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Zimtu Capital Corp. is a public investment issuer that invests in, creates and grows natural resource companies thereby providing a way for shareholders to indirectly participate and profit in the public company building process. The Company also provides mineral property project generation and advisory services helping to connect companies to properties of interest.

Zimtu has been instrumental in the launch of several companies including: Western Potash Corp., Commerce Resources Corp., and Lakeland Resources Inc. The success of these companies and Zimtu's consistent, long-term results has earned loyalty among our shareholders and the respect of our partners and peers.

Expert Comments:

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (6/17/15)
"Zimtu Capital Corp. offers, on the one hand, significant exposure to the greatest reward (upside) in the mineral exploration sector, but also on the other hand, a buffer against the risk (downside) by the diversification of its portfolio with dozens of companies. . .with the company's 16 core holdings, material corporate developments in the upcoming weeks and months are expected to affect individual stock valuations positively and, as a consequence, Zimtu's own market value."

"Zimtu Capital Corp. holds preferential positions in a dozen or so companies. It helps these firms to access other capital sources." read more >

Stephan Bogner, Rockstone Research Ltd. (8/6/14)
"No matter if the gold price starts a new uptrend (when breaking above $1,330) or if it continues its year-long downtrend (when breaking below $1,180), Zimtu Capital Corp. has the best potential to master both scenarios in an unparalleled fashion. . .the company holds an outstandingly well-diversified equity portfolio of a variety of commodity classes, many of which already decoupled from the ongoing gold price correction and are poised to take off no matter where the gold price may head."

Etienne Moshevich, Alphastox.com (7/30/14)
"I am very pleased to announce that Zimtu Capital Corp. has just closed its financing, raising $1.11M at $0.50. The company, a public investment vehicle specializing in the resource sector, is now well capitalized to take advantage of some of the many undervalued opportunities out in the market place today."

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Stephan Bogner, Analyst – Rockstone Research Ltd.
Thomas Drolet, President of Drolet – Drolet & Associates Energy Services, Inc., International Montoro Resources
Etienne Moshevich, Editor Alphastox.com

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