the Dominican Republic. . .recent mapping conducted as part of the final drill collar siting confirmed the target stratigraphy is nearly vertical, which is what the company was hoping for. . .Precipitate has sufficient cash on hand to expand the drill program or get through the end of the year and then some."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (8/1/14) "Precipitate Gold Corp. announced the phase 1 drill program at the Ginger Ridge gold zone, which lies within the company’s Juan de Herrera project. . .trenching in this anomaly has returned impressive results and initial drilling will focus on the area immediately around the trenches. The drill program has been eagerly awaited by shareholders and I think it has a great shot of turning up some market-moving results, which is why Precipitate remains a Buy."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (7/1/14) "Recent acquisitions have filled Precipitate Gold Corp.'s pipeline as it steadily compiles a game plan for phase 1 drilling at Juan de Herrera. The new concessions represent the kind of aggressive moves I would expect from this management team and they give the company a ton of blue-sky potential. Precipitate remains a Buy."

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Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (5/1/14) "Precipitate Gold Corp. is a very well-run company with a solid corporate and geological team and smart investor backing. . .with drilling likely coming soon on the Ginger Ridge target and the approval process moving along for Hato Nuevo, now looks like an excellent time to begin buying Precipitate in earnest."

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (4/28/14) "Precipitate Gold Corp.'s Cecilia is a high-potential project. . .the company has very capable management and geological teams and adequate funding for the upcoming drill program at Ginger Ridge and the preliminary work at Cecilia. . .with the extent of the favorable geological information in hand, and with the high-caliber geological team, prospects are good that the drill program will produce favorable results."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (4/11/14) "While I remain bullish on GoldQuest Mining Corp., one junior that might well treat shareholders to substantially higher gains is Precipitate Gold Corp., which is exploring the same belt of rocks along the same Tireo Gold Trend that hosts the GoldQuest deposit. And in the very early stages of this exploration, shareholders have been blessed with some very early and promising success."

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (3/27/13) "Precipitate Gold Corp. should have results from follow-up work at Ginger Ridge out in a couple of weeks, which I hope will continue to improve the company's targets in this growing trend."

Eric Coffin, HRA Advisory (3/15/13) "Precipitate Gold Corp. announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the Cecilia project in northeast Sonora state, Mexico. . .the deal is quite reasonable for a Mexican project with the sort of past results that Cecilia has, particularly since it is an option to earn 100%. . .I think Cecilia is a very good target that the company should be able to advance and make an informed decision about with a couple of low-cost programs. . .the combination of location and some impressive past results make this a project that could hold traders' attention once work starts."

Resource Intelligence (3/11/13) "One of the best project acquisitions by a junior so far this year has to be Precipitate Gold Corp.'s purchase of the Cecilia project. . .apart from the obvious, objective facts about the project (one drill hole returned 180m grading 1.2 g/t gold and 20 g/t silver) there is the more ethereal, 'there has to be more than meets the eye here' kind of story."

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin (2/25/13) "When GoldQuest drilled its successful holes and became the flavor of the day, I went looking in the Dominican Republic. Now, I am a very large shareholder in Precipitate Gold Corp., which has picked up two concessions bordering GoldQuest in the same rocks: the Tireo volcanic belt. . .Precipitate acquired its concession applications last fall [and] announced that it has results just shy of 12 g/t gold and 50–60 g/t silver in one spot and over 100 g/t silver in another spot. The company is exploring altered Tireo volcanic rocks over a 1+ kilometer area on one of its concessions and has other targets it is working on as well. I was quite happy about this because Precipitate has not spent a lot of money on the operation yet. It ran a few fast reconnaissance programs and found a couple of interesting areas. There is a crew back at work there. Precipitate also just announced an inexpensive option to earn 100% in a Mexican project that should be easy to work and has reported historic results up to 180m of 1.2 g/t gold in a drill hole." More >

Peter Grandich, The Grandich Letter (2/19/13) "Precipitate Gold Corp. announced the addition of a significant advanced-stage asset to its already promising project portfolio by announcing an option to earn a 100% interest in a the Cecilia gold-silver property in Sonora state, Mexico. . .it's obvious Cecilia hosts substantial mineralization gold and silver veins, old workings, etc., and also the potential to identify additional, perhaps multiple, new zones in vastly unexplored areas of the project."

Peter Grandich, The Grandich Letter (2/12/13) "Precipitate Gold Corp. has a well-balanced group of founders, directors and officers. . .throw in a very tight share structure and assets in one of the market's hottest gold districts, and you've got yourself what I believe to be a compelling early-stage situation. . .the company trumped its initial results with additional results assaying 11.8 g/t gold and 39 g/t silver, and 5.8 g/t gold and >100 g/t silver in a newly identified target area called Ginger Ridge. . .Precipitate's prospects are now displaying the type of grades and geology that can draw increased market attention."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (12/28/12) "Precipitate Gold Corp. has an outstanding property portfolio in the Yukon and British Columbia, where it has about 19 highly prospective properties that were acquired for really valid geological reasons. That's the side of the company where I expect the next really important exploration news will come from." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (10/8/12) "Precipitate Gold Corp. sent a reconnaissance team to the Dominican Republic to scout out its recent acquisitions in that country. . .I have every confidence in this management team's ability to pick quality projects and to follow up on those acquisitions with top-flight exploration programs. . .a new addition to our list last month, the company continues to be a strong recommendation of mine moving into the final stretch of 2012."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (9/26/12) "I recently recommended Precipitate Gold Corp., which was founded as a Yukon story. Some friends of mine, including the Coffin brothers, helped launch it. Precipitate Gold's management team includes Adrian Fleming, who was the president of Underworld Resources. That company helped launch the new Yukon gold rush and was a big winner for my readers a few years ago. Precipitate assembled a great land package from the Strategic Metals group, for many years one of the top exploration outfits in the Yukon. Precipitate went public through an IPO with this big Yukon play.

Then came the big GoldQuest Mining Corp. discovery in the Dominican Republic. As an example of how a good management team can benefit shareholders, Precipitate went in and quickly seized an enviable land position in the Dominican Republic on trend with the GoldQuest discovery. Now Precipitate has two tremendous land positions in two of the hottest gold exploration trends in the world. It's a great company. It hasn't really taken off yet, but I think as it begins its exploration efforts, we're going to see the market start to pay attention to it. . .I see Precipitate as a longer-term winner that has tons of potential ahead of it and is a very good buy for investors." More >

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