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Arizona Exploration Co. Has Unequivocal Buy Case, Expert Says
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Technical Analyst Clive Maund explains why he believes now may be an opportune time to buy Arizona Gold & Silver Inc. (AZS:TSX; AZASF:OTC).

Arizona Gold & Silver Inc. (AZS:TSX; AZASF:OTC)

The charts for Arizona Gold & Silver Inc. (AZS:TSX; AZASF:OTC) present a most encouraging picture of a stock that is building up to a major bull market yet still at a most attractive price here.

Before we look at them, we will overview the fundamentals of the company using first a company Fact Sheet and follow this up with slides (pages) lifted from the company's latest investor deck. 

As its name indicates, Arizona Gold & Silver is primarily a gold and silver explorer that is looking for major deposits in highly prospective territory in Arizona and Nevada.

The following page from the company's Fact Sheet lists the highlights of the company's projects.

The location of the company's projects is shown more clearly in the next picture, in which we see that its flagship Project, the Philadelphia Project, is in Arizona, very close to the border with Nevada.

The second slide shows the highlights of the Philadelphia Property and makes clear that a lot of work has already been done on it that has discovered significant resources.

The next slide provides an interesting perspective on the historical development of the Philadelphia Property to date.

The Philadelphia Property lies in the Oatman Gold Mining District in NW Arizona.

This slide makes clear in one paragraph from the VP of Exploration Greg Hahn the potential of the Philadelphia Property.

This slide makes clear in one paragraph from the VP of Exploration Greg Hahn the potential of the Philadelphia Property.

This slide gives the vein and bulk target locations at Philadelphia and shows the heart of the gold-silver bearing system.

For more details on the geology of the Philadelphia Property, go to the company's latest investor deck.

 We will end our look at the company's fundamentals with a page from the company's fact sheet, which gives details of company highlights, the share structure, and information on the management and directors.

The company has seen some very positive developments this year, with it reporting exceptional gold extractions (90 – 99%) from leach tests on the Philadelphia Gold – Silver Project in Arizona in May and BLM (US Bureau of Land Management) Issuing Exploration Drilling Permit for The Red Hills Target at The Philadelphia Gold-Silver Project, Arizona this month (June) and it is noteworthy that management has never sold a share, ever.

Also, this morning, Monday, June 17, the company reported that Philip Yee joined the team as a special advisor to the CEO. Yee has an extensive history of working with successful precious metals companies, including Eldorado Gold (BC) Corp., Kirkland Lake Gold Corp., and Patagonia Gold Plc., among others. 

Turning now to the stock charts for Arizona Gold & Silver we soon find that they make a clear and unequivocal case for buying the stock here that can be set out in short order.

After Arizona Gold & Silver started trading late in 2016, it trended higher into 2017 before spiking vertically toward the middle of that year, which we can reasonably presume was due to the company announcing a significant or even a major discovery, but as so often happens after such a spike, a long post-discovery hangover set in that led to its losing all the gains garnered during the spike.

Then, after the stubborn downtrend into late 2018 erased all of the earlier gains, it tentatively entered a much slower measured bull market that we can now see has slowly gathered pace right up to the present, with the price being gradually shepherded higher by the parabolic uptrend shown.

This parabolic uptrend is driving the price towards a breakout above the key resistance shown in the CA$0.50 – CA$0.60 zone and it has already had three goes at it already, the first being early in 2022 and the robust Accumulation line that continues to make new highs indicates a high probability that it will succeed in doing so in due course that only increases with the passage of time.

With the benefit of having learned the Big Picture perspective using the long-term chart, we will now zoom in via the 3-year chart to see how it is shaping up.

This chart shows that after dropping back to a support level late in February against the background of a sector retreat it started higher again and it is clear that it is now gathering itself to mount another assault on the key resistance level with the chances of its breaking above it improving all the time, and it may be aided in this by a general advance across the sector.

Lastly, we will look at recent action in more detail in the 9-month chart. This chart shows the drop into the late February low and the reversal into a new uptrend that followed. Superficially, this uptrend looks like it may be a bearish Rising Wedge, but we must factor in that it is being constrained temporarily by the nearby resistance in the CA$0.44 – CA$0.46 zone and that the volume pattern is strongly bullish with predominant upside volume driving the Accumulation line steeply higher which certainly augurs well for continued advance and the bullish cross of the moving averages that is occurring now indicates that the time is certainly right for it.

Lastly, with the price now at or very near to the lower rail of the uptrend channel shown, this is viewed as an opportune time to buy the stock ahead of renewed advance.

Arizona Gold & Silver is therefore rated an Immediate Strong Buy for all time horizons. The stock trades in acceptable volumes on the US OTC market, and there are just over 77 million shares in issue.

Arizona Gold & Silver's website.

Arizona Gold & Silver Inc. (AZS:TSX; AZASF:OTC) closed for trading at CA$0.41, US$0.29672 on June 14, 2024.

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