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Lisa Reisman is a third-generation metals enthusiast who began trading semi-finished aluminum metals in 1994, after earning her Master's degree in public administration at New York University. Reisman eventually went on to the supply-chain management practices of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, where she earned the nickname "Shredder." She then went on to Deloitte Consulting. She has worked with a range of industrial manufacturing firms, including Caterpillar, Motorola, Johnson Controls, Sanford Office Products, Hamilton Beach, Proctor-Silex and others. Reisman has primarily helped firms remove costs from their global supply chains. In 2004, the CEO of a Tier-1 automotive company challenged her to save his company money, so Reisman formed Aptium Global with partner Stuart Burns. The rest is history.

Recent Interviews

The Conflict over Conflict Metals: Lisa Reisman (6/4/13)

Much has been said of the massive scope of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and Lisa Reisman, managing editor of, sees opportunity in the controversial provisions governing conflict minerals. In this interview with The Metals Report, Reisman discusses how companies are dealing with the new requirements and names companies closest to production in the crucial tantalum, tungsten and tin space.

Don't Push the Panic Button on Rare Earths: Lisa Reisman (9/4/12)

Lisa Reisman describes herself as a "classic libertarian," but the managing editor of nonetheless believes government has a role to play in protecting and developing domestic supplies of critical metals. In this exclusive Critical Metals Report interview, Reisman argues for private/public partnerships and explains why today's low prices don't faze her—or surprise her.

Recent Quotes

"CCE is extremely close to production this year or next. It is probably at the point where it is doing offtake agreements."

The Metals Report Interview with Lisa Reisman (6/4/13)
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"We have next to no domestic supply, but CCE is pretty far along in its process."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Lisa Reisman (9/4/12)
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"We ought to foster the development of a firm like AMY so it can get to market faster."

The Critical Metals Report Interview with Lisa Reisman (9/4/12)
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