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Peter Vermeulen

Plethora Precious Metals Fund

Image: Peter Vermeulen

Peter Vermeulen is a managing partner at Plethora Precious Metals Fund Management. The fund focuses on emerging gold and silver producers. Prior to founding the fund in August 2012, Vermeulen was the editor of The Gold Capitalist, a successful newsletter on gold and silver companies. From 2009 to 2012, Vermeulen was an analyst with a private closed-end investment company where he was responsible for investments in natural resources companies. He holds a Master of Economics degree from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Recent Interviews

Gold in 2013: Fund Managers Reveal Reasons for Optimism (1/21/13) The Gold Report's first-ever survey of fund managers who invest heavily in junior gold mining stocks reveals cautious optimism on the sector's performance in 2013. The historical performance of gold in the year following a U.S. presidential election, the devaluing of the U.S. dollar and current low valuations for gold miners all bode well for an upturn this year, but some doubts remain. Learn how professional investors decide which companies are worth investing millions of dollars in this year.

Peter Vermeulen's European Perspective on Targeting Mining Winners (10/24/12) Peter Vermeulen, portfolio manager with the Plethora Precious Metals Fund in The Netherlands, offers a European perspective on investing in precious metals juniors and has solid insights to help manage risk in junior mining portfolios. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Vermeulen counsels precisely targeting companies that have promising projects and secondary benefitsŚand the skilled management to deliver on them.

Recent Quotes

"PRB's upcoming Borden Lake PEA will, in my view, open people's eyes to the project's viability." (10/24/12) Probe Metals Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Peter Vermeulen Moreá>

"There should be a premium on SVL for its Santa Elena expansion plans." (10/24/12) SilverCrest Mines Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Peter Vermeulen Moreá>

"A key investment in our fund is LYD." (10/24/12) Lydian International Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Peter Vermeulen Moreá>

"If you are bullish on gold and want a leveraged company in a stable jurisdiction, DGC is the way to go." (10/24/12) Detour Gold Corp. - The Gold Report Interview with Peter Vermeulen Moreá>

"There is renewed excitement in the Yukon after CSL made a gold discovery." (10/24/12) Comstock Metals Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Peter Vermeulen Moreá>

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