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Gold Standard Ventures Corp.


Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is an advanced-stage precious metals exploration company focused on district-scale gold discoveries in Nevada. The company's flagship project, the 100% owned/controlled Railroad gold project, covers approximately 22,000 acres within the prolific Carlin Trend, 29 miles west of Elko. Gold Standard Ventures is led by experienced management and technical teams that are applying proven, model-driven gold exploration that has resulted in significant gold discoveries within the Carlin and other prospective trends in Nevada.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Adam Graf, Cowen & Co. (4/8/14) "Following the company's recent historic consolidation of Pinion, Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has begun to review and analyze the drill holes. So far, the company has reviewed 12 core holes, which appear to provide positive indications with regard to the presence of gold mineralization. . .historic drill holes demonstrate good continuity of collapse-breccia-hosted gold mineralization. . .mineralization appears in the classic setting for successful, heap-leachable deposits on the Carlin Trend. . .we believe the company offers investors exposure to a company with portfolio consisting of early-stage, high-return assets."

The Mining Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (4/1/14) "You want to hold high-grade gold in your portfolio in difficult market times. Nevada is the best place in the world to explore and mine for gold. That is also why I like Gold Standard Ventures Corp. Dave Mathewson, the former Newmont chief geologist, knows that there are elephant-sized gold deposits—in excess of 20 Moz—on the company's district-sized property. The latest Pinion acquisition adds tremendous size and potential for large gold deposits to be discovered in the next months and years." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/1/14) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has closed on the acquisition of the Pinion gold deposit in Nevada. . .the Pinion acquisition is a great move for the company and a strong indication of just how much potential this area of the Carlin trend still holds. It remains a Buy."

Adam Graf, Cowen & Co. (2/6/14) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp.'s $10M private placement will be used toward the recently announced $13M acquisition of Scorpio Gold Corp.'s interest in the Pinion deposit, which will consolidate the latter's interest in the deposit. The oxidized and near-surface nature of Pinion gold mineralization provides opportunities for near-term development at low operating and capital costs."

The Gold Report Interview with Chen Lin (1/13/14) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has a good discovery, the Railroad gold project. I was surprised the stock didn't go up further in November, when the company announced 4.01 g/t over 13.6m and 0.86 g/t over 102.1m. The question the market is asking companies like this is: Do you need to raise money? That's the problem with a lot of juniors. Gold Standard is one of the better juniors out there, but it's got hit pretty hard, just like so many others." More >

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Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (12/19/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. continues to intrigue with the drill bit at North Bullion. . .the company's share price continues to trade in a prediscovery range, making current levels an attractive buying opportunity for those who share my belief that Railroad could host Nevada's next major gold mine. Gold Standard is a Buy."

The Gold Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (12/16/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is a young exploration company starting to make respectable gold discoveries in Nevada, potentially sitting on20+ Moz gold. If it can prove such a large gold resource, its stock will thrive even if gold continues to fall. This is the kind of exploration and development story I am focusing on right now during declining metal prices, as such stocks have the power to rise no matter what the gold price is doing." More >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (12/13/13) "In addition to Gold Standard Ventures Corp. being located in Nevada where infrastructure concerns are minimal and regulatory issues well defined, its management team seems to be doing a good job advancing the project and, most importantly, raising capital. . .with 89.6 million shares outstanding and prospects for a major high-grade gold discovery at depth and now with an oxide discovery, I like this stock very much."

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (11/30/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. appears to have hit a major discovery in the Carlin Trend. The company keeps hitting and the ounces will add up. Gold Standard has slowed down the pace of operations in response to the dead capital markets, but it still has about $3M in the treasury and can keep the doors open. One day investors will want gold stocks. Especially in the Carlin Trend."

Adam Graf, Cowen & Co. (11/8/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is an exploration company currently undertaking drilling activities at its 100%-owned Railroad project, nestled along the prolific Carlin Trend, adjacent to Newmont's historic 6 Moz Au Rain mine; while still no resource has been defined, the company is undergoing an expansive drilling campaign, which has already found impressive sulfide and oxide mineralization. The Railroad property, simply because of its location, is a logical fit for senior producers currently operating in the area. . .we believe the project is an interesting entry point for other producers currently attempting to enter Nevada."

