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Red Eagle Mining is a well-financed gold exploration and development corporation with an experienced mine-development team. Management is focused on building shareholder value through discovering and developing gold projects with low costs and low technical risks in Colombia, a jurisdiction with prolific historic production but until recently limited modern exploration. Red Eagle Mining is developing the 100 square kilometre historic Santa Rosa Gold Project located in the Antioquia Batholith. Construction is underway at the fully permitted and fully financed San Ramon Gold Mine with production expected to commence during the second half of 2016.

Expert Comments:

Commercial production was declared at Red Eagle Mining's San Ramon mine in Colombia, nearly five months after announcing the first gold pour.
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Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (4/12/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp.'s San Ramon mine has reached commercial production! . .at this point the company thinks San Ramon will be cash flow positive in Q2/17. . .ramp-ups are tough so I will watch those stumbles but remain very interested in San Ramon's potential to produce cash and Red Eagle's ability to find more gold right around the mine."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (3/4/17)
"Like with Red Eagle Mining Corp., you know a company is good at managing its shares when a holder sells 23M shares representing 8.7% of the company, and the share price doesn't even notice. The seller was Stratcon, the mining services provider that Red Eagle worked with to build San Ramon. . .the buyer was Vertex One, a Vancouver-based hedge fund. . .as a generalist deep value investor, its entry speaks to the potential of the Red Eagle story."

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (2/22/17)
"Now that the Santa Rosa mine is operating (I expect Red Eagle Mining Corp. to announce commercial production soon), the company has the chance to explore some of its other opportunities. . .[its] exploration arm is a company called CB Gold. . .it owns the Vetas gold project, the Santa Ana silver project and now, after a new deal, the California gold project."

"Red Eagle Mining Corp. is an absolutely terrific story. It went from drilling the very first exploratory drill hole to test for gold to producing gold in five years. In this industry, that is a record. It did it on budget and on schedule. That's very impressive. Red Eagle says it is going to announce commercial production sometime in the next few months, but it could be as soon as in the next few weeks. We think it's going to be a very profitable mine. We focus on the cash flow. We think Red Eagle trades at a tremendously cheap cash flow multiple. The EV:EBITDA is less than 3. Next year in 2018 it'll be less than 2, which is just too low for any company anywhere. So it has a great future, and the valuation is very compelling." read more >

Gwen Preston, Resource Maven (1/18/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. released results from 107 holes, drilled from eight pads spaced along 300m of strike. . .some of the better results included: 2.7m of 20.56 g/t gold; 2.1m of 42.6 g/t gold; 5.2m of 33.4 g/t gold. . .the mine plan at San Ramon assumed an average mining width of 3m and an average grade of 5.2 g/t gold. . .the full batch included many examples of longer intercepts and higher grades than modeled. Positive reconciliation is a good thing for a new mine and these results suggest that’s in store for San Ramon."

Ivan Lo, Equedia Letter (1/8/17)
"Red Eagle Mining Corp. is at the brink of commercial steady-state gold production; I see this happening in late Q1 to early Q2. After a quarter of achieving that milestone and showing investors the cost of production etc., we'll likely see more activity in their stock; I suspect there are bigger players seriously looking at Red Eagle – if they can produce good numbers, I would not be surprised to see them make a move. . .the company will have lots of exploration results coming, which could help boost share prices even if gold trades sideways."

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