Largo Resources Ltd.

Largo Resources Ltd. is a mid-tier mining development company primarily focused on ramping-up production of vanadium at its Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil.

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Charlotte McLeod, Investing News Network (2/7/16)
"Largo Resources Ltd. is focused on vanadium production at its Maracas Menchen mine in Brazil, and though it didn't release any news last week, it did close the first tranche of a private placement on Jan. 29. It also signed a binding term sheet for a new debt facility at that time."

"I'm encouraged that Largo Resources Ltd. continues to ramp up production successfully at its Maracas vanadium mine in Brazil." read more >

Teresa Matich, Vanadium Investing News (8/27/15)
"Production ramp-up appears to be going well at Largo Resources' Maracas Menchen vanadium mine in Brazil, as the company keeps hitting production records. The company reported that the mine hit a daily production record on Sunday when it put out 27 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide (V205), representing 102% of the plants design capacity. The next day, it produced 110% of its design capacity, or 29 tonnes of V205."

"The most significant vanadium project at the moment is Largo Resources Ltd.'s Maracás Menchen vanadium project in Brazil, which should achieve commercial production by Q4/15. . .its costs are relatively low at below $3/lb. Maracás has relatively higher grades and the ore is amenable to standard processing methods. Largo is also looking at the possibility of recovering iron and platinum group metals as byproducts. . .Largo has an offtake agreement with Glencore International for 100% of its vanadium pentoxide production for six years. It's a sweet deal for Largo because Glencore picks up the vanadium on site, so it doesn't have to worry about logistics, which, in any case, are excellent. [Mark A. Smith] was hired a few months ago as the new Largo CEO. Maracás is probably the strongest project that he has been involved with including and since leaving Molycorp. Largo has since raised $75M, supported by the long-standing shareholders of Largo, so it's well cashed at the moment. And it has a strong technical team. Mark Smith has a real project in his hands and strong shareholder base. He has a high probability of success, I think." read more >

Kristen Moran, Resource Investing News (4/30/15)
"Largo Resources Ltd. has been steadily making progress at its flagship Maracas Menchen mine in Brazil, first achieving record production of 21 tonnes in a single day, or 81% of its capacity, in March and then establishing itself as a low-cost producer when it reported production costs of $3.91/lb. . .the company hopes it will reach 90–95% capacity by the third quarter of this year. . .if the planned extension of the facility is completed on schedule, Largo predicts year-end exit costs as low as $2.60/lb by 2016."

"Largo Resources Ltd. has come into production. . .hopefully over the next couple of months Largo will have quite a major improvement in share price due to the successful debt restructuring. [Is Largo still on track to produce 17+ million pounds of vanadium this year?] Yes, more or less. It is certainly in production. Whenever you are in the first year of production, things can come in a little bit lower, but I think, broadly speaking, Largo is on track." read more >

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