The Gold Report Interview with Rob Fuhrman (11/4/13) "One of our top exploration picks in Nevada is Gold Standard Ventures Corp. Its Tickerscore is 73. This company has excellent liquidity ratios. Its financial report showed $3M in cash and it raised another $5M in August; this is impressive because the average cash position in Nevada is approximately $1 million. Management owns approximately 20% of the common shares outstanding; when management puts its own money into physical shares, it demonstrates strong belief in the project. In addition, insiders have bought more than $275,000 of stock in the open market so far this year, another good indication. Drill results have been solid. The last drill result was 98m of 33.26 g/t; an extremely solid hole that rates highly in our drill-hole analysis compared against all the other drill results in Nevada." More >

Rockstone Research Ltd. (10/22/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is a company that was founded and is managed by two outstandingly smart entrepreneurs: Jonathan Awde and Luke Norman, both of whom deserve endless credit for their brave vision and hard work to perfectly coalesce a public company with the prospects of the Railroad property. This was uniquely achieved thanks to both their one-of-a-kind vision and conceptualized mission, their experience and expertise, and their delicate and fair negotiation skills. . .the whole corporate and exploration team behind this company is a seemingly inimitable textbook-like example of how a junior exploration company should be shaped."

Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (10/10/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. shares in Canada and the U.S, along with an ancillary listing in Germany, are rising smartly this week. . .this heady move is linked to: 1. Jonathan Awde, Dave Mathewson and the rest of the team are narrating the Railroad story for investors in the U.S.; 2. [confirmation] in Canada that Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. is the 4.9% owner of Gold Standard shares. . .3. At least two companies, one of them Agnico-Eagle, is on site this week and next near Elko, Nevada. . .and 4. Gold Standard is disseminating its data releases and news in Germany."

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (10/4/13) "Our broad takeaway [from the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek] is that North American projects are likely easier to fund in this lower gold price environment. Among our junior companies under coverage, [Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is] among the companies that meet our safe jurisdiction definition. . .[the company] already has a strategic investment providing validation." More >

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (10/3/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. reported assay results from its first confirmation drill hole that tested the Bald Mountain gold-copper target, Central Bullion area, on its 100%-owned Railroad project. . .the company encountered high-grade oxide gold plus sulphide copper-gold mineralization. . .we reiterate our Outperform recommendation and $2.25 target for Gold Standard Ventures. We consider Railroad to be one of the few quality tier 1 (+20 Moz potential) drill hole plays in the market."

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (9/26/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. pulled a bonanza-type hole from restarted drilling on its flagship Railroad project. . .the bonanza hole in question is hole 11, which cut 98.1m of 3.26 g/t gold, including 17.1m of 9.98 g/t gold. . .with drilling picking back up, it won't take too many more holes like hole 11 to pique investor interest in this 'sky's the limit' exploration story. It's still a Buy at current levels."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (9/9/13) "A number of exploration stories in the U.S. and Canada are undervalued. Gold Standard Ventures Corp. had great exploration success in 2011 and 2012 in Nevada, then was forgotten by the market in the downturn. It has a great geological staff. I think it has narrowed down on the trend and the mineralization. The company is selling at prediscovery price levels, which I find very attractive. . .its ability to raise money validated [the Railraod] project and its upside. Any experienced, knowledgeable hand in Nevada exploration will tell you that Gold Standard Ventures is as close to a sure thing as you can find in Nevada. It's the wise guys' play in Nevada exploration." More >

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (8/20/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is again drilling on its Railroad gold project on the highly productive Carlin Trend in north-central Nevada. . .the company is well funded to complete the current program, having just raised CA$5M by way of a private placement. . .Gold Standard's geological team has a great deal of experience and success in Nevada gold exploration. . .attention is focused on Railroad, where it appears that the company is in the process of delineating a sizable gold deposit. Further evidence of the size of that deposit, together with an improving market for resource companies, should see the share price continue to recover."

Tom Calandra, The Calandra Report (8/13/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. says it will spend $3M to hoe down on 9,000m of gold and silver targets at its Railroad project near Elko, Nevada. . .the company is one of our 'Calandra Report 8.' All eight. . .look likely to show spirit in August and September."

