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For 27 years, Ron Struthers, founder and editor of Struthers' Resource Stock Report and, has consistently beat the comparable benchmarks selecting stocks in the precious metals, oil & gas, clean-tech and disruptive technology sectors. In 2017, 35 stocks in the precious metals sector saw an average gain of 62% and energy clean-tech an average gain of 65%. In disruptive technology, 16 picks saw an average gain of 55%. Past performance is no guarantee of future gains. Struthers leverages his vast network of contacts, approaches investments from a value perspective seeking several 100% gain potential and uses technical analysis to aid in buy and sell levels.

Recent Articles about Callon Petroleum

Oil Bottom is a Buying Opportunity 12/08/2023

Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report last predicted a bottom in oil prices on May 5 because of a morning doji star reversal pattern and oversold conditions. And he shared that he had a repeat of this again late this week.

An Oil Embargo - Whats That? Buy CPE and Sell DHT 11/09/2023

Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report expects the Middle East conflict to widen and eventually propel oil prices much higher. It is also possible that Arab states could deploy an oil embargo. Callon Petroleum is cheap and would be a prime benefactor. With the uncertainty, it is a good idea to take profits in tanker stocks.

Easing Inflation is Transitory and Oil and Gas Stocks Cheap 04/24/2023

Ron Struthers of Struthers Stock Reports discusses headline inflation numbers, which he believes are lower because they are now compared to year-over-year higher oil prices. Gasoline prices were down -17.4% in March. Oil and Gas stocks like Callon Petroleum are oversold and can be bought for two or three times earnings and less than two times cash flow, Struthers says.

Winter Is About To Wake up the Natural Gas Price 11/21/2022

An unusually warm October has helped natural gas inventories, but gas prices don't seem to believe it. Oil has seen three days of heavy selling volume ending with a hammer candle stick Monday. Birchcliff, Callon, and Earthstone should benefit.

The Fed Has Lots of Room To Move Rates Higher 11/04/2022

The Fed's mandate is 2% inflation and maximum employment. Expert Ron Struthers believes they have lots of room to soften the job market. Struthers also sees promise with three stocks. Gilat Satellite is growing sales, Callon Petroleum is undervalued, and Zonte Metals has a unique situation.