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Lion One Metals Ltd.


Lion One Metals Ltd. is a North Vancouver-based mineral exploration and development company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties. In June 2013, Lion One merged with Avocet Resources Ltd. of Perth, Australia, and is focused on advancing the Tuvatu gold project in Fiji, the Olary Creek iron ore project in South Australia, and additional gold and uranium projects in Western Australia and Argentina.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (10/9/14) "The derisking process on Lion One Metals Ltd.'s Tuvatu continues, providing ongoing impetus for my recent decision to add the company back to our list. . .the high grades should make Tuvatu a very profitable mine for Lion One. The company is still a good value at current levels and a Buy."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (9/15/14) "One recent addition to Gold Newsletter is Lion One Metals Ltd. We had previously recommended the company, but it went relatively dormant as the market went into its multi-year malaise. Lion One is headed by noted mining financier Wally Berukoff and it was rejuvenated when it became apparent that Berukoff was going to move the company's Tuvatu gold project forward. Berukoff is a proven entrepreneur in the resource industry and his decision to once again advance the company caused me to put it back on our recommended list. Lion One has a clear path to production. The capital cost to build a mine is going to be $40M or less and I don't think raising that amount will pose a problem for that group, even in this market. That's a company looking to take advantage of the next up cycle. . .Lion One will obviously need some permits but a good bit of that work was done while the company had supposedly gone quiet. Fiji is generally pro-mining and many locals are looking for work, so I don't really see any big roadblocks as Lion One advances Tuvatu toward production." More >

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (8/26/14) "Lion One Metals Ltd. is making tremendous progress on its Tuvatu gold project in Fiji. . .efforts to secure the financing have produced encouraging results, with indications that the company will be able to raise the required funds in a way that is not overly dilutive. . .the deposit has the scope to exceed a billion tonnes."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (8/8/14) "I am adding Lion One Metals Ltd. back to our Buy list. Not only is it moving ahead with a PEA that's due out at the end of the year, but it is also working on lining up significant financing to help it complete a mine at Tuvatu."

The Gold Report Interview with Lawrence Roulston (1/29/14) "There is a great company in Fiji called Lion One Metals Ltd. It recently bought a deposit that had been evaluated about a decade ago by a company that was operating a nearby mine. The previous company had planned to develop the deposit as a satellite. But the main mine went bankrupt and the situation was tied up for years until the Lion One group bought the deposit. Lion One has re-evaluated the old drill core and by re-assaying it found significant intervals of gold that had not been picked up in the previous round. It has drilled quite a number of new holes and confirmed the presence of a very substantial area with a high-grade gold occurrence. It is moving toward permitting and developing a new mine." More >

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The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin (7/22/13) "Lion One Metals Ltd. in Fiji merged with Avocet Mining. There were a couple of reasons for the merger. One was to bring onboard a nice-looking iron ore project in Australia. This has already been optioned to a Chinese group that controls a steel-making operation, so apparently the group wants the iron ore for themselves. Lion One seems to be fairly intent on trying to get it developed. Another reason was Avocet's uranium projects, some of which are joint ventured with Cameco Corp. There's also a fairly interesting gold project in Australia. And Lion One liked that Avocet had about $5M, which was about its market cap at the time. . .the reason why we started following Lion One in the first place was Tuvatu, its main project in Fiji. It's just a nice old-fashioned, good-grade underground gold deposit that still has quite a bit of room to grow. Right now it's roughly 600,000 oz at about 56 g/t. There doesn't appear to be anything terribly complicated about it. No messy metallurgy, and most of the structures are fairly vertical.

