Almaden Minerals Ltd.

Almaden Minerals Ltd. is an exploration company generating new mineral projects with world-class potential. Its focus is new gold, silver and copper prospects in the western half of North America. The company has over 40 properties in its portfolio, highlighted by an exceptional Eastern Mexico land package, which includes the Ixtaca gold-silver zone and the El Cobre gold-copper project. This strong portfolio of exciting projects is the direct result of Almaden's commitment to exploration. Well-financed with five company-owned drills and an integrated in-house exploration team, the company has a proven discovery record and excellent risk management.

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Management Q&A: View From the Top
Morgan Poliquin
With approximately $5.5 million in the bank, a 3.5-million-ounce gold equivalent Measured and Indicated resource, zero debt and a robust, updated preliminary economic assessment, Almaden Minerals Ltd. CEO Morgan Poliquin says the company is in position to not only survive this tough market but to continue adding significant value at a deep discount.
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The Gold Report Interview with Bob Moriarty (11/30/15)
"Almaden Minerals an absolutely perfect example of value-added thinking, Bob Moriarty says. "I happen to like the father/son management team of Duane and Morgan Poliquin. I have been to the project and love it. The company is moving toward production on the Tuligtic project in Puebla, Mexico. It spun the other assets off as Almadex Minerals in a 2-for-1 special for shareholders.

"That's a perfect example of what you need to do in a market bottom. Investors tend to forget that commodities move up and down and you can't kill a project because today's price is too low. You have to weather through it. Is Almaden going to be able to produce silver and gold at a profit at a 5-year/10-year trading average? My belief is absolutely yes, so I don't care what the price is today. I want to see it move forward. The cost of diesel is cheap. The cost of iron is cheap. The cost of labor is cheap. It's a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of that."If you go down to your local Corvette dealer and a brand new Corvette was quoted to you six months ago at $70M, but today the same red sports car is on special for $6M, that sounds like a hell of a deal to me." Almaden applied that logic to its recent purchase of the barely used 7,000 ton-per-day capacity Rock Creek mill, a move that could reduce the initial capital cost estimate of ramp-up for Ixtaca by $70M. "It was an absolutely brilliant move on Almaden's part," Moriarty says.

"Almaden Minerals Ltd. is one of the best managed mining companies in Mexico. . .it's plan to spin off part of its portfolio to focus on the Ixtaca project is a brilliant move. One of the problems with project generators, all the way back to NOVAGOLD, is that you get 95% of your value for your primary project, 5% of your value from your second highest project and you get zero value from all the other projects. Almaden has one of the best portfolios filled with wonderful projects and the best management team in Mexico. The company is giving these projects to its shareholders for free. In a second company these same projects will have value. Management has postponed the spinoff until June, but it's a great idea. . .Almaden is worth owning just for the spinoff. You essentially get a company with some of the best projects in Mexico for free." read more >

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