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Great Panther Silver Ltd. is a primary silver mining and exploration company. The company's current activities are focused on the mining of precious metals from its two wholly owned operating mines in Mexico: the Guanajuato mine complex, which includes the San Ignacio satellite mine, and the Topia mine in Durango. The company also has two exploration projects in Mexico, El Horcon and Santa Rosa, and is pursuing additional mining opportunities in the Americas.

Expert Comments:

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (9/11/15)
"Great Panther Silver Ltd.'s Q2/15 revenue was up 33%, due both to increased production and the appreciation of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar. . .the company has increased its full year 2015 production guidance by 8% (from 3.5–3.6 Moz silver equivalent to 3.8–3.9 Moz silver equivalent). . .it posted a 56% decrease in average cash costs in Q2/15."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (8/27/15)
"Great Panther Silver Ltd. had adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization deductions of CA$4.2M in Q2/15, compared to CA$0.2M in Q2/14. Moreover, revenue was up 33%, due to both increased production and the appreciation of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar. . .the company posted a 56% year-over-year decrease in average cash costs in Q2/15. . .its successes on the production and cost containment fronts give me hope that its financials will bounce back in the latter two quarters of the year. We'll add the stock back to our Buy list."

"Great Panther Silver Ltd.'s latest quarterly results are amazing. The company generated higher production levels and lower cash costs despite a stronger U.S. dollar. Production was up over 50%. All-in sustaining costs dropped about 50%. I was very pleased with the numbers that Great Panther was able to deliver. It is making money on every ounce of silver it produces, although it did report a net loss due to currency exchange issues. So I'm positive going forward." read more >

"Great Panther Silver Ltd.'s stock has suffered lately after some exchange-traded funds sold their positions. But it made two acquisitions over the last few months that are interesting. It bought an option on the Coricancha polymetallic gold-silver-zinc deposit in Peru from Nyrstar. If it wants to execute its option to buy the whole project, including the infrastructure, mill, everything on site, the price would be around US$18M. It has a 124 Moz silver equivalent Inferred resource and 22 Moz silver equivalent Measured and Indicated resource. So it's a big resource. Great Panther is reviewing the mine plan to see if it can find cost efficiencies. Then it will decide if it wants to execute on the option. I think that's smart. Great Panther is a stock to watch." read more >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (8/12/15)
"Great Panther Silver Ltd. is a Mexican silver producer poised for substantial growth. . .it is also venturing toward gold production, having acquired Cangold Limited. . .overall, the company remains a growing silver producer, and that should be good news for shareholders, because when the bull market in precious metals resumes—when precious metals prices are rising—silver usually outperforms gold."

Christopher Ecclestone, Hallgarten & Co. (8/12/15)
"As a pure silver play during the great silver boom, we found Great Panther Silver Ltd. to be worthy but not outstanding. . .it is probably because the company already has a zinc/lead component in its income mix through the Topia mine that it has decided to be a 'first-mover' in the space with its opportunistic purchase (or more accurately, optioning) of Nyrstar's Coricancha lead/zinc/silver complex in Peru. In one step it rebalances future production more toward base metals and diversifies Great Panther away from its traditional stamping ground of Mexico."

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