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Matt Badiali is the founder and CEO of Mangrove Investor Media, an independent investment research publisher. He is a geologist by education, an investment analyst by profession, and a writer by nature. He began researching and writing about natural resource investments in 2004. His research has appeared in Bloomberg, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. He’s an avid surfer, boater, and fisherman. You can find him at

Recent Interviews

Streetwise Live! 2022-06-02

“If I'm going to own one gold stock in this market, I think its going to start with Dakota Gold.”

Streetwise Listens 2022-06-02

“They have a spectacular asset, they just went public, there is no reason why the share price should be down as far as it is... but what it creates is this opportunity for people who haven't bought the shares yet... it's fantastic. ”