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Adrian Day, London born and a graduate of the London School of Economics, is the editor of Adrian Day's Global Analyst. His latest book is "Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks."

Recent Articles

Wheaton's Largest Asset Makes Progress 11/30/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews large developments at four royalty companies.

Mixed Results at Major Resource Companies 11/22/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews more of the recent quarterly results and other developments from more of the gold and resource companies on his list. Some of these (Barrick and Royal) are from the beginning of the month. Day didnt review all the companies last week, focusing on those with more significant news or that were "Buys" at the time. This week, he completes the review of quarterlies as well as companies with other developments.

Gold Stocks Watch: Earnings Season Brings Volatility 11/17/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day notes that recent earnings reports from gold and precious metals companies reflected lower production and higher costs amid macroeconomic uncertainty. However, strong balance sheets position leading royalty companies to acquire assets.

Developments Overshadow Results for Resource Companies 11/15/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews developments at several resource companies on his list. Although there has been some negative news and disappointing quarterly results, Day believes many exciting potential developments are ahead.

Precious Metals Miners Face Challenges and Opportunities 11/07/2023

Precious metals mining companies like Agnico Eagle Mines and Franco-Nevada face production issues, but well-capitalized miners are still finding attractive assets.

Agnicos Production Hit and Costs Up, but Outlook Good 11/01/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day discusses some set-backs at several major mining companies, as well as stellar results from a top business development company.

Nestle Sees Real Growth Down, on a Strong Swiss Franc 10/25/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at seemingly weak results from two of his core holdings, in each case with a brighter outlook and an opportunity to buy.

Gold Moves up on Rates as Well as Mid-East 10/18/2023

Several larger mining companies reported preliminary quarterly results this week, mostly production numbers, with full financials to follow, as has become the norm in recent years. Below, Global Analyst Adrian Day looks briefly at these, as well as the gold market in general.

Gold Co. Loses Partner but Value Enhanced! 10/11/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day takes a look at positive news from three of his favorite resource stocks.

Outlook For Stocks and Gold After Q3 Declines 10/05/2023

Adrian Day, the president of Adrian Day Asset Management, shares a review of the current state of the market. He notes that markets fell in the third quarter as the Fed remained hawkish, though risks may ease next year as growth slows and inflation returns.

Gold Has Fallen but Stocks Are Cheap 10/04/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at why gold has fallen and suggests it may have further to go. Meanwhile, he takes a look at some gold stocks, which are currently very inexpensive.

Why Are the Stocks So Cheap Relative to Gold? 09/28/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day discusses some of the highlights of meetings he had with senior gold mining executives at two recent industry conferences.

Nova To Be Acquired by Metalla at 25% Premium 09/13/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day discusses the recent offer by Metalla Royalty for Nova Royalty Co.

Two Must-Own Companies With a Shared Asset 09/06/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at two of his favorite companies, both of which have royalties on the same asset.

Gold Company Earnings Mostly Positive 08/30/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews quarterly earnings reports from several gold companies, most of which were positive, notwithstanding some difficulties. Several are good buys, according to Day.

Company Updates Reveal Strong Buys 08/16/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day shares updates from several companies this week, both quarterly results and other news. In addition, recent technical difficulties delayed the writing and made this briefer than otherwise. Day aims to send another Bulletin in the coming days with more company updates, and he is also working on an article on the factors that move gold. Day also has more stocks on his list that can be bought currently than he had thought for a while.

Blue Chip Companies See Unexpected Growth 08/02/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at two top companies that, once again, outperformed expectations. He says, good things come from good companies!

Lower Revenues for Altius, but Outlook Positive 07/26/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day provides brief updates on two of his favorite resource companies. He also looks at very disturbing activity by banks in England, which he believes is a foretaste of what we can expect once Central Bank Digital Currencies come into force.

Barrick Little Light on Output, on Track for Year 07/20/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at production results from some gold companies; all will have full financials to follow. With gold and silver stocks jumping in the last week the XAU was up over 7% to its highest level since mid-May we are not chasing now.

CEO's Sudden Departure Raises Concerns 07/12/2023

Adrian Day discusses the surprising dismissal of the CEO at one of his favorite gold royalty companies.

Osisko Adds High-Potential Copper Royalty 07/05/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day reports on recent acquisitions by two of the royalty companies on his list. Day believes both transactions are positive, and he wants to add to positions.

