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BFS for Columbus Gold's Montagne d'Or Fuels M&A Speculation (03/30/2017)

The release of the bankable feasibility study for the JV Montagne d'Or gold project in French Guiana, with Columbus Gold in partnership with Nordgold, has experts speculating on buyout prospects.


Southern Silver Reports High-Grade Results at Cerro Las Minitas (03/28/2017)

Recent drilling at Southern Silver's flagship Cerro Las Minitas project in Mexico shows higher grade silver than previous drilling.


Hold On to These Yields of 8% to Over 9% (03/28/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day reviews the business development companies in his portfolio that are held for income.


Precious Metals Are in Alignment for a Major Ascent (03/27/2017)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses silver's recent price performance and why he believes precious metals are in alignment for a major ascent.


Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Update (03/25/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver markets, noting a tug-of-war between support and resistance.


Major Supply Shortage: Critical Minerals Igniting Bull Market Mania (03/24/2017)

Collapsing oil prices are only the beginning as fossil fuels are turning into a historic relic, says Kenneth Ameduri, chief editor of Crush the Street. He discusses two commodities whose demand he expects to skyrocket as the world shifts to cleaner energy.


Ray Dalio's Hottest Investment Theme Today (03/24/2017)

Since March 15, when the Federal Reserve raised rates for the second time since Trump was elected, gold has rallied and stock outflows have been extremely high, says Tom Beck, senior editor of Portfolio Wealth Global, and he discusses how Ray Dalio is turning to precious metals and industrial commodities right now.


A Credit Implosion Is Coming (03/24/2017)

The biggest bubble of all is bursting—the bond market, where companies and the government borrow money—and it's twice as big as the stock market, says Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group.


Dataram Set to Transform Itself with Acquisition of U.S. Gold Corp. (03/23/2017)

Dataram's plans to acquire U.S. Gold Corp. to diversify its business would give it access to potentially high-growth mining projects in Nevada and Wyoming.


Iskut Could Be as Important to Seabridge as KSM (03/23/2017)

Seabridge's Iskut project has the potential to be another success story like its flagship, 100%-owned KSM project.


Juniors to Recover as Gold Moves Ahead (03/23/2017)

Fund manager Adrian Day discusses several mining and energy companies in his portfolio that he believes should appreciate now that the recently released Canadian budget does not include a tax rate increase.


Buy Gold Stocks Patiently (03/22/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day discusses three stocks in his portfolio that he sees as buys.


Columbus Discovered a Gold Mine (03/22/2017)

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold looks at the bankable feasibility study that just came out on Columbus Gold's Montagne d'Or gold project in French Guiana and concludes that it's going to be a mine.


A Core Holding Keeps Getting Better (03/21/2017)

Fund manager Adrian Day reviews one of his favorite resource companies and updates a few others.


Warren Buffett's Biggest Loss (03/20/2017)

Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global shares his strategy for investing in commodities.


Gold for Protection; This Metal for Wealth (03/19/2017)

Inflation has been rising at a rapid rate since the election. Not only is the CPI up, but the Dow Jones just experienced its fastest 1,000-point move in history. With the bull market in its ninth year, Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group believes this is the time for investors to become very selective, and he points to one commodity that is experiencing very tight supply right now.


Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update (03/18/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest moves in the gold and silver sectors.


Gold Stocks for All Risk Appetites (03/16/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day reviews recent developments at a handful of gold companies, both juniors and seniors.


Silver Wheaton's Profile Boosted by Progress at Antamina Mine (03/16/2017)

Silver Wheaton and Franco-Nevada hosted a mine tour of the Antamina Mine in Peru on March 2, and the promise of substantial additions to the streaming company's assets prompted positive comments from two industry analysts.


Trevali Proving Zinc Is Golden (03/16/2017)

Trevali Mining has added a portfolio of zinc assets to its already impressive resource list with the purchase of Glencore's producing Rosh Pinah and Perkoa zinc mines.