"Tuvatu is the kind of low-capex, straightforward deposit that the majors are looking for these days. Tuvatu is not big enough for that, but maybe it will be at some point. Even if it isn't, it is the sort of project that can be developed by a smaller company. Capex for that sort of small underground operation runs at about $100M+, not billions like the vast low-grade operation may of the majors were focused on until recently. After the merger with Avocet, Lion One's got about 60M shares out and probably $15M in the bank. It has to work its way through a PEA and a feasibility plan for Tuvatu but a previous operator took Tuvatu all the way to feasibility so Lion One has a lot of data in hand already. A new resource number should be out in a couple of months, and I would think it's probably up around 1 Moz now." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (6/1/13) "Lion One Metals Ltd.'s recent assays indicate that the company is moving in the right direction. . .the structures that host the gold near Tuvatu crisscross the main resource area at Tuvatu and extend for about a kilometer to the west. . .vein-hosted structures remain open along strike and at depth. . .it's very likely that Lion One can find a way to finance a small-scale operation like this, even in these times of market distress. . .this is one to accumulate over the long term, in advance of a potential development decision at Tuvatu."

The Gold Report Interview with Jeb Handwerger (4/1/13) "Lion One Metals Ltd. came down to visit in South Florida a few weeks ago. President George Young and Vice President Hamish Greig presented its story. What impressed me so much in their presentation was the experienced management team. Lion One has the high-grade Tuvatu gold project in Fiji. There is a lot of exploration upside potential there. It's a well-funded company. It just took over Avocet Resources Ltd., which should bring more money into the bank and diversify it into uranium and iron ore. It is also going to bring in a very strong technical team that can help accelerate Tuvatu closer to production. . .the management team is very strong. Young is the founder of MAG Silver Corp. Walter Berukoff made several companies that were acquired, including Miramar Mining Corp. Lion One has $15M. The deposit shows it has the potential to rival some of the largest in the world. This is a company that's going to survive and thrive in a difficult market environment." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/1/13) "Lion One Metals Ltd. has reported additional drill results from its ongoing exploration campaign at Tuvatu, the company's flagship gold project in Fiji. . .these holes are confirming the grade, thickness and continuity of previously identified mineralized lodes. . .Lion One is on the trail of an elephant-sized deposit in Fiji. . .expansion potential remains very real, as does share price appreciation."

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin (2/25/13) "Another company I follow [is] called Lion One Metals Ltd. The company has a gold project in Fiji called Tuvatu, which hosts a gold resource of about 650,000 ounces at about 6.5 g/t gold. Work by Lion One has shown the veins that host the resource are still open along strike and there are several other gold bearing structures that have not been brought into the resource. There are workings in place on much of the resource and a feasibility study from the 1990s that indicates the project should be quite profitable at current prices. The company is well funded with over $15M at Sept. 30. Lion One recently made a takeover offer for a small Aussie explorer, Avocet Resources Ltd. This deal would bring another $4M onto the balance sheet, several good-looking gold and iron ore projects in Australia and a strong technical team that could help accelerate work at Tuvatu. It looks like a smart deal." More >

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (2/18/13) "Lion One Metals Ltd. reported further drill results from its Tuvatu gold project in Fiji that continue to extend the zone of known mineralization. . .the company has produced a compliant resource estimate that outlines a total resource (Indicated plus Inferred) of 652 Koz gold grading 5.77 g/t. . .the recent results suggest that number could be well exceeded. . .the Tuvatu project is very attractive as a high-grade gold deposit, with underground development already in place, in an area with good access and with a government highly supportive of mine development."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (12/28/12) "Lion One Metals Ltd. is progressing with permitting and development of its Tuvatu gold project in Fiji, a project with upside potential that I don't believe is being valued by the market at all. Over $30M was spent on this project by Emperor Mines Ltd. in the late 1990s, including over 85,000m of drilling and 1,600m of underground infrastructure. All Lion One has to do is dust off and update an existing feasibility study, and get the necessary permits to get into production. It is doing that right now, and will use proceeds from Tuvatu to fund exploration of the multimillion-ounce potential of the project. Management, including legendary financier Walter Berukoff, owns about 40% of the company, so it has solid support going forward. It's a great buy at these levels." More >

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