Ely Gold Royalties Inc.

Ely Gold Royalties Inc. is a Vancouver based, emerging royalty company with development assets focused in Nevada and the Western US. Its current portfolio includes 27 Deeded Royalties and 24 Optioned Properties; and the portfolio is currently generating significant revenue. Ely Gold’s royalty portfolio includes fully permitted mines, mines under construction and development projects that are being permitted for mine construction. The Company has recently purchased near term producing third-party royalties for its portfolio and all the Company’s Option Properties will produce royalties, if exercised. Ely Gold is well-positioned with its current portfolio of over 20 available properties to generate additional operating revenue through option and sale transactions. The Company has a proven track record of maximizing the value of its properties through claim consolidation and advancement using its extensive, proprietary data base. All portfolio properties are sold or optioned on a 100% basis, while the Company retains net smelter royalty interests. Management believes that due to the Company’s ability to generate royalty transactions, its successful strategy of organically creating royalties, its equity portfolio and its current low valuation, Ely Gold offers shareholders a low-risk leverage to the current price of gold and low-cost access to long-term mineral royalties.

Expert Comments:

Gwen Preston, The Maven Letter (1/23/19)
"Ely Gold Royalties Inc.'s U.S. arm, Nevada Select, agreed to sell the War Eagle project in Idaho to Integra Resources. Under the terms of the deal, Ely will retain a 1% net smelter royalty in the project, and Integra will pay Nevada Select $200K over a four-year period in exchange for its rights to the state of Idaho mineral lease that encompasses War Eagle."

Greg McCoach, The Mining Speculator (1/22/19)
"Based on timing, it appears Ely Gold Royalties Inc.'s share price is poised for a good run as monies from previous royalty deals are starting to flow in. With this much deal flow moving forward, it's hard to see how the company share price doesn't start to attract more attention, especially as gold prices and the market condition improve. . .Ely Gold is a Buy."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (12/12/18)
"Ely Gold Royalties Inc. continues to make deals and to build up a portfolio of property payments and advance royalties. These assets should make the company a great lever on gold if prices start to head up again, as I expect them to in the new year."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (11/7/18)
"Ely Gold Royalties Inc. is selling its Gold Rock extension claim in Nevada to Fiore Gold for $10,277. . .the move is a great example of the company's business model, using its Nevada expertise to secure assets that others want but cannot get."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (10/31/18)
"Via its U.S. subsidiary, Ely Gold Royalties Inc. has added three new properties to its already large portfolio; with the additions, the company has over 77 projects in play or optioned. The new additions include a property in Nevada and two in Idaho."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (10/24/18)
"Ely Gold Royalties Inc. has made a couple moves of note recently. The latest was the announcement of an acquisition of a 0.75% gross receipts royalty on the Isabella Pearl property. . .last week, the company acquired 1% of the net smelter royalty held by Balmoral Resources in the Wallbridge Mining Fenelon mine in Quebec."

Experts Following This Company

Michael Allen, President and CEO – Northern Empire Resources Corp.
Maurice Jackson
Greg McCoach, Editor – The Mining Speculator
Gwen Preston, Founder Resource Maven

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Investing Highlights
Excellent leverage to Nevada/US exploration with 51 projects being worked by third parties
Proven track record for developing under-explored properties and attracting high quality partners
Revenue generating portfolio and two royalties to be producing in 2019
Extremely undervalued compared to peer companies
catalyst Calendar
Reviewing several new royalty opportunities
Continual news flow from new transactions and partner's exploration results
Strategic investment in Ely Gold stock by institutions and royalty companies