The Gold Report Interview with Stephan Bogner (7/15/13) "Another great management story is Gold Standard Ventures Corp., whose chief geologist, Dave Mathewson, explained to me in an interview in 2011 the background and geological settings of the Railroad property. Railroad is located just south of the productive Rain mine operated by Newmont in Nevada. Dave Mathewson discovered the Rain deposit when working for Newmont. This is the kind of unique management story that can be decisive when looking out for the right people who made the right choices at the right time. I am optimistic that Railroad eventually will turn out to be a larger gold deposit than Rain, which itself contains 6+ Moz. No one knows the rich but tough Carlin Trend better than Dave Mathewson." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Roger Wiegand (6/24/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. in Nevada is right next door to Newmont Mining Corp. The chief geologist for Newmont has done the exploratory work and the results look good. The firm's shares have big support by some very wealthy investors and are going up. The price was down to CA$0.50/share in May, and it is at CA$0.67 today. Gold Standard Ventures is the perfect example of a company that is building good reserves next door to a senior that, in my opinion, is going to buy it out." More >

Bob Moriarty, 321 Gold (6/3/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has come up with some of the best drill holes ever done in the South Carlin Trend. The high-grade discovery hole at the North Bullion Fault was released in late April of 2012. . .I have been waiting for a confirmation hole to expand the resource. It released that hole a week ago. It showed 73.5m of 3.67 g/t gold."

Eric Winmill, Casimir Capital (5/22/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. released results from holes drilled in the North Bullion fault zone at the flagship Railroad project. . .results returned a weighted average grade of 1.06 g/t Au over 21.8m, with the highlight hole returning 73.5m grading 3.67 g/t Au, including 7.6m grading 12.07 g/t Au and 12.2m grading 6.93 g/t Au. . .following the latest drill results, we continue our positive view on the Railroad property in the light of its strategic location, favorable geology, results to date and multiple untested targets with potential for future discoveries. . .Buy rating maintained."

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (5/21/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. reported assay results from eight holes designed to test its North Bullion (NB) fault zone target, Railroad gold project, SE Carlin Trend, Nevada, USA. . .the company has significantly extended the North Bullion (NB) deposit with hole 13-08 that documented 73.5m at 3.67 g/t gold. . .the area immediately to the north of the NB is potentially open for a few hundred meters and importantly, the area to the south has a 3km strike length that needs testing. . .Gold Standard is exploring a prime Carlin Trend target with its NB deposit discovery; we reiterate our Outperform recommendation and $2.25 target."

The Gold Report Interview with Jamie Mackie (3/22/13) "We have followed Gold Standard Ventures Corp. through its ups and downs. The company seems to be on the road back up. It is in a highly prolific area in the Carlin Trend in Nevada. The company has had great results. The management team includes highly qualified technical people. . .Gold Standard's mine is next door to a number of great mines, which you can see from the property. That improves the likelihood of success dramatically. The company also has people very experienced with developing bigger mines in the area. . .the company had some great results, 5–15 grams per ton on the target zone, and long length. This is not a tiny vein. This is a small company that would be attractive to a potential buyer." More >

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) (3/1/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. released the latest assays from its phase I drilling program on the North Bullion Fault zone (NBFZ), located with the company's 100%-owned Railroad gold project. . .the company's geologists hypothesize that the holes drilled so far were sub-parallel to the high-grade feeder zones that, if they can be located in phase 2, could turn the NBFZ into an elephant-sized gold deposit. . .it's a Buy."

The Gold Report Interview with Michael Berry (2/27/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is one example of a junior with a wonderful discovery. The stock has been beaten down, but is holding near $1/share. There are a number of companies whose stocks have held their value. . . If we get any move in gold, exploration plays in Nevada will revert in price first. Gold Standard Ventures is well-known. It owns 100% of the Railroad project, 19,000 acres close by Elko. It is an advance-stage project in the Carlin Trend. . .if Gold Standard focuses on Railroad and develops something bankable, then Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM:NYSE) or Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX:TSX; ABX:NYSE) or another major will take the company out. ..Gold Standard had great drill results at Railroad: more than 64 m of 4.25 g/t gold. That is a great discovery hole. The company found 160m of almost 3.5 g/t gold. That does not happen often. I think the stock is a tremendous buy at a currently $1/share price. Gold Standard's person on site, Dave Mathewson, is ex-Newmont and is considered one of Nevada's great exploration geologists. The company has a district-scale system developing. I think the stock will be much higher in a few years." More >

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (2/10/13) "Drill results significantly expand the mineralized envelope of Gold Standard Ventures Corp.'s North Bullion Fault Zone target. . .with only a limited number of holes, the company has successfully expanded the cloud of 1–3 g/t Au mineralization an additional 500m to a ~1,000m strike length. . .we reiterate our Outperform recommendation. . .Gold Standard Ventures provides investors with excellent exposure to multimillion-ounce Carlin-type target potential in Nevada as led by an outstanding ore-finding exploration team."

