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Columbus Gold Corp.


Columbus Gold Corp. is developing its 100%-owned Paul Isnard gold project, which has a current NI 43-101 Inferred resource of 117.1 Mmt at 1.43 g/t gold (5.37 Moz) at a 0.3 g/t gold cutoff, or 58.1 Mmt at 2.22 g/t gold (4.15 Moz) at a 1 g/t gold cutoff, with considerable expansion potential between widely spaced holes, on strike and at depth.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

The Gold Report Interview with Jay Taylor (4/9/14) "I like Columbus Gold Corp. and its Paul Isnard project in French Guiana. Columbus Gold is a tremendous bargain. Paul Isnard has 5.37 Moz, but the most important part of this story is the outstanding agreement the company made with Nordgold N.V. That's a Russian company that produced somewhere around 800 Koz last year. Nordgold is very aggressive and growing very rapidly. According to the agreement, Columbus has a 49.9% interest in Paul Isnard carried to feasibility. Then, if it decides against putting up its 49.9%, it gets a 25% carried interest to production. It cannot be knocked below 25%. French Guiana is probably not the easiest place for English speakers to work, but it's got French law, so its legal system is reasonably good. And Nordgold has shown it can work anywhere and do well.

Columbus also is a project generator. It has two properties in Arizona and 18 in Nevada. Some are earlier stage, but it has gotten some good drill results in Nevada. I think Columbus is looking to farm some of those out. This is a company that won't need to spend a lot of cash to stay in the game." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Oliver Gross (4/2/14) "Columbus Gold Corp. is led by very smart and prudent people. Most are well-versed geologists and genuine resource experts. Additionally, they have experienced financial experts and a strong network of investors and supporters. Columbus is developing one of the most promising, early-stage gold projects in South America, the Paul Isnard project in French Guiana.

Paul Isnard already contains a 5+ Moz deposit. Exploration potential is outstanding. The resource contains a higher-grade ore body with decent grades of about 2 g/t gold. The whole deposit is very flat and the continuity and quality of gold mineralization are favorable. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I see solid potential for a large-scale, very profitable gold mining operation.

Columbus' management acted to avoid heavy dilution yet develop its project on a fast track by making a deal with the Russian company Nordgold N.V., one of the top 20 gold producers worldwide. It speaks for itself that four substantial gold companies are already involved in Paul Isnard: Nordgold and its well-capitalized project partner, the French producer Auplata S.A., mid-cap producer IAMGOLD Corp. and Sandstorm Gold Ltd., which bought a lucrative net smelter return last year." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (4/1/14) "I highly recommend Columbus Gold Corp. and have no doubt of its success. The management team is determined to bring this highly prospective deposit in production just when I anticipate gold prices will have recovered substantially. It's all about timing and Columbus is one of the few gold development companies that is right on track." More >

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (3/28/14) "Columbus Gold Corp. shares are priced at just $20 per resource ounce for the retained portion of the current Montagne d’Or deposit. That value should climb considerably as the project advances and as the market begins to return to normal. The potential for a discovery in Nevada adds an enticing bonus."

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report (3/26/14) "Columbus Gold Corp. announced new drill results from the phase 2 drill program at its Paul Isnard project in French Guiana. Of interest are intersections of in excess of 6m intercepting more than 6 g/t gold and 17.7m at 2.27g/t gold. . .we are expecting an updated resource estimate after this year's drill program, which should increase and upgrade the current resource estimate of 5.4 Moz at an average grade of 1.43 g/t."

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The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (3/24/14) "Columbus Gold Corp., which has the Paul Isnard deposit in French Guiana, has no more development risk until prefeasibility. That allows it to focus on an exciting portfolio of exploration projects it has in Nevada. Columbus Gold is one of those companies that has a number of ways to advance, and is a bargain at its current levels. . .Nordgold N.V. is funding the project. Most of the gold production in French Guiana is unofficial, below the radar and smuggled out. There aren't a lot of reliable statistics for gold production in French Guiana because so much is not reported. A project of this size that's so well-backed is not a problem." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Coffin (3/10/14) "At the pre-PDAC Subscriber Investment Summit. . .Columbus Gold Corp. announced a pretty good set of holes from its Paul Isnard project in French Guiana just before the show. That one did get a pretty good reaction. The company reported good results from the one end of the smaller mineralized horizon. This is a 30,000-meter drill program that will generate a lot of news and I think will increase both the size and confidence level of the resource. Columbus has one of the better looking charts." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/1/14) "It looks like some of Columbus Gold Corp.'s Nevada properties offer significant upside. Given the size of Paul Isnard's gold resource (more than 5 Moz), the company still looks undervalued at current levels; it's another Buy."