Agnico Updates Plans for Malartic, Increasing Mine Life 06/28/2023

Global Analyst Adrain Day looks at recent developments at three of his favorite gold companies, one large miner, one royalty generator, and one exploration company. Day believes all three are good buys here.

Equity Markets and Gold After the Fed Pause 06/21/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day looks at the impact of the Federal Reserves decision to pause raising rates on the markets. And Day updates recent developments at several companies, with several resource companies making attractive asset acquisitions. There are some good buys, according to Day. Resource stocks have given back sufficiently from their early May highs, and the outlook is a little clear.

Orogen Makes High-Potential Acquisition 06/07/2023

Global Analyst Adrian Day discusses a potential company-maker deal by one of his favorite companies. Although the stock moved up a little on the news, it remains below where it traded a month ago and well within its 2023 range, Day notes.

Wheaton Buys New Stream, Continuing Recent Trend 05/24/2023

Two new acquisitions and a string of resignations, along with more quarterly results, have led global analyst Adrian Day to share his thoughts with us. It's been a busy week for some of the companies on his list.

Osisko's Stock Run-up Justified by Growth Ahead 05/17/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day looks at quarterly financials from some of his favorite resource companies. Most had pre-released production, so there were not so many surprises but some insights. There are a few Buys among them.

Recent Acquisitions Pay Off for Royal Gold 05/10/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day looks at the quarterly results from three large royalty companies, a large miner, and a development company. Most of the companies had pre-released production and costs (except Franco) so Day notes few surprises when the full quarterlies came out. Day continues to be cautious in buying.

Fed's Next Move Priced In. What Is After That? 05/03/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day looks at gold and last week's Fed meeting, along with recent results from several diverse companies, including a high-yield U.S. company and global blue chip, as well as two gold and silver companies. All are fighting rising costs and a slowing economy, with different effects on different companies.

Gold Correction Underway, but Likely Short Lived 04/26/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management takes a brief look at the gold market, plus gives an update on recent developments from three resource companies.

Strong Results From Several Miners and Royalty Companies 04/19/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day discusses preliminary first-quarter results from several gold companies, mostly positive, as well as positive developments at two juniors. Given the strong recent moves and the increased risk of a pullback, Day is buying little right now.

Stocks: The Risk Is to the Downside 04/07/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day's last three recent recommendations, two sells and one buy, all filled. Details below. Also, Day comments on one of his companies and takes a look at the sock market.

Buy Nova Royalty With a Limit of CA$1.45, Says Adrian Day 03/31/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day has a new recommendation, a resource company that he believes could become an heirloom holding. His sell of Cartier Resources from his previous article would have filled; Azucar Minerals remains open.

Spring Cleaning 03/27/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day sells a couple of laggards to make room for new recommendations. He also provides brief updated commentary on several companies on his list.

Gold: The Game's Afoot as Something Breaks and the Fed Buckles 03/21/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management takes a brief look at the likely direction of gold prices and reviews developments at some of the companies on his list, including record results from Franco.

Growth Ahead for Altius, Agnico, Fortuna, and Kingsmen 03/17/2023

As the investment world focuses on banks from Silicon Valley to Credit Suisse, Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management catches up on developments at a few more of the companies on his list.

Things Are Coming Together for Osisko 03/14/2023

Having just returned from two large mining conferences, global analyst Adrian Day reviews results from some large gold and silver companies, as well as news on an exciting project. He plans to catch up with a couple more bulletins in the coming days. For the most part, gold company results were affected by higher costs and some operational hiccups. However, Day believes there have been some positive developments as well, with reason for optimism ahead.

Higher Costs Hurting All Companies: Agnico Sell-Off Overdone for Top Quality Miner 02/21/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day reviews recent results from several companies, a mixed set of results, mostly hurt by higher costs.

Barrick Boosts Reserves by 10% Without Acquisitions 02/14/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day updates us on developments at several of his gold companies, mostly positive, as well as takes a look at a couple of global companies with yields over 9%.

Stocks, the Dollar and Gold Whipsawed on Fed Outlook 02/07/2023

Global analyst Adrian Day discusses last week’s market action, as well as covers recent results and other developments at several of the companies on his list.

Is Gold's Rally Vulnerable, as Fed Readies To Meet? 01/23/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management reviews recent results from several resource companies, mostly positive, though cost increases are an issue everywhere.

Osisko Has Record Quarter, With Lots Ahead 01/17/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management reviews preliminary 2022 results from a couple of gold royalty companies and updates us on the ongoing saga in Panama.

