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Patriot One Technologies Inc.

Patriot One has developed PATSCAN CMR, the next generation of its award-winning radar device and software solution. PATSCAN CMR is a first-of-its-kind Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system, designed as an effective tool to combat active shooter threats before they occur.

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Patriot One Technologies will install its artificial intelligence-driven security and safety system at this Nevada location this quarter.
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Patriot One Technologies' focus this year has been on derisking its technology for full commercial release.
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Martin Cronin, CEO and director of Patriot One Technologies Inc., and guest Andrew Uerkwitz, managing director, equity research analyst, emerging technology at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., discuss Patriot One's upcoming catalysts and events.
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Patriot One Technologies reported it is partnering with Ginter Electrical to install its PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Doug Taylor, Canaccord Genuity

"Patriot One Technologies Inc. announced an upcoming deployment of its PATSCAN platform with Cincinnati-based system integrator Ginter Electrical Contractors and the city of Cincinnati. The company will be working with Ginter Electrical and the city to deploy PATSCAN in five undisclosed government venues as a demonstration project."

Patriot One Technologies reported its Xtract AI division is working with Canexia Health to increase access to cancer testing as part of the Digital Technology Supercluster COVID-19 Program project.
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Patriot One Technologies reported it is collaborating with ecoMine Technologies to advance pathogen screening applications as part of Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster's Covid-19 program.
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Patriot One Technologies is building in pandemic-related health and safety modules to its threat detection system.
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Patriot One's is harnessing its AI-driven platform to be highly relevant to the pandemic.
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Patriot One Technologies reported that it is teaming up with Los Angeles F.C. and Banc of California Stadium to form "The Stadium & Event Safety Strategic Alliance."
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Xtract AI, a subsidiary of Patriot One Technologies Inc., has secured a contract valued at CA$157,000 with Canada's National Defense Department's Public Works and Government Services Division to improve situational awareness for Canadian firefighters.
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Patriot One Technologies' Vancouver-based artificial intelligence team will work on improving concealment of soldiers and their vehicles in the field.
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Ron Struthers, Struthers Resource Stock Report

"Patriot One Technologies Inc. is now starting to turn its technology to sales. Today, Xtract Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of the company, announced it has secured a CA$975K contract with Canada's Department of National Defense; the contract is for a project related to improving situational awareness for the Canadian Armed Forces and security personnel using video analytics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality."

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headshot of Ron Struthers
Ron Struthers, Editor Struthers Resource Stock Report
Doug Taylor, Analyst – Canaccord Genuity

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