The Mining Report Interview with Eric Coffin (2/18/14) "Columbus Gold Corp. has a 5.5 Moz deposit in French Guiana called Paul Isnard. It struck a joint venture deal with Nord Gold late last year. I don't think the market completely understood how strong that deal was. Nord can earn 50.01% of Paul Isnard by spending at least $30M and producing a bankable feasibility study within three years. It's important to understand that is not 'or'—it's 'and.' Nord has to spend the money and do the bankable feasibility. And there are other payments involved, depending on the Indicated resource at the end. The bottom line is, given the size and type of that resource, I think Nord will be very lucky if it gets the bankable feasibility by spending only $30M. I think it's quite possible to spend more than that. On top of that, Columbus has a large set of properties in Nevada. A couple of the guys on the company's board are old hands from in Nevada, with several discoveries to their credit. The deal with Nord frees up some $8M to work on the Nevada projects. Lots of news should be coming soon." More >

The Mining Report Interview with Amanda Van Dyke (1/21/14) "Columbus Gold Corp.'s Paul Isnard project in French Guiana is huge and it's fully funded by Nord Gold N.V., which has a significant amount of money invested in making it a successful operation. One of the major problems for gold companies everywhere that are in the development stages and they simply don't have the money to effectively develop. Columbus Gold is completely carried by Nord Gold up to the bankable feasibility study." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (12/16/13) "In regard to development companies bringing deposits into production within the next few years, I like Columbus Gold Corp. It is developing a highly prospective gold deposit into a mine in French Guiana—a safe, but somewhat expensive jurisdiction. When Columbus acquired the property in 2011, it had a resource of 1.8 Moz gold. Columbus increased that to more than 5 Moz by drilling deeper than 135 meters and starting infill drilling. Further infill drilling will add another 2 Moz or so. The deposit is still wide open with excellent upside potential. I'm positive that more than 10 Moz gold can be proven during the next three years.

"Columbus recently did a deal with Nord Gold N.V. The Russia-backed company can earn 50.01% by spending $30M and completing a bankable feasibility study by October 2016. Nord Gold is a very aggressive resource company that had no assets in 2007. Since then, it has acquired eight companies and now has nine producing gold mines in four countries and $1 billion ($1B) in revenue. Nord Gold produces more than 800 Koz gold annually, which puts it among the top 20 gold producers worldwide. Columbus just started another aggressive, 28 kilometer drill program and Columbus will have a lot of news flow over the next two to three years. This development company's stock price will thrive regardless of the gold price." More >

Oliver Gross, Der Rohstoff-Anleger (12/4/13) "Columbus Gold Corp.'s management reached a smart deal to develop the project on a fast track with the Russian company, Nord Gold N.V., one of the Top 20 gold producers. This great deal will also successfully keep heavy dilution at bay and will bring Columbus in the spotlight of the most promising junior gold stocks with a massive gold deposit."

The Gold Report Interview with Jay Taylor (11/25/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. is one that I really love. I like it even more since it recently did a deal with Nord Gold, a Russian company owned largely by a billionaire Russian who made his fortune in the iron ore business. Nord Gold has been aggressively growing its production. It's getting close to being among the top 20 gold producers in the world. It acquired 50.01% of Columbus' Paul Isnard project in French Guiana. The project has about 5.37 Moz of gold with lots of exploration potential beyond that. Nord Gold can really get the job done, move this project along and put it into production.