Morning Coffee (2/8/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. announced Thursday that recent drilling has significantly expanded the gold envelope along the north bullion fault zone (NBFZ) on its Railroad project, Carlin Trend, Nevada. . .phase 1 drilling results extend the 1–3 g/t envelope of gold mineralization at NBFZ to the north and to the south by more than 500m, confirming continuation of mineralization to the south. Management highlighted that the gold envelope now appears to stretch for a total of more than 1,000m, and it remains open in multiple directions."

The Gold Report Interview with Chen Lin (2/4/13) "Another company I have is Gold Standard Ventures Corp., which is an exploration company. It runs the Railroad project in Nevada. It's run by a very experienced management team that made a good gold discovery in early 2012. The stock had a big run and then pulled back very hard, just like many other exploration stocks. Right now I'm waiting for a new round of results on its recent high-grade discovery." More >

Morning Coffee (1/23/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. hit high grades in new zone; its shares were moving higher after announcing assay results from a new, previously unknown zone of copper and silver mineralization in the historic Central Bullion target area. . .hole RRB12-03 intersected 65 feet of 3.06 oz/st Ag with 0.80% copper and 0.08% molybdenum. . .and there is a second higher-grade zone. . .up to now, the Central Bullion target area has received only limited exploration due to drill permitting limitations. With the Plan of Operations finalized in December 2012, Gold Standard Ventures can now proceed with a more aggressive drilling program."

Haywood Securities (1/15/13) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is testing the Railroad Dome (̴ 16,724 acres), one of the least-tested domal structures along the Carlin Trend that hosts multimillion-ounce deposits in Nevada. . .in October 2012, the company obtained approval for its plan of operations (POO;1,282 ha) by the BLM in Nevada for exploring its wholly owned Railroad project. . .the approval of the POO allows the company to greatly expand its exploration program onto the public lands. . .the 2013 work program includes completion of a 70,000 ft., 40-hole drill program."

The Gold Report Interview with Brien Lundin (12/28/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp.'s first results at the Railroad project weren't spectacular by any means, but they were technical successes—not market successes. However, once you understood the story and talked to the geologists, you understood that the company was vectoring in on something that could be big. . .the geologists kept vectoring in on the mineralization while proving up the geological concept, until they eventually found the higher-grade mineralization. At this point, it is still trying to fully understand the mineralization and get a much better handle on it. I think what you'll see is that Gold Standard will be able to advance the resource to a much greater degree over the coming months. This is another example of those very hot stories that have come back a good bit, yet have a proven discovery, and the company will just keep drilling to prove up a resource." More >

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (12/20/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has lots of money and some exciting drill results. It has as good a chance as any to find the large Carlin-type deposit in Nevada. . .it looks to me like this company is on to something and it could be big. So for speculative investors willing and able to assume the risks inherent with exploration stocks, this looks like one you may want to include in a well-diversified portfolio."

Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (11/27/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has made an important gold discovery in the Carlin Trend in Nevada. . . other highly prospective targets hold the potential for additional discoveries. . .the results reported to date from the North Bullion Fault Zone (NBFZ) are very impressive for this stage of a drill program. . .a formal resource estimate on the NBFZ and/or other target zone on the property would see the company’s value increase substantially, likely to a multiple of the current value if Gold Standard can confirm the resource that has been suggested by the drilling to date."

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (11/13/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. reported that it had secured a new lease agreement that covers a number of sections (18,676 acres) in the Pinon district and strategically located land within its majority-owned Railroad project in Nevada. . .in a separate deal, the company has locked up surface and water rights for 4,467 acres at $4.50/acre for 10 years with a right to renew. . .we reiterate our Outperform recommendation and have increased our target to CA$4.50 (was $4)."

Michael Gray, Macquarie Capital Markets (11/1/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has received approval of its 'Plan of Operation,' essentially exploration drill permits for its 100%-owned Railroad project. . .the permits allow the company to drill its best targets without being compromised location-wise. . .the focus will continue to be directed at testing the lower-elevation North Bullion Fault Zone target, [which] has yielded the best results to date, including 9.4 g/t Au over 42.7m. . .we reiterate our Outperform recommendation."

