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Florian Siegfried


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Florian Siegfried is head of precious metals and mining investments at AgaNola Ltd., an asset management boutique based in Switzerland. Previously Siegfried was the CEO of Precious Capital AG, a ZŘrich-based fund specializing in global mining investments. Prior to this Siegfried was CEO of shaPE Capital, a SIX Swiss Exchange-listed private equity company that was founded by Bank Julius Baer & Co. Siegfried holds a masters degree in finance and economics from the University of ZŘrich.

Recent Interviews

Mining Stocks Now Provide Bargain Trade Opportunities: Florian Siegfried (10/22/12) Many precious metals mining stocks are now trading at bargain prices but the old "buy and hold" strategy no longer applies in this fluid market environment, says Florian Siegfried, CEO of Precious Capital AG. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Siegfried says investors need to do their homework and pick their entry and exit points carefully as he names some undervalued opportunities he expects to provide above-average returns in the next market run-up.

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"MTO's $50M market cap is incredibly cheap." (1/20/14) Metanor Resources Inc. - Florian Siegfried, Precious Capital AG Moreá>

"SAS' share price doesn't reflect underlying resources and the reserves in the ground." (10/22/12) St Andrew Goldfields Ltd. - The Gold Report Interview with Florian Siegfried Moreá>

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