Trouble in Tropics for Fortuna and Franco 01/09/2023

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management discusses updates at some companies, including two experiencing difficulties with local governments. Day believes such incidents often provide opportunities.

Gold and Silver Hold Their Own Among Market Carnage 01/03/2023

The first contributor opinion of the year, Adrian Day reviews the year just ended and looks ahead for where to invest in 2023.

Franco's Largest Asset Is at Risk 12/19/2022

Today, expert Adrian Day gives updates on developments affecting several of his favorite companies, mostly positive but with one potentially damaging piece of news.

Expert Says Gold Is Misunderstood, but It Is Bottoming 12/12/2022

Expert Adrian Day takes a look at gold and discusses why he thinks a turn is very close. Day also recommends his top stocks to buy if you do not already own.

Expert Says, 'Buy Selectively in This Vulnerable Market' 11/29/2022

Today, expert Adrian Day sends a revised Current Positions table, updating dividends paid and current recommendations. Prices are as of early afternoon yesterday.

Diversification Pays off for Franco Once Again 11/21/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews quarterly financials from several resource companies. Most are doing well, though costs are rising. But given recent rallies in stock prices, Day suggests, for the most part, holding rather than buying more.

Eight Resource Companies You Need To Pay Attention to 11/08/2022

Several companies on expert Adrian Day's list have either reported quarterly earnings or had other news. In the case of the larger companies, most have already pre-announced production or sales.

Nestle Continues To Execute as Profits Grow 10/31/2022

Today expert Adrian Day discusses results from two core holdings, both doing well, according to him, despite cost inflation. Day believes you can use current weakness to accumulate a portfolio of blue chips.

Six Resource Companies You Should Pay Attention To 10/24/2022

Several resource companies on expert Adrian Day's list have reported their production numbers for the third quarter, with some positive surprises, though costs are rising.

Mining Co. Makes an Unexpected but Attractive Acquisition 10/03/2022

Today, expert Adrian Day reviews the latest acquisition by Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. and shares his thoughts on some of the resource companies on his list.

Powell Says Money Not Important for Inflation 09/12/2022

Expert Adrian Day looks at recent comments from central bankers and comments on the little news this week from Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.

How Long Will the Fed Keep Going? 09/07/2022

Expert Adrian Day takes a look at Federal Reserve policy after Jackson Hole and what it might mean for the markets, plus updates developments at some companies on his list.

Mixed Results From Major Gold Companies 08/23/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews the quarterly earnings reports from the remaining precious metals companies on his list, including Wheaton Precious Metals and Franco Nevada, among others.

Expert Says, 'Royalties Have Advantage During Price Inflation' 08/11/2022

More resource companies released quarterly earnings, but since in all cases production and other items had been pre-released, there were few surprises for expert Adrian Day.

Agnico Has Strong Quarter: Production Up, Costs Down 08/08/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews recent quarterlies and other developments at some more of his favorite gold and silver companies.

Global Equities Offer Yields up to 8% 08/05/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews results and developments from some of his favorite non-resource companies. He believes all three are solid dividend payers, and for investors seeking income attractive buys.

Franco and Royal Make Major Investments 07/25/2022

Expert Adrian Day discusses recent purchases from two royalty companies, as well as preliminary quarterly reports from several gold companies that he considers top buys right now.

Altius Invests in Lara Exploration 07/11/2022

Expert Adrian Day reviews updates at some of his favorite companies, including most recently the news between Altius Minerals Corp. and Lara Exploration Ltd.'s relationship.

What Is the Risk of More Downturn? 07/05/2022

Expert Adrian Day looks at the state of the market after this year’s 23% decline and discusses the risk of more possible downturn. Find out which companies he thinks are a buy — and which ones need to fly off your radar.

Adrian Day's Top Four Gold Buys 06/21/2022

With Bitcoin going bonkers and the market in turmoil, Adrian Day says gold is a safe haven. Here are a few of his favorite companies that have throttled through the turbulence to top his list as Buys.

Exploration Deals and Results at Top Resource Companies 06/13/2022

Today expert Adrian Day runs over the latest updates in deals and exploration from Midland Exploration, Orogen Royalties, and Fortuna Silver to tell you which ones he believes are a Buy.

Is the Fed's Newest Policy Hawkish? 06/06/2022

Expert Adrian Day looks at likely outcomes for the Federal Reserve’s new, possibly hawkish, policy and reviews one of his favorite income investments. He also takes a moment to wish Her Majesty the Queen a happy Jubilee.