Eric Winmill, Casimir Capital (10/24/12) "Drilling is ongoing at Gold Standard Ventures Corp.’s Railroad property [and has intersected] a high-grade 'core area' that suggests the presence of a major mineralizing system. . .we see strong rerating potential for the company shares as more results are released. . .should Gold Standard succeed in defining gold mineralization in excess of our 2.5 Moz estimate, we see increased odds of a takeover for the strategic value of the Railroad asset."

The Gold Report Interview with Quinton Hennigh (10/17/12) "The more exciting story at present is Gold Standard Ventures Corp. It has a program on the south end of the Carlin Trend that's an extension of the Rain mine, an old Newmont mine. It has been drilling blind targets based on geophysics and coming out with very good results. The system is complex—some holes hit, some holes don't. It's one of the more exciting stories right now. We no longer own it but it is certainly high on my radar screen." More >

The Gold Report Interview with Roger Wiegand (10/10/12) "We are excited about Gold Standard Ventures Corp. in Nevada. It has a property next door to the big senior miner, Newmont Mining Corp., in the Carlin Trend. That is Newmont's Rain mine and it is doing well. Some years ago, its chief geologist told management that it was trying to buy this property. In fact, Newmont was trying to get it for 15 years, but somebody else won the prize. The group that owns it now has done a fabulous job in exploration and startup. Not only that, it hired the senior geologist from Newmont to be the consulting geologist on this project. I view the Gold Standard Ventures property as an extension of what Newmont is already mining. That's just the way it's viewed. . .that whole region, generally for the big operators, has been an incredible producer.

Another point on Gold Standard Ventures, which encouraged me early on, is the fact that there's a very wealthy Canadian investor who bought in early, who owns 20% of the stock. He has a history of success in investing in these companies. By owning 20% of the stock, that stock probably isn't going to move until there is a merger, a sale or a something. Consequently, that's a big floor underneath the price of the shares. We think that one is a top opportunity. We like it a lot." More >

Chen Lin, What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? (10/1/12) "It is a very interesting time for Gold Standard Ventures Corp.; it is drilling the key extension of the high-grade zone it discovered. . .the next three holes will decide how much extension the company can get out of it. If Gold Standard Ventures could expand the strike to 500m, it could lead to a 5 Moz deposit by my rough calculation."

The Gold Report Interview with John Kaiser (10/1/12) "The most obvious strategy is to look within the apparent trends of known deposits. . . at the southern end of the Carlin trend, Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has the Railroad gold project, where it is using a clever reconstruction of the geology to home in on what it believes to be a significant Carlin-style deposit." More >

Morning Coffee (8/31/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. bucked the trend, rallying after releasing additional information on leases it entered into with various landholders encompassing approximately 4,128 net mineral acres of land adjacent to the company's flagship Railroad gold project in Elko County, Nevada. The leases grant Gold Standard the exclusive right to explore, mine and develop varying percentage holdings in portions of what the company calls the South Railroad Project, which includes the Pinon district."

The Gold Report Interview with David Morgan (8/29/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is in the Carlin Trend. The people who run it are very, very knowledgeable. It's a speculative situation—a high-risk/high-reward situation. . .it's right next to one of Newmont's mines. It could be a buyout. If you want a North American speculative play—everything else I've talked about is fairly conservative—you could throw Gold Standard Ventures out there. The management is very savvy; CEO Jonathan Awde is young but he's smart and he knows whom to hire. His geologist is one old codger and he knows what he's doing. He's been in that area practically his whole life. One of the richest guys in Canada has got a big bet on this company. So, there are a lot of things going for it that I like. I'm going to put a bet on this company." More >

Thom Calandra, The Calandra Report (8/27/12) "I suggest to new subscribers and existing ones to stake part of their metals equities holdings to Gold Standard Ventures Corp. . .the company's geology team continues to track thicknesses of 1 g/t and 2 g/t gold hosted in calcified limestone, siltstone. That's a Carlin trait; Railroad sits on the southern end of the Carlin."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (8/15/12) "I believe the management of Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is strong and capable to carry out this company's mission, which is to outline a major gold deposit that would be attractive to major gold mining companies. . .the property that has lifted Gold Standard to its current market cap is the Railroad Dome project. Not only has there been some very significant drill intercepts, but there is also the prospect of outlining an elephant-sized, Carlin trend-style gold deposit that has caused the markets not only to lift the stock to as high as $3, but also to retain a healthy market cap even in this exceptionally difficult market. . .as positive information continues to flow, I have chosen to add Gold Standard to my list."