"The other thing I like about the deal with Nord Gold is that the least Columbus can own in the project if it doesn't put any more money in after feasibility is 25%. The deal is that Nord Gold has to spend everything to take it into bankable feasibility. From that point on, Columbus can spend its 49.9% to stay at that level or it can get taken down to 25%, but not below that. This could be a real big winner. No one is paying any attention to it now because no one is paying any attention to any of these companies, but Columbus has great upside potential when this market wakes up." More >

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (11/20/13) "The enormous amount of experience in the Columbus Gold Corp. geological and management team explains why Nord Gold N.V. wants Columbus to conduct the exploration program on the Paul Isnard project. . .Columbus offers big upside potential for investors as its 5 Moz deposit continues to advance toward production. . .further upside potential comes by way of the exploration potential on the French Guiana property as well as the extensive collection of Nevada projects."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (10/25/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. is my stock pick of the week. . .the Paul Isnard gold project is already a sizable deposit, but it has the potential to grow much larger still. Its latest NI 43-101 resource contains 4.15 Moz gold grading 2.22 g/t and it is amenable to open-pit mining. I look for [joint venture partner] Nord Gold N.V. to move this project forward very rapidly, and that should coincide with the next and final leg up in what is the secular gold bull market of a lifetime."

The Gold Report Interview with Thibaut Lepouttre (10/16/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. operates in French Guiana. This is an overseas department of France, so the political risk is close to zero. And since my last interview with The Gold Report, Columbus has entered a joint venture with Nord Gold N.V., the subsidiary of Severstal, for its Paul Isnard gold project. Under the agreement, Nord Gold must spend $30M in exploration over three years, plus it has to finish a feasibility study. As a standalone, Columbus could never have done these things. I believe Paul Isnard could ultimately contain in excess of 10 Moz gold." More >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (10/4/13) "Columbus Gold Corp.'s new partner is Nord Gold N.V., which has the option to earn a 50.01% interest in certain licenses located on Columbus Gold's 100%-owned Paul Isnard project. . .with the deep pockets of Nord Gold now in the picture, what was perceived as a project with a reasonably good chance of success sometime in the future looks to me like it is one with a highly probability of success in a relatively short period of time."

Junior Mining Network (9/19/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. gained 30% during Wednesday's market session after the company announced it has entered into a binding agreement with Nord Gold N.V. to develop the Paul Isnard gold project in French Guiana. Terms of the agreement call for Nord Gold to incur $30M in expenditures and deliver a bankable feasibility study within three years in exchange for a 50.01% interest in the project."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (9/9/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. is one name that has had early success. The company has a resource of more than 4 Moz. People don't seem to realize that it has upside potential and appears to have an economic project. It's still selling for a pittance, a fraction of where it should be, compared to its peer group." More >

Caesars Report (8/23/13) "After visiting Paul Isnard, we are quite confident Columbus Gold Corp. will meet its targets and will significantly increase the resource estimate over the next few years. As the company currently has approximately $6M in cash and Columbus Silver Corp. shares, Columbus Gold is fully funded to complete its 2012 exploration program."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (5/31/13) "With Columbus Gold Corp., a multimillion-ounce gold deposit is in the making and likely to grow to a size and grade that will be attractive to a major operator in South America. . .several majors have reportedly shown an interest in the project. Thus far, the picture seems very positive and with this stock selling at below $0.30, it looks like a very attractive speculation to me."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (5/1/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. recently decided to terminate the option agreement that it had entered into late last year with sister company Columbus Exploration. . .thanks to the CA$2.2M it recently received from an option termination fee, Columbus Gold now has CA$4.4M in its treasury. That's money the company can use to continue to expand and develop its flagship Paul Isnard gold project."

Ali Khan, Stonecap Securities (4/24/13) "Columbus Gold Corp. recently released an updated resource estimate from its Montagne d'Or gold deposit, within the Paul Isnard project concession. The Inferred resources at the project now stand at 5.37 Moz grading 1.43 g/t Au, but more importantly raising the cutoff to 1 g/t Au yields 4.15 Moz grading 2.22 g/t Au."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/12/13) "If and when the broader market catches fire again, exploration companies with multimillion-ounce resources like Columbus Gold Corp.'s Paul Isnard should be first off the shelf when investors begin returning to this sector en masse. Valued at a relatively paltry $8/oz in situ gold, the company looks extremely cheap. . .it's still a Buy."

Caesars Report (3/12/13) "Columbus Gold Corp.'s NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate at Paul Isnard is 5.37 Moz Inferred at an average grade of 1.43 g/t. . .we believe the company will exceed the 7 Moz with its 30,000m drill program."

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