Time to Get Back into Gold Stocks (03/13/2017)

Money manager Adrian Day updates developments and guidance from three major gold companies.


Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Market Update: Bear Market Return? (03/11/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan sets forth data that signals the potential return of a bear market in the precious metals.


Integra Gold's Lamaque Looking Better Than Ever After Updated PEA Announcement (03/09/2017)

Integra Gold's updated 2017 PEA on the Lamaque South Gold Project doubled the life of mine estimate, increased total ounces 156% and reduced total mine costs to CA$86/tonne.


Gold Standard Ventures Offers District-Scale and Takeout Potential (03/09/2017)

Gold Standard Ventures' aggressive 2017 drill program has the potential to substantially increase resources at its Nevada project, and with Goldcorp and OceanaGold owning substantial percentages of the company, Gold Standard has already caught the eye of producers.


Darnley Bay Resources: Bringing an Old Zinc District Back to Life (03/09/2017)

Several zinc mines have shut down in the past few years due to depletion, and the warehouse inventory levels of the base metal have been steadily declining. The market is finally waking up and starting to look at zinc companies again. Thibaut Lepouttre of Caesars Report profiles Darnley Bay Resources, one of the companies hoping to fill the supply gap.


No Surprise in Recent Moves in Gold and Silver Markets (03/08/2017)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger reflects on the cause of this week's decline in precious metals markets, and contemplates the factors that will help him determine a bottom.


Investors Are Becoming Bullish on Commodities (03/07/2017)

Investors are increasingly turning to commodities as prices rally.


The 'Trump Trade' Is Too Optimistic (03/06/2017)

Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global believes the "Trump Trade" is overblown and recommends investors bulletproof their holdings.


Market Euphoria, China's Dumping of Treasuries Ignite Recession Concerns (03/06/2017)

Citing the uncertainty caused by China dumping U.S. Treasuries, an impending debt ceiling crisis, the upcoming French elections, and more, Wealth Research Group editor Lior Gantz advises investors to make sure their portfolios are diversified.


The Barron Is Back (03/06/2017)

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold chronicles the career of Dr. Keith Barron and his latest foray in Ecuador.


Alarming Data on Gold Prompts Special Report from Jack Chan (03/04/2017)

Technical analyst Jack Chan finds the latest Commitment of Traders (COT) data alarming and explains what the COT charts predict for the gold and silver markets.


Copper Confirms the Negative Outlook for Precious Metals and Oil (03/03/2017)

Looking at the charts, technical analyst Clive Maund sees copper "riding for a fall."


Oil Market Update: You Won't Get a Clearer Warning Than This One (03/03/2017)

Technical analyst Clive Maund charts changes that portend a "brutal decline" in both the oil and precious metals markets.


The Precious Metals Sector 'Tips Its Hand' (03/03/2017)

It is common for commodities to drop in unison, says technical analyst Clive Maund, and in tandem with his prediction that oil will drop, he also sees gold and silver going lower.


Inflation, the Dollar and Gold (03/03/2017)

Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, discuss anticipated interest rate action by the Fed and its possible effect on gold.


Broadway Gold Ramps Up Exploration at Madison Mine (03/02/2017)

Broadway Gold Mining has recently begun both surface and underground mining at its Madison Mine, advancing exploration at the historic gold-copper project in the Butte-Anaconda mining district of Montana and netting the attention of industry watchers.


Alkane Is in Position to Benefit from Hafnium Demand Rise (03/02/2017)

Hafnium may not be a household word, but demand for the element is growing, and Alkane Resources is gearing up to take advantage.


Irving Resources, Tightest Shares in Canada (03/01/2017)

Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold discusses Irving Resources, a spinoff from Gold Canyon Resources that has assets in northern Japan.


The Fantasy Continues (03/01/2017)

Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, assess President Donald Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress and find it wanting.


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