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Bear Creek Mining Corp.'s Corani and Santa Ana projects contain more than 500 Moz silver, including more than 330 Moz in reserves, providing near-term production potential and excellent leverage to silver prices. The feasibility study for the flagship Corani project estimates average annual production of over 13 Moz silver (plus lead and zinc credits) for the first five years of a 20-year mine-life, with extremely low cash costs and fast payback of capital costs. The project is proceeding towards permitting and construction.

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Hebba Investments, Seeking Alpha (4/12/15)
"Bear Creek Mining Corp. has two catalysts that could be a big boost for the company. The updated feasibility study is due out soon, and we think that Bear Creek's decision to dry stack tailings can help boost the internal rate of return over the important 20% mark."

Andrey Litvin, Edison Investment Research (3/25/15)
"The revised feasibility study on Bear Creek Mining Corp.'s Corani silver-lead-zinc project is due in April 2015, focusing on reducing preproduction capex. . .the capital cost is expected to be reduced by CA$150M against the original 2011 estimate. . .the company also guides lower opex."

Andrew Kaip, BMO Capital Markets (2/19/15)
"Bear Creek Mining Corp. provided an update of all its projects, including a preview to the Corani revised feasibility study. The company highlighted a possible ~$125M capex reduction. . .at Santa Ana, the ICSID issued a Procedural Order No. 1 commencing tribunal hearings. . .the ICSID issuance of the Procedural Order No. 1 is a positive step to final settlement of the Santa Ana dispute."

"Raymond James covers Bear Creek Mining Corp., a silver-focused, development-stage company. . .Bear Creek has a well-respected management team. It is well financed with two assets, both in Peru: Corani, a polymetallic deposit, and Santa Ana, a development-stage silver project. Bear Creek is currently negotiating with the Peruvian government to restore its ownership of Santa Ana." read more >

"Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, chairman of Bear Creek Mining Corp., was one of the people featured in Women in Mining's 2013 'Top 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining' report." read more >

Hebba Investments, Seeking Alpha (12/30/14)
"Bear Creek Mining Corp. has one of the largest silver deposits in the world in Corani—and possibly the largest one not already owned by a major mining company (with the other large deposits requiring much greater initial capital costs than Corani). This makes Bear Creek a best-in-breed in terms of large, acquisition-ready silver deposits."

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