The Gold Report Interview with Edward Karr (8/6/12) "I really like Gold Standard Ventures Corp. Its vice president for exploration, Dave Mathewson, is one of the top geologists out there. He really has the tiger by the tail at Railroad. The company recently raised $20M on a financing at $2/share, making it well funded. Gold Standard Ventures is onto a major world-class discovery. The question is how big does this thing get? And, in my opinion, when will it be taken out?" More >

Mackie Research (8/2/12) "We recommend investors consider Gold Standard Ventures Corp. for the following three reasons: exposure to one of the last underexplored segments of the Carlin Trend. . ., exposure to a management team with a Carlin Trend discovery track record. . .and exposure to potential mergers and acquisitions. . .we are initiating coverage of the company with an Outperform rating."

Jay Taylor, Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks (7/20/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is my new buy recommendation. . .I believe the management is strong and capable to carry out this company's mission, which is to outline a major gold deposit that would be attractive to major gold mining companies. . .the property that has lifted Gold Standard to its current market cap is the Railroad Dome project. Not only have there been some very significant drill intercepts, but it is also the prospect of outlining an elephant-sized, Carlin Trend-style gold deposit that has caused the markets not only to lift the stock to as high as $3, but also to retain a healthy market cap even in this exceptionally difficult market. . .I think the odds of outlining a sizeable gold deposit are sufficiently good and the upside sufficiently great that it is a stock well worth consideration by speculative gold share investors."

Bob Moriarty, (7/12/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. had hit it and none of us knew it at the time. The stock went from $0.72 in late December to $1.20 in late February and upon the announcement of a major find, rocketed higher to $3.03 in early May. . .the company has good management and a great Carlin geologist in the name of Dave Mathewson. . .Gold Standard Ventures has great drill intercepts and a major find."

The Gold Report Interview with Brent Cook (6/27/12) "I just completed a field trip to Gold Standard Ventures Corp.'s project on the south end of the Carlin Trend. Its recent drilling suggests that it may be on to a significant deposit, a new one. That's certainly worth keeping an eye on, and as we all know, the Carlin Trend is one of the world's richest gold belts. . .we bought the stock in Exploration Insights when the first big drill hole was announced and I still own it and I'm not selling it because the risk-reward is massive. A major high-grade discovery on the Carlin Trend could be worth billions of dollars." More >

Brent Cook, Exploration Insights (6/17/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. has a very competent technical team, and President Jonathan Awde is focused on one thing—moving the company forward as intelligently as possible. . .the story is worth a listen for any interested institutional investors in the audience. . .overall, I was encouraged by what I saw on both the company and geological level."

Roger Wiegand, Trader Tracks (6/8/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is one of best Top 5 recommendations; the company has the right property in the right state with the right position next door to the huge Newmont Mining Corp. mine. Gold Standard's Rain project seems to be a logical extension of Newmont's geology. . .it is surrounded by major successes in operation and ongoing. . .we recommend a Buy."

Thom Calandra, Baby Bulls (5/24/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. and its Railroad gold and silver project near Elko, Nevada, are poised to release a defining round of assay results. The stock, even after its ascent this spring, is still cheap; I've been buying it at higher prices."

Quinton Hennigh, Exploration Insights (5/20/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. is undertaking an initial 11-hole program at East Douglas Camp. . .two holes intersected significant intervals of gold mineralization (summary includes: 9.1m of 1 g/t; 17.4m of 2.31 g/t including 1.2m of 9.4 g/t; 41.1m of 0.503 g/t). . .if I wanted exposure to a company that could potentially have a very large kitty by the tail, I would buy some Gold Standard Ventures and hold onto it through thick and thin. Oh wait, I did!"

The Gold Report Interview with Bob Moriarty (5/14/12) "I visited Gold Standard Ventures Corp., right next door to Evolving Gold. At the time, I said in December that Gold Standard may have already drilled a home-run hole on a major new deposit and not even realized it. In fact, that was the case, and its stock has gone from $1/share to about $2.50/share. . . with someone like Gold Standard's exploration VP Dave Mathewson doing the exploration, the juniors are coming up with these multimillion-ounce deposits that nobody dreamed of because they never tried drilling there before." More >

Morning Coffee (4/27/12) "Gold Standard Ventures Corp. reported that a new hole, RR 12-1, has intersected 164m of 3.38 g/t Au, including 42.7m of 9.4 g/t Au. . .[hole 12-1] continues to affirm that the north bullion fault zone mineralization is similar to the larger, more robust gold deposits in the northern portion of the Carlin trend."

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