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Sector Expert: Eric Zurrin

Resource Investment Capital

Image: Eric  Zurrin

Eric Zurrin is director general of Resource Investment Capital, responsible for its operations in Mongolia and coordinating capital sourcing through partner distribution networks in the international markets. Zurrin joined ResCap in 2010 with nearly ten years of investment banking experience with UBS Investment Bank's Global Industrial Group in London and BMO Capital Markets in Toronto and London. Zurrin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba in Canada.

Recent Interviews

Major Mineral Opportunities Uncovered in an Unexpected Place, Mongolia: Eric Zurrin (6/20/12)

Mongolia, which is not on most investment menus, could soon become famous for much more than Ghengis Khan. Sandwiched between China and Russia, with a land area one-sixth that of the U.S., it has a population of less than three million, yet holds the potential for developing into a major minerals producer. With national elections on June 28, in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Eric Zurrin, CEO of Resource Investment Capital Ltd., who lives and works mainly in Mongolia, gives us an insider's view of what's going on in this true land of opportunity for investors who recognize its huge potential. He also talks about several of his favorite companies that could profit from the vast mineral riches hidden under the Mongolian steppes.

Recent Quotes

"UTM could be a very exciting prospect in the near or medium term."

The Gold Report Interview with Eric Zurrin (6/20/12)
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