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Canamex Resources Corp. is focused on its flagship gold exploration project: Bruner Gold project, in Nye County, Nevada. Canamex’s two largest shareholders are strategic investors Gold Resource Corporation (NYSE MKT:GORO) and Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL).

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Eric Muschinski, Gold Investment Letter (3/9/15)
"Back in the summer of 2012 I noticed the frenzied price action in Canamex Resources Corp. after it released drill results on the Bruner project in Nevada. . .a tiny Nevada company called Patriot Gold owned the property 100% and Canamex had to spend just under $7M to earn a 70% interest in the project. . .Bruner/Canamex has attracted two very large NYSE traded players as investors, in Gold Resource Corp. and Hecla Mining. With continued drilling success, which appears imminent, it would not be surprising to see one of these companies attempt to buy the project. What’s it worth? . . .we’ll have to see."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (3/6/15)
"Canamex Resources Corp. is #8 on my list because it is my view that this company's Bruno project in Nevada is one of the most promising exploration stories that has yet to be recognized for its economic potential."

"Canamex Resources Corp. has its Bruner project, which has produced some of Nevada's best recent results in two years of drilling. Canamex got in two big, dividend-paying NYSE producers to make investments: Hecla Mining Co. and Gold Resource Corp. Canamex was just granted subsurface water rights for Bruner, which are essential for heap-leach operations. The company will soon publish its maiden resource estimate. . .and it could be a good candidate for rerating after it announces the initial NI 43-101." read more >

"I've visited Canamex Resources Corp.'s Bruner gold project. . .it is partially located on patented property, which could speed development. The project also has higher grades of gold and the resource is open to expansion. Also, unlike Columbus Gold Corp.'s Eastside, which is a virgin project, Bruner has a history of high-grade underground mining leading up to World War II." read more >

"Canamex Resources Corp. just announced a new gold zone at the Bruner gold project in Nevada. The company should be publishing its maiden resource estimate soon and I expect the valuation to go much higher once that is in hand." read more >

Mike Niehuser, Scarsdale Equities (1/14/15)
"Canamex Resources Corp.'s Bruner gold project near Gabbs, Nevada, not only appears to have the potential to rapidly move to a more advanced phase of development for its initial phases of operation, but later development of the Paymaster zone, or the Penelas and East Penelas targets, appears to have the potential to double or triple the long-run potential of Bruner. . .we were also intrigued by the minority ownership by both Gold Resource Corp. and Hecla Mining Co., both from the perspective of a potentially competitive takeout offer, but also as potentially providing necessary funds for development during a period of soft capital markets for mining companies."

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