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Precipitate Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on exploring and advancing its Juan de Herrera project, located immediately adjacent to GoldQuest Mining Corp.'s Las Tres Palmas project in the Tireo Gold Trend of the Dominican Republic. Current exploration work is focusing on the high-priority Ginger Ridge zone, which hosts an enriched multi-element geochemical anomaly characterized by strong gold and silver values. The company also maintains assets in northern British Columbia and southeast Yukon Territory, Canada, as well as in Sonora, Mexico. Precipitate is actively evaluating additional high-impact property acquisitions with the potential to expand its portfolio and increase shareholder value.

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"I can't resist the tremendous upside potential of a drill-hole play. Among those, one of the best is Precipitate Gold Corp. It has a lot going for it. It executed the initial drill program on Juan de Herrera project in the Dominican Republic and hit a nice intercept at its Ginger Ridge target of 13.4 g/t gold over 5m within 18m averaging 4.5 g/t gold. The key is that there's about 200m of untested anomaly behind that hole that Precipitate needs to drill. The company recently conducted another geophysical survey along strike and added another 850m that require drilling. Precipitate will likely drill along this geophysical signature sometime in the spring. We'll have some great news flow after that. . .Precipitate has only drilled one successful hole on Ginger Ridge so far, but it is using the same tools at Ginger Ridge that were used to locate the 3 Moz resource at Romero and it is getting similar types of signatures. Importantly, Precipitate's geophysical target comes to surface, whereas GoldQuest's was buried at some depth." read more >

"Precipitate Gold Corp. in the Dominican Republic is my favorite in the Caribbean. Note that I'm a founder of the company and one of its larger shareholders. . .Ginger Ridge has done great. It's located in the Tireo gold belt, which I think is one of the most prospective stretches of geology around. GoldQuest Mining has a couple of recent discoveries that total over 3 Moz and Unigold Inc. has a separate 2 Moz discovery a bit farther to the north. I really like this belt of rocks. Precipitate discovered the Ginger Ridge target and carried out a small drill program in the fall on an initial induced polarization chargeability high target. Precipitate reported a nice discovery hole from this small program: 4.5 g/t over 18m including 13.4 g/t over 5m. Precipitate recently completed an enlarged geophysical program. That has extended the chargeability anomaly by 800m, more than doubling the size of the target. The discovery hole was near the northern end of the former survey grid. Significantly, anomaly is now much larger and stronger and the best portions are still to be drilled. I think Precipitate is well positioned to really light things up this year." read more >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (12/11/14)
"Precipitate Gold Corp. is still a buy on our list based on the quality of its management team and the very real prospect of more discoveries at Ginger Ridge."

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (12/2/14)
"Precipitate Gold Corp. announced it has closed a small placement at $0.13 for just slightly less than $300K. . .management was being prudent rather than desperate in doing this financing. It covers the next phase of work with plenty left over and protects the existing working capital position, which should carry the company most of the way through 2015."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (11/6/14)
"I am excited about the progress Precipitate Gold Corp.'s is making at Ginger Ridge. It confirms my faith in the management team that runs this company. This is a group that knows how to make news and move projects along the exploration curve."

Eric Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst (11/2/14)
"Precipitate Gold Corp. is designing a follow-up induced polarization (IP) program to extend the known anomaly in Ginger Ridge and infill in some areas where existing geophysical lines are widely spaced. . .a focused IP/mapping program done now should greatly increase the 'hit ratio' on the next drill phase."

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