Iron Ore Company Has Many Opportunities for Growth 05/31/2022

Altius Minerals appears to have numerous growth opportunities under its belt. Expert Adrian Day goes over the latest updates and some news in other promising resource companies.

Gold Pullback Creates an 'Opportunity to Buy' 05/24/2022

Adrian Day recaps the recent news at some of his favorite resource companies, noting several good buys that emerged after the recent sector pullback.

Analyst's Big Three Royalty Companies Have Strong Reports 05/10/2022

In today’s Bulletin, analyst Adrian Day reviews the recent results from the big three royalty companies, all strong, with rock-solid balance sheets, but with a shortage of large projects in which to invest. 

Gold Holds Steady, Analyst Says You Should Too 04/26/2022

Gold rush or gold bust? Editor of Adrian Day’s Global Analyst, Adrian Day reviews rising opportunities and developments in gold stock.

Good Full-Year Outlooks on These 3 Gold Cos. 04/20/2022

Editor of Adrian Day’s Global Analyst, Adrian Day takes a look at the first quarter results of three gold companies they think are worth watching.

Sell This Gold Stock 'While the Going Is Good' 04/15/2022

Editor of Adrian Day’s Global Analyst, Adrian Day shares his recommendation to sell this stock that is up nearly 60% this year.

Analyst: Good to See Majors Investing in Exploration Firms 04/04/2022

Adrian Day sees a significant lack of new discoveries in the mining business and says it's "good to see some majors making investments in exploration companies."

Gold Co. Agreement Reached With Pakistan 03/29/2022

Adrian Day's Global Analyst discusses recent developments at some companies on their list, including a new agreement Barrick has reached with the government of Pakistan to allow it to proceed with a giant mine in that country. Also, there's a growing trend for brokerage firms to decide what you can and cannot buy.

Analyst Says These 3 Stocks Are All Buys 03/21/2022

Adrian Day — editor of Adrian Day's Global Analyst — discusses six companies, several of which are Buys, and looks to the SEC's latest plans for emissions control.

Three Top Resource Companies Report Stellar Results 03/15/2022

Adrian Day discusses financials from three resource companies that released earnings last week; all reported record years.

The Potential for High Growth Is Real at These Companies 03/09/2022

Adrian Day discusses recent results and developments at several of his favorite resource companies, with some still good buys despite the recent rallies.

Two Defensive Investments With Solid Yields 02/27/2022

Adrian Day reviews two of his global investments, "one with a rock-solid dividend the other with an attractive if less certain yield."

Reliable Yields Well Over 7% Are Available With These Two Companies 02/17/2022

Adrian Day reviews two of the high-yielding stocks on his list; he notes that both are boosting distributions and are good long-term holdings for income-oriented investors.

Feasibility Report on Australia Gold Project Increases Reserves and Value 02/15/2022

Adrian Day of Global Analyst looks at Vista Gold's long-awaited feasibility study on its Australian gold project, and provides updates on a couple of other companies on his list.

Miner Whipsawed by Farcical Permitting Decision 02/11/2022

Adrian Day of Global Analyst looks at the mostly favorable developments at some of the companies on his list, but also at the farce playing out in Mexico.

Asset Acquisitions Continue at Gold Companies 02/01/2022

Adrian Day looks at companies that have made recent acquisitions and whether you should add them to your portfolio.

Should You Add to Resource Stock Positions Now? 01/24/2022

Adrian Day reviews updates from several resource companies and discusses whether this is the time to load up.

One Observer's Take on the Fed, Tightening and the Markets 01/19/2022

Adrian Day of Global Analyst takes a look at the macro picture in light of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's more hawkish comments last week and also reviews recent developments at some companies on his list.

Analyst Takes Year-End Stock of His Portfolio 12/28/2021

In a year-end bulletin, Adrian Day gives a brief reminder of the fundamental reason for each stock in his portfolio, as well as to note the largest downside or risk for each.

Osisko Sees Record Revenues With Projects Advancing 12/13/2021

Adrian Day, in the Global Analyst newsletter, updates recent results and developments at several companies, large and small, with some current buys among them.

Top Miners’ Share Prices Compelling as Growth Continues 12/06/2021

Adrian Day, in the Global Analyst newsletter, reviews developments at several companies, three of his favorite large miners and one favorite junior, all of which he says are at very compelling levels to buy.

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